Rui Silva Arruda
Rui Silva Arruda 16 hours ago
Wardlow: I don’t have friends Warlow’s actual real life friends: Are we a joke to you?
archona54 16 hours ago
Cody should not be a champion.
Jason Radford
Jason Radford 16 hours ago
Love Wardlow! My new favorite.
Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni 16 hours ago
Wardlow was amazing i like soo much him in AEW and i can't wait to see him against Adam Page for the AEW Word Championship tournament 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and i can't wait to see one more time Cody vs Orange Cassidy for the TNT Championship in a lumberjack match 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥AEW AEW AEW AEW AEW AEW AEW AEW AEW AEW
Alexandru G
Alexandru G 16 hours ago
Scenarios for suckers :)))
GenZoplays 16 hours ago
Lol that introduction.
Laris Pantelidis
Laris Pantelidis 16 hours ago
Ayush Mishra
Ayush Mishra 16 hours ago
Now this is how you present your biggest star
Gwynneth Hossain
Gwynneth Hossain 16 hours ago
Hobbs your good but why do you raise your lip on the side for?
Versus Yt
Versus Yt 16 hours ago
Wardlow gives me heavy Batista 05-07 vibes. Absolute animal, I’ll all for a world title run at a point in his Aew career
Eduard Pedrol Gil
Eduard Pedrol Gil 17 hours ago
Vinny used to follow me on instagram for some time, then he unfollowed me, sad day guys...
Joshua Scicluna
Joshua Scicluna 17 hours ago
That glory song is from IMPACT bound for glory 2019??
Hari Singh Bhandari
Hari Singh Bhandari 17 hours ago
please tell me her name
Александр Кузьмин
Александр Кузьмин 17 hours ago
Happy day to you. Save and enlighten Jesus Christ, you and all your relatives.
KasirRham 17 hours ago
I could see both these guys being world champion at some point
marquis wolf
marquis wolf 17 hours ago
Her and the fiend would be a great team
Stas Halushka
Stas Halushka 17 hours ago
I see a HUGE potential in Wardlow, in a year or two this man is going to be THE guy
Rui Silva Arruda
Rui Silva Arruda 17 hours ago
That wardlow promo tho AEW! THE REVOLUTION CONTINUES!!
Timothy West
Timothy West 17 hours ago
NO tag team in AEW follows the rules of tag team wrestle
T.A. Xie
T.A. Xie 17 hours ago
I'm a firm advocate of having more sitdown wrestling promos like the one Wardlow just made. Let them talk like normal people, but still in character. I'd like to believe most of the talent in AEW can do that. Even have the foreign wrestlers do it; just add subtitles.
daisy may
daisy may 17 hours ago
Man literally has it all...if AEW can cut a few weeds, it literally has the best division ready to go full gear
Mr.Brightside 18 hours ago
Please, just use this video as intro for Dynamite this week!
BicMac Steve
BicMac Steve 18 hours ago
And a new finisher
BicMac Steve
BicMac Steve 18 hours ago
Wardlow needs some new Ringgear
Jacob Torres
Jacob Torres 18 hours ago
You guys can't fool me, I know wardlow is gonna beat hangman, not kenny but hangman
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 18 hours ago
Why doesn't aew have a virtual crowd they can't afford it?
Miłosz C.
Miłosz C. 18 hours ago
Wardlow splits from MJF. Miro splits from Kip Sabian. Wardlow vs Miro . Book it, Tony.
TheTriangle444 18 hours ago
This man is extreme
tmcfootball96 18 hours ago
(7:57) yeah yeah I want the cage fighter to fight the FUCKING dinosaur.
TheTriangle444 18 hours ago
Eddie Kingston vs MJF, we need that rare heel vs heel shit and I love the smell of this shit
n a
n a 18 hours ago
Shame Hangman is going to beat you in under 10 minutes.
ADI ! 18 hours ago
Wardlow is like a wrestling Jason momoa
Dylan Reidel
Dylan Reidel 18 hours ago
Give us Wardlow vs Darby
Dylan Reidel
Dylan Reidel 18 hours ago
Pillman needs a singles push AEW
Dylan Reidel
Dylan Reidel 18 hours ago
Moxley is the best this is a godly promo
Hobby/ HobbyGamerTV
Hobby/ HobbyGamerTV 18 hours ago
Why is jungelboy not already a star he needs important Storylines to become a star he is money
Dylan Reidel
Dylan Reidel 19 hours ago
this breaks the internet so cool dude
Ori Juanda fans JKT48
Ori Juanda fans JKT48 19 hours ago
Good Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)
Canisleeponyourcouch 19 hours ago
Is Wardlow a babyface now? Because this is how you make a badass babyface.
The Insanity Plex
The Insanity Plex 19 hours ago
OMG Arn is going to turn on Cody and join up with OC!
THE PUNDIT A.S 19 hours ago
beaver boys
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 19 hours ago
Kenny omega's ring announcement was longer than that match
Moxley 19 hours ago
If AEW is booking Omega Vs Hangman for No.1 contender, it must be at Full Gear not Dynamite
Phil Dumon
Phil Dumon 19 hours ago
His legs small he going to hirt himself he to top heavy
Kavin A.
Kavin A. 19 hours ago
I love how they’re slowly building wrestlers. Wardlow will be a massive attraction in time
raging2k virgo
raging2k virgo 19 hours ago
Wardlow is future of aew
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres 19 hours ago
I hope my man OC wins this time, also Wardlow looks like he is going to do interesting stuff in the future. I want to see what AEW can do with Wardlow, OC, Starks, Cage, Eddie and Rey Phoenix...... well also the feud with Kenny and Hangman
John Rambo
John Rambo 19 hours ago
Wardlow should be in his own he’s a future champ for sure
Euronymous Hell
Euronymous Hell 19 hours ago
To be honest the song judas is one of my favorite has a special place in my heart
King Lucifer
King Lucifer 19 hours ago
Im not the biggest AEW fan..but I'm really starting to like him .
M4 Snake
M4 Snake 20 hours ago
I would love to see Pentagon win the tournament but I know he won't 😒
THE PUNDIT A.S 20 hours ago
Kath Leal
Kath Leal 20 hours ago
Is that Evan Bourne or Dolph Ziggler
G Dub’n
G Dub’n 20 hours ago
Good promo from Wardlow.. hope he gets a push
drradon 20 hours ago
Its amazing how you can have a stacked show almost every week if you just plan out your storys. :D
vibs Bhoir
vibs Bhoir 20 hours ago
Wish you All the Luck ❤️
kristoffer franco
kristoffer franco 20 hours ago
Wardlow deserves a spotlight
Spiked Warrior
Spiked Warrior 20 hours ago
Calling it now: John Silver is going to break away from the Dark Order and be a breakout main event star in AEW.
Peter Mccartney
Peter Mccartney 20 hours ago
I like wardlow
nagulan nagul
nagulan nagul 20 hours ago
Iam from India l love AEW . My dream is iam wrestling in AEW
mielyt 20 hours ago
That video game was not plugged in and appears to be made of balsa wood
cielo l
cielo l 20 hours ago
Me January: i guess Wardlow's okay October: THIS IS WAAAAAAAAAAAR!
The funhouse
The funhouse 20 hours ago
What song is playing during the penta ray segment?
Chris 20 hours ago
Wardlow 🙌 He’s just talking at the gym, with noises in the background, yet I’m marking out. This presentation is perfect. It’s so simple yet totally effective, this is pro-wrestling 👨‍🍳 💋
enrique bravo
enrique bravo 20 hours ago
Wow TK drinks lol 😂
The funhouse
The funhouse 20 hours ago
What songs are playing during this, the penta vs ray song is crazy good
Scyr 20 hours ago
Does anyone know the song that plays during the penta and fenix segment?
Хлодвиг Меровинг
Хлодвиг Меровинг 21 hour ago
I got flashbacks of Michael Cole at one point. THE FREAK, THE FREAK, THE FREAK eleven hundred times. Uh, nightmares.
Reginald K. Sanshire
Reginald K. Sanshire 21 hour ago
Nobody: Disney villains: 2:50
Mixtape TNT
Mixtape TNT 21 hour ago
Kevin Bintang
Kevin Bintang 21 hour ago
Ueueysjgsussjywhww ke TTS iya e ku fdk ef gsjsshsfw itu fwjwf. bts
Amber Mortem
Amber Mortem 21 hour ago
Wardlow didn't stop to pet the doggo waiting patiently next to him for pets :(
Brad Deryck Cachero
Brad Deryck Cachero 21 hour ago
on their match at the semis we bring back at all in of their fight between penta el zero m vs kenny omega..
I love what he said! .. Ppl sometimes need to be selfish with there time. Who they let in there life. Who they make there girlfriend. Who they befriend. How hard you work, how hard you save, how hard you save, how hard you save, how harrrrd you save!!!! Give all glory, praise and credit unto the one true God, Jesus Christ! Protect yourself. You are who you hang with so invest in yourself! Believe in yourself! Love yourself! Buuuut be self less when it comes to charity, helping the less fortunate. Principalities over gaining the world
hotman718 21 hour ago
Need the hot girls dancing with the brooms everytime