New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
Cuphead - PS4 Gameplay
New PS4 Games This Week
Top 10 Best PSVR Games
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
PlatiMonday - Crash Bandicoot
New PS4 Games This Week
PlatiMonday - God Of War
New PS4 Games This Week
New PS4 Games This Week
Timmy P
Timmy P 3 minutes ago
By now I’ve got my “hello” impression of Rob down pretty good actually I have an impression of Rob you’ll just have to take my word for it lol
darkmirror21 7 minutes ago
Man, i swear, all of us who knew of Creative Business III cheered so much when we saw it. Honestly, at first, I thought it was gonna be a trailer of new FFXIV expac because it looks very similar to FFXIV trailers for new expacs. that and a dragoon is floor tanking again lol. but honestly, because of how expensive ps5 is here in aus (ya, that 499 for the disc version? that's bloody 750 here but i digress) i'm just waiting on whichever comes out first - horizon or ffxvi.
Koa5191 9 minutes ago
But i love Smoff.......Smoag/Smoog/Smaowg.
Rattyfus 11 minutes ago
If the combat in FFXIV is anything like FFXIV, rather than FFXV, then I will be stoked. Otherwise this list is all hack and slash with cool visuals. Anyone for Harry Potter??
Galahad 97
Galahad 97 25 minutes ago
1. God of war Ragnarok 2. Cyberpunk2077 3. Miles Morales 4. Godfall 5. Demon Souls 6. Horizon Forbidden West 7. Resident Evil
Chaz Drain
Chaz Drain 27 minutes ago
If I can play them right now would be Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man miles morales, god of war 2 or 5. Depending on how you look at it. Haha and Horizon Forbidden West.
Logan Erickson
Logan Erickson 35 minutes ago
I relate to Rob (having too many games and books to keep up with) far too much.
Kaarina Polly
Kaarina Polly 46 minutes ago
1st Miles morales 2nd Gotham 3rd ragnarok 4th Hogwarts 5th Horizon 6th suicide squad 7th final fantasy
Robert Bynes
Robert Bynes Hour ago
Final Fantasy 16 and God of war 5 for Me.
Bat Panda
Bat Panda Hour ago
RE1-3 OG I almost memorized all their lines, my childhood games 😍😍😍
Liam Dillon
Liam Dillon Hour ago
God of war and hogwarts hands down
TU zeny
TU zeny Hour ago
Ps5 games i'm gonna enjoy at launch :demon motherfuckin souls/MM/sackboy/destruction and astro !!! And then gow /horizon 2/RC/gt7/returnal/ghostwire /deathloop/ff16 !!! We ps fans are eating good !!!
didley 413
didley 413 Hour ago
1 hogwarts end off
acme3drevit Hour ago
No love for spider man and that's coming at launch
John Flynn
John Flynn Hour ago
I've NEVER PLAYED A RESIDENT EVIL GAME but really want to play resident evil village.. Do I need to have played the others? 🙄
Jermaine Stewart
Jermaine Stewart Hour ago
God of War 2 Horizon: Forbidden West Hogwart's Legacy Demon Souls Spiderman: Miles Morales Little Devils Inside Scarlett Nexus
Sigurður Pétur
Sigurður Pétur Hour ago
GOD OF WAR: RAGNARRÖK Everything else just comes in secondary
AoE Memes
AoE Memes 2 hours ago
Timmah200 2 hours ago
I'm desperate to get my hands on a PS5. Thanks sold-out preorders.....ugh.
minxii mayhem
minxii mayhem 2 hours ago
I streamed all 3 remastered on mixer before it shut down but now the new crash bandicoot 4 pre-order came with a demo and its RIDICULOUS!! they stepped up their game for sure!
Iñaki Alvarez
Iñaki Alvarez 2 hours ago
For me my 3 NO-NOs are: 1- No more than 3 playthroughs 2- Not a lot of time-consuming Multiplayer trophies (ie: reach level 25 in Multiplayer or Do 10 Co-op missions that no one likes) 3- If a Platinum trophy means changing the way you play the game in general (Like Beyond Two Souls or Heavy Rain in which you need to make specific choices)
Hezekiah Joseph
Hezekiah Joseph 2 hours ago
Project Athia & Final Fantasy 16.
sam the coins master
sam the coins master 2 hours ago
Resident evil 8
krazeesk8r 2 hours ago
Anyone notice how ps4 didn’t have them both playing. Couch co op is rare
Guilty Universe
Guilty Universe 2 hours ago
The 7 games I can't wait for on PS5 (In no particular order) Spider-Man: Miles Morales Cyberpunk 2077 Horizon II: Forbidden West Demon's Souls Godfall Final Fantasy XVI Resident Evil VIII: Village Side note: I didn't think it would be fair to put Bugsnax on here 7 times.
Haz Melz
Haz Melz 2 hours ago
Great video!
Sandi Morrow
Sandi Morrow 2 hours ago
Hogwarts & Stray
Jerry Kome
Jerry Kome 3 hours ago
People say his room is still under construction
Dan Hodson
Dan Hodson 3 hours ago
Play has no limits, unless you want to pre-order one 🤔😠
broms316 3 hours ago
Want to pre order? Nope sorry, just missed out. Please hold.
Jasgaba 3 hours ago
ffxvi, resi8, horizon2, hogwarts legacy, ac valhalla
Lucy Jain
Lucy Jain 3 hours ago
I don't need anymore my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Joseph Simpson
Joseph Simpson 3 hours ago
_Horizon Forbidden West_ _Star Wars: Squadrons_ _LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga_ _Stray_ _Demon's Souls_ _Spider-Man: Miles Morales_ _God of War: Ragnarok_ _Hogwarts Legacy_
Gilbert 3 hours ago
I love CG cut scenes.
Deznolut 3 hours ago
Im excited for deathloop
Stephen Faulkenberry
Stephen Faulkenberry 3 hours ago
Rosie: <attempts to expand her LOTR knowledge... delves to deep> Rob: When we make it back to the office, I don't care if we have 50 Tuesday checklists to get through, or a huge joint stream backlog of PS5 first party titles to tackle - we are all sitting down to watch LOTR extended until Rosie can quote them as well as PaRappa.
wisemoon40 3 hours ago
You picked some good ones! But what about the game where you play a little cat in a world of robots? Can't recall the name of it but it looked cool. Also the one where there's the little girl and the giant mech/robot protector and they somehow leap into space?? But yeah, FF16, Horizon Forbidden West, Kena Bridge of Spirits are all good ones. Another one of the ones I'm excited about is Project Athia. And who could forget God of War: Ragnarok?? So, SO much goodness to come. Gives us hope that the future will be better than 2020 has been.
MRyouT2be 3 hours ago
“For some reason there are tortoises up here” hahahaha Couple of my hardest were collecting gems in Piston It Away CB2 & getting the gem and relic in F***ing Mad Bombers CB3
C.L. Visions
C.L. Visions 3 hours ago
Sorry but cyberpunk literally releases when ps5 releases in UK how on earth did you not even mention it
batwing mk26
batwing mk26 3 hours ago
this is robs list of ps5 games . And I think cyber punk is releasing first on ps4 and then later on on ps5 .
Danny heinsius
Danny heinsius 3 hours ago
At door Dash... The door That is open ... Is Slightly smaller then the other Doors.. Its a Tiny differens
Darrell G
Darrell G 3 hours ago
Seriously No Cyberpunk 2077!? 🥺
batwing mk26
batwing mk26 3 hours ago
Darrell G
Darrell G 3 hours ago
@batwing mk26 Oh true. CP2077 will get a free PS5 upgrade, but I guess its starting off as a PS4 game.
batwing mk26
batwing mk26 3 hours ago
I think cyber punk is releasing on ps4 first and then later on the ps5 . This is robs lists of ps5 games
Scott Rodie
Scott Rodie 4 hours ago
I really hope the combat is more VIIR than XV
Jonathan SN
Jonathan SN 4 hours ago
Demons souls 16 GOW hzd2 harry potter
KO_ EN 4 hours ago
My list is: 1: God of war: Ragnarok 2: Gotham Knights 3: Spider-Man:Miles Morales 4: Suicide Squad: kill the justice league 5: Demon Souls 6: Final Fantasy XVI 7: Horizon Forbidden West
rayeasom 4 hours ago
GT7, Valhalla, HFW, GOW Ragnorak, that’s about it for now.
Crk A
Crk A 4 hours ago
I want to play Gta 6 on ps5 🥰
Just Some Guy without a goatee
Just Some Guy without a goatee 4 hours ago
Nioh 2 is one of the best games I’ve played
Graham Stewart
Graham Stewart 4 hours ago
I just wanna know I can get the console at launch.
barneydave2001 4 hours ago
can i have all 7 final fantasy xvi
Szymon Trzoska
Szymon Trzoska 4 hours ago
Cyberpunk 2077 :-)
Daniel Carvalho
Daniel Carvalho 4 hours ago
It's the first time I didn't felt anything for a new FF trailer. Even XV, that totally fooled me with the final product, had a convincing trailer. But XVI looks like all the money is going to VII-2 (thankfully). The characters are too generic and their movements are too robotic. XIV engine is very good for a ps3 mmo but it is clearly obsolete now. And the combat looks like it will gonna be exactly like XV, a two buttons hack and slash. After playing VIIR with that awesome combat system, it's hard to go back to this. For those who waited 8 years thinking that Agni's Philosophy was the next main FF, this is disappointing in every way.
AdoomiTV 4 hours ago
People who have played knows when the track at 3:10 plays... saddest moment ever
Nixon Garner
Nixon Garner 4 hours ago
Wheres Spider-Man !
Joseph Bayford
Joseph Bayford 5 hours ago
Rob just owning the "right soon" phrase now 😂
x919 5 hours ago
DoctorObviously 5 hours ago
My picks 2010: Bioshock 2 / Civ V / Call of Duty Black Ops (SP) 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution / Skyrim / WH40K Space Marine 2012: Hotline Miami / Max Payne 3 / Vessel 2013: DMC Devil May Cry / The Wolf Among Us / Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs 2014: Wolfenstein: The New Order / The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 2015: MGSV / Grow Home 2016: DOOM / Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (SP) / Firewatch 2017: Pyre / Gorogoa / Resident Evil VIII 2018: Return of the Obra Dinn / HITMAN 2 / Crash N. Sane Trilogy 2019: Eastshade / RAGE 2 / A Plague Tale: Innocence Top 3 of the decade: DOOM / MGSV / Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The Crazed gamer
The Crazed gamer 5 hours ago
Definitely God of war Ragnarok. First was epic and I’ve got a feeling the sequel will be even better.
TheJegkkon 5 hours ago
Boy did Sony mess up the pre orders.....
Daniel Gibson
Daniel Gibson 5 hours ago
Resident Evil Village Dragon Age 4 Final Fantasy 16 Persona 5 Scramble Almost forgot, but Resident Evil 4
Houdine Loveridge
Houdine Loveridge 5 hours ago
As the video continued, a looming feeling came over me "God of war isn't on this list is it, surely it'll be entry 7... but what about horizon zero dawn...?"
spider hulk 26
spider hulk 26 3 hours ago
He put god of war 2 like a bonus entry when he first uploaded it (it was at the end )
spider hulk 26
spider hulk 26 4 hours ago
This is a reupload. Rob did put god of war : ragnarok on the list when he first uploaded it . But it's not on this list for some reason
Anthony Malachowski
Anthony Malachowski 5 hours ago
M Psylocke
M Psylocke 5 hours ago
Big D
Big D 5 hours ago
Hoping I'm not the only one that with the medieval atmosphere, what looks like knights and the mention of "Arthur" to immediately think "knights of the round summon"
La Forza
La Forza 5 hours ago
Fingers crossed FFXVI gets a limited edition PS5 console
Rob Fish
Rob Fish 5 hours ago
I want to see Silent Hill game play.
hunter affleck
hunter affleck 5 hours ago
Well at least Demons Souls Remake and I believe Jett the Far Shore is also launching with the PS5 . Which of course there you go you get to play those at launch . And I think GT 7 and Ratchet and Clank, and Returnal might actually be coming alot earlier than people think . There was like box art leaked for it . Hopefully it's not fake . The ones on IGN for demons souls and Sackboy and Destruction Allstars and Spiderman Miles Morales were the same as the ones on the stores for best buy and Walmart right now . And the other games were mentioned in that list too . Hoping the other games are coming in a few months . I'm hyped for Returnal . I need to see more on that game .
Arthur Brandon Nielsen
Arthur Brandon Nielsen 5 hours ago
I hope they don't make the same mistake as XV and end up putting the true ending in a book. I wanted that showdown in the game, Square!
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet 5 hours ago
Square head talking about Squaresoft.
Oliver Purdy
Oliver Purdy 5 hours ago
I’m personally very much looking forward to Demon Souls - From the huge Souls/Bourne Fan
Zote The Mighty's 57 Precepts
Zote The Mighty's 57 Precepts 5 hours ago
All I want to do is play Demons Souls. But Elden Ring?
Viktor Reznov
Viktor Reznov 5 hours ago
After years of listening to Rob talk about Final Fantasy, I finally gave in and bought FF7 remake and am absolutely loving every second of it. Idk why I didn't give this series a go earlier, one more series I can be excited for!
Ferrari King
Ferrari King 5 hours ago
I am looking forward to all those games but God of War, Demon Souls and Horizon Zero Dawn.
Ashoraim Orakzai
Ashoraim Orakzai 5 hours ago
My hype list in no particular order 1:Horizon forbidden West 2:spider man miles.... 3:God of war ragnarok 4: Resident evil 8 5:FFXVII 6:COD Cold war 7:Fill this one for me with your top one......
ray johnson
ray johnson 5 hours ago
Another final fantasy??? Bet he had to change his pants ( if u know what I mean) 🤣
Bret Schaefer
Bret Schaefer 5 hours ago
I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
richcall1001 5 hours ago
Ones I want now Horizon Forbidden West God Of War Ragnarok Resi 8 FF16
tenzingnamgyal6 5 hours ago
So god of war Ragnarok is not exciting 🤦‍♂️
spider hulk 26
spider hulk 26 4 hours ago
This is a reupload. Rob did put it on the list when he first uploaded it . But it's not on this list for some reason . It was like a bonus entry when he first uploaded it (it was in the end )
spider hulk 26
spider hulk 26 4 hours ago
It is exciting
R0D3R1CKV10L3NC3 5 hours ago
How is the God of War sequel not on this list? That would be my 1, 3, 5, and 7, with 2, 4 and 6 being FFXVI
Nipple Johnston
Nipple Johnston 5 hours ago
I agree, hype.
Jay Color
Jay Color 5 hours ago
The nostalgia