NFL Votes - 60% PSA
Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch 4 hours ago
This was like Rocky vs Apollo Creed and I was stoked to see the Titans totally dominate the Ravens
piijay14 4 hours ago
A good win for the pack but their Cinderella season came to a crashing stop the very next week as they were embarrassed by the eventual NFC Champs Atlanta Falcons.
Ninjachickenfingers 4 hours ago
Kind of the Keenan Allen type when it comes to annoying chatter but he’s probably the best receiver out of the legendary 2014 WR class
Ninjachickenfingers 4 hours ago
Gold jacket no doubt
Mr. SoggyWaffles 58
Mr. SoggyWaffles 58 4 hours ago
bgs66073 4 hours ago
No way in hell the Chiefs are losing at the Raiders or at home to the Broncos.
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts 4 hours ago
98% of the comments Mike Mitchell 1% of the comments talkings about how Talib is a meanie 1% of the comments Others
Chris Reimers
Chris Reimers 5 hours ago
Breaks ankles on the field and his kids arm at home
cole trissell
cole trissell 5 hours ago
Umm hope this guys giving you a tax write off what an idiot
Silvia Batista
Silvia Batista 5 hours ago
Katy Perry can sing and dance at the same time. very well. I didn't notice playback.
M Vega
M Vega 5 hours ago
LeFleur is a bum U wasting away Rodgers career for a what if... Str8 garbage
Bronson 5 hours ago
Doesn’t he look like a toddler out there? He great tho
Bronson 5 hours ago
Doesn’t he look like a toddler out there? He great tho
BlizzardPeak 5 hours ago
1:00:29 Tell them to go win the football game And that they did
Valeria Realpe
Valeria Realpe 5 hours ago
Shakira or jlo?
B R A Z I L 5 hours ago
Craziest take of 2020
Skol Vikings
Skol Vikings 5 hours ago
NFC north predictions 1. Vikings 11-5 2. Packers 10-6 3. Bears 8-8 4. Lions 6-10
How Do I Look?!?!
How Do I Look?!?! 5 hours ago
Bruh #4........??? That’s as bad as calling Lamar slow.....he’s easy #1 sry Lamar
Joan Carlson
Joan Carlson 5 hours ago
PrinceFcknCharming 5 hours ago
The color scheme he has going on looks like the color in a 4-way clickable color changing pen I had when I was a kid.
John Norman
John Norman 5 hours ago
Zeke looks beat
Straight Pepper
Straight Pepper 5 hours ago
Julio is certainly the best, but you gotta put Hopkins above Thomas
Edwin Heredia
Edwin Heredia 5 hours ago
Why he looks like ty dolla sign
KWELI OFFICIAL 5 hours ago
How did this guy drop all the way to the Seahawks?
Ian McGill
Ian McGill 5 hours ago
Lamar Jackson needs to speak tf up though dude pronounce your words
GOAT KAMAROV 5 hours ago
First of all, saints ain't losing week 1, second of all, saints ain't losing to the bears, third of all, saints ain't losing to the falcons, fourth of all, I can't say for certain the saints are losing to the 49ers. Saints could go 16-0.
Vanilla Mamba
Vanilla Mamba 5 hours ago
Sounds like everybody is 8 - 8
Jose Bermudez
Jose Bermudez 5 hours ago
Notice how in Thomas’s video no one actually called him the best 😂😂 list s bs Julio should’ve been first wr
tyri williams
tyri williams 5 hours ago
There is no LOB Without Kam
Fercho M
Fercho M 5 hours ago
Shakiraaa is amazing I love ❤❤❤
Jackson Brewer
Jackson Brewer 5 hours ago
This is a really great video!
Tshepi Sweetooth
Tshepi Sweetooth 5 hours ago
I don't see any comments about j.lo😞😞😞
47:35 1:01:44
KoolKive 5 hours ago
i was scared this was gonna be an adam rank video. playing roulette
Brennan Burkhardt
Brennan Burkhardt 5 hours ago
It’s scary because he’s probably gonna be like Brees and only get more and more accurate over time
The Greatest
The Greatest 5 hours ago
Lamar is electric and exciting I’m going to enjoy seeing him and mahomes dominate the league but mahomes should’ve gotten number one
Prez 5 hours ago
Seahawks Big Mistake Not Signing Clowney
xpaganix huayra
xpaganix huayra 5 hours ago
Damn they had a guy like him an didn't win super bowl ?
Jonathan Thurman
Jonathan Thurman 5 hours ago
Buckner for Colts gone eat!
Lowang Shanglonghu
Lowang Shanglonghu 5 hours ago
Watching this in quarantine..lock down ...corona..
Justine W
Justine W 5 hours ago
Doesn't get any better than this...My youth football team watches this every year... #PrimeTime
Eddy Escobar
Eddy Escobar 5 hours ago
That’s all they have now is memories haha
Brendon Buffaloe
Brendon Buffaloe 5 hours ago
I wish people would stop thinking that completion rate is an accurate indication of how accurate or inaccurate a QB is. Defenders can knock away great passes, receivers can drop them, or the opposite can happen where an elite WR makes a QB look more accurate than he is. I agree that Drew is one of the most accurate QB’s in the league, but don’t let completion percentage be the determining factor.
M 2
M 2 5 hours ago
Patrick Stovall
Patrick Stovall 5 hours ago
Pouncey has always been a punk.
C L 5 hours ago
elite, love it
steff panda
steff panda 5 hours ago
blood in the water
Tshepi Sweetooth
Tshepi Sweetooth 5 hours ago
So much energy in one video and that mini dance battle was fire!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤
Tshepi Sweetooth
Tshepi Sweetooth 5 hours ago
Yes please! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Chadwick Bosarge
Chadwick Bosarge 5 hours ago
gotta love ed reed!
Robert Marsh
Robert Marsh 5 hours ago
Who Dey!!
Marcus the Darkness
Marcus the Darkness 5 hours ago
That pancake edit was terrible.
M 2
M 2 5 hours ago
Sad Bruno Mars soul his soup for nothing
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 5 hours ago
Lmao keep the same energy for the Falcons.
skeeter 5 hours ago
From 2:54 onward got me hype
CelFitBrooks 6 hours ago
See way more people typing,”here come the dak haters..” than actual dak hating 🤷‍♂️.. ya super defensive about this dude
Ricky Tayloe
Ricky Tayloe 6 hours ago
Patrick Stovall
Patrick Stovall 6 hours ago
Jacksonville shouldve gone to the SuperBowl, but they got screwed against the Cheatriots.
D The great
D The great 6 hours ago
Technically all the plays are BOTH Lucky and Unlucky. Lucky for the team that made the play and Unlucky for the team it was against.
Maleeah 2012 Nardini hardie
Maleeah 2012 Nardini hardie 6 hours ago
U the best out the cookie time
Kelly Paul
Kelly Paul 6 hours ago
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Madden God1415
Madden God1415 6 hours ago
How are u saying the bears are 8 and 8 in my opinion they should be 10 and 6 they will win against lions twice a d Vikings twice win one with packers and lose one against the packers I say lose to bucks lose to saints lose to LA and lose to titans my opinion
wang chang
wang chang 6 hours ago
16 crazy catch and throw. A A Ron
Chris Dodds
Chris Dodds 6 hours ago
Realistically, if Travis had his autotune, and they didn't blue ball spongebob fans, this could have been mediocre
Theoriginal SM
Theoriginal SM 6 hours ago
Cam with Brady’s line c’mon he won’t have to run much
crazyred50 6 hours ago
Background music ruined this
II-ASTO-II 6 hours ago
Bucs at 9-7 seems a little low i dont think theyll lose against panthers and lions... swap with the saints (bucs win in tampa, nola in nola)
Immortal12 JD
Immortal12 JD 6 hours ago
Oh no I don't agree with this list no Dhop that's disrespect 😤 💯
Majd Soussi
Majd Soussi 6 hours ago
this is probably the only good thing to come out of 2020
Tommy Mcdoodle
Tommy Mcdoodle 6 hours ago
Saints so overrated
Jaime Cano
Jaime Cano 6 hours ago
My favorite player on defense
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech 6 hours ago
The Cleveland Browns are NOT going to lose twice to Baltimore. Last year The Browns were worse than they currently are and they destroyed the Ravens in the first meeting and it's going to happen again.
Nash Potter
Nash Potter 6 hours ago
Refs screwed the 9ers with that running into the kicker call and giving Lynch the 1st down when he was clearly a solid yard or two short. He reached the ball over the line after he was downed.
Noah Kingston
Noah Kingston 6 hours ago
where was dawson knox’s catch against the pats at. that one was better than the one against the ravens he had
I'm Illiterate and
I'm Illiterate and 6 hours ago
Thats kinda cool they let the headliner start the show
Mr Potential
Mr Potential 6 hours ago
Finally an NFL person who realistically predicts the Bucs season. 9-7 sounds right
Aesthetics Old Movies
Aesthetics Old Movies 6 hours ago
Shakira show the world to America, but jlo show America to the world.. so Shakira always wins :”
tgirl980 6 hours ago
Dude I’m not trying to get on your case but there is no way the Broncos are going oh 11 and five no they are not in the Texans six and 10 really The Bears are not going 10 and six the Chiefs are not going 10 and six The packers are not going Eight and eight the Vikings are not going Seven and nine And there is no way the Saints are losing to the Raiders The Eagles are not winning against the 49ers The Eagles are not going 13 and threeThere is no way the Redskins are beating the Seahawks And the last thing is the Cardinals are not Goin six and 10 they are going higher
navahohoe _
navahohoe _ 6 hours ago
poor hunt....just had to watch what he could of been apart of
Nick Silva
Nick Silva 6 hours ago
As a Patriots Fan, I wish I could see the different scenarios of: 1. How would this game turn out if Edelman was able to play in the game 2. If Malcolm Butler was in instead of Eric Row 3. If Brady didn't fumble what would of happened on that drive 4. If Brady caught that pass 5. If Brandon Cooks just went down Just blows my mind that you can throw for 500+ yards and lose. GG tho
Cookies & Kush
Cookies & Kush 6 hours ago
Saints won’t sweep the afc west
David Robbeloth
David Robbeloth 6 hours ago
i came back so i can see the patriots lose
VoidSurfer9 6 hours ago
Petition to ban Baldy's right pinky from making future appearances
Gaming Videos
Gaming Videos 6 hours ago
I really thought they were not gonna put him on here, wow. Top 20 though idk about that.
PJ Zimmerman
PJ Zimmerman 6 hours ago
Wow your wish was granted ... well in that case, I hope my vikes make it to the Super Bowl!
High Eyes
High Eyes 6 hours ago
The ball just looks different coming off his hands.
The Piper Report
The Piper Report 6 hours ago
It still blows my mind how so many ppl say the games are rigged. The only way that's logistically possible is if the players are in on it. If the players are in on it than they have to be acting on and off the field. If they are acting then they are some of the best actors in the world and should be stars in Hollywood winning Oscars. Some of the emotion you see from them would be literally the best acting in the history of acting.
Chelsea K
Chelsea K 6 hours ago
Imagine dancing like Shakira and JLo when you’re 43/50 years old
Lucas Woodcock
Lucas Woodcock 6 hours ago
I'm a giants fan and I disagree they are so disappointing they gonna go 2-14 honedtly
Vilhjálmur Rúnarsson
Vilhjálmur Rúnarsson 6 hours ago
Shout out to Ochocinco's tears for bringing me here
The Piper Report
The Piper Report 6 hours ago
Let's be honest, Watson wouldn't be half as good as he is if he didn't have Bill O'Brien as head coach and GM. Bill is by far the best coach in the league. A brilliant GM who knows how to make his roster the best it can be. The dude should have been coach of the year last year, he'll definitely be coach of the year this year when he leads his team to a Superbowl with 16-0 season record. Under his leadership, Texans will be the best receiving team in the league since their receiving core has gotten so much better. He's the Phil Jackson of football and deserves much more recognition.
Valen Sinclair
Valen Sinclair 6 hours ago
Everyone in the comments screaming for Zeke....completely ignored the stats used to create this list. Zeke was EXPECTED to rush for a lot of yards, behind a great O-line.
Rascalnicough 6 hours ago
Can’t believe Mason Rudolph missed the list.
Claudio Ambrosio
Claudio Ambrosio 6 hours ago
He was that bad this year ???
Noble Acosta
Noble Acosta 6 hours ago
“JJ Watt and I were made different” - Pat Mcafee
M DUB SPORTS 6 hours ago
Leinart was one of the biggest bust ever. Not as big as Sanchez or barkley but damn. Somethn about those overrated usc qbs
Truman Suh
Truman Suh 6 hours ago
Rug they changed the title
August Reigns
August Reigns 6 hours ago
we need to cancel, .......every single athlete, ....................going back thirty years, (......who didn't kneel....)
bigfatjuicyman 6 hours ago
How he was toying with Grady Jarrett lmao
forreal pat
forreal pat 6 hours ago
PHAT PAT. lol lol🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 GO CHIEFS. FREE label