Apple’s Big Secret
don’t be racist
4 months ago
I’m Switching to...
my Beef with Dave2D
H M 5 hours ago
Jonathan, You Uploaded Dolby Vision HDR MV of Wolfe Shot by i-Phone 12 Pro on USshow. But USshow Doesn't Support Dolby Vision but HDR10 to Date. If You Simply Upload Dolby Vision HDR Video on USshow, Image Blow out and Oversaturated. HOW DID YA MANAGE TO AVOID THIS HICCUPS WITHOUT LOSING VIDEO QUALITY ❓ WHAT'S YA TRICKS, WORKAROUND ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ PLEASE SHARE WITH US ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
Khevin Soogund
Khevin Soogund 6 hours ago
Anker whole day and every day.
Oryx Nate
Oryx Nate 6 hours ago
12 pro graphite 256
C J 8 hours ago
Got the 12 blue, waited over a week for it to arrive, it’s such an improvement over Xr
Josh LeRose
Josh LeRose 10 hours ago
Loooove MagSafe so much! Only second to videos from you in the world standard aspect ratio
Abhinav Kara
Abhinav Kara 11 hours ago
What happened to this ???
HIGHTONE 11 hours ago
Somewhere in the last 3 years he let that flame die
Ashraf Shahriar Khan
Ashraf Shahriar Khan 14 hours ago
People are now totally into this earbuds...
dieggarciaf 15 hours ago
It’s almost 2021 and the IPhone 6S still having updates and the Samsung Galaxy s6 is nowhere to be found
Josh LeRose
Josh LeRose 15 hours ago
Love that fancy usb-c to lightning braided cable <3 And the small fast boi too.... Also, I'm a huge fan of all the new phones, especially the new blue colors 😍
Gerald Torres
Gerald Torres 16 hours ago
Anyone else leave here more confused on what to buy now!? 😅 Cause bruh what tf did I just watch
Padme 17
Padme 17 18 hours ago
About half that shit is just gimmicky 1st world crap from china and taiwan and soon to be ewaste e-waste. Cheap plastic junk that will end up in the oceans, well done.
Choupe 29
Choupe 29 18 hours ago
Imagine buying a phone to watch a review on said phone :/
Choupe 29
Choupe 29 18 hours ago
Wait, does anyone know if the earth wallpaper for iPhone is animated? (It shows day/night, shows where you are?) Thanks!
Akbar hakim
Akbar hakim 18 hours ago
Btw, a desk lamp in Indonesia is only around 8-10 dollars
Akbar hakim
Akbar hakim 18 hours ago
USshow Recommendation : this is the moment
Arin Lazurca
Arin Lazurca 21 hour ago
I have both. Guys stop being poor.
karlitozs 23 hours ago
Please do one video 2 weeks later 🤩
joker666 Day ago
I like it's square shape because it can stand up, but I've seen thinner phones with a fingerprint sensor and less notch. it's always for next time with apple...
joker666 Day ago
Fingerprints>face id. the fact that you guys can't figure that out points out your massive incompetence. btw no is asking for the front facing camera to disappear into little tiny hole punch :)
Seas Williams
Seas Williams Day ago
Extreme Racist
Extreme Racist Day ago
How can I buy thay fake Macbook pro? Let me know the link
Ganesh Subramanya
Ganesh Subramanya Day ago
wow got this recommended in 2020👍
Thom Rhodes
Thom Rhodes Day ago
What an awesome video. Bloody awesome.
Qualin Hunter
Qualin Hunter Day ago
Why do I want the first one ☝️
Goober and Buddy
Goober and Buddy Day ago
the Pro continues to be a "clout" device imo
Christan Zafra
Christan Zafra Day ago
Very nice Amazing Dream Phone🙏🙏🙏
Aashvit Goyal
Aashvit Goyal Day ago
Iphone 12 pro max
Some One
Some One Day ago
My hard drive Mac OS X was damaged so I bought a new hard drive but it doesn’t have any os on it. So I got a usb with apple leopard software on it. I try and install but it doesn’t like it
Ae Ron
Ae Ron Day ago
wish i can have one
Dan Edwards Music
Dan Edwards Music Day ago
Thank you! I managed to restore the downloads folder but was weirded out by the different display
Carlos Le Mare
Carlos Le Mare Day ago
I want to put my phone in the wall and it still and charge at the sane time. So my accesory would be the wall 😎
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez Day ago
Was waiting for his video specifically! Love these in depth vids.
Arham Gupta
Arham Gupta Day ago
I like the PowerPort III 60Watt Charger
Mr. Duble-U
Mr. Duble-U Day ago
The 12 Pro is my personal choice. can’t afford it tho. rly want to upgrade from my 8
Googol Data
Googol Data Day ago
Jon just did a 5:38 min ad and I watched it :|
Khari Mateen
Khari Mateen Day ago
fire !!!!!!!!
Malvino Christian
Malvino Christian Day ago
**Laughing in my Samsung Oddysey G9**
nishant gautam
nishant gautam Day ago
Just bought the space grey air 3. Perfect as hell 🔥👌😍😍😍🎉🎉
Neev Mathur
Neev Mathur Day ago
it didnt work for me! help!
Sugar Honey
Sugar Honey Day ago
iphone 12 pro camera looks so amazing that i'm so using it for my vlogs from now on... but still trying to decide between the 12 pro or 12 pro max
Thomas Bechard
Thomas Bechard Day ago
Nice video. I have the 18 watt, but need the 20 for the MagSafe. Hmm. Anker is the way to go.
dream Day ago
AutoGamesNation Day ago
Nano absolutely love it
crzmicky Day ago
The first 8 seconds bothered me so much, it’s set up as like the perfect camera shot for the perfect lineup but he messes up and has to shift the phone for MagSafe to properly connect. JUST TAKE MORE SHOTS
Chris Humphries
Chris Humphries Day ago
Went with the 12 pro pacific blue and I’m loving it
Lucy June
Lucy June Day ago
Vikram Narendar
Vikram Narendar Day ago
Virginia VanSickle
Virginia VanSickle Day ago
I want the iPhone 12 Pro Max in blue
JAKE T Day ago
Why the face mask outside by yourself?? @ 2:56
JAKE T 7 hours ago
@PanchoSeis66 lol that makes sense 😂
PanchoSeis66 14 hours ago
@JAKE T you have to wear a mask even if you are not close to people
JAKE T 21 hour ago
@PanchoSeis66 no not at all
PanchoSeis66 21 hour ago
you are kidding right?
Ilya Nemtsev
Ilya Nemtsev 2 days ago
0:28 such a beautiful shot
Angel Valenzuela
Angel Valenzuela 2 days ago
ayyyy! love that tmg clip! 😂 keep up the good work, jon.
Angel Valenzuela
Angel Valenzuela 2 days ago
ayyyy! love that tmg clip! 😂 keep up the good work, jon.
savitaar x
savitaar x 2 days ago
Can I edit a 10 hour video 4k on this while speeding up to 5min?
Mohammad Asem
Mohammad Asem 2 days ago
Week later review. That’s nice I haven’t even got mine 🤣 shipping and handling is done in U.S
Katie Jones
Katie Jones 2 days ago
Thank you this literally saved my life! 😅
Ben Law
Ben Law 2 days ago
Just shows don’t judge a screen by it’s numbers I love my iPhone XR and I prefer it over the QHD LG G3 I had years ago
for laliga
for laliga 2 days ago
I was video calling with my new iphone xr The battery drained from 92 to 57 in 1.5 hrs Is this normal at 100% battery health?
Sassy Gurl
Sassy Gurl 2 days ago
Watching this video with my iPhone XS Max😌🥴
Axel Wallenberg
Axel Wallenberg 2 days ago
Magsafe the is the opposite of safe :P
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed 2 days ago
Techfast lunch and dinner?!?! It's that you?
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed 2 days ago
Tbh the Anker liberty air 2s are my favourite earbuds so far
Cody Kloepfer
Cody Kloepfer 2 days ago
12 mini for me. I think I’ve decided on the white. Don’t love the blue...
Chad Charming
Chad Charming 2 days ago
My favorite youtuber
ISHAAN BAGDI 2 days ago
Watching it from 12 pro love the phone ❤️🔥
Ross 2 days ago
Does the wireless charging still work with a non mag safe charger?
Analaura Saucedo
Analaura Saucedo 2 days ago
oh my goodness thank you!!!! I was so scared for a minute!!!
Carson Carter
Carson Carter 2 days ago
dz4k gaming
dz4k gaming 2 days ago
RAM : 1.5TB Chrome : imma about to end this mans whole career
1k subscribers before 2021
1k subscribers before 2021 2 days ago
I am watching this video in my 6 years old iphone 6 . 😃😃😃
Ren Duclos
Ren Duclos 2 days ago
Howdy from 2020. Thanks for putting a better spin on this shit year.