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Freedom First
Freedom First Hour ago
To use current human logic on a being, be it biological being or a mechanical one, it is useless to think that we could ever "KNOW" why they would do a simulation. It could be as easy and as sad as they just.......wanted to.
KipIngram Hour ago
I QUITE LIKE that nulliparous vs. parous argument. I myself don't think that it will ever be possible to simulate consciousness, but it was an entertaining application of probability anyway. I agree with it completely - IF WE DO develop that ability, then it indeed does look nearly certain that we ourselves will be simulated. Very slick reasoning. :-)
osochileno1970 Hour ago
Question , based on your info, if nothing moves faster than speed of light and you just say the Universe moves faster than speed of light means something moves faster than speed of light, explain please?
Terry Johnson
Terry Johnson Hour ago
More chance of this virus disappearing tomorrow than finding life on Venus! As they say when I see it I'll believe it, not just talk shit an give your own prediction, next year life on the Sun,life in a black hole,
paulfreefall Hour ago
I've thought about rotating cylinders producing artificial gravity with centrifugal force, and the g-force would be different from head to toe (stronger at the toe) but I didn't factor into that the coriolis effect. I can imagine that would be hard to get used to especially with smaller diameter cylinder. I wonder how big the cylinder would have to be where the effect would be unnoticeable?
Rylan Powers
Rylan Powers Hour ago
Well great if this is true then we’re fucked
BingoBrianProductions Hour ago
Riding a wave in space??? I have a question, I know this is probably going to be a stupid question but I’m curious if anyone could answer it. We talk about propulsion and ways to speed up without fuel and using technology to do that. Watching this video and the animation of a black hole spinning and the waves propagating off of the black hole reminded me of something. I’m sure it’s not possible but when I saw those waves or gravitational waves or whatever they’re called I think of being in an ocean or wave pool and when you see a wave coming you jump in front of it and start swimming or propelling yourself forward on a surfboard and the wave push’s you forward gaining speed to match the wave speed. I’m just a guy interested in space and technology so I don’t know all of the terminology that is Used but I’m just curious if the waves made in space by stars or black holes etc. can be used for propulsion. I understand the waves or whatever they’re called will deteriorate as they propagate over time but I was just wondering if that’s even possible to basically ride a wave in space ?
KipIngram Hour ago
32:00 - I dispute the "nothing is likely real" thing. We're as real as we feel. We experience happiness, sadness, love, loss, victory, defeat, etc. etc. etc. What difference does the venue really make?
T H Hour ago
What a dumb idea. Bet tbere is matter on venus. Livimg beings are literally made of matter. Life on venus confirmed
Alpha Videos
Alpha Videos 2 hours ago
I was feeling that sooner we are going to find life. And here come the news
KipIngram 2 hours ago
27:20 - Look, here's the thing. Musk is a clever guy. He made these statements very deliberately. He recognized that the claim was defensible in our current intellectual climate (more on that in a minute), and he recognized that the claim was SENSATIONAL. He knew damn well that he would get a lot of press coverage by saying it - and he was right. There are probably some people out there who know nothing more than this one statement about Elon Musk. It was a marketing and public relations "master stroke." He could have also come down behind the Bayesian argument, but saying that there's "almost a 50% chance that we're simulated" just doesn't pack the same punch. He knew exactly what he was doing. Now, on the defensibility. The rational defense of the simulation hypothesis, as a near certainty, is based *completely* on the currently dominant idea of physical materialism. The notion that "matter and energy is all there is." Therefore, consciousness must be an emergent property of matter and energy, therefore we can simulate it. This is almost automatically accepted by most people today. But this is really one of the biggest con games in the history of humanity, because in NO WAY has this been PROVEN. Science has done a masterful job for the last few hundred years explaining a huge number of things. But that DOES NOT automatically mean that it will continue to do so in the future. It's like an investment: past performance is no prediction of future success. In particular, science has not shown us HOW consciousness arises from matter - it's just a presumption that it will. The most controversial and argued question of this type is the existence of God. Some scientists claim science has "proven God doesn't exist." That's absolutely not so - that's something that's impossible to prove. Just think about it for a minute. God is supposed to be omnipotent and omniscient. An omnipotent God could make the universe appear to us however He wished, including EXACTLY THE WAY IT APPEARS TO US in the real world. It is completely valid to have strong doubts about the existence of God based on science. But it is not rationally correct to say that the probability of His existence is zero. In making a claim like that science is overreaching. Similarly, it is not correct to say that science has proven consciousness is a purely physical effect. There are serious thinkers who contend that consciousness is FUNDAMENTAL, and that our perceptions of the material world arise from the interactions of conscious minds. This is a minority position, and once again it's fine if you want to believe it's an incorrect assumption. But you cannot be 100% sure of that. If you claim to be, you are deluding yourself and (worse) those who might look up to your opinion.
joseph allison
joseph allison 2 hours ago
Way to end the video with some dee words. Great job, thank you!
dougko monkeyboy
dougko monkeyboy 2 hours ago
good luck with that rofl
KipIngram 2 hours ago
The doomsday argument is flawed. It starts by presuming that you are a randomly sampled human, from all humans who will ever live. But this premise is true only if humanity is destined to become extinct soon. In other words, it's a circular argument - you are only a "typical human" if you are selected FROM a human population that has a short lifetime. It may be that humanity is going to exist for a trillion years, in which case you are very, VERY atypical. So basically the doomsday argument assumes its own conclusion. That's faulty logic.
KipIngram 2 hours ago
15:30 - NO. That's not a contradiction. It's only impossible to simulate reality in the bottom layer - that says NOTHING about the existence of higher layers. In fact, it just makes it harder to prove we're not a simulation, since the inability for us to do it doesn't mean it's not done up the chain.
Corey Kitchen
Corey Kitchen 2 hours ago
Probably just a fly trap
Brian McDowall
Brian McDowall 2 hours ago
Poor guy has a drain pipe in his office.
Binding Souls
Binding Souls 2 hours ago
why did i look at this now im always scared that a rock gonna kill me
KipIngram 3 hours ago
2:25 - Or, perhaps it's just NOT POSSIBLE. The nature of consciousness is not understood, at all. Some mainstream scientists express total certainty that consciousness just "emerges" from physics at sufficiently complex scale, but this is not proven - it's fine as a working theory, but the vehement certainty shown by these people is an act of FAITH. I want to see a model. You can write down equations of one form or another to completely describe the operation of a computer. How is it exactly that equations can be "conscious"? We understand in total detail how transistors operate, and all a computer is is a network of transistors, using them in a quite limited way. Where will the consciousness "be" in such a system? Each of those transistors is still... a transistor. If you really take a hard look, you see that there is just not pathway to machine consciousness.
WynneL 3 hours ago
My father once wrote a paper in school called "I Shit, Therefore I Am," because he thought that bodily functions were so disgusting that it made no sense for why anyone would imagine or program such a thing. Loved the Inception reference at the end. Very well reproduced.
Steve plays
Steve plays 3 hours ago
Not really surprising it was always theorised before and it was in theory that above in the clouds could be habitable forb ife
KipIngram 3 hours ago
It really just amazes me how many videos of this type are out there, and also how many "can we travel faster than light" videos are out there. Apparently there's just an infinite number of ways to say "No." Come on, the grandfather paradox is all you need. Assume reverse time travel is possible - you find that contradiction. QED - reverse time travel is not possible. End of story. Mathematicians use contradictions like that to achieve formal proofs all the time - it's crazy how we just kind of hum and look the other way on this one. The passage of time is the transition from possible futures to fixed past, driven by our choices. Fixed. Once it's done it's done - there is no going back to it, no matter how much emotional music you play in the background.
HarryCamel 3 hours ago
"There are no mistakes" - Master Oogway
Louise Peterson
Louise Peterson 3 hours ago
Very unscientific query," What is the array of coins (?) behind you? Some of us math nerds also like art and architecture.
Ciaran Chew
Ciaran Chew 3 hours ago
I only just found your channel, absolutely compelling, as a child Carl Sagan switched on my mind with his series Cosmos, your channel has awoken those same thoughts and feelings in me. Thank you for taking the time to make this content and for being a superb educator.
KipIngram 3 hours ago
14:25 - Jane Seymour was just unspeakably beautiful.
shayla sapphire
shayla sapphire 3 hours ago
That is an ignorant question. The Sun watches the earth everyday. Sun makes sure the earth is protected from harmful outside radiation within its heliosphere. Our Sun watches over all here children. Our big brother you call Jupiter watches over the inner planets and keeps meteors in check and off our asses. Therefore if you have a basic understanding of the cosmos you know we are being watched. The you call Star Sirius A (The Dog Star) God spelled backwards our Grandma (if you will) watches over all her children within her constellations. Sirius A has sisters and brothers as well. They all put in work. the keep our part of the cosmos in order. Now stop looking fr advance grey small people with no eyelids.
Mitch Wild
Mitch Wild 3 hours ago
As interesting as this undoubtedly is, show me a creepy crawley dead or alive and then I'll get really exited.
Dr. POP 3 hours ago
If we're living in a simulation, it probably is a simulation with natural laws, physics down to a quantum level, causality and an actual history of the universe. Otherwise, science is hard to explain. But if that is the case, then there is no significant difference with "base reality". So then it doesn't matter. Because everything we know as real would be real _within the simulation_, including our memories, relatives and consciousness. Obviously, if we're basically Sims living in a doll house that can be manipulated on the go (formally not a simulation though) then that's more creepy and sad.
Heccin Paragon
Heccin Paragon 3 hours ago
Ight who ejaculated into space
Michael Coffee
Michael Coffee 3 hours ago
What are the chances that an insect could produce perfect hexagonal structures through random biological processes? The mathematical precision is extraordinary. Same answer.
A Mm
A Mm 3 hours ago
Valiant Thor stranger at the pentagon look it up
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander 3 hours ago
And further research revealed that in fact we came here from Venus after we stuffed the planet up. Then we stuffed this place up and this is in fact the second time around for us on earth but we are entering a third stuff up
kishore tadiparthi
kishore tadiparthi 3 hours ago
Elon musk now turns his rocket 🚀 towards Venus😎
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly 4 hours ago
Of course there is life on Venus, Mars too Where do you think Women and Men came from?
Ant 4 hours ago
Was Higgs 5 Sigma on each of 2 independent systems? Or distributed across both
Ken Burgos
Ken Burgos 4 hours ago
amazing video - one of my favorites
Jonathan Stewart Lemon
Jonathan Stewart Lemon 4 hours ago
Space is fake
Andrew S
Andrew S 4 hours ago
If the Earth is a living organism, are humans the Earth's attempt to colonize other worlds ?
Stephen Karam
Stephen Karam 4 hours ago
When I see pictures of structures in the high Mountains of Venus, and how sultry beautiful their women are, then you can declare with a high level of confidence that there is life on Venus, but until then, I suspect they won't draw any attention to themselves by shooting down these menial probes we keep sending to the surface for persuasive convenience and deterrence. In a sense, we are like the Indigenous Indians of South America who saw the row boats of the Spaniards, but could not perceive the ships anchored offshore right in front of them. Not yet anyway.
Aymen DZ
Aymen DZ 4 hours ago
It's just the Vex man
"Excellent video my cosmic friend and family!" A channel chalk full of great knowledge and enticing images of the universe around...Too bad you were not our science teacher in grad school! Sri-Vitu, Ananda!
Nataliе Lee
Nataliе Lee 4 hours ago
How can we prevent starship hit the debris in space ?
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore 4 hours ago
I don't get it. He says phosphine may or may not be a life marker. He also says we don't really understand how phosphine works in life forms on earth nor how phosphine might be produced other ways in the Venutian atmosphere. It seems like they're desperate for results pointing to life rather than cautious.
ZeeeBoss 4 hours ago
We're aliens
ً 4 hours ago
You fools! You just started the War of 2020!
Castro T
Castro T 4 hours ago
Valiant Thor 👀👀👀
James Cross
James Cross 5 hours ago
what is amazing is that at a certain altitude the pressure of about 1 bar coincides quite well with a temperature of about 20C.
Saimir 5 hours ago
dude Conscious AI is just a matter of time. i'm sure most scientist agree with this
mark hellman
mark hellman 5 hours ago
(maybe) aliens visited earth thousands of years ago & they left .. why? .. humans are a destructive species .. will they come back? .. i doubt it
Foxy Shanks
Foxy Shanks 5 hours ago
Video as useful as Isaac Arthur stuff, but 10-15 minutes shorter!? Truly rare video hypothesis candidate.
Saimir 5 hours ago
it's funny because people who have achieved enlightenment through meditation or whatever will tell you the same thing Elon Musk tells us. that this is not base reality and this reality is not real it's only being imagined by a higher being/dimension whatever
RedRose 5 hours ago
Life is everywhere in the COSMOS
modesto cobian
modesto cobian 6 hours ago
O'Neil invented Space Colonies in Mobile Suit Gundam
Hologram Kids
Hologram Kids 6 hours ago
It is not conclusive. Phosphine molecules have been discovered in the spectrum of Venus ... nothing more. Please wait for the rigorous analyzes and their results ... do not speculate.
Brett Knight
Brett Knight 6 hours ago
"And behold, there was a void"... The universe as we call it, is Eden. We ARE the only ones in it. Everyone should put there smart phones down and think about this for a few minutes: Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. "BIBLE". Coincidence? I think not. I also don't believe every story in it because although it is God's word it's written by man. Man is not perfect so therefore neither is the BIBLE. But GOD, the king of kings, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, is without a doubt perfect. How can ANYONE look up at everything we see and be so naive to think all this just "happened"?
Marijn v.d.Sterre
Marijn v.d.Sterre 6 hours ago
15:43 I think you ment Venus here, not mars right? Though that would work as well.
Marijn v.d.Sterre
Marijn v.d.Sterre 5 hours ago
@Cool Worlds Thought so, since I don't just want to be "negative". Much thanks for the video, really appreciate it! :D
Cool Worlds
Cool Worlds 5 hours ago
Yes said wrong planet there!
John Simun
John Simun 6 hours ago
About the years apart on the sending and receiving communications. Imagine the Egyptians had “air shafts” that was aligned with Orion and Sirius. If they are built, with their placement and orientation, with the stars in mind. What if they have already done it? What if we have been receiving replies? Has these replies been decoded, have they even been noticed?
Karina Dionne
Karina Dionne 6 hours ago
Yes, my science tescher said that to us yesterday.
SETUM 6 hours ago
cannot be.
andrei alexandru
andrei alexandru 6 hours ago
This is stupid 🤣 acidophiles, some microbes that live in acid that evolved bilions of years to be only microbes and completely usless... so this discovery from my oppinion is completely usless
TheBald1 6 hours ago
Why would anyone waste money on doing something so stupid?
rakwar 7 hours ago
crappy documentary..don;t bother
Kenton Biribo
Kenton Biribo 7 hours ago
A well made, well presented and easy to follow gem of gems! Now I wonder if the aliens we hear of are just us returning after millenia have passed on Earth! We would feel so disoriented and alien refugees in a foreign land. Keep up the great work! I watched this twice. Will probably watch it many times over.
Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke 8 hours ago
Goodbye Europa Clipper, hello Venus Zeppelin.
MindOfW FIFA Virtual Pro Lookalikes
MindOfW FIFA Virtual Pro Lookalikes 8 hours ago
So if their life on Venus? Does that mean we can have 1 wife on Earth? and 1 wife on Venus? Or do i have to give up my future wife on Earth for a Venus wife? and will the homes be cheap to buy on Venus? I'm just Joking please don't take this comment serious
Snek Doodle Tv
Snek Doodle Tv 8 hours ago
It’s prolly bacteria
NLGH Noxris
NLGH Noxris 8 hours ago
And I was right and my science teacher is wrong, take that teacher
I want to eat a Star for dinner one day. Wonder what they taste like?
AmfistomosAtlas 8 hours ago
The Cloud City
Marcus Gaillard
Marcus Gaillard 9 hours ago
Venus is a light in the sky. Change my mind.
Luke Warmwater
Luke Warmwater 9 hours ago
If the observable universe is 46 billion light years across containing 200 billion other galaxies besides ours, anyone who thinks we're the only intelligent life here is a retard...and may I remind you we kill each other over fairytale belief systems and destroy or own habitat rendering it un-liveable so I use the word intelligent pretty fuckin' loosely...
f m
f m 9 hours ago
Astronomy made cute 🥰
YouTube Admin.
YouTube Admin. 9 hours ago
going back in time to fix a mistake would put you in a new time line where having to go back to fix a mistake never happens ..right?
Meu Nome
Meu Nome 9 hours ago
Found live in Venus? Must be a S.T.D.......
Sigurd Mjelve
Sigurd Mjelve 9 hours ago
This channel would be screwed without Interstellar
john fyten
john fyten 9 hours ago
Your videos never fail to keep me up late at night thinking deeply about subjects I've often never thought of before. Thank you for another great one.
Pat Alberta
Pat Alberta 9 hours ago
How could life possibly survive after marriage is what they should be studying.
Tertius Carstens
Tertius Carstens 9 hours ago
News like this should make headlines and breaking news! The sad truth however is that most people probably don’t care. We’ve been so conditioned by the media and technology to just jump from one sensation to the next.
rbolo29 9 hours ago
I think we should "HAMMER" Venus with hundreds of Kuiper belt objects to bring in water-hydrogen and to change it's orbit to Earth-like and angular momentum to 12-24hr.