Garfield Carlyde D'Monte
Garfield Carlyde D'Monte 59 minutes ago
We need aggression, passion, consistency. We need someone to emulate Vidic and Rio partnership. I am happy with the attacking pentagon ( Marcus, Martial, Mason, Pogba and Bruno)
Alex Platt
Alex Platt Hour ago
Kingra 90
Kingra 90 Hour ago
As manchester united we only achieve transfer sagas
Jaspal Chutto
Jaspal Chutto Hour ago
Get Sanchooooo
Jayant Calla
Jayant Calla Hour ago
Hope to win tomorrow
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams Hour ago
Ole looks unhappy and ole never stumbles when answering questions 😪😔😔
J’ Aquarium
J’ Aquarium Hour ago
Joke of a club
Bramsurya Hour ago
Ommaviy TV
Ommaviy TV Hour ago
Sancho must
Pranay Kapoor
Pranay Kapoor Hour ago
Sign sancho
Karan Dawani
Karan Dawani Hour ago
Glazers out Woodward out
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral Hour ago
Love Ole😍
Chris Chau
Chris Chau Hour ago
Sancho in, Ole in Glazers out, Woodward out
Wout Gaming
Wout Gaming Hour ago
Sing some players you frauds new season same bullshit
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas Hour ago
I’ve always seen ole really calm in an interview but just from a what is success this year question he’s flummoxed because he’s not getting the support he needs.
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Hour ago
Ole's impression says it all. We going for a long season
Myst Vlogs
Myst Vlogs Hour ago
Bartz SR-851
Bartz SR-851 Hour ago
Glazers out!!!!! Love Rashy's goal BTW
Brighton Basiyawo
Brighton Basiyawo Hour ago
I don't see Sancho
두둥탁 Hour ago
If I have time to edit these things, I will try to advance the deal even a little bit.
S.L.M 86
S.L.M 86 Hour ago
Topan Petra
Topan Petra Hour ago
11 R.G ❤
Ethan Chan
Ethan Chan Hour ago
No one cares now Liverpool gets Thiago sign , Sancho!!! GLAZERS OUT!!!
Kamran 7
Kamran 7 Hour ago
If only sancho could have a opening day goal
Rocky Rampersad
Rocky Rampersad Hour ago
Ed Woodward is busy lookin for his next Potato Chip sponsor while our rivals upgrade their squads significantly. I've been a fan of this club for over 22 years of my life I'm now 27 years old an I've never seen tings run so badly at the club. Its depressing, heart wrenching to see the club I love faulter while our rivals invest heavily into their squads.
Sasheel Karthik
Sasheel Karthik Hour ago
And what's the reporters name.. The guy who asked Ole about snchi and greenwood?
Ardiko Jr
Ardiko Jr Hour ago
Robin Van Persie 🤟🏻
emp Hour ago
개멋있다; 근데 이것뿐이였음 진짜 이것뿐..
adnan khalil
adnan khalil Hour ago
no one cares stop with all this PR nonsense and sign sancho
Siddhesh Prakash
Siddhesh Prakash Hour ago
ole is in shambles after this season's transfer window
bai baihe
bai baihe Hour ago
The club does not like that we’ve been voicing our frustration, SMD!!!
ike ghost mode
ike ghost mode Hour ago
Yo I will feel so bad for him because one or two or even three of our best players could get injured at the same time and we will be literally dead from then, we need a decent bench right now more than ever
Sasheel Karthik
Sasheel Karthik Hour ago
SAF always protected his players, from the press especially.. Ever since he left no United Manger has actually done that.. Glad Ole is standing up and protecting greenwood...
Nicole Rodgers
Nicole Rodgers Hour ago
glazers and Woodward out!!!! shame on them for not giving OLE the tools he needs. best group of players bar a few deadwood who won't go away but, now was the time to strengthen and what do they do? NOTHING!!!! Protest and organizations between fans need to come to fruition. Time for action is now. We got your back Ole!!!
elndolz Hour ago
Ammiel Mutengu
Ammiel Mutengu Hour ago
He just called Mason Greenwood a kid lol
Neal C
Neal C Hour ago
He's so careful with his words. He's under a lot of stress. He's at conflict with the spineless board. He's stuttering with every answer. He has to answer the media for the board's incompetence.
Matthew aspbury
Matthew aspbury Hour ago
Gana be another sad season😢
SSD Abel
SSD Abel Hour ago
sign someone ffs
xS4M1x Hour ago
Please sign sancho you twats
X Hour ago
Watched the whole video 27 times and didn’t skip the adds so we get sancho funds
kevin White
kevin White Hour ago
Really looking forward to game and love Donny signing but what a farce of a window from board and Woodward FARCE!!
Rohit Bapat
Rohit Bapat Hour ago
Why Ingrid is always last.
Just no
Just no Hour ago
As a Barca fan here is some players man united should sign this season with their HUGE amount of money "rb : dest , lb telles , lcb upecameno, rw : demble
X Hour ago
Sign sancho and telles
Ash Rowland mufc
Ash Rowland mufc Hour ago
Sancho sancho sancho..
maïga Hour ago
When our manager can't say we will challenge for the league, we've lost it
Jayant Calla
Jayant Calla Hour ago
BoxerShark Hour ago
Cancel contracts of the deadwood free some room in the squad and the wage bill to get some quality in.
Manchester united ethiopian fans
Manchester united ethiopian fans Hour ago
ኢትዮጵያዊ አለ
xSMOKEx Hour ago
The Beckham goal was sick asf.......A few years later, my friends didn't wanna play FIFA with me anymore and called it a welfare goal because I could score it at will! 🤣
alvindsouza PWR
alvindsouza PWR Hour ago
Ole knows we wnt make anymore signings and also knows we wnt challenge for the title ... just fight to finish 3rd or 4th as usual
Joze Johnson
Joze Johnson Hour ago
Ed Woodward and glazers out!!!!!
Suyash Tyagi
Suyash Tyagi Hour ago
I can just say one thing to fellow utd fans, dont spread so much negativity everywhere that we didn't sign many players this summer, let's back our players and manager and be positive going into the season , we can all remember what happened when the same environment was created in the 2018/19 season, so rather than complaining lets be happy to see the players back and back em
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley Hour ago
Can't wait for tomorrow! Come On United!
Yvan Sainathan
Yvan Sainathan Hour ago
The social media managers run this channel, not the glazers! Stop spamming "glazers out" already!
master mari
master mari Hour ago
Love you guys
F Chowdhury
F Chowdhury Hour ago
Yeah we don’t care😐
Gav G 89 II UKTV II Hour ago
Heartbreak FM 😢
Konn M.
Konn M. Hour ago
This man is gonna choke and die trying to cover up for his employers incompetence in achieving their transfer targets
Upa Dutt
Upa Dutt Hour ago
Glazers Out
I Nyoman Tri Indra Kusuma Wijaya
I Nyoman Tri Indra Kusuma Wijaya Hour ago
Remember that name "BECKHAM"
Messi Vs ronaldo
Messi Vs ronaldo Hour ago
Messi Vs ronaldo
Messi Vs ronaldo Hour ago
Sweet Priyanka Chopra
Sweet Priyanka Chopra Hour ago
The hottest game in the world
Taewoo Koo
Taewoo Koo Hour ago
Poor ole.. his whole body gestures tell it
Dead inside
Dead inside Hour ago
shes fake shes blond shes the media rep of utd. here to share the lies and proganda. doesnt matter what you say now ole cos the rest of DONT BELIEVE ANYMORE, not after a summer like that. im cancelling my mutv right now
mp_Daggar Hour ago
John Kealy
John Kealy Hour ago
Great manager with his hands tied by an appalling board! Americans have no appreciation of the history of United! To them the club is only a gravy train! Get them out!!!!
Blackman Arthur
Blackman Arthur Hour ago
Yu need post that goal of Aston Villa too in 2020 opening goal 😎🤓
Kavita Mishra
Kavita Mishra Hour ago
Glazers out
يلا اقتصاد
يلا اقتصاد Hour ago
❤❤❤ Becks ❤❤❤
romario francis
romario francis Hour ago
Ole needs to be more forceful with woodward and the owners to get in players
David de gea
David de gea Hour ago
everyone dislike in protest
Hour ago
love from Japan
minoxho 4
minoxho 4 Hour ago
Why don't you have a Rooney overhead goal in Manchester City?
MOhamed Essa
MOhamed Essa Hour ago
Glazers Out Out Out
Fuad Shahriar
Fuad Shahriar Hour ago
Beckham at his best.....master class long ranger.....just mind blowing.....😲😲
Iput Pradiko
Iput Pradiko Hour ago
Glazzers Out...