Who is She? | Anwar Jibawi
Savannah Marlin
Savannah Marlin 10 minutes ago
Cha cha chudanki !
jim nik
jim nik 15 minutes ago
Man, I wish I had those friends...
ابنِ عبدالرؤف
ابنِ عبدالرؤف 15 minutes ago
whose Dimond playbutton was that?
Oscar Bailey
Oscar Bailey 17 minutes ago
Who’s Siri was activated at 7:06 from anwar saying ‘Hey, Sydney’ ? 😂😂
Pich Sovann
Pich Sovann 18 minutes ago
Hey andrew 😂😂😂
Adem Nurceski
Adem Nurceski 20 minutes ago
5:09 okay that would not work can somebody please tell me if that would work or not
Mya Tran
Mya Tran 20 minutes ago
1:04I like when he says a bad word
N10K99 33 minutes ago
I’m a Leo too
Da Ha
Da Ha 34 minutes ago
I feel like Anwar lives in the airport considering his last sketches
Khushi Mahajan
Khushi Mahajan 39 minutes ago
That green shirt girl act so well
UVツDelusion 48 minutes ago
*If becci is dead ..you know who it is*
Malachi Romero
Malachi Romero 48 minutes ago
Are you ok she is watching u man
Gʻofurjon Gʻulomov
Gʻofurjon Gʻulomov 49 minutes ago
Your videos are very amazing
JPanda Piedra
JPanda Piedra 52 minutes ago
So sad man lol
Angel Fashola
Angel Fashola 57 minutes ago
Damn this is flames 🔥 straight flames 🔥 how did they get this airport and these back ups it’s crazy
H for Hulk
H for Hulk Hour ago
If any 17 YO girl like her happen to pass through this comment, please drop your Facebook, i want you
H for Hulk
H for Hulk Hour ago
People at me will be like:- You simp!! LOL . . . . . . . Nah!! nobody will reply 😒
Adam _sy
Adam _sy Hour ago
What religion Is anwar ?
ho opa
ho opa Hour ago
Who is she ?
Mav2K Hour ago
Mariafeliscia Koban
Mariafeliscia Koban Hour ago
Airport Security Squad A.S.S I almost choked on my water XD XD XD
elijah koech
elijah koech Hour ago
Flight attendants carry all kinds of diseases😂😂
MH SAZID Hour ago
Maxo Sall
Maxo Sall Hour ago
You wouldn't know
Dante Brown
Dante Brown Hour ago
hey Beccy i think your rely nice when you walk in the air port where them tights, hey beccy i think your fly i hope one of these day your mine, beccy when you walk in the room every just wanders if its true. hey beccy you can take me any where just so you know ive been wandering what life could be in the sky just you and me. i like your smile and hair when i see you i just stop and drop that you know i care. throw it all in tsa but im hopeing that i can be your bea
Paul Francisco
Paul Francisco Hour ago
Im in love with my car -Roger Taylor
Joshua H
Joshua H Hour ago
You would make a good Aladdin dude!!! xD Anwar? More like Aladdin. Hehe
Maria Malik
Maria Malik Hour ago
laxman3383 Hour ago
Why am I getting the feeling like watching an intro for porn
PsychoTony_ Hour ago
Leo Bro65
Leo Bro65 Hour ago
This reminds me of Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Rateb Bakhos
Rateb Bakhos Hour ago
Freedom Writers
Freedom Writers Hour ago
The acting skill of the girl is excellent!
Derek 01
Derek 01 Hour ago
I want a happy ending!!!!!!!!
Bernie Hixon
Bernie Hixon Hour ago
That made me cry.
Ariana Saavedra
Ariana Saavedra Hour ago
I think this HAVE to be in Netflix
Ea As
Ea As 2 hours ago
lDo you have to have top The first thing that happens I was in a relationship 😎
Yathiesh 2 hours ago
Her Acting is really good
Mrwan Nonesc
Mrwan Nonesc 2 hours ago
ابتزتني لمن قالت مخدرات كنت حابه اشوها
vince dragon
vince dragon 2 hours ago
this is actually a filipino food to
JamzPlays Jamzki
JamzPlays Jamzki 2 hours ago
I still got laugh at the intro😂😂😂
_vibeツ 2 hours ago
︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎i don't speak googoonese
Mohamed Playz
Mohamed Playz 2 hours ago
Do you remember when Anwar and gf our movie
Aditya Somawanshi
Aditya Somawanshi 2 hours ago
this is so fucking cringy
Heinnous All Seasons
Heinnous All Seasons 2 hours ago
Coach's face XD
Roman 2 hours ago
This is such an ASS video
ツALTER BRYAN 3 hours ago
Pablo 😂 jajaja
liviu daniel danciu
liviu daniel danciu 3 hours ago
good actress
mahesh wani
mahesh wani 3 hours ago
Hey bekky.. am so so lucky !
Yash Hirani
Yash Hirani 3 hours ago
Bear rhymes how I have to bear with ur vids
Chandan Mahapatra
Chandan Mahapatra 3 hours ago
For her 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Marena Shawquy
Marena Shawquy 3 hours ago
The Arabic parts are the best bc I understand them so it’s funny 😂
Satheesh kumar
Satheesh kumar 3 hours ago
When's your birthday 🤣🤣🤣
Mission Expired
Mission Expired 3 hours ago
She has very amazing acting skills
Mission Expired
Mission Expired 3 hours ago
Omg, who is sheeeee?
SARINA AI 3 hours ago
Oh hello your Arabic?I'm iranian
Dhruv Dhiman
Dhruv Dhiman 3 hours ago
If a girl like that stalked me, i'd probably have a stroke or something
Hijrat Shah
Hijrat Shah 3 hours ago
The worst feeling ever..snoring talking. my condolences
Tareq hmisho
Tareq hmisho 3 hours ago
a MUHMMAD WICK is born.
Kareem Eltaher
Kareem Eltaher 3 hours ago
Please go back to your old you PLEASE you get no views anymore
JAWZ MUZIK 3 hours ago
this is to goood😂😭🤣🤣🤣
Rachael Reyes
Rachael Reyes 4 hours ago
But used f he of
Flight team stand up
Flight team stand up 4 hours ago
This man is 1000x funnier than adamw
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 4 hours ago
I love when she jumped on the blonde 👱‍♀️ girl 😆
casual 4 hours ago
Idk after the long break the contents feels a little booring
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 4 hours ago
MoM : Here is your lunch 🥗. Me:is he going to feed the whole airport 😂😂👉🏻👈🏻
Javed Iqbal
Javed Iqbal 4 hours ago
damn I'm feeling so bad for her like she's cute.Anwar should make out with her..
Yin Tun
Yin Tun 4 hours ago
*Plot twist : the young kids' souls are in those grown men's bodies.*
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 4 hours ago
I love ❤️ this playlist I watch it everyday because I love love ❤️ it
Ибрагим Джаджиев
Ибрагим Джаджиев 4 hours ago
Lucy Connors
Lucy Connors 4 hours ago
NEVER trust a girl when they say ‘Im fine’ They don’t mean it
Who you callin pin head?
Who you callin pin head? 4 hours ago
This is such a coincidence. I had a dream about a GIRL doll stalking me. And I asked you Anwar about what's wrong with it. Then later, I would burn the doll down and just a face screaming out loud.
Jamila Khatun
Jamila Khatun 4 hours ago
Me thinking I'm early Me checking the date of when he made this video 20 hours ago Me:Um I ThInK I'm EArlY
siva siva
siva siva 4 hours ago
Search Tamil actor Kajal Agarwal both are Twins
SoftMochi Playz
SoftMochi Playz 4 hours ago
I felt really sad for the carpet when he left the carpet 😭
Syasya Yaya
Syasya Yaya 4 hours ago
If have to spend time with you carpet
Syasya Yaya
Syasya Yaya 4 hours ago
Why are you do like that
Devil Seeker
Devil Seeker 4 hours ago
Hey You....Yeah You.....Keep Smiling....I Hope You Have A Good Day 😘😚
Eric San Juan
Eric San Juan 4 hours ago
Am i the only one who wonders where he films these vids in the middle of a pandemic?
Lahiru Nimesh
Lahiru Nimesh 5 hours ago
When Anwar and Adam combined, Boom 💥
Banmaitphrang khongsit
Banmaitphrang khongsit 5 hours ago
Y'all own mobile phones You must know the founder Adam's cousin
jrbrunidor pamaong
jrbrunidor pamaong 5 hours ago
i been a fan since 2017
Farah Farah
Farah Farah 5 hours ago
4:06 what did she say?
Pokemonfan 69
Pokemonfan 69 5 hours ago
Wow 😯 just really like ever since anwar posted a picture of his new pool people have been coming to his house and I knew it was no coincidence even if he didn’t have a pool people wouldn’t show up out of nowhere. And Pearson stole his house like what a backstabber!
Flackkoboydamon 5 hours ago
brooo hes watching the show
Azizur93 5 hours ago
Anwars face at the beginning said it all 🤣🤣
R. Kamei
R. Kamei 5 hours ago
For one second, I was like "Yeah, they're both broke!" but then boom! I loved it.