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Lulu Draws
Lulu Draws Hour ago
I readed all the books exept rapture XD
TheMicHelle ForRealz
TheMicHelle ForRealz 2 hours ago
Team Charlie
Cooper Millington
Cooper Millington 2 hours ago
I love how he calls the stepmom stuff let’s Mum just brings back the days of American pie
Brandy 2 hours ago
One thing that bothers me about Bella is that she and Edward don’t have a lot in common due to his age and interests. I think of that every time I see the scene where she says she can’t dance.
Eden samara
Eden samara 2 hours ago
So apparently the queen of everything drinks hot water... 🔥💧👏👏🙏😆yasss
Gee Parroting
Gee Parroting 2 hours ago
I don’t really remember but didn’t all three seasons take place in a year or less cuz I remember something about how the comet was happening ‘next summer’ at the beginning of the show so.........
Dolphine Achonga
Dolphine Achonga 2 hours ago
My grandma would tell us really terrifying folk tales too, right before sleep. Very traumatic childhood 😊.
anne dla
anne dla 2 hours ago
The intro about the getting married normies 😂😂😂 Yeah, you should Dylan! 😂
j am
j am 2 hours ago
no dont sing, kiss. SMOOOCH
Melopath 3 hours ago
I recommend Anastasia
BlueberryWhale 3 hours ago
Hearing him complaining about the lack of edgy, I was thinking back to the flash, it’s got edge, stabbing, lots of people die that you grow an attachment to and gay love Lmao.
lxsy_soda 3 hours ago
Can you react to uh Moana? ;D
j am
j am 3 hours ago
mandy moore was so amazing in this film
Chloe Bari
Chloe Bari 3 hours ago
Can you please react to Mulan ll it's okay if you don't want to do this but your videos are the only thing getting me through quarantine so I just throwing out some ideas 😂😁
Chloe Bari
Chloe Bari 3 hours ago
Can you please react to Mulan ll? It's fine if you don't want to do it it's just your videos are the only thing helping me survive quarantine so I'm just throwing some ideas!
j am
j am 3 hours ago
I just watched this movie for the first time two days ago and I'm still crying
Julie Casson
Julie Casson 3 hours ago
where is my stranger things 3 reaction binge!
TheConceptOfTea 3 hours ago
I'd beg to differ on the "CG is bad" front. Apart from the fact that the CG was done in early 2000 there is nothing wrong with it. To me CG is bad when it takes me out of a movie or disrupts my suspension of disbelief. None of that happens here. If you dont compare it to todays CG there is nothing ACTUALLY wrong with it like shit still be looking real as heck and I truely think it still holds up after 20 years thats quite impressive.
epiphantae 3 hours ago
how is this movie associated with bratz apart from the names-
Kiara Montaña
Kiara Montaña 4 hours ago
watch the 3rd one dude
Avery-Jade 4 hours ago
Spice pumpkin? Excuse you? 😂
Katherine Pietras
Katherine Pietras 4 hours ago
Watching a reaction to Titanic...... Still cry....
Emma Brannen
Emma Brannen 4 hours ago
that's a new sweater isn't it? lol
Edward the Great Writer
Edward the Great Writer 4 hours ago
this film was so cringe
GHTE Forever
GHTE Forever 4 hours ago
Dylan could you react to work it its now on Netflix and i think its a pretty great movie!😁
ameerz 4 hours ago
9:23 .... so, its basically 'Lost' but its a bus instead of a plane crash?
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez 4 hours ago
Ik you said you don’t want us to recommend movies to you but you have to react to “Good Boys” it is an R-rated movie and you have to react to it because it is such an adult movie and I would love your reaction🙏😂😭🔥
Kyla De Los Santos
Kyla De Los Santos 4 hours ago
I lost it when dylan started spinning too at around 19:53
Sarah Hajj
Sarah Hajj 4 hours ago
this movie is missing something...oh yeah, SUBSTANCE!
Emma Brannen
Emma Brannen 4 hours ago
I don't know you, but I love you and wish you happiness and care in your life. Please enjoy whatever little pleasant things you can, I will think of you everyday and send you love. <3
Zama Ngcobo
Zama Ngcobo 4 hours ago
Dylan is a white girl and boy name
Isabel VALSECCHI-DORMER 5 hours ago
no one gonna talk about how he said housekeeping just like jj in obx
samantha abdi
samantha abdi 5 hours ago
Can you please react to euphoria pleasseeeeeeee
no name
no name 5 hours ago
You should react to 'Anne with an E'
Esther Macky
Esther Macky 5 hours ago
Duke: "It's like what couch says before every game..." Dylan: "Lets fuck." 😂😂😂😂 Why is that so good🤣
00 Immastealyeontan 00
00 Immastealyeontan 00 5 hours ago
Sabrina the whatthefuckIdon’tcare is one the most problematic shows istg it annoys me so much excuse me
Ella Greene
Ella Greene 5 hours ago
What did he miss that caused josh to die?
Monica W
Monica W 5 hours ago
Dylan freaking out over the drummer guy is everything
ROSESTRIX -Topic 5 hours ago
You need to make a movie.
Harmony Silva
Harmony Silva 5 hours ago
srj 19901
srj 19901 6 hours ago
"He's cracked." HE'S CHIPPED HOW DARE YOU.
Liv Ulrica Hammel
Liv Ulrica Hammel 6 hours ago
I actually really liked this show
Rochelle Denil
Rochelle Denil 6 hours ago
Love vids
Morgan Lane
Morgan Lane 6 hours ago
I always cry when she looses her wings
Emma Daley
Emma Daley 6 hours ago
i have a movie that you need to watch its called work it its a news movie on netflix
Ella Greene
Ella Greene 6 hours ago
I fucking doused myself with the water I was drinking at 5:50😭😂
Dharma Dutton
Dharma Dutton 6 hours ago
I think the point is kind of that Rachel is like Elle. And that we shouldn't get so jealous about friendships. Because in both cases nothing is going on
Journey Gordon
Journey Gordon 6 hours ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't pine and hathaway be related ive never watched it but Dylan didn't leave in any part explaining how he was even eligible for the crown
danielarodb 6 hours ago
37:02 minutes of Jacob getting interrupted by Dylan's editing
Chicken little
Chicken little 7 hours ago
I was just thinking about this video and now is in my recommendations, I'm scared
CAOS Fanclips
CAOS Fanclips 7 hours ago
Why do I think that Dylan would LOVE Caliban??!!
Milla B
Milla B 7 hours ago
3000 ppl is actually a lot if u’ve seen some of the small towns in Australia. I went to a place called sandstone... 30 ppl lived there
Nisone Norgren
Nisone Norgren 7 hours ago
Dude have you seen the rest of the seasons of 13 reasons why?! They’re amazing the horrible rapist dies sorry spoilers if you haven’t seen it but it really is amazing you should really watch it
Xeno Entertainment
Xeno Entertainment 7 hours ago
Wow, those descriptions ruin the ending of the movies lmfao
Dharma Dutton
Dharma Dutton 7 hours ago
Dude I literally asked myself the same question about Lee's girlfriend. "Who is she? Was she in the first movie...?"
W. Ta'Nay Emmanuel
W. Ta'Nay Emmanuel 7 hours ago
I just started watching these videos and I love them. But are you monetized? cause wtf dude
Olga F.
Olga F. 7 hours ago
Noah in this movie is a shit hole abusive
Nisone Norgren
Nisone Norgren 7 hours ago
I hated that she killed that bat too instead of saving it
Kambria Jones
Kambria Jones 7 hours ago
“guys take notes. if she’s ever getting chased by a pack of wolves, throw yourself at the wolves.” ahhh yes, just how i like em. mauled and mangled😌
Yendi Silva
Yendi Silva 7 hours ago
You should watch hush its about a deaf writer and a killer tries to break into her house. Its really good!!!! Its on Netflix I think
Naraline Andrade
Naraline Andrade 7 hours ago
seeing title: oh I dare you seeing the thumbnail: oh alright that's gonna be fun
Ashley Stark
Ashley Stark 7 hours ago
The actress who is gonna play Mulan can actually in real life can do Sword Fighting, she is trained and she can also do another fighting skills...maybe kung fu? I dont remember lol.
Ashley Stark
Ashley Stark 7 hours ago
I loved this movie so much. And it was really funny for a 14 year old me. Still is, but not that much.
Adrane' Alexander
Adrane' Alexander 7 hours ago
lmao, I just love you 😂!
Jasmine Carmody
Jasmine Carmody 7 hours ago
You remind me of Randy from Scream. In the best way possible. 💞
Snaux A
Snaux A 8 hours ago
Everyone always forgets Kevin ☹️
tigers squad
tigers squad 8 hours ago
Who is diane
Tiffany T
Tiffany T 8 hours ago
he reminds me of keith from try guys lol
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet 8 hours ago
20:49 Welcome to Chilli’s
Melanie Rosario
Melanie Rosario 8 hours ago
React to work it on Netflix
Kirby3585 8 hours ago
how is ur masculinity this fragile? its literally just a color lmao.
A 0
A 0 8 hours ago
We need him to watch all of the show from the start 🥺🥺🥺
Mi W
Mi W 8 hours ago
Jacob was always trying to force his love on Bella and kissed her without consent. I’ll admit Edward was kinda creepy (watching her sleeping) but he never forced her to do anything and even when Jacob kissed Bella, Edward was mad at him for kissing her without consent and not because he kissed his girlfriend. Edward always respected her and married her before having sex (nothing wrong with having sex before marriage tho) and when Bella was pregnant he respected her decision of having the baby even though he was totally against it, as he should because the decision to abort or keep the baby was always hers to make
NaLaaDANCE 8 hours ago
Starts at 1:55
Anshul Sebastian
Anshul Sebastian 8 hours ago
You should watch 365 days. It's gonna be a fun torture 🤣😂😂🤣😂
lonely crack head
lonely crack head 8 hours ago
13:36 his face im deaaad
FutureBerea Alumn
FutureBerea Alumn 8 hours ago
The prequel is also because people demanded to hear about earlier games.
FutureBerea Alumn
FutureBerea Alumn 8 hours ago
Katniss DID believe him. She was just in denial. Which is why he brought up the fact that they promised not to lie to each other. Because she lied to him.
kpop is divine
kpop is divine 8 hours ago
can i ask why i didnt hear the tik tok trend the whole time?
Kathrine Something Or Whatever
Kathrine Something Or Whatever 9 hours ago
Dylan’s description of the hitman’s ulterior motive is literally a play by play of Preminger’s plan from Princess and the Pauper
lonely crack head
lonely crack head 9 hours ago
dont worry no matter how bad things get it will pass <3
Faith Nungaray
Faith Nungaray 9 hours ago
Nurse:they died on my watch Dylan:you watched them died cool ur a savage
carolyn a
carolyn a 9 hours ago
17:55 Dylan: “Thor probably could! He’s a GOD!” *sassy eye roll* 😂😂💕💕
T—mo 9 hours ago
Dylan, proud owner of High School Musical.
nya talley
nya talley 9 hours ago
This show had so much potential🤦🏽‍♀️
Lizzzyy's Life
Lizzzyy's Life 9 hours ago
We had to watch Shrek for English class, not like an end of term movie for fun but we actually had to analyse the movie for our assignment
Jeff Fuchsional
Jeff Fuchsional 9 hours ago
Women who think the randomly thrown in female power scene deserve better cause we deserve a whole plot like our male counterparts do. We do not deserve to be thrown together with no reason.
Not Accessible
Not Accessible 9 hours ago
Ah yes, cultism at its finest.
emilygracey 9 hours ago
The tissue scene? It's even more tear jerking listening to the Chris Farley audio 😢
Angelo Marcelo Cicala
Angelo Marcelo Cicala 9 hours ago
The only thing I don’t like about this movie: WHERE 👏🏻IS 👏🏻THE 👏🏻CAKE 👏🏻SCENNE 👏🏻?!
Brycen Hester
Brycen Hester 9 hours ago
When will you be reaction to season 3 and 4
Ashley Santos
Ashley Santos 9 hours ago
dylan do not SCARE ME LIKE THAT
Not Accessible
Not Accessible 9 hours ago
You handled the heavy stuff so well, and so maturely. To that girl out there, I know I’m late to to the party but I still care. Please don’t give up, or there’s no hope that anything will ever get better.
Tia Vines
Tia Vines 10 hours ago
binge season 3 pls
Evan Dugan
Evan Dugan 10 hours ago
A 10 hours ago
1. HSM3 2. HSM1 3. HSM2
Jewel Claire
Jewel Claire 10 hours ago
It just came up in my head, have you watch HAMILTON?
Brandi Barb
Brandi Barb 10 hours ago
This guy gets on my nerves. Btw, just got Midnight Sun. 📖🔖🖤
Jewel Claire
Jewel Claire 10 hours ago
Hey dylan have you watched HAMILTON?
Kimberley Gray
Kimberley Gray 10 hours ago