ronald labranche
ronald labranche
Trump can sign all the executive orders he wants - just like he has done in pass years. They are all meaningless and we all known this by now. His executive orders are not worth the paper it is written on. We know that only congress and senate can give stimulus packages. Republicans do not want to give a lot of money to the people who really need it. Showing us once again that republicans work only for the rich and will give billions to help the richest people and corporations of the country. But will not do the same for the average people of the country. Trump is always the continuous and none stop pathological liar and professional conman - snake oil salesman. Trump must thing we are all dumber than he is. We are not ! Vote Trump and enabling republicans out of power in the 2020 elections in every state. Vote them all out and save America !!!!!!!!
DiDi Goldberg
DiDi Goldberg
It's only $300 from federal, the other $100 he wants the states to pay! States are barely able to pay state unemployment.
Aussie girls in Florida
Aussie girls in Florida Second ago
Grenell said Trump with Biden and Rice he meant to say Obama.
Joyce Brogan
Joyce Brogan 18 seconds ago
Why is it never .mentioned the Government helped finance Google whaen it started?yes it has helped the Democrats.Government should sue Google for te peoples money back.
Jim Coulter
Jim Coulter 28 seconds ago
Those two are nothing but Communists claiming to be Democrats.Hey you of New York know that your Crummy Mayor Bill De Blasio is none other than Warren Wilhelm jr, a knownCommunist who bragged about being a Communist? Look it up folks it is true he is a Communist throwing New Yorkers under the bus!
mark taylor
mark taylor 35 seconds ago
This Stuart watch out he's a snake in the grass he's a globalist
Elias Castillo
Elias Castillo 41 second ago
You mean to tell me wealthy liberals aren’t falling over themselves to pay their fair share of taxes ? I’m shocked 😱 all I’ve ever heard is that they hated tax cuts and that their secretaries payed more than they do?
Arizona Sue
Arizona Sue Minute ago
IF? true? How much proof is needed.....come on DJT throw it all at the wall.....
nanowarrior01 Minute ago
CNN and the other evil media wont touch this story
strug cat
strug cat Minute ago
Trump said they were wrong and everyone freaked. Now cuomo says it and thats accepted
Steven P FPV
Steven P FPV 3 minutes ago
N J 3 minutes ago
When you turn a place into a dump only dumpster divers will want to live there. Good luck getting your salary from them you idiot leftists.
Mikevdog 3 minutes ago
The heat is on and the Liberal perps are ratting on each other.
JON SPAULDING 3 minutes ago
see all this chaos that the Democrats have caused or making some people think while if we re-elect Trump we're going to keep on having this yeah but you remember one thing it's the Democrats doing this it's not Trumpthey refused to leave office from day one just has Dave cused Trump if he loses he won't leave he will leave office and he will say I feel sorry for the United States of America we're all doomed doomed doomed if the fake puppy biting winds because you will have eight more years of Obama Hillary Clinton behind the scenes 😉😲🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
MARY MOORE 4 minutes ago
Bye Trump
Kimberly Nope
Kimberly Nope 4 minutes ago
The CCP has been doing it for yrs, look at the brainwashed communist running around the streets of America
Kathleen Schlegel
Kathleen Schlegel 4 minutes ago
Bunch of lies again
MARY MOORE 5 minutes ago
If they want to find a job bad enough, they could. Lazy.........
Mister Bojangles
Mister Bojangles 5 minutes ago
Biden cannot be called in to testify because of the presidential election looming. as far as Obama is concerned he is protected, presidential immunity
Blobber Blobbarian
Blobber Blobbarian 5 minutes ago
Biden and Oblama were the worst most corrupt and most un-American admission.
THE SAINT 5 minutes ago
barry mike
barry mike 5 minutes ago
Slave states 1860 paid 80% of taxes that's why Lincoln and the Republicans could not let them leave..
JON SPAULDING 6 minutes ago
Does anybody really believe those poles 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
Damien Kekahuna
Damien Kekahuna 6 minutes ago
They got to stay on Sally Yates hard she'll brake Trump 2020
Lennon & McCartney Fanatic
Lennon & McCartney Fanatic 6 minutes ago
They deserve everything they got.
mark taylor
mark taylor 6 minutes ago
We don't need those communist Elite leaving New York to saturate other states with their ideology
MARY MOORE 6 minutes ago
$400 still won’t get the lazy people back to work.
JON SPAULDING 7 minutes ago
Cuz a good majority of the Republicans aren't Republicans their Shadow Democratsthey are spies that's why the Republicans can get nowhere because they don't know who's in there party 😲🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨
Mikevdog 7 minutes ago
Painting "BLM" in front of their burned out businesses should encourage them to return.
The Trump News Network
The Trump News Network 8 minutes ago
You'd have to be insane to move to New York.
swoopulater 8 minutes ago
all i can do is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 are these guys for real? turn a place into a hellhole and then wonder why the people left? get serious man
Red Neck
Red Neck 8 minutes ago
Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Trump Jr. 2024 🇺🇸
unknown generic random
unknown generic random 8 minutes ago
Trump is a leader for the 21st century. Vote him back in America. -Regards from Australia
Lee Banning
Lee Banning 8 minutes ago
Wait until she learns of the NSA complex in Utah monitoring EVERY call in America.
Shara Collins
Shara Collins 9 minutes ago
Twitter has deleted my account three times
MARY MOORE 9 minutes ago
How can Trump screw everyone who was suppose to get a bigger check then $1200
barry mike
barry mike 10 minutes ago
Wow...lier,liers pants on fire..
Ryan M
Ryan M 10 minutes ago
Sooo happy to see tiktok going away
J G 11 minutes ago
Why has Bruce Ohr and his wife not been called before been the senate?
David Lee
David Lee 12 minutes ago
Want`a last be the first to blast, 2PAC.
Mikevdog 12 minutes ago
When things were going well, the Liberals had no use for Trump or 25,000 Amazon jobs.
Mikevdog 13 minutes ago
I hate to tell Cuomo, but they aren't coming back. Hopefully the Bronx can pick up the slack.
James Phillips
James Phillips 13 minutes ago
I say stop paying our politicians till they pass a Bill. They have to stop playing democratic and republican put the needs of the American people First.
Debra Frey
Debra Frey 13 minutes ago
Banks should not receive money from money going from one box to the other anyhow!
Abun Dance
Abun Dance 14 minutes ago
I can tell you independents are going to turn out in droves in November to vote against the gop. The callus stimulus response will not be forgotten and will be repaid
Esther Doyle
Esther Doyle 14 minutes ago
Comey is in hiding
J Merritt
J Merritt 14 minutes ago
The crystal tower fell, and the land of goggle disappeared.
Street Monk
Street Monk 14 minutes ago
The silencing of the people all began with Hillary Clinton making deals with Arab leaders to silence the voices of the masses. Look at the leader of Google. He's of Arab descent. Shari'a in action
gary K
gary K 15 minutes ago
AOC's mother moved to Florida. She lives in VERY Republican Lake county. AOC's mother moved in with HER mother! Does anyone really believe polls that say the country is going to elect someone just like these two idiots (but with dementia) President? Seriously? 🤣
Normandy F
Normandy F 15 minutes ago
That's wrong for this 8 year old to be told by adults to bully on someone. This kid doesn't know nothing about AOC or what AOC stands for.
JON SPAULDING 17 minutes ago
95% is too much that's giving them too much power it's time that they got that they get broken up
Boot- camp21
Boot- camp21 17 minutes ago
Yates is a guilty DS sewer RAT. Indict and prosecute all of them and there are many.
Debbie Singh
Debbie Singh 18 minutes ago
Domminica Flowers
Domminica Flowers 18 minutes ago
Exactly!Keep in mind no praise go to him,he's man but surely God has a purpose it's in the Bible!So we can't do evil we must pray!in he is still for God purpose!God Bless!
JON SPAULDING 19 minutes ago
maybe it's time that Google got a little lesson in how the United States works and they take a little power away from them or maybe split them up
Daniel Waggoner
Daniel Waggoner 21 minute ago
I got an A++ can someone drive me to Virginia?
Pussaty 22 minutes ago
Are we and you all stupid? Who do you think is really going to pay for the tariffs? All that extra cost passes on to the consumers!!! That means we Americans are going to pay more for goods made out of Aluminum.... open your eyes here folks!!! American products will be more expensive to buy... Whirlpool appliances will be more expensive while Samsung and LG will be cheaper!!! We are really idiots!!... Educate yourselves people!!!!
Smoove Nation
Smoove Nation 22 minutes ago
So clearly the working people at risk and with kids are still fkd..No stimulus check or hero confirmation for daycare assistance and wage losses. Better off just sitting at home collecting a check keeping your kids. Just replace the whole govt!
Uncle Jack's
Uncle Jack's 22 minutes ago
Really great interview to expand our minds!!!
John Johnson
John Johnson 23 minutes ago
Lol, liberal fools always self destruct and then they cry about it when the consequences of their actions come home to roost.
Daniel Waggoner
Daniel Waggoner 23 minutes ago
out side
out side 24 minutes ago
Phuc new york
Lorianne Davis
Lorianne Davis 24 minutes ago
You know there are a bunch of smart American people out there as far as technology goes we should shut the Internet down it has all the big corporations governing it and government and everything else and open up a free Internet for the people so you can research knowledge and whatever peacefully but yeah I think the people have the power to change things with the Internet cell phone an technology we got we didn’t vote in and we have no knowledge of because they didn’t tell us How it was set up and operated against the people so yeah they should all be held accountable and made to pay for their wrongdoings because nobody is above the law especially them but as far as the people we have the power shut down your cell phones shut down your computers turn off their money making machines and they’ll go down but too many people are addicted to the system lol
William Walker
William Walker 25 minutes ago
This aged well... I hate Trumpism
gary K
gary K 26 minutes ago
As long as the people fleeing these two morons don't come to my state and vote for people like these two morons, I'm OK. If you think you're just going to go somewhere else and ruin it by voting for morons....STAY IN New York!!!!!!!!
Hear Great Things
Hear Great Things 26 minutes ago
great news
jonny777bike 26 minutes ago
We need to continue to invest in space exploration. The earth is but a small spec of dust in this galaxy. We need to build faster ships. Ships that create gravity for astronauts. There is an immense galaxy that we need to explore. A galaxy that could possibly hold many many times the size of our population on earth.
sheehan Sheehan
sheehan Sheehan 26 minutes ago
The slave trade has never ended for the democrats. They are still trying to open boarders so they can get foreigners to come into america to work like slaves.
Vedant kale
Vedant kale 28 minutes ago
After that extremely small explanation, the anchor says "General I have got 20 seconds left". Man why do you pretend you want to broadcast news when you cannot even let the man speak for 2 minutes? What the hell is this?!
brian wnek
brian wnek 29 minutes ago
Fox News is the only outlet that asks trump only what he wants to be asked
Lorianne Davis
Lorianne Davis 29 minutes ago
You know all President Trump has to do is put an executive order out to all these big corporations that think they’re above the law and don’t have to answer to anyone or anything like we do yeah that’s not happening so the new law needs to be put in executive order by Trump to put those large corporations in their place and let them know that they don’t rule like they think they do
Health is a Choice!
Health is a Choice! 30 minutes ago
Media is owned by 6 corporations and all of these should be shut down as using espionage against america. CiA is a satanic CULT and needs to be disbanded too.
steve streitz
steve streitz 31 minute ago
Nadler's an idiot he needs to retire
nerk twins
nerk twins 31 minute ago
Another FOX motormouth asks a 10 minute long question to the guest and gives them 10 seconds to answer before the interruption starts again. Sheesh !
Deana Rupe
Deana Rupe 33 minutes ago
This is just proof that the Dems especially defagio doesn't know what they're doing. But if this how New Yorkers vote then they deserve this.
Svitlana Engstrom
Svitlana Engstrom 33 minutes ago
MAGA Trump 2020!
Eli G.
Eli G. 34 minutes ago
Finally a president that really cares for the people!
Damien Kekahuna
Damien Kekahuna 34 minutes ago
What do you mean their going to cheat their doing it already they Been doing it for years how do you think Obama got in
Jerome Cook
Jerome Cook 34 minutes ago
Why the hell are these people not in jail.????
Andrew Blanchard
Andrew Blanchard 35 minutes ago
djzacmaniac 35 minutes ago
When your ideaology falls outside of common social norms and promotes dangerous lies at the expense of truth, you tend to get censored by social media.
A Dude
A Dude 36 minutes ago
Little do you know, you just empowered socialism in this country for 2 decades. Its crazy how cuckolded republicans are.
George Patsilivas
George Patsilivas 37 minutes ago
See all the partnership with Gates in Gavin fauci knows he's a rat .. can't lie too good always smirks .... lying.above the law.corruption judicial system around the world is disgrace to HUMANITY
gi cir
gi cir 37 minutes ago they are starting to publicise events to divert attention from our ongoing crisis...and secondly, they assume a specific number 😄and the thing is , they are probably way more intelligent then us.
Joe SS
Joe SS 39 minutes ago
Chris you are a weak, knuckle dragging punk. You disgust me.
T Dub
T Dub 39 minutes ago
I hope that lady is happy, she ruined questions for everyone else by being rude and ignorant.
JW 40 minutes ago
This is what they decided to investigate??? This??? Out of all the illegal activity coming out of the white house???? This is what they're investigating??? In four years, out of allllll the scandals in the white house, Zero (0) investigations and this is the subject of their investigation: whether or not someone was being spied on... 4 YEARS AGO??? Really???? 🤔
zack comstock
zack comstock 40 minutes ago
Bunker Boy Storms Away When Confronted On His Constant Lying.
zack comstock
zack comstock 32 minutes ago
@Kevin O'Neill Have Another Drink Of Lysol.
Kevin O'Neill
Kevin O'Neill 36 minutes ago
Comment from a lying Demoturd loser
A Dude
A Dude 40 minutes ago
I truly believe every trump supporter is a cuckold.
Jason Hollister
Jason Hollister 40 minutes ago
All LOSERSE = (DEM's) are shouch a WAST of AMERICAN "POWER's"....!!🗽🗽thay are such a ....(SCAME)=(DEM's) !!
Jason Hollister
Jason Hollister 35 minutes ago
DEM's = "REDICULNESS'.........🗽🗽🗽🗽❤❤ !!
Robert Conville Jr
Robert Conville Jr 41 minute ago
Biden is a self serving piece of trash professional politician elitist! many others like him are really clueless to the lives of average working Americans!
psnisy1234 41 minute ago
Like I said before, there should be a time where they incentivize people (not just the wealthy) to stay and live in this decaying infested rat hole.
zack comstock
zack comstock 41 minute ago
A Has Been T.V. Show Host That Doesn't Even Have A Degree In Economics.
Jackie Ann
Jackie Ann 41 minute ago
These two are idiots ! Literally. The wealthy few are the ones who have resources to do what they want to do , but I'm sure EVERY , SINGLE DECENT , LAW ABIDING NEW YORKER WANTS OUT of New York today. !!!. The poor , poor people who are TRAPPED in the nightmare which the policies of Cuomo and Diblasio have created . Those poor , poor people !
paul witveendaal
paul witveendaal 42 minutes ago
hell of a president!
Alford Kinney
Alford Kinney 42 minutes ago
Mouthwash Gloop
Mouthwash Gloop 42 minutes ago
It's an act of war, doing that against a 🇺🇸 General.
Alford Kinney
Alford Kinney 43 minutes ago
I got one
Alford Kinney
Alford Kinney 43 minutes ago
I got one