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ITSJUSDREWW 16 hours ago
She needs to be way more confident bc she is way to scared
Gaming with K Kutie
Gaming with K Kutie 16 hours ago
I think you should play among us with tommyinnit that would be a awesome video!
Watermelon Sista
Watermelon Sista 16 hours ago
*you thought games were easy.*
mehlordwow Lol
mehlordwow Lol 17 hours ago
Lol its cringe but funny
Wells McBride
Wells McBride 17 hours ago
You should do I trained like a skateboarder.
Lucila Larita
Lucila Larita 17 hours ago
My father wanted me to be a police officer because he was never able to be one. This video gave me a new perspective in being a police officer.
J.T. davis
J.T. davis 17 hours ago
When u get to do another challenge accepted video please try to do C.I.A and navy
Watermelon Sista
Watermelon Sista 17 hours ago
"Ive never seen someone shed hair so much" LMFAO SOMETHING MY SISTER WOULD SAY TO ME
Jim Barndt
Jim Barndt 17 hours ago
It doesn’t matter if you get in the top 2, it matters how you got in the top 2 Mrbeast-2020
Cindy M
Cindy M 17 hours ago
hi everyone, I would love it if you check out my Poshmark closet: @cindy6110_ I’m trying to clear out my closet!
Brianna Torres
Brianna Torres 17 hours ago
What is this 😭
Eclipse the kitten
Eclipse the kitten 17 hours ago
Shannon999 999
Shannon999 999 17 hours ago
hi im abig fan\
Uptown Fingerboards
Uptown Fingerboards 17 hours ago
I train like a pro surfer for the next challenge exepted
Eclipse the kitten
Eclipse the kitten 17 hours ago
What a coincidence I'm watching SpongeBob right now LOL
•PayPayGaming• 17 hours ago
WOAH Those Photos Are amazing!! Your so beautiful❤
Morgan Ellis
Morgan Ellis 17 hours ago
It doesn’t seem that hard but you should try horse back riding. It’s my passion and you have to be hyper aware of all your surroundings. I would suggest trying jumping if you are comfortable and able to handle the horse. Good luck I love what you do and your a hug inspiration
• janine •
• janine • 18 hours ago
omg michelle you play among us 💜 your voice is cute ✨
Rena Surya Hong
Rena Surya Hong 18 hours ago
Rena Surya Hong
Rena Surya Hong 18 hours ago
Your impressions are AWESOME too btw :D
Brumby Bailey
Brumby Bailey 18 hours ago
I'm impressed that you did that roly poly thing for our entertainment 👍😂
Ivanna Storozhuk
Ivanna Storozhuk 18 hours ago
i had a friend who used that mashine for 4 years and now she says it dousnt hurt. I tried it and it felt like my skin was being chopped off. How does she do it
Christopher Linton
Christopher Linton 18 hours ago
Be proud of your body qureeeeeeen
Robert Priel
Robert Priel 18 hours ago
More gaming content please! Oh, and OMG, Michelle's Sandy impression is scary accurate!
Michelle Patrick
Michelle Patrick 18 hours ago
Kiwi 18 hours ago
OMG Michelle sounds just like Sandy, she seriously could be casted as Sandy!!!
Zihe Gu
Zihe Gu 18 hours ago
Lucas is a moron
Hannah Bordios
Hannah Bordios 18 hours ago
as an avid fan of spongebob, everything is lit!! 👏🏻💖
Frances Zah
Frances Zah 19 hours ago
Kria Dutta
Kria Dutta 19 hours ago
Melina vibes
Melina vibes 19 hours ago
michelles voice is SOO good
Sophie Dawkins
Sophie Dawkins 19 hours ago
I didn't know who Michelle was when I first watched this video now she is one of the few people I watch
Caitlyn Stanley
Caitlyn Stanley 19 hours ago
Train like BTS
Candace Cobb
Candace Cobb 19 hours ago
Does anyone know where to find the show? I couldn’t find it on HBO max, Netflix, or Hulu!
Jack basicsalad123
Jack basicsalad123 19 hours ago
goddamn she cries at like every hardship its kinda annoying
Nathan Lopez
Nathan Lopez 19 hours ago
She made a new video
Markb204k 19 hours ago
I love her impression!!!!!!
Markb204k 19 hours ago
#catloverrr 20 hours ago
I hate mushrooms. Sorry if I’m offending mushroom lovers but I just don’t like mushrooms. At all.
Alicja Bukowska
Alicja Bukowska 20 hours ago
Okay but can we just say, that 2020rewind would for sure be a full-time Broadway show
Sona T
Sona T 20 hours ago
They keep saying "2020 The Best Year Yet." Well, I am in 2020 and I'm pretty sure it's the WORST year yet. Still LOVE the musical.
violetta wallner
violetta wallner 20 hours ago
2020 our best year yet- well that one didn't age well
anna chalari
anna chalari 20 hours ago
For the next video you should train to be a chess grandmaster!
David Freer
David Freer 20 hours ago
ah yes....training like a gamer.... also known as practicing :p
JSK 22
JSK 22 20 hours ago
EquineGirl 101
EquineGirl 101 20 hours ago
who else wants Michelle to train to be a pro horseback rider?
Party12Elegant MSP
Party12Elegant MSP 20 hours ago
I'm 13 and have used the epilator for over a year now this is what I get for having a mom who wont let me shave
Anika Lewis
Anika Lewis 20 hours ago
She's gonna make a great mom someday ;)
Luminous_stars 123
Luminous_stars 123 20 hours ago
Milly McBug
Milly McBug 20 hours ago
Omg this was so fun to watch!!!
Giovanni Ayala
Giovanni Ayala 21 hour ago
Ur sandy voice was on point 👌
Hayden Hughes
Hayden Hughes 21 hour ago
The hand movements hahaha
lynn vids
lynn vids 21 hour ago
And that’s how I paid off my student loans friend: WaIT a DaMm MinUTe 👁👄👁
Evan Stevens
Evan Stevens 21 hour ago
This was extremely eye-opening and gave me new appreciation for lifeguards. Thank you for always giving individuals a voice.
Lilaac Hanily
Lilaac Hanily 21 hour ago
omg hi michelle!! i love you so much I LOVE THE IMPRESSIONS 👏👏👏👏
Christian Guenther
Christian Guenther 21 hour ago
It takes " crazy courage" to be a firefighter, to actually run into a burning building, when most sane people are running out. God bless ALL first responders. " In harm's way, that others may live"
Andie 21 hour ago
You deserve an award for most talented.
sl1ppey 21 hour ago
I always knew my Scooter/Squidward impressions would be useful some day.
Ian And Eli Gameing
Ian And Eli Gameing 21 hour ago
She should not have a emotional breakdown every video
2SistersSlime slime
2SistersSlime slime 21 hour ago
She has an AMAZING Sandy voice!!!
Alivia Hanshaw
Alivia Hanshaw 21 hour ago
Please do another one
Sam Torres
Sam Torres 21 hour ago
Is there gonna be another video of among us spongebob squarepants style again?, This is funny as hell, and how do they make the voices?
Rhonda Blake
Rhonda Blake 21 hour ago
I am the mother of a firefighter . I was almost finished watching this and I heard the sirens coming.....3 fire trucks speeding by my house. One of them blew the horn as it passed by, my sons way of saying hi mom ❤️. I felt my eyes tear up and I whispered be careful son. Until your video I had no idea of the amount of training they go through because they don’t always share . They don’t share with their families what they see , how bad they hurt etc. I have always been proud of him , he is one in a team of firefighters that put it on the line everyday......❤️
Alivia Hanshaw
Alivia Hanshaw 21 hour ago
Can you do another one please please please I missed out and really want to do it
Arieace Walls
Arieace Walls 21 hour ago
You are amazing!
Alison Faut
Alison Faut 21 hour ago
This was so fun to watch omg
Alivia Hanshaw
Alivia Hanshaw 21 hour ago
I’d really like to enter
Alivia Hanshaw
Alivia Hanshaw 21 hour ago
Can you do another season of karma please
Pr0 Poggerz
Pr0 Poggerz 21 hour ago
cool setup but the pc is kinda bad
thebigbananatheory 21 hour ago
Lol kelsey was so good at voice acting, I only recognized her when she looked directly into the camera XD
Addie W
Addie W 21 hour ago
I like your challenge excepted videos, but I wish there wasn’t so much cussing/cursing.
Rhea G
Rhea G 21 hour ago
Turns out I don't even know myself. I watched even though I didn't think I would enjoy this video, and I ended up wishing it was longer.
eli g
eli g 22 hours ago
HER KHAOS 22 hours ago
So jealous right now. This world needs more back scratching services!
Z. M.
Z. M. 22 hours ago
Me, who has never watched SpongeBob:. 👁️👄👁️
Jonah Carter
Jonah Carter 22 hours ago
U need to play fortnite
Monica Pappas
Monica Pappas 22 hours ago
HAHAHAHA I love this
Miley Squires
Miley Squires 22 hours ago
Amberkins 22 hours ago
this had me in TEARS!
Stephanie Reneé DeRamus
Stephanie Reneé DeRamus 22 hours ago
Who called this meeting? I was doing wires.
PVZed 22 hours ago
I swear to God Michelle is Sandy cheeks All mice eight years of watching SpongeBob I can truly say I’m OG
The Messenger
The Messenger 22 hours ago
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sl1ppey 21 hour ago
el momento de "bruh"