New PS4 Games This Week
PlatiMonday - God Of War
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
Top 10 Best JRPGs On PS4
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
Jays For Days
Jays For Days 6 hours ago
I think they meant 14 voices Troy Baker can do that you don’t care about.
Vladio Schorsch
Vladio Schorsch 7 hours ago
Sekiro + Tenchu = Ghost Of 'Sushima
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin 7 hours ago
You guys need to stay away from racing games. This is a torture to watch
Sirish Gi
Sirish Gi 7 hours ago
Crosscode finally coming to ps4
possumshake 7 hours ago
Alright alright I'm sold. Geez
itsLynoZ 8 hours ago
Cod Modern Warfare,Minecraft,The Witcher 3 for August I hope
SneakyPiggy 8 hours ago
When is the big summer sale?
redhotchilialex 8 hours ago
Funny thing about those leves on the bridge is that you can't even call running on the ropes cheating because it is so tricky. If you managed to do one of those 100% on the ropes hats off.
Abdallah Ismail
Abdallah Ismail 8 hours ago
Christian Dave Hilario
Christian Dave Hilario 8 hours ago
Mein Leben still
Scott Patton
Scott Patton 8 hours ago
You said f1 is out today? No it isn't
Silent And strong
Silent And strong 8 hours ago
Who downvotes Rob!
Alex Soltys
Alex Soltys 9 hours ago
Haha Rob's Pes cup is something i would do. You just gotta love the stats in games
Tommy pallie
Tommy pallie 9 hours ago
Gran Turismo 1 demo is the best demo ever, you can put the real game in at some point and the real game is slightly different to the actual game somehow and the license times are reset so you can win all the prizes easily making their be more money to tune your first cars and not having to buy any cars!
Ironwind1972 9 hours ago
Imagine what this game could have been with a GTA V budget. It's already better in so many ways, but can you imagine??
Mk. Rowe
Mk. Rowe 9 hours ago
Sigh. All the same games from the last PSA video I watched.
Mk. Rowe
Mk. Rowe 9 hours ago
Further proof I'm not a hardcore gamer: the only one on this list I've even played is Jak 2 (and yes, I finished it). And yes, the first Jak & Daxter was easy. But NOT *too* easy...
charles farnsworth
charles farnsworth 10 hours ago
So I’m gonna age myself, there have been many games I’ve lost days to, However the very first game that came to MY mind was Castlevania 2 on the NES. I remember as a pre-teen getting up at 6am (I had to beat my sister, if she got to the TV before me I wasn’t gonna be gaming at all that day) and would play until bed (I ended up getting punished because I forgot to eat). However, if I played from 6am to about 10pm I could beat the game in a day.
Nia Gorgodze
Nia Gorgodze 10 hours ago
123 456
123 456 10 hours ago
Sony please. Make a new playstation all-stars!
TOBIN J. 10 hours ago
"shaving something silly in your corn"
Sam chris Christopher
Sam chris Christopher 10 hours ago
What is the new psplus games
Melanie Andrews
Melanie Andrews 11 hours ago
I loved the skit with Dave. Perfect.
Marwan Andaloucia
Marwan Andaloucia 11 hours ago
Because of you I got introduced to days gone I bought it like 1 week ago and just finished it omg what an amazing game worth the money very emotional especially that scene with boozer to iron mike camp what a fabulous scene with that music 🎶 again rob thank you and hope they do days gone 2
Massimo Aiello
Massimo Aiello 11 hours ago
Beautiful commentary. I just finished the game tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so many emotions at the same time, especially contradicting ones. I think the game broke me. But I absolutely loved it.
Cody Meche
Cody Meche 11 hours ago
If I wanted to could switch between honorable and dishonorable? Like one minute fight honorable and the next not?
thetumescent 12 hours ago
Personal opinion: I expected the game to be good, I didn't expect it to be important.
AdonisIsBeast 12 hours ago
VixDiesel 12 hours ago
Hearing Rob say NASCAR is a bit weird. Lol.
James Gowan
James Gowan 12 hours ago
Dark Souls... tried 😢 but could not beat the 4 Kings on NG+++ (4th game) so I gave up the dream
Ethan Burns
Ethan Burns 12 hours ago
“Fallout 4... The LATEST of Bethesda’s post apocalyptic RPG series” love how he just pretends like Fallout 76 never happened😂🤣 I wish it never did either😂🤣
Goodblueboy62 13 hours ago
It took me a whole 2 months too figure out you can look a hidden trophys because you couldn't on ps3 so i thought you couldn't on ps4
Jesse Tillman
Jesse Tillman 13 hours ago
Erica....that game is pretty interesting so far..
mike stumm
mike stumm 13 hours ago
feels so good to say i got one of these trophies; multi-tasking battlefront 2
Player One Extras
Player One Extras 14 hours ago
since ps1 i have always felt wrapped is more easy or maybe i have played n finished many times compare to crash 1 n 2
BRazor92 14 hours ago
These lap times are insane. I just celebrated winning Roo’s Tubes on hard, and her time was 4 seconds faster than mine. And I had an Aku Aku mask on lap 2.
Scorpodile 14 hours ago
#8 When you suddenly remember a game you haven't played in years and spend countless hours replaying/listening to soundtrack. #9 (kind of like #8) When you get tears of joy every time you hear the music.
Andrew Waites
Andrew Waites 14 hours ago
That is why I love my new ps4 pro
Daniel Blank
Daniel Blank 14 hours ago
Next week is where it’s at, can’t wait for July 17th.
John Cline
John Cline 15 hours ago
ninjamonk3y1987 16 hours ago
Proud owner of the olli olli 2 platinum, only game that resulted in my controllers thumb sticks literally ripping off but I got it
Game Drive
Game Drive 16 hours ago
Are Crossroad and Bloodline FREE to download?
Stranded Alien
Stranded Alien 16 hours ago
10th year Anniversary and we get Erica, wow, no free games for me this month, already have TR.
IrishDevilMan 16 hours ago
Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2 releases Fri 10th of July. Surprised it didn't get a mention in the video.
Carl Maris
Carl Maris 16 hours ago
Best way to kill Ruby weapon is use Hades and knighrs of the round
Jayson Randle
Jayson Randle 17 hours ago
Literally weeb assassins creed im 100% pre ordering this
Shane O'Brien
Shane O'Brien 17 hours ago
Has anyone ever got all of there games taken of off they're library but could still get it on the ps store
GrandSupremeDaddyo 17 hours ago
I can't think of a game I've ever been less interested in than NBA 2K20.
Troy Green
Troy Green 17 hours ago
14:10 - 14:25 is just fantastic. Here's to emptying one's " rage sack" too soon.
kidefro 17 hours ago
This game is going to be so sick. I can't wait
Antonio Sanichar
Antonio Sanichar 17 hours ago
I’m guessing this list has no order, but personally I would remove a few and put bloodborne and nier on this list, especially bloodborne
Matty 17 hours ago
even if this was 3 months ago i hope he can do it, such a good platinum to have and it will be worth it to show it off to rob after all the time he rubbed in you once having 0 platinums
Troy Green
Troy Green 17 hours ago
This stream was lights out!
David Brumels
David Brumels 17 hours ago
I'm not a Marvel fan, but that Iron Man game looks fun.
Mark Cox
Mark Cox 17 hours ago
🤦🏻‍♂️ bias that would make ign proud.
Troy Green
Troy Green 17 hours ago
Great stream. Very organic in nature. Like that it was impromptu and the use of the chat to guide the quests was a great touch. This was very entertaining.
naruto hokage
naruto hokage 18 hours ago
I miss nathan😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Caldera Records
Caldera Records 18 hours ago
3:23 - NANI!
HyX-Man 18 hours ago
Superliminal is such an amazing game and it will literally melt your brain :D
Stanetti Els
Stanetti Els 18 hours ago
I can’t play NASCAR. Listening to a mob of slack-jawed yokels?? No thanks.
Stanetti Els
Stanetti Els 18 hours ago
I can’t play NASCAR. Listening to a bunch of slack-jawed yokels bellowing down the mic??? You can almost smell the incest. No thanks.
Stanetti Els
Stanetti Els 18 hours ago
“Ga Raj.”???? No, Robert, it’s ga ridge. We are British, here, not yanks.
Goran Maksimovic
Goran Maksimovic 18 hours ago
Sushima...for those of us who speak Japanese it is so painfull to hear this...:(
Goblin Princess
Goblin Princess 18 hours ago
So it’s a work of fiction? And I thought it was a documentary
Bruce Crump
Bruce Crump 18 hours ago
Ninja Gaiden Black on original xbox was the only git gud game I've beaten lol
trey kenneth
trey kenneth 18 hours ago
AC3 remastered is free too.
Epicslasher bobbobbobbobob
Epicslasher bobbobbobbobob 18 hours ago
i dont even have a ps4 but i still watch these lol
Moothu Jackson
Moothu Jackson 19 hours ago
I'll only need the left stick to play Nascar
BrikWall02 19 hours ago
has anyone else gotten all three platinum trophies?
Spencer Carter
Spencer Carter 19 hours ago
How do you play as Clyde the murder pig? I looked up and down the internet on which peyote plant it is, but can’t find it
levi stark
levi stark 19 hours ago
This game is sooooooo damn underrated
Good Sloth
Good Sloth 19 hours ago
I see Sly Cooper, i like
Mary Jo Joslyn
Mary Jo Joslyn 19 hours ago
when you go in that 7th gear corner never go for inside kerb
BigBoss 20 hours ago
what happened to Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris? thats coming this friday
BattlefrontCommunityStreamz 20 hours ago
Nascar Heat 5 not Nascar Heart 5, just a small mistake in the description.
Ultima MIc
Ultima MIc 20 hours ago
Tik Tok = CCP = ChiNAZIs 👹
HEw .Y
HEw .Y 20 hours ago
Michael Coffey
Michael Coffey 20 hours ago
@Rob and the Playstation Access crew thanks for the new games wrap up. Sword Art Online is looking very very good.
Jack Lotz
Jack Lotz 20 hours ago
Mike will be excited for tao of these games.
Epsilon Eagle
Epsilon Eagle 21 hour ago
"All of these new games are our games of the generation." - Playstation Access
Chris XX
Chris XX 21 hour ago
Superliminal looks amazing
FieryWings 21 hour ago
What about that "Nathan's daily thoughts" video that was released earlier today for a short while. It was removed before i could see and i was really curious as to what it was about. Maybe someone saw it? Or will it be released later on?
shimon banana
shimon banana 21 hour ago
there was a time where on a small tv in watch dogs 2 you could see assasins creed trailer, dont know if it teased a game or not but it sure was nice to see
Karlos 21 hour ago
A bit late it’s now Wednesday !! awesome content anyway 👍😉
Pvt. Prinny
Pvt. Prinny 21 hour ago
Hoping for some sort of collection preferably in physical format of curse of the moon 1 and 2
Aaron Barragan
Aaron Barragan 21 hour ago
I just bought the game, is “High road” and “Road to nowhere” the same?
Aaron Barragan
Aaron Barragan 18 hours ago
martina thanks
martina 18 hours ago
no, but they have the same "scenario", but high road is more difficult than road to nowhere ;;
Rifqy Resdianto
Rifqy Resdianto 21 hour ago
No love for anime game (?) 🤔
Urek 21 hour ago
God damn it, i thought the combat was like ultimate ninja. Turn based combat whyyyy...? :/
Mohammed Alibrahim
Mohammed Alibrahim 21 hour ago
I know I am late here but I achieved the platinum for METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS on May 20, 2019.
Ryan Ungerbuhler
Ryan Ungerbuhler 22 hours ago
This game was awesome but I wish their was a platinum for it like what the hell talking about remains of edith fintch
Hynotama 22 hours ago
No. It should have included the second game and an upscaled version of the PSP game. The rest is all perfect.
Yunior Gamboa
Yunior Gamboa 22 hours ago
Horizon Zero Dawn is such a magical game Is one of those games that reminds you why you love playing games in the 1st place
John Magkas
John Magkas 22 hours ago
guys i got 20 eu on my account and im thinking to buy a horror game, im not familiar with them tbh, last i played was Darkwood on pc (which i had a blast playing) im thinking Resident evil 7 or 2 . RE7 is 10eu right now on sale and Re2 usually goes for 20. what do u think? thanks :)
Abdullah Abu Radwan
Abdullah Abu Radwan 22 hours ago
Almost 2 millions subscribers
James MOORES 22 hours ago
Who in their right mind would play nascar heat. Drive around a glorified doughnut
Silent And strong
Silent And strong 8 hours ago
Maybe fake Bubba publicity stunt?
Road to Dawn
Road to Dawn 22 hours ago
Superliminal looks awesome O.o And Curse of the Moon 2 out in just 2 days?! YES.
Sid Ruzicka
Sid Ruzicka 22 hours ago
LSD goes great with Everything 👍
Kamran Siddiqui
Kamran Siddiqui 22 hours ago
1st of all Nathan is best for new games announcement video and Rob for Friday Features I'll give this F1 a chance
bdpchamp 22 hours ago
I feel like they haven’t done nearly a good enough job at promoting this game. Barely any trailers, only one real showcase of gameplay in the last year, not enough information on the game put out, and we’re only a week away from release ! For anyone who doesn’t regularly follow game news, they likely don’t even know this game exists