Ken Cole
Ken Cole 6 hours ago
Her flow reminds me of biggie a little
Hello 6 hours ago
How many BFFs can u have???
Shubham Roy
Shubham Roy 6 hours ago
That is me when I am scared of animals
Jahleel Wasser
Jahleel Wasser 6 hours ago
Yall better put some respect in my baby daddy's name!! Ozuna is pronounced with an S not a Z.
Vanbens 6 hours ago
Блин, она же себе голос угробит с этой песней..
Noah Meyer
Noah Meyer 6 hours ago
*at home instruments* brings a tuba
Mimi devi
Mimi devi 6 hours ago
bts BTS😍
James Culbertson
James Culbertson 6 hours ago
How can you dislike this ? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ He is sooo nice and those animals are AMAZING
Kuheli Das
Kuheli Das 6 hours ago
I want Professor Snape back !!...ain't there any potion to get him back to life again?☹️RIP
cobweb 6 hours ago
Rollin Ronemus
Rollin Ronemus 6 hours ago
Throughout her work she is constantly referring to "all black people" and "all white people" which in and off itself is racist as hell. She is part of a large concerted effort on the far far left to destroy the individual and create only the collective, we've seen the result of that ideology so may times in the past and in my opinion it's the most dangerous of intentions as it by nature allows for no debate in good faith or any other.
Anna Ramirez
Anna Ramirez 6 hours ago
Is it just me or do yall see vanya from the umbrella academy????
최수진 6 hours ago
이런 노래도 좋지만 난 테디의2ne1 시절의 노래들 I don't care, lonely 같은 노래들이 더 좋은데 지금 나왔어도 빌보드 다 집어삼켰을텐데
83rdox 6 hours ago
I always wanted to adk ice T if he thought olivia is sexy
Jean Franco
Jean Franco 6 hours ago
Esa colombiana no canta un karajo ,esta con annuel aa por el billete , pero que se joda el pendejo., tan hermosas que son nuestras mujeres y buscandose extranjeras con cuerpos falsos para que los dejen sin dinero , boricua con boricua 100% esta es la real karol g jajajajajj @
seoul lightsツ
seoul lightsツ 6 hours ago
jimin wanted a hug dude cause he likes hugs and he is a koala hmph
Nachito 6 hours ago
Nadie entendio un carajo jajajaja
TastedGlory 6 hours ago
I hope they do Satisfied next
Tuğba nur diler
Tuğba nur diler 6 hours ago
1:21 turkeyyy yeahhh
Samara Harris
Samara Harris 6 hours ago
I felt like I was watching an educational kids show
Hanz 6 hours ago
One bad thing, hes gettin' older...
dont you ever come at me like that
dont you ever come at me like that 6 hours ago
i swear Khloe and Kim dont realise Kourt is the oldest...
HW Plainview
HW Plainview 6 hours ago
I love the look on BlackThought’s face watching Florence sing.
NameExistXD ?
NameExistXD ? 6 hours ago
He sound's like DrDrip
Djordje Stefanovic
Djordje Stefanovic 6 hours ago
i hate how they act like those animals are some kind of monsters while they are all beautifull and i would be honoured to get to meet them 😤
Kalo Tiwara
Kalo Tiwara 6 hours ago
BTS ?? Why? !!!! 3:20
Maria Do carmo
Maria Do carmo 6 hours ago
Amo amo muito obrigada . Fico e sou feliz obrigada
Balanced 6 hours ago
he’s getting hotter with age
I love this women
Sss Ss
Sss Ss 6 hours ago
Here weee goooooo
Daniela Svobodova
Daniela Svobodova 6 hours ago
I love you Ariana Grande😍
Nimco Abdullahi
Nimco Abdullahi 6 hours ago
We want to see bts this game pls
J A 6 hours ago
De Niro painted the walls of that studio after the interview!
Kalo Tiwara
Kalo Tiwara 6 hours ago
I just said Why at the end They show us BTS performance ? Not hate
delightfullyawkward 6 hours ago
I hope the only reason people are buying this book is to see if it's actually as ridiculous as everybody says it is. I almost bought it just to see the insanity for myself. This is the stupidest idea I've ever heard. Jimmy can have this woman on here proudly but apologizes for having Trump on. Shame on you Jimmy, I used to respect you but I hope your ratings have gone down since you've become one of these people. I find it hard to believe most black people even feel this way.
Jyoti Prakash Nayak
Jyoti Prakash Nayak 6 hours ago
Orange is the new black
Amj SA
Amj SA 6 hours ago
She is Saudi
Vuyoe Ndlovu
Vuyoe Ndlovu 6 hours ago
He's beautiful
Vasilije jovic
Vasilije jovic 6 hours ago
3:06 Fuck you Jimmy - I was sweating and shaking because of her.
Pete Jones
Pete Jones 6 hours ago
Pretty ironic that Jimmy Kimmel did blackface 👀
clarice .moonqn
clarice .moonqn 6 hours ago
My man just took 5 seconds to say one word
euphoria 6 hours ago
jennie’s line now: “bring out your boss-“ where are the bosses at? 👀
clarice .moonqn
clarice .moonqn 6 hours ago
In my club (english drama) there was a guy who would do improv and say "I'm Bob from [Taron's hometown]" and actually pronounce it correctly, now I know where he got it from
Kristi 6 hours ago
Biden should really re-record his invitation to join his campaign. He sounds so timid, pensive, coy, in the beginning, I can’t stand to listen to it, so i never get to the end where he, presumably, asks for money. Subtleties matter.
Frontal Lobe
Frontal Lobe 6 hours ago
It doesn't make sense to Jimmy Fallon because almost nobody believes in the "rightness is whiteness" and people don't enjoy being called racist purely because of the colour of their skin and not based on the actions they perform.
Standup Reject
Standup Reject 6 hours ago
whether you find her shit entertaining or not, or whether you like it or not, you gotta acknowledge the creativity and originality that goes into these videos! there’s a reason why people like it!
Daga One
Daga One 6 hours ago
Keyboard Ruben
Keyboard Ruben 6 hours ago
She is literally just Gina.
Stephen Aguilar
Stephen Aguilar 7 hours ago
what if your mixed race? dun dun dun
Drum Obsession
Drum Obsession 7 hours ago
Jimmy fallon is the worst, he’s literally got no personality. Glad ricky’s on there haha
wiggawithattitude 7 hours ago
for real? its 2020 and this woman thinks that a black woman and a white man talking is some incredible occurrence? what planet has she been living on? and then having the ego to think her book is what makes that sort of thing possible.. what a joke.
RK _
RK _ 7 hours ago
Why so many people love Milly Bobby Brown
David Alvarez
David Alvarez 7 hours ago
I don't know, but it's 😎 cool!
Arnus Levis
Arnus Levis 7 hours ago
An apple I got him apple products
Lexie M.
Lexie M. 7 hours ago
That guy playing a pillow
smasher #37
smasher #37 7 hours ago
Not sure if she sings like this in all of her songs but I don't like how she sings. Yes she has great pitch and tone and whatever but I hate the way that she AR-TI-CU-LATES and growls her vocals. Sure she sounds unique, but that doesn't mean it sounds good because it's unique.
Pamela Christel Almazabas Villacrez
Pamela Christel Almazabas Villacrez 7 hours ago
very indearing lovely daughter, she keeps a mother's good values, she is awesome
Yoslin Ruiz
Yoslin Ruiz 7 hours ago
ybn omar
ybn omar 7 hours ago
this dude had shawn killed on all american wtf
WetDroiD Edition
WetDroiD Edition 7 hours ago
Yoke old badly. He is not so old. Or is he?
Chris Black
Chris Black 7 hours ago
She is really fiddling with her wedding ring a lot. Lol, anxiety.
Kyle 7 hours ago
Ha turd. Maddow is an insane person.
Bond 007
Bond 007 7 hours ago
Anjum Shafiullahkhan
Anjum Shafiullahkhan 7 hours ago
This kids only vocabulary word is 'amazing'.
Stingpriw Lageday
Stingpriw Lageday 7 hours ago
aku benci pikiranku
samurai445 7 hours ago
thats because he doesnt care
Pedro Amato
Pedro Amato 7 hours ago
Nobody: Argentinian fans of Lucho SSJ: Estoy contando ticket ticket como Jimmy Fallon
Ethan Dinglasan
Ethan Dinglasan 7 hours ago
"Marie, you're the smartest woman i've ever met. But you're too stupid to see... they're minerals."
Wow!!! ❤️
Sidarth rai
Sidarth rai 7 hours ago
This guy is a genius
Lemur Lover
Lemur Lover 7 hours ago
This is horrible that women are considered as ways of making money for men and that butts equal money. How misogynistic and objectifying.
Ashley S
Ashley S 7 hours ago
Much love from the KIA Motor Company...
Mira 7 hours ago
Well now I know that she's Miranda but she created that name
Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace 7 hours ago
Daniel is like a little kid when he laughs and it’s so funny! Although some people say he’s becoming Voldemort I want them to shut up because he is so kind and amazing.
Jose Luis Cortes
Jose Luis Cortes 7 hours ago
ok boomer
ღ•Käty Køökmîń•ღ
ღ•Käty Køökmîń•ღ 7 hours ago
lo ame ♡♡♡♡
AIMEN C 7 hours ago
Starring Micheal Cera Seth Rogen Michelle Rodriguez A
Sadayette 7 hours ago
Pippa still got it- She still got it.
Qejilon21H9 RamOS
Qejilon21H9 RamOS 7 hours ago
Kevin sounds like he´s being slaughtered. 😂
Michael John
Michael John 7 hours ago
This woman is of no help to anyone.
Hanif Mohammad
Hanif Mohammad 7 hours ago
At first I thought he was wearing an apron
Robyn Blackshire
Robyn Blackshire 7 hours ago
That was sooooo AMAZING! I AM SOOOO A FAN!!
Sebastián Parra
Sebastián Parra 7 hours ago
Faceless 7 hours ago
so funy
Grace Smith
Grace Smith 7 hours ago
Fur Q
Fur Q 7 hours ago
Champange Socialist Steve Coogan uses tax payer money to pay his gardener despite being worth 12 million, I love watching alan partridge but it makes it harder knowing what a piece of shit the man who plays him is.
rivolinho 7 hours ago
Gladiator is such a perfect epic movie. Tight script, great pacing, incredible casting, totally believable world and setting, perfect marriage of real stunts and CGI (complete CGI fests wouldn't happen for another few years) and just a great positive central theme of rebirth and redemption.
Mansh Ads
Mansh Ads 7 hours ago
I really love this man or I can say iron man of HOLLYWOOD he is awesome 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
SuicidedVxx Music
SuicidedVxx Music 7 hours ago
Ok i call you luis start from now
SnipeR RazoR
SnipeR RazoR 7 hours ago
Jimmy always team up with a woman dude you are married stupid shit
leafyutube 7 hours ago
This is funny yo.
hanstenwolde 7 hours ago
Lipsync, great song but not anymore
Joudy Hassen
Joudy Hassen 7 hours ago
Oh my god I can't believe that junkook can talk English very well like this!! 💗💗💗💗
Ezequiel Perez
Ezequiel Perez 7 hours ago
Ezequiel Perez
Ezequiel Perez 7 hours ago
sarah :P
sarah :P 7 hours ago
lol everyone with the little homemade instruments and the one guy with a full on sousaphone
한리아 7 hours ago
Lisa's so bold and swaaaagg. So prettyyy 😍😍
mara gomez
mara gomez 7 hours ago
marekprz 7 hours ago
Alessia Contro'
Alessia Contro' 7 hours ago
Oh my God she's super funny.. <3