Ariane David
Ariane David 2 hours ago
7n haha
Umar Kamran
Umar Kamran 2 hours ago
Number 8: Use the door
TANU PRO 2 hours ago
The thumbnail
Fama 2 hours ago
50 ways to die in Minecraft XD
Aju Susan
Aju Susan 2 hours ago
1:35 sub did you go crazy or something you are using pickaxe to dig dirt again??
Karen Betts
Karen Betts 2 hours ago
More minecraft
Rj Jhon minerva
Rj Jhon minerva 2 hours ago
Its not real it just a player becuase his moves like player and the skin is just a mod skin!
Alec Lancelot Llave
Alec Lancelot Llave 2 hours ago
Maybe someone hacked to the creator game and put herobrine
James Ryan Cacapit
James Ryan Cacapit 2 hours ago
Oh my god I'm early wow nice sub
STEVE THE PRO 2 hours ago
Literally 99% won’t see this but for the 1%, *I* *HATE* *BOTS*
STEVE THE PRO 2 hours ago
Step 8: Open da door
STEVE THE PRO 3 hours ago
4:33 Sub: Hits spider Spider: 👁👄👁
STEVE THE PRO 3 hours ago
3:45 ah, yes, the bottle is still full
Nazeer Ahmed
Nazeer Ahmed 3 hours ago
I is comen for me to find nither fotres
Sam David Rosell
Sam David Rosell 3 hours ago
I have an idea more crops
FireMage Gamer
FireMage Gamer 3 hours ago
i already knew that soul fire is hotter cuz its blue
Amirali Sajadi
Amirali Sajadi 3 hours ago
FireMage Gamer
FireMage Gamer 3 hours ago
Idea: Simply place a cake somewhere and it will open a base.
prince A
prince A 3 hours ago
ParadiseGaming 3 hours ago
we not cracte elytra
ParadiseGaming 3 hours ago
it was lier
Nazeer Ahmed
Nazeer Ahmed 3 hours ago
nice trick
Cody DeFosse
Cody DeFosse 3 hours ago
i played minecraft at 3am but nothing happened. Just the usual happy game
Sugato Bhanja
Sugato Bhanja 3 hours ago
Wolfs when they will be tamed if u ask them to bring some thing they can
adrian's hammer
adrian's hammer 3 hours ago
Im starting criying😭😭😭😭
Knights United
Knights United 4 hours ago
WRONG u god bridge sub
GHAR GAMING 4 hours ago
Can sub have voice?
GHAR GAMING 4 hours ago
It would be cute
Огњен Бојичић
Огњен Бојичић 4 hours ago
Can you do a video about MOBS that could be in this update? Here is my idea: caveman! It is found in the structure called „caveman home“ and they look like normal humans. Obiviosly, there would be a campfire in the middle, and if you give them raw meat, they will give you some caveman stuff, and this will come with new block called cave painting, and you need to right click stone with any dye to get it, or steal it from cavemen. These would have everything from a campfire to the mammoth. Sometimes, cavemen have stone axes, bows, spears or clubs. And yes, for this idea, there are even spears and clubs, and both have crafting recipes. They don't have any new enchantments tho. Plus, cavemen don't have anything enchanted, maded out of iron and diamonds. Was this a cool idea? Edit: Since we are already getting lush caves, I don't thing underground jungles will be added.
Mohd Asif
Mohd Asif 4 hours ago
Yathish Prabhu
Yathish Prabhu 4 hours ago
Sub builds rocket launcher Me umm sub here u go Breaks glass
Wriddhiman Singh
Wriddhiman Singh 4 hours ago
6:18 Something realistic is going on.
xe6n 4 hours ago
sub in dream's manhunt be like.... *OOH SUUUUB*
vijaya jyothi Somarouthu
vijaya jyothi Somarouthu 4 hours ago
Ugly sub
jhuvx toxic gaming duerme
jhuvx toxic gaming duerme 5 hours ago
Dream is a awesome speedrunners I am a speed runner two but dream is the number one speedrunner
joana marie curan
joana marie curan 5 hours ago
I dont know sub is actually dream
Blu Furry
Blu Furry 5 hours ago
Everyone: i wanted to make a horse saddle Me: *laughs in I play bedrock*
kalpana mallik
kalpana mallik 5 hours ago
You need just 2 dirt to enter the 2nd house
Analyn Talampas
Analyn Talampas 5 hours ago
I wish I had a real minecraf Sub and meet you
Alec Lancelot Llave
Alec Lancelot Llave 5 hours ago
U must use a mod for that my cousin got the mod for big mods
Rüzgar Esen
Rüzgar Esen 5 hours ago
Ok ı am a pro player
Andrie BG
Andrie BG 5 hours ago
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta 5 hours ago
i used the last secret entrance but i placed a chest next to the tree just so i can crank up the fun
Petar Tasic
Petar Tasic 5 hours ago
3:22 perracotta? 9:14 hay bales with it saying lantern
KHIANNA CHAN 5 hours ago
Luke Farmer
Luke Farmer 5 hours ago
Did you notice he changed to an Alex way
Aesthetic Boy
Aesthetic Boy 5 hours ago
Nobody noticed this but the gold and diamond block texture are the new one but the emerald block texture is the old one
Funster Boy
Funster Boy 5 hours ago
I found herobrine in the game when it was rainig and there were thunderstorms and I got scared so I logged of
RAFAELSAGUM 123 5 hours ago
Can you download Java edition Minecraft please
LORD's GAMING WORLD 5 hours ago
Abdul Manan
Abdul Manan 6 hours ago
How to distroy bedrock
Matthew Ottey
Matthew Ottey 6 hours ago
Looks like I'm a pro
Dream’s Pet Clay
Dream’s Pet Clay 6 hours ago
Lance Noah
Lance Noah 6 hours ago
Who is Bitmg
Marlyn Belleza
Marlyn Belleza 6 hours ago
Ive got 7 endermites in one stack of ender pearls O_o
Ariel's Creative Arts
Ariel's Creative Arts 6 hours ago
frogiefp 6 hours ago
1:41 but if they punch u they get the armor i guess
Shweta Singh
Shweta Singh 7 hours ago
scroll up scroll up then you will see a thumbs up button its really sad and a very good boy press it to make him happy :) then you will see a subscribe button its a bad boy press it to give the boy a lesson
Rachel aa
Rachel aa 7 hours ago
Steve Is Actually Being Chased By The Wither.
Toe Tap
Toe Tap 7 hours ago
9:04 hay bales 9:10 lanterns
jeevandeep kaur
jeevandeep kaur 7 hours ago
Vivo y12 build aquarium ways like that because I am in Minecraft trial that's why I can't make it so I wish I could be a hacker in Minecraft
Toe Tap
Toe Tap 7 hours ago
2:09 everyone: focus on sub me: seeing the circle moon
HeidiMeowz Nya
HeidiMeowz Nya 7 hours ago
I frickin want a axolotl, sadly it’s coming out next year
Chenu 7 hours ago
I got neither in first day of Minecraft
death knight sword Phoenix
death knight sword Phoenix 7 hours ago
Thanks to the minecraft pro. sub I will subscribe your channel
ngango bushy
ngango bushy 7 hours ago
in the past: narrator:sub is best at Redstone now: oh dear it doesn't work
DANplayz 7 hours ago
actually don't even have a rocket launcher
Sam David Rosell
Sam David Rosell 7 hours ago
Aww cute baby sub
KYLE'S Gaming and vlogs
KYLE'S Gaming and vlogs 8 hours ago
Dream cant be pranked im serious but the rest you can
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 8 hours ago
End need to be update
Ishika Tamse
Ishika Tamse 8 hours ago
I am the worst Minecraft builder
Sam David Rosell
Sam David Rosell 8 hours ago
I like cokies sub
BransPlayz 8 hours ago
Little did he know he could just press the button beside the iron door...
Creeeper DUDE
Creeeper DUDE 8 hours ago
3:15 i love how its Perracotta instead of Terracotta
3C-06 LEUNG CHUN YIN 8 hours ago
If the village is big enough to across two biome swamp villager will spawn
Rahul pratap
Rahul pratap 8 hours ago
I will just cure all the zombie villagers
Zack Amir Sean Bautista
Zack Amir Sean Bautista 8 hours ago
fgteev is playing Minecraft 2015 and 2016
MegaExtremeBoy 8 hours ago
Me: Watches video Video: You will get easily more diamonds than your friends. Me who has no friends: Ight ima head out...
e m e s t a r z
e m e s t a r z 8 hours ago
who wants to be my friend on minecraft bedrock
Rigel Starz
Rigel Starz 9 hours ago
You could just punch the glass to get in
Sara the Gamer
Sara the Gamer 9 hours ago
Uh Mr Sub uh who is enderman an well all the enderman was like Steve but for real who came before Steve well the enderman's why because they were a like Steve they made the ships but it fails but good thing they survived and the end they made that when they arrived the end entrance was broken then the people try to attack the end dragon but they didn't made it they died but they didn't when they woke up they don't understand anything but they till remember what they can say but u guys don't understand what the enderman says well he says hi hello that's what he say and why does a enderman hold blocks? Thats a clue so cool and the voice is a clue for real Mr Sub so the enderman is a the first one not Steve XD