4 months ago
Alyssa Wood
Alyssa Wood 11 hours ago
Look up marys test kitchen gluten free fried chik'n made with tofu 🤤
Francisco arroyo
Francisco arroyo 13 hours ago
Que delicia 😘
Neffy B
Neffy B 13 hours ago
I had everything in my cart and checked out with my order...then when no confirmation email came, i realized that there was a glitch and nothing went the time i went back EVERYTHING was sold out. That sucked all the joy out of my birthday yesterday. I will NEVER be attempting to purchase from gymshark again, this is two years in a row of disappointment, you would think they'd do a pre-order.
TBH_ave 13 hours ago
Indy's lashes thoooo 🔥
Helena Vo
Helena Vo 14 hours ago
Celebrate our favorite couple tonight by watching The Voice at 8/7c! 🧡💍
Helena Vo
Helena Vo 14 hours ago
Y’all I’m so sorry... I completely forgot to add my sour patch kids grapes reaction 🍇😂😩 okay I personally just felt like they were simply frozen grapes and didn’t really get the sour patch vibes but WORTH A SHOT!!!!! I mean... I finished them all so they were good 🤤
Helena Vo
Helena Vo 14 hours ago
Is it just me or does Stephen seem like a very proud dad when he was encouraging Navy to sing for the cam 😂🤍
Caridad Rios
Caridad Rios 15 hours ago
I really wanted the amazon leggings OR a jogger(any color). If anyone got either in a size Large and is willing to switch for a size large black ribbed whitney legging I would be so happy I was also able to snag a moss green sports bra and the black long tee
Sin 15 hours ago
Happy birthday Navy !💙
Pavalicious Rawr
Pavalicious Rawr 15 hours ago
So sad, my alarm didn't go off at 5am so I missed out on getting anything in Amazon Green or the joggers when I woke up at 7am. Ended up buying the sportsbra and shorts in Black since they were sold out in Amazon Green. I got the jacket and holdall at least.
Angela Ligason
Angela Ligason 15 hours ago
sold out :0(
Heidi Serna
Heidi Serna 16 hours ago
*Just bought rice cakes yesterday* Whitney: "RICE CAKES... WHO? NO. DISGUSTING. TRASH." Me: oh..
Steph TheBest
Steph TheBest 17 hours ago
MIss Indie's lashes on 9:40 OMG! <3
ColourMay 17 hours ago
So sad 2nd time i wasnt able to get anything from the collection ..... Im really SADDDDD. Can it be permanent please
Andrea Wywiorka
Andrea Wywiorka 17 hours ago
Hi!! Anyone know what dog food is in her freeezer!??
Krystel Lipani
Krystel Lipani 18 hours ago
I love seeing this type of content! Dogs bring so much joy and truly enrich our lives! 🥰
Laurie Sickles
Laurie Sickles 19 hours ago
Fun to find your page, good tips!
Tama Lee
Tama Lee 19 hours ago
Had high-rise shorts in my cart two minutes before the actual launch and they ended up being sold out before My time in line came up and within the hour people were posting items from the collection on Mercari and poshmark 3-4x the retail price. Items they bought only for the sake of reselling. $40 shorts from this collection being listed for $130-150. It’s disgusting how people that enjoy her videos/collections can be so greedy.
Julia Harrigan
Julia Harrigan 19 hours ago
Very, very disappointed. Another year and another launch disaster! And to think that you were crying last year, promising changes... ehh
Veronica Garay
Veronica Garay 19 hours ago
Will there be another restock? I was only able to one thing 😭 I wanted more. It sold out within 5 mins.
Brie 19 hours ago
PLEASE RESTOCK.. I had 6 items in my cart and all 6 were sold out 2 MINUTES AFTER LAUNCH 😭 please tell Gymshark to restock, they said they “stocked more this time” but doesn’t seem like it was even close to enough
jennifer batton
jennifer batton 19 hours ago
Gymshark: "We WilL HavE ENouGh StOcK" everything sold out in MINUTESS 🙄...again. Please come out with your own athletic line so your fans can actually buy your stuff...
Abbie Otto
Abbie Otto 20 hours ago
This collection looks great however this is the second time they sold out what was in my cart before I could cash out
Lopez Family
Lopez Family 20 hours ago
Can you tell me what the name of fiddle food is and tell me what humidifier you use
Rochelle Wilder
Rochelle Wilder 21 hour ago
Missed out again on the stuff I really wanted! I only got 1 item and I had 6 things in my cart that were taken away while I was waiting in a queue! Whitney speak with gymshark! This is so unfair to the people that are on right at launch and things are getting taken out of carts. They should restock one more time, they can do a presale. So annoying that this brand does this all the time...they either don’t know what they are doing or they are doing this on purpose.
Brie 19 hours ago
Agreed ! I was so disappointed, also had 6 things in my cart. I went to checkout 2 minutes after the launch and everything was sold out. So disappointed they need to fix this
cjessica2009 21 hour ago
I need the unbleached collection. I was trying to checkout and the website said something went wrong, and when it finally got to checkout everything was out of stock within minutes.
Meghan Asbell
Meghan Asbell 21 hour ago
I really wish I had gotten the items I had in the cart two minutes. It doesn’t seem like gymshark really prepped that much
Sarah Price
Sarah Price 21 hour ago
So funny. It was my dogs birthday in September, a week after all he got was "oh shit it was your birthday last week, happy birthday Hunter" he really didn't care either way. 😆
AshleeErin 21 hour ago
Noooo I was in line to check out and they wheeled me back for surgery. Then they sold out. 😅😭😭 🤞🙏 hoping for a restock 💜 congrats on another successful launch
Tori Pascucci
Tori Pascucci 21 hour ago
You are both going to be AMAZING parents!!!!
Isabella Castillo
Isabella Castillo 21 hour ago
fine ill go.
Shelby Beasley
Shelby Beasley 22 hours ago
Well I missed out again, my size in everything sold out in minutes. Hopefully everyone enjoys what they bought, this collection looks so beautiful and well planned ❤️
Sugar Gay
Sugar Gay 22 hours ago
I really hope gymshark does a restock this launch was as disappointing as the last. I had my items in my cart within the minute of it launching and they were sold out by the time google auto entered my card info. I want to be excited about these collections and feel beautiful in them but it’s just so anxiety inducing and really sad when you leave with nothing. It really puts a bad taste in my mouth about gymshark as a brand when they do launches like this it feels really money hungry.
Ashlie Parks
Ashlie Parks 22 hours ago
I was really wanting the chocolate bra, but didn’t get the chance. And the chocolate tank, as well as the leggings and joggers. And was really looking forward to the black oversized jacket but was all taken out of my cart after 2 mins of the launch. Got my hopes up. Took the day off after working two and half weeks straight to get these items. Had about $600 worth of her items. And less then a third I got. Disappointed. I hope that they restock. And have more stock for the restock. So many people wanting these items and for them to be limited. Gymshark as stated that they had more stock this time. But didn’t seem as so.
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson 22 hours ago
Congratulations to you Miss Whitney!!! I went to buy basically anything in XL and was already sold out and it’s only been released an hour! I feel sad panda for me but legit super happy/proud of you. Without you knowing you helped me quit a bad job (when you were struggling at yours). You helped me stop weighing myself and to judge my gains differently and eat balanced but not beat myself up if I give into gummies. You were a positive voice when things were hard and I didn’t want to tell people I was struggling with figuring out who I was. Now to meet my own love at the gym lol. On a serious note; Thank you.
Kristi Sasson
Kristi Sasson 17 hours ago
These are the kind of comments she deserves Stephanie! We can be disappointed in the process, but in the end, this does not come down on Whit herself.
jennifer batton
jennifer batton 19 hours ago
It was sold out in minutes. I went on 4 minutes after the launch and L XL was sold out
Jessica Diaz
Jessica Diaz 22 hours ago
I loved the launch but what happened to the Cyber red in the high rise?? I didnt see them on the site at all
Amber Dudgeon
Amber Dudgeon 22 hours ago
So heartbroken everything was taken out of my cart the minute it launched. I saved up money for this collection and it was all I was looking forward to. It hurts to see so many influencers gifted the collection, and we want to spend our own money on the pieces and we can’t even do that. So envious of anyone that got a piece of the collection in their size. Truly so devastated. 😞
Danika Munroe
Danika Munroe 16 hours ago
@Brie dude I went one two minutes before launch time cuz gymshark likes to post things early, had just the amazon set in my cart and it was sold out by launch time. They didn’t stock shit for this launch
dstarsong 18 hours ago
THIS!! :((
Brie 19 hours ago
Same!! I went to check out after putting 6 items in my cart 2 minutes after the launch, everything was already sold out.. after TWO minutes. Gymshark said they stocked more, but why couldn’t I get anything 2 minutes after launch? Just so disappointed I hope they restock
beema1988 21 hour ago
Yes and it pissed me off because a lot of the influencers that were gifted stuff said they were going to buy stuff too. I’m like hold on GREEDY we haven’t even gotten anything.
Alice Cee
Alice Cee 22 hours ago
So I missed out on literally everything, I put them in my cart and then 2 seconds later they were sold out. Does anyone know if they will restock anything or that’s it ? :( :( So upset
Lyndsea Willis
Lyndsea Willis 19 hours ago
It’s limited edition they will not be restocking.
Brie 19 hours ago
Same I felt like I was punched in the gut I was so upset. I thought “ok it’s 2 minutes after launch, Gymshark said they stocked more this time so I should be fine” .. had 6 items in my cart and every single thing was sold out in 2 minutes.
Laney Carpenter
Laney Carpenter 22 hours ago
girl I feel this, I was crying for like 45 minutes after 12 because I didn't get anything :(
Wahzoozoo 22 hours ago
The colors chosen for this collection were so gorgeous I’m so excited with what I purchased! But like other commenters said, I didn’t get to buy all the things I wanted and hopefully by adding this comment to the pile GymShark will see they absolutely need to do a restock on this!!! Please GymShark consider keeping this as a permanent line!!
CNG 22 hours ago
i got everything i wanted and some extra goodies! this was a beautiful collection and a beautiful launch whitney!
Adriana Efron
Adriana Efron 22 hours ago
How long did you have to wait in checkout?
mscourtneyhagen 22 hours ago
Anothe repeat of last year 😭😭 so disappointed that I didn’t get anything I wanted AGAIN 😭
Laney Carpenter
Laney Carpenter 22 hours ago
really do not understand the point of promoting this launch for weeks on end if its going to sell out within 5 minutes of it going live. Super disheartening that this is the second year that I have gotten little to none of the things that I wanted from the collection. I have been a loyal supporter for years of both Whitney and gymshark. I am unsure if they aren't aware of her influence or what but its just bad business. Really hoping for a restock sooner than a year from now.
Haps Haps
Haps Haps 23 hours ago
EVERYTHING SOLD OUT 😭 I really really wanted the unbleached jacket but was gone within minutes! Waaaaaa :(( whitneyyyyyyy!
Nicole Morales
Nicole Morales 23 hours ago
Two launches in a row I’ve been unable to get the items I wanted despite being on the website early!!! This is so frustrating when these launches are talked up so much and so many people want to get their hands on so many different items. I had all my desired items in my cart but when I went to check out, I was put in a long queue and when it was my turn to check out, all the items were sold out.
Katrina Blain
Katrina Blain 23 hours ago
Same thing happened to me both times. Here to hoping she drops gymshark and goes out on her own!!
Crafted By Jess
Crafted By Jess 23 hours ago
I've been a subscriber since before you moved and you lived in the old house with your brother. You inspired me to start my channel, and today I posted my first Monthly Favorites video in honor of your launch 😜💗 I'm so happy for you and congratulate you on your success 🥰
skye peery
skye peery 23 hours ago
Everything I wanted sold out so fast!:( will you guys be restocking at all?
Brandon Keller
Brandon Keller 23 hours ago
Was there really enough stock for your collection?
Brandon Keller
Brandon Keller 23 hours ago
Was there really enough stock?
Katrina Blain
Katrina Blain 23 hours ago
My entire cart was sold out 2 minutes after launch... some people obviously got stuff but I don’t know how haha
Ruby Resendiz
Ruby Resendiz 23 hours ago
The inventory should have been so much more than what it actually was. I don't understand sending out the entire collection to other influencers who all have well over 500k followers if the inventory isn't going to be enough for all the followers of those influencers plus whitney's and gymsharks. Lack of preparation from gymshark. I wish whit would come out with her own line of clothes so that everyone and their mothers can support her and stop buying from gymshark. Three influencers came out with their own swim wear and still have items in stock. This is a company that just started and gymshark can't even do that. Let's not forget how they trashed police and then tried to erase it by taking down the post. I will keep supporting whitney in her other ventures but gymshark is no more.
Sugar Gay
Sugar Gay 22 hours ago
Absolutely agreed. I love whit and her ideas and I’ve only ever been interested in gymshark because of her involvement otherwise the brand leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Katrina Blain
Katrina Blain 23 hours ago
Agreed. Gymshark clearly does this on purpose so they can be “exclusive” or “limited edition” or whatever. I’m not into bs I just want the clothes and to support my girl!!
Phoebe Walsh
Phoebe Walsh 23 hours ago
I just bought my first thing ever from Gymshark and it's a pair of the leggings in amazon :)) I'm so excited and I'm so proud of you!
melissa mack
melissa mack 23 hours ago
Being "limited" is understandable. Selling out quick it understandable. Whats not is the fact that gymshark let's you put things in your cart and then sells it from under you and youre told they are sold out when you reach the checkout. They should not be selling to others what you have in your cart.while you're actually just still looking and trying to spend even more money on their merchandise! I can see putting a time limit on it and then having the cart expire and your stuff get sold. I literally went to check out maybe 2 min after adding things and then got told EVERYTHING in my cart was sold out. Thats just ridiculous.
melissa mack
melissa mack 22 hours ago
I know its not her fault but like Katrina said maybe she can do something about the way they handle this in the future. I tried to contact Gymshark before coming here and couldn't find any contact information on their website.
Thalia Sanchez
Thalia Sanchez 23 hours ago
@Katrina Blain that is true. I just know that she does try for us. Hopefully she’ll be able to start her own company in the future
Katrina Blain
Katrina Blain 23 hours ago
It’s true it’s not her fault... but these comments may help her to realize this may not be the type of company she wants to keep dealing with in the future. There are literally ten other better ways to deal with this “limited stock” situation and they clearly do it this way by choice
Thalia Sanchez
Thalia Sanchez 23 hours ago
Why come and complain to her tho ? It’s not her fault. Go and give feedback to gymshark.
Desiray Robinson
Desiray Robinson 23 hours ago
Unfortunately I didn't get to get a single item from your collection, but for some reason seeing your collection sell out so quickly just put a huge smile on my face 😀 and made my heart ache 💔. To me that shows how many people love and respect you and how many people you've touched in this world. I am soooo very happy and proud of you, keep it up girl! 😍😘
Kristina 23 hours ago
What's even the point of hyping things up if they're gonna sell out in 3 minutes. I had the green leggings and bra in my cart as soon as it launched and I still didnt manage to get it! So disappointed ...I've only bought Gymshark for the past year and a half but i think im over it
Kristina 19 hours ago
Sarah, that’s so sad. I would have given up on the brand a long time ago if i were you 🙄
Kristina 19 hours ago
Not saying it’s her fault. Doubt she could have done anything about it.
Sarah 21 hour ago
Same thing happened to me this year and last year. I’m really upset about it too 😭😭 I understand it’s her fault but it is really frustrating when I’ve been trying to get just one thing from her collection since the first launch and I’ve never been able to. 🤧
Thalia Sanchez
Thalia Sanchez 23 hours ago
Not her fault tho.
Kylee Wilson
Kylee Wilson 23 hours ago
It is 12:38pm on launch day.. And people have already listed some of these items on apps like Mercari and Poshmark, and are trying to sell them for over $100....😠 They buy the products preventing others from buying them, just to try and make some money!
Katrina Blain
Katrina Blain 23 hours ago
I hope you start your own active wear line. It’s disrespectful for gymshark to continue to do this to you and to their customers/ your fans who are simply trying to buy product.
Katrina Blain
Katrina Blain 23 hours ago
I’d literally pay double to not have to deal with them
Deanna Smith
Deanna Smith 23 hours ago
Finished this all the way for the first time!!
Sarah Chiste
Sarah Chiste 23 hours ago
Wore my joggers from version 1 today for good luck! Sorry to those who didn't get what they were hoping for. I was lucky and got a few pieces I liked (best sports bras ever!) Thanks Whitney for your hard work on both collection. Lovely and exciting.
Brynn Dudek
Brynn Dudek 23 hours ago
Whoever is in charge of ordering stock at gym shark needs to be fired
Latina Chick
Latina Chick 23 hours ago
Not trying to be hurt your feelings Whitney as I’m sure it’s not specifically your fault but how can you hype something up and seriously not have enough stock? It’s like when I went to go check out everything was sold out in the things I wanted in less than 3 minutes. Highly highly disappointed in this launch. Hope there’s a way to do a restock on at least the joggers.
Katrin xo
Katrin xo 23 hours ago
I wish ,I could become some of the items I really wanted but same as the last time... no Chance . It was Sold out in a few Minutes....and I really mean a few. Maybe 3 -.- So I don't buy anything . Sad but True !
Sasha Chalmers
Sasha Chalmers Day ago
quite disappointed that even tho so many of us had the stuff in our carts within a minute and were checking out that we missed out. especially here in Australia where we has to get up so early and still missed. needed to be way more stock
beema1988 Day ago
GYMSHARK listen to US!!! You’re not stocking enough!!!! I had 300$ worth of stuff in my cart tried to check out at 12:02, and was only able to purchase 2 things coming to 80$. I’m sure this happened to several other people.
marissabear14 20 hours ago
Yes! I had $400 worth in my cart. Got to the checkout 3 min in and everything sold out. Im so bummed too.
Meghan Asbell
Meghan Asbell 21 hour ago
It did
Kayci Pye
Kayci Pye Day ago
I had $340.00 worth of stuff in my cart at 3:01 and half of it was gone by the time it actually let me check out :(
Jalyn Taylor
Jalyn Taylor Day ago
Yo! That was my first experience ever buying something when it was first dropped ever! Especially with something that is so highly anticipated!!! I am so glad I was able to get at least 1 item!! When are you dropping again Whit???!!!???!??!??!?!?!?!?
Robin Roseboom
Robin Roseboom Day ago
2 minutes and everything was gone! So sad! But congrats :)
Lotus 1997
Lotus 1997 Day ago
So sad, wasn't able to pick up anything. 😭 All my infos were ready and all I had to do was add it to the bag and click and it was already out of stock. Can you please do a restock? 😭😭😭😭 Love you so much Whitney, I want to support you, but I wasn't able to ❤❤❤
Carolina Garza
Carolina Garza Day ago
Please please please restock the joggers and cropped hoodies that’s the two things I wanted and they sold out while I was in line to checkout🥺
RDuck.Gaming Day ago
Will it be restocked? Couldn’t get anything that I wanted.
Lyndsea Willis
Lyndsea Willis 19 hours ago
It will not be. It is limited edition.
lashay s
lashay s Day ago
I've been a fan since the beginning I love just hearing you share and the gym workouts keep me entertained but this is the second time I've tried to support you with gymshark and no go I'm sad I won't be able to experience your creations but congratulations on being sold out within minutes 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🥰
beth holston
beth holston Day ago
Everything was in my cart within the first 5 mins. Went to check out and it put me in a queue to checkout. My turn comes up and 2 things are sold out.. Put in payment, 2 more things gone. Hit check out and the site crashes, gives the 404 message. Very disappointed. This was going to be my first gymshark purchase and I wasn't able to get anything I wanted..
Jocelyn Olguin
Jocelyn Olguin 16 hours ago
This happened to me as well was going for the Amazon green in medium ended up having to settle for the black set in small (I’m in between sizes and would prefer to size up) because after 3 times I was finally able to get thru
Taylor Day ago
I was in line at 3:02 and still didn’t get anything.
Alexis Hicks
Alexis Hicks Day ago
Pretty disappointed I couldn't get anything. This is my second time trying to get anything from your collection. I had $275 in my cart and once I got out of queue I only had 2 items left, so I went back to see if I could get any other colors and everything was gone and ended up not being able to buy ANYTHING :(
Jessica 23 hours ago
LOL same! I should’ve just checked out and not gone back to add something else in replacement of the items that were sold out 😅 otherwise I would’ve got something at least.
Kristina 23 hours ago
Same >.>
Rhea Walters
Rhea Walters Day ago
SO FRuSTrATING: Went on right at 1:00 pm, clicked "check out" by 1:10, got put in a que due to high traffic, by the time my page loaded - 80% of my cart was sold out.
Honeybee Day ago
Woooooooww started with a burying cart ended up getting ONLY SPORTS BRAS HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???
Jewel Jodoin
Jewel Jodoin Day ago
whit can you just come up with a line of workout clothes from your own business so we can all purchase these clothes all year round
Samantha Willmon
Samantha Willmon Day ago
Wanted so many things and literally set a reminder for the launch. Everything sold out too fast. Literally checking out and it will error out and tell me the things I have already added are now out of stock. Such a waste of time. You knew you needed more stock based on the last launch.
Kelly Whelan
Kelly Whelan Day ago
I took the whole day off to buy this stuff and I had it in my cart but every time I went to check out, everything kept disappearing...I really needed those joggers. Hopefully Gymshark restocks Aura 🤞
Maridalia Beauty
Maridalia Beauty Day ago
Omg!!! They are soooo cute. What breed are they?
Tess Wendt
Tess Wendt Day ago
This is soooo cute!!
Rachel Day ago
everything literally sold out in less than 5min...I thought gymshark said they had more stock. I didnt manage to get anything I wanted :(