BluE Is hyper
BluE Is hyper 25 minutes ago
Playing this on co op on Xbox one really eats your frames.
Smeech 29 minutes ago
Why are people still arguing about graphics?! Bruh...they’re not releasing it this fall/winter anymore. Everyone chill. They delayed it for you dumbasses
DosingBrick 34 minutes ago
The atmosphere, aesethic and music is in this game is the best out of all of em imo.
Dr Muffin
Dr Muffin 56 minutes ago
If they are gonna remaster a halo game please remaster ODST
use_the teleporters
use_the teleporters Hour ago
Discover covid
Muffle Hour ago
you can literally make a battle royal with ODST troops and call it training. im not even joking lmao
_ NEGAN _ Hour ago
Dude... The Brute Chieftain looks like the vampire lord from elder scrolls online.
Darko Polo9r9
Darko Polo9r9 Hour ago
Rip😭😭😭😭😭 STAN LEE
Kingdom25 Hour ago
Really liked it, but the goti really threw me off
C. S. Matlock
C. S. Matlock Hour ago
Those first few notes of Deference of Darkness will always send a rush of cool nostalgic energy down my spine.
The Marquis
The Marquis Hour ago
I just want blood gulch back
Clay Hour ago
The graphics in halo 4 look better than this and how are they gonna logical explain why the masterchief is wearing halo 2 armour?
David Borhi
David Borhi 8 minutes ago
dude is complaining about graphics...and plays on console :p
eAtuR OaTs
eAtuR OaTs 13 minutes ago
@Clay ur deadass complaining about the graphics and armour?
Clay 17 minutes ago
@eAtuR OaTs are you serious?
eAtuR OaTs
eAtuR OaTs 29 minutes ago
Are you serious?
Legion Main
Legion Main Hour ago
Anyone wanna talk about how similar this is too Doom Eternal?
eAtuR OaTs
eAtuR OaTs 29 minutes ago
Its not doom tho
Pizza Do
Pizza Do 2 hours ago
This almost made me cry :'(
Dark_Wraith 2 hours ago
Is this connected to the previous game
eAtuR OaTs
eAtuR OaTs 29 minutes ago
sssweetnesss 2 hours ago
Shouldn’t all your effort be making halo infinite better since you guys literally delayed your main franchise for a next gen console rather than wasting time on games that already came out?
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 2 hours ago
I see no hope in this. " Discover hope", the trailer did the opposite
Benjamin Marston
Benjamin Marston 2 hours ago
Better not have the stupid f**king quit ban like in halo 5 Just got banned for a week cause I had to take my dog to the vet after he almost f**king died, so yea thanks banning me for saving my dog, you can stop pretending you don't do this
Young Blood
Young Blood 3 hours ago
*PAUSEEEEEE* What are this graphics ? Minecraft looks better with shaders then this
eAtuR OaTs
eAtuR OaTs 28 minutes ago
Shut up
GamerBacon100 3 hours ago
Young Blood
Young Blood 3 hours ago
Looks like Nintendo game
Young Blood
Young Blood 2 hours ago
@Jesús Afanador Minecraft with shaders look better then this
Young Blood
Young Blood 2 hours ago
@Jesús Afanador Yeah Sure dude
Jesús Afanador
Jesús Afanador 2 hours ago
Spiderman miles morales looks like nintendo game
RogueSpartan 285
RogueSpartan 285 3 hours ago
THIS GUY knows how to talk without sounding like an advertizer.
claming 27
claming 27 3 hours ago
My pp hard
Manga Addict 2
Manga Addict 2 3 hours ago
I lean back when the Brute is close up. Its like I can feel his breath hitting me.
Manga Addict 2
Manga Addict 2 3 hours ago
Please bring back Cortana, I hate this pilot guy. I dont want him to be the replacement Cortana.
eAtuR OaTs
eAtuR OaTs 28 minutes ago
Ur mom
uuuueber 3 hours ago
I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, I don’t want this dude to be in halo
Q-Tip 3 hours ago
Y’all didn’t need to hurt me like that
Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez 3 hours ago
Where we dropping bois
NovyNotNavi 4 hours ago
can anyone see what's in his visor?
Sir Sir
Sir Sir 5 hours ago
Feet first into Hell
MrSteamie 5 hours ago
I'm not in a super good place right now. I remembered a friend sending me this link a while ago and decided to listen and... Wow. It just pulls on you, draws out feeling and emotion from even the darkest, emptiest pits. I felt shivers course through me listening to this. I seldom get that from music. Thank you.
Joey Bearrunner
Joey Bearrunner 5 hours ago
God damn, beautiful.. If the heavens fell, we'd have these angels.
Francisco C
Francisco C 5 hours ago
Originally in endgame instead of captain marvel coming from the atmosphere it was supposed to be Master chief
Gerardo Alonso
Gerardo Alonso 6 hours ago
halo infinite was supposed to come out the same day as halo 4 on pc because its nothing compared to the other games on pc just a theory
Mr. Samuel Woodward
Mr. Samuel Woodward 6 hours ago
i am a simple man. i hear ODST music, i like.
Daniel Movsessian
Daniel Movsessian 6 hours ago
Does anyone else watch this daily? Or just me? LOL
Shane Holloway
Shane Holloway 3 hours ago
You are not alone
Kronix 6 hours ago
Sooooo two players one Xbox?
Anthony Scarlato
Anthony Scarlato 6 hours ago
Craig would be proud if he could hear this today.
jay peso
jay peso 7 hours ago
As a Sony guy I came back to view these graphics after the Sony lineup shown yesterday. This looks more next gen than anything Sony showcased.
Jairo Colômbo
Jairo Colômbo 7 hours ago
Where the meme was born kkkkk
Reignfall187 7 hours ago
that shit was garbage
Malone Brown ski
Malone Brown ski 7 hours ago
The birds wouldn’t chirp after the gunshots but I can live with it
Flamma 7 hours ago
honestly? luckly i got a friend whos only xbox i love halo its the reason why i bought 360 but the graphics feels like ps3 thats why ill go for ps5...
Gey Merr
Gey Merr 7 hours ago
i thought this is mobile game!!😂
eAtuR OaTs
eAtuR OaTs 26 minutes ago
@Gey Merr really not tho these graphics are better then bo3 graphics lol
Gey Merr
Gey Merr 3 hours ago
@Spartan Jameson Locke dude are you blind? btw it's hard to argue trash box fanboys these days!!!
Spartan Jameson Locke
Spartan Jameson Locke 7 hours ago
How exactly? And if you say graphics. Then I'm serious, you need your eyes checked. And then go look at a mobile game, and compare it to this.
J. 7 hours ago
I think Bungie should just take the title back 343 just keeps butchering the franchise and the decent parts they can only remaster rather then come up with something on their own.
Muffle Hour ago
isnt jospeh staten overseeing the development for halo infinite? that already sounds good enough.
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova 6 hours ago
Bungie won't do any better
Colonel Frost
Colonel Frost 8 hours ago
if 343 was going back to the more "classic" artstyle of halo, then why did they replace the magnum with this P250 generic modern warfare BULLSHIT!?
eAtuR OaTs
eAtuR OaTs 26 minutes ago
Its not a replacement dum dum
Fernando Herrera Garza
Fernando Herrera Garza 8 hours ago
Josh Boucher
Josh Boucher 9 hours ago
Loved the soundtrack to this game, truly had an amazing feel to it compared to the other games. Did a better job in my opinion of telling the gritty details of events glossed over by the big halo 3.
Purple Smoovi
Purple Smoovi 9 hours ago
Now this is epic though
Deep Inside
Deep Inside 9 hours ago
Anyone got an estimate for Halo 4's release?
WhiteTiger 9 hours ago
Fusions3789 9 hours ago
343 need to put more marines in the story
Christopher Doubiago
Christopher Doubiago 10 hours ago
RIP the sleepy Rookie
Lucas J
Lucas J 10 hours ago
Once the piano played... literal goosebumps Also, anyone else feel like some deep saucy radio host voice is about to welcome all you lovers out there to another Friday night love song request at the end? No? Just me? Okay 🚶
Umbra Lux
Umbra Lux 10 hours ago
"Your momma never loved you. And she dresses you funny!" - Mickey, IWHBYD.
Purple Smoovi
Purple Smoovi 10 hours ago
I played all halo games yet but not this
random edits
random edits 10 hours ago
Fuckin goosebumps man...
Durpy Dilo
Durpy Dilo 11 hours ago
A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad -Shigeru Miyamoto ( Indeed how I feel about Infinite, Also I may have not got the quote exactly correct. )
Mostly Pixels
Mostly Pixels 11 hours ago
MCC is now completed on PC! No more games to add. Not one.
RDSUnforgivable 11 hours ago
Why does it still look like a cartoon? Doom Eternal did the same thing, I want to play a videogame not a slot machine. Annd they copied eternal with the grapling gimmick, great.
Galaxy boy
Galaxy boy 16 minutes ago
@RDSUnforgivable it looks lie Halo CE, I dont see what the problem is other than textures and lighting.
RDSUnforgivable 7 hours ago
@Spartan Jameson Locke it's just all starting to look the same and gimmicky, and the game is super colorful and soo bright. I'm just sad man, I was so let down by halo 5 I was really hoping it would change but it just looks weird now
Spartan Jameson Locke
Spartan Jameson Locke 7 hours ago
Slot machine? What are you on about? And Doom did not invent the grappling hook.
Ijantzf 11 hours ago
Yeah, I'm going to buy the xbox and the playstation .
Project Zell
Project Zell 11 hours ago
Still taking credit for others work.
Ramiro Garcia
Ramiro Garcia 12 hours ago
Only og's will point out the fact that the game plays like odst with it's semi open world feel
Retsila47 12 hours ago
Gamers: Graphics don’t matter it’s about the content Also gamers: HAHA MONKEY
Armando Ocana
Armando Ocana 12 hours ago
Please tell me y'all are working on a ODST battle royale. Dropping in on a drop pod would literally be amazing
Hollow Sirens
Hollow Sirens 12 hours ago
Release Date-2009 it has been so long since it came out and I still love playing this game every now and then, the music baffles me by how great it fits it's story and design. Oof that piano tune around 0:50 and sax solo track insert what a nice duo ending.
diana shepherd
diana shepherd 13 hours ago
i kinda wish they had moved away from the strange little munchkin bad guys and just gone a more serious route.
Balerion The Black Dread
Balerion The Black Dread 12 hours ago
They should've went with the didact. This new villain sounds childish.
King Cease
King Cease 13 hours ago
ok so the graphics were SEVERLY over hyped. it looks the same, im a bit disappointed about that. the colors are a bit improved. i thought it would look more realist in general but it looks the same.
Will Angell
Will Angell 13 hours ago
Whether this game is a failure or not, we can not deny that they've captured the music. Beautiful.
Andy 13 hours ago
the Noir style was just thats creativity...miss bungie.
Nando Xd
Nando Xd 13 hours ago
el arbiter y ete mono son aliados? o entendi mal? xdxd
Mervin Zavaleta
Mervin Zavaleta 3 hours ago
Frost Thorne
Frost Thorne 13 hours ago
I wish we could have a city combat with Killzone Atmospheric vibes and halo elements, Darker and Sadder Halo
Gareth Gingell
Gareth Gingell 13 hours ago
Those smooth Jazz themes whilst patrolling the streets sending those Covvie SOBs on the great journey have come back FULL FORCE
Marissa Hickey
Marissa Hickey 13 hours ago
Honestly I could care less if they just used halo 3 graphics the gameplay is good that’s all I care about
TOXSKY WESITOS 13 hours ago
126 dislikes are from the covenant in new Mombasa
jonnygogo bravo
jonnygogo bravo 13 hours ago
I cant wait to play this I just replayed Halo still plays and looks awesome! guys have to try it on the one x.
Xx_Hana _Goldflower_xX
Xx_Hana _Goldflower_xX 13 hours ago
Nando Xd
Nando Xd 14 hours ago
the first time that i heard it, i teared up XD it gives me halo 1-3 vibes