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Alin Alexandru
Alin Alexandru 5 hours ago
I like the theory about the Vong, like the SW galaxy is weak after the wars, the empire is no more, the republic has like nothing, Thrawn is probably exiled or maybe he returned to the Chiss and then the Vong come in and conquer everything so then everyone from the galaxy needs to work together and maybe Thrawn and the Chiss Ascendancy will play a big role in this war as they still have a strong army and navy but can't defeat the Vong alone. Idk I like the idea of having Thrawn fight the Vong, since they always seem to be mentioned like the outside threat that he wants to eliminate and why he decided to side with the empire and all that.
Kiahran Adams
Kiahran Adams 5 hours ago
WOW has anyone noticed that SW Theory guy looks just like Luke Skywalker!!!
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack 5 hours ago
Get over that shit. And maybe start a family mate
BW STUDIO 5 hours ago
I have three. Don’t need a lightsaber.
BW STUDIO 5 hours ago
Why the fuck is this so damn long?
ATrueBosz 5 hours ago
I think it’s gonna be cal kestis to reach out to grogu at tython
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 5 hours ago
You have to make these podcasts available on ITunes. That would be soooo great.
Jocelyn Anso
Jocelyn Anso 5 hours ago
Justin Bousquet
Justin Bousquet 5 hours ago
The Mimbanese character is most likely NOT the same one we see in the Mando. Kierah Koovah from squadrons was a Rebel pilot. There's very little chance that a switching of sides occurred.
dj poop
dj poop 5 hours ago
1 episode 3/ its the best 2 episode 2/ love the end 3 episode 5/ everything is good 4 episode 4/ good but more action 5 episode 6/ very good 6 episode 1/ love the fights 7 episode 9/ cool end 8 rouge one/ good story 9 solo/ you get know more about han solo 10 episode 7/ kylo ren is cool 11 episode 8/ no action but still alright No bad ones and never seen clone wars
“Dave this is George, George Lucas” “Sorry it’s a really bad line who is this?” “ Lu...s” “Who?” “G..r..g...u”. “Grogu?” “Click” “John! John!!! I have it!!!!”
The White Lycan
The White Lycan 5 hours ago
The episode was ok. Certainly not the best Mando episode so far. There was some nice choreography, reveals and attention to detail. But they didn't really go anywhere or do anything that wasn't 100% predictable. I was expecting far more to happen, but it ended up pretty much being and introductory meeting.
T'airn'KA 5 hours ago
The gray force
NoxFlex 1983
NoxFlex 1983 5 hours ago
artie chavez
artie chavez 5 hours ago
I_Love_You 5 hours ago
This is so cool. Where does all this info come from? I have always just been a casual fan of Star Wars but I’m really interested in all of this “lore” type stuff. Definitely about to take a dive into your channel!
Justin Bousquet
Justin Bousquet 5 hours ago
So we know who are directing the next 2 episodes of the Mandalorian... but who is going to be directing the finale? Favs, Filoni... an un announced director???
Justin Bousquet
Justin Bousquet 5 hours ago
It would absolutely blow my mind if Filoni somehow guilted Lucas into directing an episode. Hahaha
John Cloud
John Cloud 5 hours ago
Long time Fan 41 years episodes 7,8,9 were complete garbage...just a few cool scenes... completely agree with you bro...slap in the face
Carlos Mendes
Carlos Mendes 5 hours ago
Then people critic me when I said the 3 movies were all shit. Besides the animated series, the only good thing coming from SW in the last years was Rogue One and The Mandalorian. All the rest is shit.
Vlitruh 5 hours ago
Brett Howard
Brett Howard 5 hours ago
The last Jedi was painful to sit through. I agree that Solo would have done much better in the box office, if it weren't for ep8
Sparky TheFallen
Sparky TheFallen 5 hours ago
Kyle Galaise
Kyle Galaise 5 hours ago
This is literally movie like
unoDoseoftrees YT
unoDoseoftrees YT 5 hours ago
Can someone pls name the comic of minute 4:00 ?
Austin Huizenga
Austin Huizenga 5 hours ago
so someone tell me how u r able to use the force w a metal arm
Giorgi Asanidze
Giorgi Asanidze 5 hours ago
when you realise Star Wars Theory is making animated episode of what if qui-gon trained anakin
Nick Howland
Nick Howland 5 hours ago
is noone expecting mace windu to show up to train grogu?
Total War Destroyer
Total War Destroyer 5 hours ago
Vader is half Prowse, half Earl Jones Jr. At least we still have Earl. RIP, David.
Anders Forsell
Anders Forsell 5 hours ago
Black or white and green
Markus-Frank Jünemann
Markus-Frank Jünemann 5 hours ago
So you're actually telling us, he's unable to raise his lightsaber over his head but it´s also not a problem to lift a body over his head?
AndreAllDay 5 hours ago
Mace Windu has a son, Drez Windu.. He inherited his fathers original Saber, but now seeks the BMF. He traveled to Coruscant to seek out the Senator Sano Sauro.. Who he learned from salvagers, has his father saber on display. He needs the second saber and the amethyst crystal to construct a lethal saber of revenge. He vows to avenge his fathers death by destroying the Palpatine bloodline. Making Rey his primary target. This doesn't sit well with Finn, learning he is the offspring of a Jedi Master who gave him away. And Now his son is set to kill his best friend. When Drez meets Rey.. She has no idea who this hooded person is.. Only that force pulses from him with every beat of his heart. A saber slowly slides out of his open robe.. Shes tense and confused watching the saber sway from side to side.. suddenly it stops dead center of the Drez's chest. SKKKKRRRRUHA the saber ignites a purple hue revealing fixated eyes as black as night. Then seperating and becoming two smaller unstable daggers as the crystal is no longer whole to sustain its balance. His hands grip so hard you can hear his bare knuckles grind as the saber pair move about his person. Rey Draws her saber as a smile escapes the young stranger. He sprints towards her, never touching his sabers.. Leaps.. To Be Continued...
Patrick 5 hours ago
I'm wondering, piggybacking on the Sebastian Stan idea, that his potential appearance as Luke in the Mandalorian is one of the reasons why the Falcon and Winter Soldier show it taking so damn long lol.
Mat Nolen
Mat Nolen 5 hours ago
Bounty hunter was an amazing game. It a shame they never made a sequel
Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia 5 hours ago
Of course their was no plan, a different director for each film. Also Disney’s objective with these films were to attract a new generation of fans.
Jay Bangerang
Jay Bangerang 5 hours ago
Well.. There is no mention of Palpatines children.. how is anybody surprised...
chichiboypumpi 5 hours ago
I call them shizney
Legodominat8r 5 hours ago
Got Next Gaming
Got Next Gaming 5 hours ago
it is clear that all of these players in the episodes to this point will show back up in one grand battle at the end of season 2. I would love to see Luke in it. How do you do that without just triggering every one? I know that Dave and Jon can pull it off though.
Matthew Becker
Matthew Becker 5 hours ago
I believe Bubba Fett killed Luke at the end of Episode VIII! No way he just passed away. As seen in Mandolorian he was still alive. I bet they tie that in at some point. The movie shows Luke on the ground before he climbs in a meditation posture and floats away. Perhaps Bubba Fett finally caught up to Luke after the sandpit and got revenge and they had combat on the island. It’s very possible Luke got shot in the lower torso and that was his fatal blow before floating away
Jad Jason
Jad Jason 5 hours ago
Xstar_warsX 5 hours ago
This movie was awful, jar jar is the worst star wars character and I can't believe Jorge said that he is funny. The dialoge in this film was really bad to. This movie is a really bad star wars film and a really bad film in general. This is the basic negative review of this film.
WOOBA 5 hours ago
They messed up when they changed directors for an anticipation based trilogy! Its 1 thing when they do it for mandalorian or different stories in the mcu, but when you are doing a build up to the finale of something as big as star wars you keep the same director. I feel if JJ would of done the entire trilogy it would have been great... I hate they can't just come out and say " we screwed up scrap the last 2 movies." And remake em n have JJ finish his story. Can you imagine sitting down to write a book with 2 others you dont really know and expecting to be the conclusion to one of the biggest stories ever?
Benjamin Carroll
Benjamin Carroll 5 hours ago
still purple
haley smith
haley smith 5 hours ago
I watched it again last night and I don't think Mando is force sensitive. I think he pulled out the knob because he knew Grogu liked it and when The child saw that is when he perked up ...
Paiden Hutchens
Paiden Hutchens 5 hours ago
I don't see Din as force sensitive. He's constantly frustrated with Grogu and clearly can't communicate with him well.
Credo 5 hours ago
Younglings- "Master Skywalker there are too many of them, what are we gonna do" Anakin- "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye"
Twiggy 5 hours ago
Theory do you like the prequels seaqauls or originals better? And may the force be with you... Always.
dimitris xanthoudakis
dimitris xanthoudakis 5 hours ago
What happens if anakin turned to the dark side BUT he went with the Jedi and switched to dark and light side whenever he wanted? This is what I would do. Anyone else?
Joseph Seidman
Joseph Seidman 5 hours ago
Insidious doesn't mean crazy
mr mewf
mr mewf 5 hours ago
Obi wan is my favorite Jedi so I’m a little bias
Misaka. 10032
Misaka. 10032 5 hours ago
this is really really good
Farfrom5280 5 hours ago
A Luke/Ahsoka convo would be EPIC
Benjamin Carroll
Benjamin Carroll 5 hours ago
it might change after watching
Benjamin Carroll
Benjamin Carroll 5 hours ago
Shayaan Deshmukh
Shayaan Deshmukh 5 hours ago
I feel like a would be a jedi,cause I aren't really attached to anyone(not even my family)
onur97able 5 hours ago
Anakins turn was came from nowhere if mace just killed palpatine there palps still would have won remember the golden rule of star wars if you kill the main bad guy in anger you become one of em
Sylvia Maribei
Sylvia Maribei 5 hours ago
zach wentz
zach wentz 5 hours ago
Darth Vader killed the younglings not anakin
Abernathy Rah
Abernathy Rah 5 hours ago
Grogu is the vessel for Palpatines soul...
Abernathy Rah
Abernathy Rah 5 hours ago
A Horcux if you will
Jon Snø
Jon Snø 5 hours ago
Actually that scene is supposed to mirror the picture from this French painter named Alexandre Cabanel, the oil painted picture is called "Fallen Angel"!
Pranys 5 hours ago
I love every clone and I feel bad everytime clones die
Domonic Pratt
Domonic Pratt 5 hours ago
Is Starkiller a possibility in the Mandolorian? Does anyone think it’s something they could pull off. The second game was weird with the 2 different endings but if you stop and think, they were cloning a Jedi! Which kind of ties in with this series and Grogus blood. Idk it’s just been on my mind all day and I need someone to call me crazy and explain why that wouldn’t work. Why Starkiller wouldn’t help train Grogu or something.
7yes7 5 hours ago
Fuck yeah I loved that
Grogu 6 hours ago
I am ur king 👑
Krzysztof Bartczak
Krzysztof Bartczak 6 hours ago
So Ani is smeagol and Vader is Gollum. Thanks for clearing things up.
GrizzleMyNizzle 6 hours ago
Absolutely love the animation style
I think any appearance of Luke will be left for S3. Here’s my theories... New shows: 1) Ahsoka goes off on her own quest for Thrawn and Ezra. 2) maybe amalgamation with 1) Bo Katan attempts to get the dark saber and claim the throne of Mandalore. 3) Mando s2 finale. Jin and Grogu continue their journey, once atop the mountain Grogu “calls out” to the Force. Meanwhile Boba Fett has been tracking our heroes in cahoots with Moff Gideon and meets up with them at the mountain top. Boba fights with Mando, Gideon attempts to steal away Grogu but his exit is blocked by a cloaked figure. Gideon ignites the dark saber to cut a path thru this mysterious figure. As the dark sabers blade swoops down in a surely true blow, it is stopped with the crackle of electricity as the cloaked figure blocks the blow with a bright purple blade and utters the words “this party’s over”. Fade to black. ...DIRECTED BY DAVE FILONI...
Courtland Floyd
Courtland Floyd 6 hours ago
i took a test and i got a fallen jedi
Constant Gardener
Constant Gardener 6 hours ago
Does Ahsoka have sickle cell?
Cillian James
Cillian James 6 hours ago
Because it wasn't made bleed
Nomiia keroxiaza
Nomiia keroxiaza 6 hours ago
Damm im mad Disney is making money off this now ** NVM shout out Lucasfilm for forcin Disney to back off