Larissa 5 hours ago
was i the only one they thought the brows weren’t it? 🤨
Diana Vera
Diana Vera 6 hours ago
We love you babe!!! Love the platform you have built, mad respect 💙
Keep calm and sing with Aretha Franklin
Keep calm and sing with Aretha Franklin 6 hours ago
Yassss Patrick sent me
Hi miss Everything
Hi miss Everything 6 hours ago
When he talked about the sponsor, and he said "go ahead dude " I almost died 😂
Julia Vera
Julia Vera 8 hours ago
rosa I love it!!!!!!
Rudy Neri
Rudy Neri 9 hours ago
People now day's like the stupidest shit!
Kindell Armstrong
Kindell Armstrong 13 hours ago
Patrick's younger, lighter, brighter replacement has arrived. The god of youtube have forced Patrick to do the make up of his replacement. Joking 🤣 I love Miss starrr!
Johnny LifeStyles
Johnny LifeStyles 14 hours ago
Johnny LifeStyles
Johnny LifeStyles 14 hours ago
Rebbih Zineb
Rebbih Zineb 15 hours ago
From Patrick post!
Rachael Gonzales
Rachael Gonzales 15 hours ago
I love Patrick starr he is so humble I love watching u guys together..
Parnian Gholizadeh
Parnian Gholizadeh 15 hours ago
Patrick sent me here😅 Nice collab💕
Faiza 16 hours ago
Patrick sent me ✨
Amor Del Rosario
Amor Del Rosario 16 hours ago
Nikki Tutorials realness
Jas Alish
Jas Alish 17 hours ago
This made me smile
Linda J Perez
Linda J Perez 18 hours ago
That Panna water is soo good!
ann melendez
ann melendez 18 hours ago
Patrick where is your mask? Safety 1st.
Divine Beauty
Divine Beauty 18 hours ago
Proud of you boo! You’re a star!⭐️! Keep it up! and keep shining!! ⭐️🙌🙌
Jack Seifer
Jack Seifer 19 hours ago
Ema W
Ema W 19 hours ago
Hello young beautiful funny people, don't for get to vote on Tues, Nov.3 for BIDEN/HARRIS. Our country is in trouble, we need you. This country belong to you guys, old people like me will be dead. Make your voice heard. Ok I am outta here, I love Rosa's nails today, soooo long lol.
valarie rivas
valarie rivas 19 hours ago
You’re an inspiration 😘❤️ me and my son love you so much!
Sam Pador
Sam Pador 20 hours ago
love it!!!! this is the collab i never knew i needed!!!
Adriana -
Adriana - 20 hours ago
LMAO the nail part with the funny background 😂
96 Nightz
96 Nightz 20 hours ago
The person who is reading this keep pushing forward to your goal you're successful.❤ - - My goal on Instagram is to get to 1k so i would appreciate it if you check my insta out @ 96nightz
Kuroo Kuroo
Kuroo Kuroo 20 hours ago
Love love these type of video!!
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson 21 hour ago
Hi just seeing Patrick do your makeup!!!!!🥰
jennifer half
jennifer half 21 hour ago
All those water sound effects....I have to pee now after watching this lmbo!!
jennifer half
jennifer half 21 hour ago
Honestly I think all bottle water taste the same, except for sink water. Other then that water taste the same to me, well tasteless.
jennifer half
jennifer half 21 hour ago
Ohh wow I thought you were a full on cis female, (sorry if I didn't use that term correctly, still trying to catch up with all these pronouns), basically you look like a fish that was born a fish. You look like a confident, gorgeous, woman and your voice is very fish too. He or she you still gorgeous!!!!
Michelle Castro
Michelle Castro 21 hour ago
6:57 on what Adam is saying, I feel like if I were famous I’d have those feelings. People didn’t notice you before and then you’re wanted everywhere once you are a hit!
Yesii Blank
Yesii Blank 22 hours ago
Giving me some Walter Mercado vibes ❤️
K G 23 hours ago
i’ve been depressed and today was a really bad day for me but tell me why i couldn’t stop laughing thanks to you . thankyou . ❤️
Bryce Streib
Bryce Streib 23 hours ago
I love you bb
Miichhhyy 23 hours ago
Shout out to Downey! Ca lol
Rosemary Gonzales
Rosemary Gonzales Day ago
Love u so much Adam (aka) Rosa god bless congrats on ur future get it gurl shout out to SATown 210 bye besitos ✌💖💋🦋😘🙏😇😉
Abril R
Abril R Day ago
An Iconic Adkins
An Iconic Adkins Day ago
OMG that make up Is gorgeous
Karla Carbajal
Karla Carbajal Day ago
“You are what you attract” , maybe back then you didn’t have the confidence and security you HAVE NOW !!! Hence why you felt the way you did ! You always been who you are but it was UP TO YOU TO BRING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF OUT , now look at you !!! BEING YOUR BEST SELF , MEETING PEOPLE WHO ARE SO AMBITIOUS, SURROUNDED BY BLESSINGS, REMEMBER THIS IS WHO YOUVE ALWAYS BEEN , You we’re just building yourself up at a starting point . we love to see it , keep being you and keep having love for what you are manifesting ❤️❤️❤️
Joliza Badillo
Joliza Badillo Day ago
When I would see Adam at school here in SA I always thought he was so sweet and fun 😂
Luisfashionswagg Day ago
Following you since day INE never thought dreams come true thank you for your amazing talent
Valérie Day ago
Lyssa Diamond
Lyssa Diamond Day ago
I love Adam's voice haha
J M Day ago
Just curious has your voice always been that high? Sounds very much like a girl. Was that deliberate on your part or just how your voice is naturally?
Julia Madrid
Julia Madrid Day ago
Y’all are too funny 😂 Y’all have me actually laughing in real life 😂😂
orsana Day ago
Ricardo Betancourt
Ricardo Betancourt Day ago
I love this video! Adam looks so much more comfortable with Patrick then James !
Patty_eli Day ago
You look good!
Ruby Lopez
Ruby Lopez Day ago
I love you ADAM!!! aka ROSA!!!❤😍😍😘
Shalee Cortina
Shalee Cortina Day ago
Her earnings aren’t even even on her ears 💀💀💀
joey joe00
joey joe00 Day ago
Hi rosa/adam
Khongsai Lalal
Khongsai Lalal Day ago
Can someone please tell me how to do that triggered red filter on Android app..... please tell me
Amber Saude
Amber Saude Day ago
I freaking love the vibe y’all are everything, love it... ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nereyda Perez
Nereyda Perez Day ago
Love the final look!!! 💞💞
d soundz on the money
d soundz on the money Day ago
K Mendez
K Mendez Day ago
“I had seen someone do the hangers... peeping through “ 😂🤣 I’m DEAD I keep replaying that part I couldn’t stop laughing the whole video
Sofia Ruiz
Sofia Ruiz Day ago
Love this video 🧚
Akio Aslan
Akio Aslan Day ago
B. Avery
B. Avery Day ago
I asked him to be on my channel months ago... crickets... and we both live in SA and both got same bday and both live in same area lol 🦗🦗
Mike C
Mike C Day ago
Ooh My
Ooh My Day ago
Glad you back I was like where is that 210 bitch at! Honey as long as people talk bad about you means you doing something right! Worry when they don’t talk about you! Love ya!
kristina l
kristina l Day ago
my favsssss
Daniel Alaniz
Daniel Alaniz Day ago
Tamra Bear
Tamra Bear Day ago
The whole video was my favorite
Yanis D.Chaves
Yanis D.Chaves Day ago
I would love to see Rosa getting a healthy fitness transformation journey
Gabriela Govea
Gabriela Govea Day ago
Love how genuinely this video is ❤️ love ya!!
Johanna Garza
Johanna Garza Day ago
Absolutely love this
Morgan p
Morgan p Day ago
I know you’re reading this....ADAM RAY OKAY I LOVE YOU AND MISSED YOUUUUUUU. how are you doing bb?!❤️
Ileana Montoya
Ileana Montoya Day ago
Francisco Meza
Francisco Meza Day ago
Why dont you pour more water? I like you rosa, but i think you're 5 minutes of fame have gone
Savannah Duran
Savannah Duran Day ago
okay Adam I see you glowing honeyyy ❤️ keep the positivity, you deserve the most blissful energy
S B Day ago
If I could do that same eyelook myself, I'd do it every single day. It is gorgeous.
Athena Baldwin
Athena Baldwin Day ago
Omg where have you been Adam 😭😭 we have missed you on USshow end tiktok!
Hugo carrera
Hugo carrera 2 days ago
Category is Cara Cara Cara Wow ...that's what's up Both of you look "bien chingonas"
Anaysa Garza
Anaysa Garza 2 days ago
Dude this needs to be an alter ego start reading horoscopes lmao Walter mercado vibes
christa stern
christa stern 2 days ago
you are both beautiful!!!!
Melvi cabanas
Melvi cabanas 2 days ago
What if u go outside and see how many people recognize you!
PatrickStarrr 2 days ago
she betta work!! ILYSM!!!
Beth N.
Beth N. 11 hours ago
This is so cool to see Rosa have his wish come true of being made glam by the one and only Patrick Starrr!!! I'm glad I was here to witness it myself. You two are salt to the Earth good people. I'm so happy that I get to witness the joy you both bring into this world. Sometimes, Rosa, we all need to step back and take a break from everything... re-evaluate it all... then come back even stronger. That my friend... you have accomplished. You are sunshine to thousands of people, you make them laugh and are an inspiration to all of Us. Keep doing You Boo!! Patrick... you too!!
Zalanee Alaniz
Zalanee Alaniz Day ago
Patrick is like the Ru Paul momma for beauty influencers we loveeeee😭💓💓
Tamra Bear
Tamra Bear Day ago
Where to find your podcast?
Tamra Bear
Tamra Bear Day ago
@patrickstarrr where to find your podcast?
Zan Zee
Zan Zee 2 days ago
JakeIsAngry 2 days ago
Fisshhh, work!