Billie Eilish - xanny
Billie Eilish - watch
Billie Eilish - Bored
Comfy Beary Playz
Comfy Beary Playz Hour ago
I love her new song. Good job Billie, Finnies.
Igor Igor
Igor Igor Hour ago
Perfeito muito booooom porra que lindo a batida que ninguém esperava aconteu nessa música✌💞👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💙💛💚💃💃
картошка с мясом
картошка с мясом Hour ago
fox delhi
fox delhi Hour ago
Hey person reading comments
Owlsyee Hour ago
I'll see you in a couple years.🎶
mel. bustamante
mel. bustamante Hour ago
soy la unica Argentina?
Light Lorraine
Light Lorraine Hour ago
i hope u go blind
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Hour ago
That frog tho
adyanda syifa
adyanda syifa 2 hours ago
she gave us a clue on april, she playes the my future piano on april and she sing a lil bit of the note in mf
ORANGEJUicE 2 hours ago
Everyone:the spider is so scary Me: that spider is looks nice
Brooke Villiers
Brooke Villiers 2 hours ago
Omg I’ve been listening to u for 2 years now;-;
doodle_bob_021 2 hours ago
Do people actually listen to this
Brooke Villiers
Brooke Villiers 2 hours ago
Wow it’s been a little over a year and a half that bad guy came out ;-;
berzy berz
berzy berz 2 hours ago
Billi eillish she is crazy😒
Samuel Pardo
Samuel Pardo 2 hours ago WAUUUUU
Lora 2 hours ago
I Love you billie
Krish 2 hours ago
Best song.
Eman Samar
Eman Samar 2 hours ago
Fans dari indonesia mana like nya?
Jason The Desert Fox
Jason The Desert Fox 2 hours ago
Siti Balqis
Siti Balqis 2 hours ago
بنوته عاديه
بنوته عاديه 2 hours ago
William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez 2 hours ago
Oliver tree and Billie eilish would kill it
بنوته عاديه
بنوته عاديه 2 hours ago
حسوني الملك
حسوني الملك 2 hours ago
غير صوتهه عشق 😃🥺
Taki Tachibana Mitsuha Miyamizu
Taki Tachibana Mitsuha Miyamizu 2 hours ago
“Isn’t it lovely all alone” Me an introvert: *yes*
Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh 2 hours ago
Who is after my future.
awake awake
awake awake 2 hours ago
This song is gonna get more than 100 million views before September 2020
Abstract Punch
Abstract Punch 2 hours ago
Who's still watching. In 2020?
Naranciia Ghiirga
Naranciia Ghiirga 2 hours ago
Okay but that spider is terrifying
Milla Wendholt
Milla Wendholt 2 hours ago
Echt gutes Musik Video
squash_ gurl
squash_ gurl 2 hours ago
bro I’m getting lofi vibes and I LOVE IT
Dz Drak Media
Dz Drak Media 2 hours ago
*അൽ മല്ലൂസ് like here* 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤🖤❤️🖤
An Khánh Trần
An Khánh Trần 2 hours ago
Corona virus: 1:55
Sadder Froggy
Sadder Froggy 2 hours ago
Billie’s brother:helps with her song My older brother:gets mad at me for giving my opinion
duogod 2 hours ago
Oh I know some 14 year old girls will watch this and say no one but me knows true sadness
Rishav Upadhyay
Rishav Upadhyay 2 hours ago
I'm sleeping 😅
Bubblyx 2 hours ago
Here before tiktok ruins this
ELİF ONLİNE 2 hours ago
Tişört gg vallaha
Jynyah Thomas
Jynyah Thomas 2 hours ago
5 days ago at least it’s better than commenting from a vid that was a year ago
Novaz シ
Novaz シ 2 hours ago
You would be lying if you said you didn’t come to this video for the I’m the bald guy comment.
سارة احمد
سارة احمد 2 hours ago
مالها دايخه 😂
Hope Celeste
Hope Celeste 2 hours ago
i`m the sad guy
mr. ntinouon
mr. ntinouon 2 hours ago
This song hits different at 2020
Adrieanna Thomas
Adrieanna Thomas 2 hours ago
I love her ❤❤❤
JustForMeMeS 2 hours ago
;-; i don't get it xD
Don Salvoza
Don Salvoza 2 hours ago
God, how gorgeus is this:(
Izzy 2 hours ago
If anyone needs someone to talk to this is my link:
[DaVidos] 2 hours ago
W0W 🤤
Solomon Hernandez
Solomon Hernandez 2 hours ago
I can't stop listening to this. So beautiful and uplifting. P.S. I posted a video cover of this on my channel. It's my first time posting anything on USshow so I'd appreciate some feedback. 😅🥰
Lucas Quispe
Lucas Quispe 2 hours ago
Soy de Argentina
Spring Waves
Spring Waves 2 hours ago
I love this song. I can’t wait to see my future ☔︎︎♪
Mʀ Uɭtɩɱʌtɘ
Mʀ Uɭtɩɱʌtɘ 2 hours ago
jo ker
jo ker 2 hours ago
Billie and Lorde should collab.
Mr boss Mr boss
Mr boss Mr boss 2 hours ago
Далия Life
Далия Life 2 hours ago
у меня у одной мечта что-бы билли спела с арианой?
Kabot 2 hours ago
Беляш епт
savas patrik
savas patrik 2 hours ago
Ben_ Yaser
Ben_ Yaser 2 hours ago
Here before Tik Tok ruin this song.
어쩐지찬 2 hours ago
Anastasia Ivanova
Anastasia Ivanova 2 hours ago
*Русские вошли в чат*