About the iPhone...
6 months ago
Thabang Moloisi
Thabang Moloisi 9 hours ago
They look super delicate and super expensive!
GreenJay 9 hours ago
Can you make a render for apple glass
Dr cush
Dr cush 9 hours ago
Iโ€™m from the cuter ๐Ÿ˜‚ heyy they didnโ€™t give us the iPhone 12๐Ÿ˜‚
Nicoflex 9 hours ago
Nicoflex 9 hours ago
Those are not very apple like
Jett H.
Jett H. 10 hours ago
USB-C whoop.
Mah Fah
Mah Fah 10 hours ago
I cracked up so bad when he made fun on himself โ€œaccording to my sourcesโ€. He can really step away and see from audience perspective. And those funny pic as how he feels sometimes. Awesome. Hilarious. Love the channel
Ryan 10 hours ago
I am shocked they are on ear not over ear.
Arun Asok
Arun Asok 10 hours ago
Leaking stuff the right way lol ๐Ÿ˜น
Reznik Isaacson
Reznik Isaacson 10 hours ago
I wish you could save the design for new stuff!! Itโ€™s a HUGE bummer scrolling through USshow and having the surprise RUINED. As an Apple fan Iโ€™m going to say you ruined these for me, now any announcement from Apple will feel lack luster. Which is not how I like to feel from an Apple event!
Jaylin Man
Jaylin Man 10 hours ago
Not a big fan on the design
Clinton Lewis
Clinton Lewis 11 hours ago
I never saw the photos, this was the first Iโ€™ve heard of pics being out there. Sucks dat you were fooked by a friend.
Lord Zendar
Lord Zendar 11 hours ago
They look well designed but aesthetically displeasing.
Cihangir 11 hours ago
In hindsight, the airtags look like the new airpower leaks...
Quantum Guardian
Quantum Guardian 11 hours ago
I get Apple for saying "retro"... but this is too much. I would most likely never buy these if that's the final design. They look very comfortable and more of an on-ear, instead of over-ear. I see many problems in the future if this is it.
Alex Mulvaney
Alex Mulvaney 11 hours ago
Iโ€™m surprised how you barely have subs
Jacopo Carboncini
Jacopo Carboncini 11 hours ago
They look cool
M S 12 hours ago
Yeah the leaked video I saw on twitter didnโ€™t do them justice. They look pretty good in the tender.
Brian Glaze
Brian Glaze 12 hours ago
Everyone say bye bye to Beats ๐Ÿคฃ
Jacopo Carboncini
Jacopo Carboncini 12 hours ago
Shehab hossain
Shehab hossain 12 hours ago
Seems like this channel's source of income is just to leak product info. Everything else is just garbage here
Matt DaCosta
Matt DaCosta 12 hours ago
LOVING the retro look.
Edwin Guzman
Edwin Guzman 12 hours ago
Okay bro we all know by now that you protect your sources you donโ€™t need to repeat it all the time, just show us the goods.
Marcel Bruinsma
Marcel Bruinsma 12 hours ago
I find them very ugly but they also look very comfortable.
Samir Singh
Samir Singh 12 hours ago
Ugly ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ
Vincent Aziati
Vincent Aziati 13 hours ago
For me durability is all that matters to me. Any hefty amount for the price tag will be worth it
Fermin Villagra Terzumanian
Fermin Villagra Terzumanian 13 hours ago
i don't like it at all. t design doesn't look like apple products
Andrew Bignell
Andrew Bignell 13 hours ago
Hope they come with a USB-C to headphone jack adapter for airplanes
charlieb2b 14 hours ago
Love them!
Julian Franklin III
Julian Franklin III 14 hours ago
Samsung. Attack
ali naif
ali naif 14 hours ago
That is ugly ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ come apple you guys do better that piece of ๐Ÿ’ฉ
sanal pathiyil
sanal pathiyil 14 hours ago
Looks ok. But how does it fit on the ears? If they can manage the comfortable level of Sony xm4 or Bose 700..and ofcourse sound quality must be good..then itโ€™s a deal..a great deal for iPhone owners ๐ŸŽถ Excited ๐Ÿ˜…
A C 14 hours ago
How T. F. you gonna market a โ€œretroโ€ look but not include โ€œretro techโ€ I. E. a flipping AUX Jack!!!
THIS WEEK IN 14 hours ago
Apple glasses? You said you saw it...
Tetsuo The Robot.
Tetsuo The Robot. 15 hours ago
You jerk ๐Ÿ˜‚
Todd McGuckin
Todd McGuckin 15 hours ago
Not sure if Iโ€™m down with this design. Iโ€™m surprised these donโ€™t cover your ears like my Bose QC noise canceling headphones.
Truman Hicks
Truman Hicks 15 hours ago
Lol that fake ending was really funny
wojtylo 15 hours ago
B&W ? Am I close ?
S/V Lusca
S/V Lusca 15 hours ago
Whereโ€™s the apple air tags?
sciuridae 15 hours ago
People that have never had a real job talking about "working hard" remind me of why the world is how it is.
Abyrc2 15 hours ago
Any new update on glasses?
Will Kirk
Will Kirk 15 hours ago
First impression: that shit is so ugly. But that was also my first impression with the AirPod pros and now theyโ€™re my favorite headphones after iOS 14 introduced spatial audio and the auto switching between devices. So I guess we will see
Jovany Zapata
Jovany Zapata 15 hours ago
@2:02 โ€œSomebody in my inner circleโ€ ... I guess they ainโ€™t there anymore. ๐Ÿคฃ
Lanark 15 hours ago
Design by B&W? These kind of headphones usually fit on small or medium sized heads only. So nothing for me. But that's ok - I do not need another pair of headphones.
nathanael mol
nathanael mol 16 hours ago
Not really exclusive cause @choco_bit on twitter leaked the actual pictures of them before this video.
Putt Ez
Putt Ez 16 hours ago
So u are johnny prosser๐Ÿคจ iheard your name for so long.
็ˆฑ Lee Moo Eez
็ˆฑ Lee Moo Eez 16 hours ago
Talking about protecting source but apple can easily confiscate everything and arrest you and3 forcing u to spit the bean muahhaha
Aishwary Shukla
Aishwary Shukla 16 hours ago
can someone tell the name of the song/tune he puts at the end of the video please? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฅ
flavio 16 hours ago
no hate but you're saying you want to protect your sources, so why did you share the pictures with people that don't have to be involved like concept creator? take some responsibility since it's part your fault if I'm understanding this the right way
BenderTube 16 hours ago
Those look tight! ๐Ÿ‘€
robmille 16 hours ago
I'm pretty interested in these for sure now. I wasn't before, but those looks SHARP
Leo Brown
Leo Brown 16 hours ago
Thereโ€™s is enough room for Apple air pods studios and Beats
Apoorv VKRao
Apoorv VKRao 16 hours ago
A clean design โค๏ธ Simple is beautiful, but difficult to be Simple.
Wah A
Wah A 16 hours ago
putting cheap tags in glamourous plastic casing, makes people fascinated when it is tag with apple logo, WOW
Charles Lewis
Charles Lewis 16 hours ago
I hated them at first. Grown on me a teeny bit since you tweeted it. Still wouldnโ€™t say Iโ€™m โ€œa fanโ€ since it doesnโ€™t match any other products they sell though.
BuffaloBuilder 17 hours ago
Cant wait to see how much there are. Guessing $799
Zack Rays
Zack Rays 17 hours ago
Youโ€™re a PRO Jon. Didnโ€™t expect any less coming form you. Just Beware of Wolves in Sheepโ€™s clothing my man!
The One
The One 17 hours ago
Nah Jon, I don't have to wait a few days. I already love the looks of these. Only downside is lack of a headphone jack, though I guess the possible options you outlined could be an alright alternative
Luke Ammann
Luke Ammann 17 hours ago
Is that a golden foot I just saw?
Kekoa and the crawler
Kekoa and the crawler 17 hours ago
My first thought were those ridiculously expensive wheels for Mac Pro.
Trend City
Trend City 17 hours ago
I should donate to ya
Trend City
Trend City 17 hours ago
Am first
Au 17 hours ago
looks like a something you use in the kitchen
Eduardo Meira
Eduardo Meira 17 hours ago
They don't look comfortable...
Henrik Ellegaard
Henrik Ellegaard 17 hours ago
Hoping for a non-leather version too.
Cjnator38 17 hours ago
ah yes *leaked leak*
Digital Markings
Digital Markings 17 hours ago
Well way more interesting device than so called AirTags
Haris 17 hours ago
So they are not killing beats off because they look 1000 times better
#WondersToThee- Soul Ascension
#WondersToThee- Soul Ascension 18 hours ago
Septien Patterson
Septien Patterson 18 hours ago
Jon Prosser was right. As always. He was right
Peter Soliman
Peter Soliman 18 hours ago
Making the earcups swappable tells us that 10? 15? years after buying beats, Apple didn't learn anything about headphone design. Would have had way more respect for these if they were 1 solid, confident, piece.
Peter Soliman
Peter Soliman 18 hours ago
They look like landscapers protective gear. I guess they could be like the cyber truck in that they look horrid at first glance, but I'm having a hard time seeing myself wearing these. Also, as someone who LOVES headphones, I hate that these are metal. I need my headphones to be as light as possible if I plan on wearing them for 8 hours a day.
Sena Chin
Sena Chin 18 hours ago
Like a cross between master and dynamic and oppo planarmagnetic cans
mhill 18 hours ago
They look fugly, wtf. Iโ€™d believe they were prototypes with basic design to just test out performance. But no way do I believe itโ€™s what Apple would release ๐Ÿ‘Ž
Swim Dad
Swim Dad 18 hours ago
Moudire Ifan
Moudire Ifan 18 hours ago
Mother Great episode by the king himself . Good job mate
Gab De Leon
Gab De Leon 18 hours ago
Next up: Apple Glass
Drago from Bakugan
Drago from Bakugan 18 hours ago
Ngl they look like trash
Robin Lundgren
Robin Lundgren 18 hours ago
Can't wait to see the reviews on these. "Okay sound, insane price!" or "Like everything else Apple does, overpriced and worse than literally everything else for the same price.".
Pratik 18 hours ago
fpt เคซเคชเคŸ