I Became A Country Boy
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EPISODE 3: The Betrayal
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The Chaotic TikTok Sisters
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The E-Boy Invasion
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Cringey Imagines 2
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Cello Strings
Cello Strings 28 minutes ago
He do be making a banger tho 😂
Danielle Caprio
Danielle Caprio 29 minutes ago
Sebastian Balls didn’t delete the video I just checked!!
bitchboy 29 minutes ago
guys, it’s them, the 2 pretty best friends
BeginnersLuck 35 minutes ago
Tin Nho
Tin Nho 36 minutes ago
Yang pilih allah like.
ρꫀꪖᥴꫝꪗ_tꫀꫀ293 37 minutes ago
Sm more like smh
Emma Paterson
Emma Paterson 37 minutes ago
bro the guy who made the clock in real life was legit blinded
mm carts34
mm carts34 42 minutes ago
"Not all men" I totally agree, Zuko would never treat me like this.
mm carts34
mm carts34 44 minutes ago
I thought the whole point of being straight is to like women...
Abigail Holbrook
Abigail Holbrook 45 minutes ago
corbin blue was the one saying he doesnt dance!! ryan was trying to get him to dance
Shaniah Alvarez
Shaniah Alvarez 45 minutes ago
Ughhhhh I love this dynamic duo lmaooo
Damage Xxxx
Damage Xxxx 46 minutes ago
This vid has 420k view yup that's time to pop a beer or 2 maybe 5 or 10 beers
MM_Aiden 48 minutes ago
"da vinky my vinky" if ur reading this!
GeneeInABottle 49 minutes ago
The term "most girls" is pitting girls against each other from the start.
Katie M
Katie M 49 minutes ago
Can’t believe we have to cancel Kurtis for looking at people’s shoes during heads up seven up
xmaug 59 minutes ago
As someone named Joshua, yeah this guy's weird.
Gamr King
Gamr King Hour ago
5:36 when he said forever I started to question wether or not he was Danish
punchy L
punchy L Hour ago
Ok but as a person well acquainted with the fight community I cannot IMAGINE the amount of shit the other fighters give him for having this channel
Aubrey Wuthrich
Aubrey Wuthrich Hour ago
I had an abusive ex and he used to literally do this. Like during an argument just fall over. It was so fucking weird, just thought I'd tell the world about how weird this is to actually do lol
Interstellar Sapien
Interstellar Sapien Hour ago
This guy would be a great reality tv show director, because he knows how to make people’s lives a living hell for the cameras
host __
host __ Hour ago
my opinion on the lamp: meh its a nice lamp
Madeline Miner
Madeline Miner Hour ago
i just found jonnaton on insta and of COURSE kurtis follows him
luke steele
luke steele Hour ago
The 4 arm tattoo is my favorite one of yours and I wish I had come up with it first lol
Katie Lee
Katie Lee Hour ago
funny video Kurtis
bees_knees 27
bees_knees 27 Hour ago
18:40 wow the new Sufjan Stevens song sounds great
Sketchtastrophe Hour ago
12:52 Kurtis became my brother for a second
Jackie Mottern
Jackie Mottern Hour ago
The town they used as the Mexican town was in a Justin Beiber Music Video (I think)
Sally Schellenberger
Sally Schellenberger Hour ago
I was watching this and i got an add for a christan dating site hahahah
ok then.
ok then. Hour ago
I’m so excited to show my friend, *nate* this video.
Megan Patricks
Megan Patricks Hour ago
Da vinky my vinky
uh knee sea yuh
uh knee sea yuh Hour ago
i am so so fucking happy, i missed jacob
Kira Shafer
Kira Shafer Hour ago
The fact this was filmed at my high school makes the entire film more nightmarish....
Anastasia Love Wegerle
Anastasia Love Wegerle Hour ago
Me looking through the comments preparing myself to get angry especially about the rape one bc u don't joke about that stuff neither do u joke about any of that stuff and kurtis we love u no matter what Side note : I saw the Nikita one dude I didn't know that used to be a boy but SHE is now a girl so deal with it and I love this video but these other horrible people's "jokes" make me not wanna laugh like kurtis u are amazing and funny but these people are total assholes
Tristan Hammock
Tristan Hammock Hour ago
Not me being trans and being stuck in South Georgia..
Noelle D
Noelle D Hour ago
How did he not point out that the guy’s boxing shorts have Jatie Vlogs on the back
Emma Paterson
Emma Paterson Hour ago
ok human sized hamster wheels were actually a thing on medieval construction sites lol fyi
Mr. Whatshisname
Mr. Whatshisname Hour ago
Kurtis you hair looks cute.
ALittle Lightning
ALittle Lightning Hour ago
7:50 you could say, that he smoldered them
Eline Abat
Eline Abat Hour ago
Amy Christian
Amy Christian Hour ago
ngl, o2L was amazing
Tailyn Rose
Tailyn Rose Hour ago
a substitute teacher came up to me and said she loved my skin color and complexion in class. She was a little out of the times
Andres Garsia
Andres Garsia Hour ago
Where's my directioners?
rawrxDskrt1 Hour ago
i think kurtis broke this dood's brain
Vault Girl420
Vault Girl420 Hour ago
Whats going on with your hair Pseudo-Danny ?
Laura Rein
Laura Rein Hour ago
some of his delivery is very john mulaney
Andres Garsia
Andres Garsia Hour ago
We're still obsessed with one direction :)😸
L -
L - Hour ago
When he started fighting his friends I got an add for some kind of University Off Law. Coincidence? I think not.
Brittany Bertolin
Brittany Bertolin Hour ago
Ngl the extra greeting gives me some ✨dopamine✨
VampireFreakism Hour ago
One of my cousin’s is named Joshua and he has so much frat boy energy 👀 coincidence??? Me thinks not
Dennis Mathenge
Dennis Mathenge Hour ago
Your hands are huge dude
Sleeping Repurr
Sleeping Repurr Hour ago
if you say guys dont have as much drama as girls you're very wrong and need to reconsider!!
Maddy Christ
Maddy Christ 2 hours ago
Thank you for getting them thoughts out of your skull Kurtis💜💜💜💜
tyler dun
tyler dun 2 hours ago
I just wanna say, as someone who has to live around country boys constantly, you fuckin nailed it 😂
Lauren Bromund
Lauren Bromund 2 hours ago
Masculinity currently at +248,000% :o *oh my gawd he on x games mode*
Anthony Schultze
Anthony Schultze 2 hours ago
Muah Muah
Jaden Stutts
Jaden Stutts 2 hours ago
Jiselle Ochoa
Jiselle Ochoa 2 hours ago
Make another episode video pls
Sydney Hamilton
Sydney Hamilton 2 hours ago
The comment section is full of arguments.
Eijirou 2 hours ago
Jacob ur amazing i hope to see you again soon
Kelsey Wood
Kelsey Wood 2 hours ago
not me getting seven out of ten
Theodore courtney
Theodore courtney 2 hours ago
All cops are balls
Clara Wanderlo
Clara Wanderlo 2 hours ago
kurtis conners hitting alil diff lately
dancincoolkid 2 hours ago
wow santa claus is desmond spellman from casper meets wendy...who knew
BeeLasagna 2 hours ago
They try and play it like it’s because the guys don’t like hip hop or whatever but like, just say you don’t want to date a black guy. It’s not cute, unlike the first two guys you voted off 🙄
Saint_Somnia 2 hours ago
Jacob proves it’s not gay to kiss the homies
Makenn Gillen
Makenn Gillen 2 hours ago
You've heard of Balls Volgs, well get ready for...... Vlogs Balls II
Tyger Royal
Tyger Royal 2 hours ago
Nice video Kurtis
Marcela Gontijo
Marcela Gontijo 2 hours ago
nice rice and beans
Magicikata 2 hours ago
For me the worst part about thoose eboys is that I actually like their style a lot but I wish I could understand why they are doing this type of content.
Mergalick 1990
Mergalick 1990 2 hours ago
Song at the beginning please?? Lol
Amaya Neravanda
Amaya Neravanda 2 hours ago
Kurtis you missed the perfect opportunity to get all emotional right before the sponsor segment
Roxxorz_VON_Soxxorz 2 hours ago
bruh i passed high school English with honours and still have no goddamn clue what that soft boy was trying to say. what does pontificate even mean???
treesters 2 hours ago
the boyfriend in this video looks like someone i used to go to school with who actually runs a couple channel with his girlfriend or whatever. this is too hilarious
mara patrick
mara patrick 2 hours ago
Im late! but more Dean videos plz :)
Joel Miller
Joel Miller 2 hours ago
"You divinky my winky"
Kat Blaque
Kat Blaque 2 hours ago
I've been to so many comedy shows where there's THIS GUY and they're just not funny. There's no joke. They just say offensive things and expect people to laugh. I'm not even offended as much as I'm annoyed they're wasting my time.
nxyah oof
nxyah oof 2 hours ago
i don’t understand why people make offensive jokes. they aren’t funny at all. i can’t stand people like that.
cee 2 hours ago
da vinky my vinky
Amaya Neravanda
Amaya Neravanda 2 hours ago
*gasp* Kurtis didnt say “except for that one time” ...CANCELLED :(
e 2 hours ago
fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite, kiss, drugs bro do u even fortnite