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emily the unicorn
emily the unicorn Hour ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: 9 mill people when they see nothing on their home page: aight imma click that
VittositoHD Hour ago
Sponsoring yourself is such a power move.
Lucas Zacarias
Lucas Zacarias Hour ago
Ok, bummer
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Hour ago
This is the best video on USshow
gg ez
gg ez Hour ago
They didn't show the reactions of the people when they realize that the ritual is fake, that's what I'm waiting for.
Robert McFadden
Robert McFadden Hour ago
I just wanna point out that Michael could've easily made this 10 minutes but didn't. Respect
Rick Rhone
Rick Rhone Hour ago
i dont know if we are imagining that we are smarter and wiser than the generations previous. we literally HAVE gotten smarter
Lem V
Lem V Hour ago
I'll have to rewatch this at least 10 times to understand 90%.
Tai Man Chan
Tai Man Chan Hour ago
Me after watching this episode: *THE WHOLE REAL IS FAKE!!!*
eggdog Hour ago
frogster eighteeng
frogster eighteeng Hour ago
Michael's intro to derivatives & integral in linear equations.
Shamer Zaihan
Shamer Zaihan Hour ago
So we are all related to buddha, jesus,hitler and donald trump.
pi Hour ago
no one: vsauce: *answers simple but overcomplicated questions*
Rick Rhone
Rick Rhone Hour ago
god Michael, im so glad you exist and make these videos. dont stay away for so long this time.
Victor Alarcon
Victor Alarcon Hour ago
This video is responsible for my opinion of time travel movies. It's a huge space travel to 'go back' or forwards in time. Even the most sophisticated time travel movies (i.e. Primer) don't take this into account. Thank you for this red pill...
Raphael Ewen
Raphael Ewen Hour ago
Hes speaking the language of the gods
Satori! Hour ago
Imma include playing in my workout routine.
Türken Yeşiltepe
Türken Yeşiltepe Hour ago
Sparsha Bhattacharjee
Sparsha Bhattacharjee Hour ago
1:36 no thats exactly what my butt looks like
Minx Fur
Minx Fur Hour ago
Right now my left nostril is doing more
jay cartwright
jay cartwright Hour ago
0:27 my home city in lincoln
Дмитрий Киселёв
Дмитрий Киселёв Hour ago
At least we all can agree that green is not a creative colour
Christopher Andrew
Christopher Andrew Hour ago
This just makes my brain hurt
Fred Bacon
Fred Bacon Hour ago
This is a very good way to explain integrals and Riemann's sum in a simpler way.
Mister Bag
Mister Bag Hour ago
That's still not as hot as texas
Goldacid Animations
Goldacid Animations Hour ago
In case anyone wants to, search up K93zcgFsynk when you want to search this up. Edit: it works
Voidz Gaming
Voidz Gaming Hour ago
Who else got recommended this 7 years later
Shoe Star
Shoe Star Hour ago
Definitely the us, definitely
Yoosuf Yukeen
Yoosuf Yukeen Hour ago
Yep we had an explosion like a week ago. Caused by a fire. At breirut.
Ziad Mansour
Ziad Mansour Hour ago
How to basic ?
Mikail Doğan
Mikail Doğan Hour ago
That “those” in “I like THOSE curves” at 14:20 :)
ツZoroak Hour ago
What happens when water gets wet?
SaNaT Hour ago
Awesome 🙌 the ending was cherry on top 👍🏻
Jimmyboy Hour ago
Michael really is out here teaching us calculus and history just to prove Air Bud shouldn’t have existed
Mrbleach tidepodchallenge
Mrbleach tidepodchallenge Hour ago
p.s to video, "kids wont be going back to school this year." thats another coincidence, me seeing it is a coincidence. the people who read this in 2020, thats also a coincidence, the people who read this is 3020, when the next plague takes out school, will also be a coincidence, and them reading it is also a coincidence. im dying.
black lives matter blue live don’t
black lives matter blue live don’t Hour ago
i’m happy that both of places i’ve lived (poland and currently lincoln, england) were mentioned 😌
January Boi
January Boi Hour ago
its very hard for me to be bored alone since i always have something to do
Flashdog Hour ago
17:02 number 18 familiar to michael ?
Demonic Angel
Demonic Angel Hour ago
Elmer Mccurdy : hold my failed robberies
john noble
john noble 2 hours ago
Hi Micheal, it is great if u can join Secret Wars. It involves alot of weird sh.
SAYIN_ BOY 2 hours ago
He dosnt answer 1 question he answers many questions
Zuck 2 hours ago
Hey, Vsauce, Massive Legend here. But where is *here* and who's *mass* is it?
MyDog Brian
MyDog Brian 2 hours ago
- So a point particle (electron) should not start to fall because there is no difference in the speed of time on its top to bottom because there is none. It's a point particle & thus unaffected by gravity according to Einstien's theory.
Mwgzie 2 hours ago
Did you really censor heck 😂
CrocTV42 2 hours ago
Hey vsauce
Joe Blogs
Joe Blogs 2 hours ago
Nah you are wrong and brainwashed into believing such nonsense! Due to your inept mental capacity you have failed and failed the world to that you were hoping to save by posting your rubbish video. Now because your brain farts and you cannot move the paradigm clearly shows you are now stuck in purgatory 😁
DarkFrozenDepths 2 hours ago
And then the infinities keep going until Absolute Infinity.... Best way to look at it, Infinities grow at different speeds, with absolute infinity being the fastest growth of infinity
Tyler 119 TV
Tyler 119 TV 2 hours ago
2020 anyone
scarce gamer
scarce gamer 2 hours ago
7:29 that's what she said
Lowang 2 hours ago
So Smokey did have Big Worm's money after all...
Kaywaskajen 2 hours ago
Answer the direction a planet pulls you to its center ..... BUT WHAT EXACTLY IS DOWN (music)
mr bombastic
mr bombastic 2 hours ago
The music combined with the images creates the sense of fear..
Weirdough 2 hours ago
Usually a married couple gains mass.
Michael O'Neil
Michael O'Neil 2 hours ago
Legit watching this my curtain touched my neck and I flipped out xD
Dillon MacDonald
Dillon MacDonald 2 hours ago
Bad words are about 60% of my vocabulary
Alex Ritchie
Alex Ritchie 2 hours ago
And for 70 years they've been pumping Nano heavy metals into the atmosphere. Agenda 21.
gg ez
gg ez 2 hours ago
That's so true, my worst fear is not death but drowning.
weirdflex but0ok
weirdflex but0ok 2 hours ago
the people that disliked this are even numbers
Not_Ian 2 hours ago
A video I've already seen from 7 years ago? You already know I'm leaning back in my chair to get some distance from creepy images (it totally helps, i swear)
scarce gamer
scarce gamer 2 hours ago
The absolute hot are Michael and Shrek
Funminotaur3880 2 hours ago
Am I the only one that yawned multiple times during this video?
Victor Monday
Victor Monday 2 hours ago
You picked my 😂
Blasterfreund 2 hours ago
under micheals definition, an ingrown hair would probably count as a piercing(depending on how many times it enters and exits the follicle).
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde 2 hours ago
2020 no!
Misleading Content
Misleading Content 2 hours ago
🙏God please help this guy 😔
Fwelk 2 hours ago
After watching this entire video I now know that words Are still words and maths is maths 😎
Iker Piña
Iker Piña 2 hours ago
That's so great! Now I can calculate how far the girl I'm stalking just run away, thx Mike🥰
マービーmabi 2 hours ago
Are statues of heroes, cenotophs?
i7f 2 hours ago
FarmMiner 2 hours ago
2015 Vsauce: the theory if correct, shows a crisis in current society, circa 2025. 2020:
Gator 1
Gator 1 2 hours ago
What if different people from all over the world evolved their eyes and we all like the same colours but we see it differently
Noob Guy
Noob Guy 2 hours ago
at 15:10 did anyone see the head of the doll behind rotate? That's damn freaky
John Simun
John Simun 2 hours ago
So, “A seal walked into a club”. Anti joke?
منتظر ميثم سلمان
منتظر ميثم سلمان 2 hours ago
Kid: Dad what your advice today? Michael: If you are feeling boring or predictable, just remember that you are made out of octillions of quantum probabilities. Dice that don't tumble in any analyzable way we could ever predict. "They are the most random thing"
jeff 2 hours ago
"It pretty dark inside my wife" Woh there Michael
009 009
009 009 2 hours ago
Who else is watching this in 2020
Yuza _
Yuza _ 2 hours ago
Chuck Norris searched for this video and found it.
009 009
009 009 2 hours ago
Year 2020 tht place is still deadly
Random GBL SFS
Random GBL SFS 2 hours ago
And I thought this pandemic affected me the worst.
TheOofBG 2 hours ago
This a comment Michael: *Or is it?*
weirdflex but0ok
weirdflex but0ok 2 hours ago
oh god what is happening
Minegru 2 hours ago
I don’t see yellow anymore on the thumbnail. I guess he’s right
Shelldon 2 hours ago
Big Oof
Big Oof 2 hours ago
Just so you know, 576 megapixels at a 16/9 format is exactly 32k... Which is 16 times 8k
moonlight 2 hours ago
In the end, the picture looks like some painting an artist sold for over millions of dollars and had the courage to call it "abstract art" as an excuse to why it's so bad lol
Ray Ching
Ray Ching 2 hours ago
apex pendulum
New Germany-Democracy Mapper
New Germany-Democracy Mapper 2 hours ago
2:35 big brain moment
hawk james
hawk james 2 hours ago
who knew there was a scientific answer to does a straw have one or two holes. fucking love you michael.
Juan Joshua Ricardo Perino
Juan Joshua Ricardo Perino 2 hours ago
3:24 gordon ramsay
[I]-MaSONIC SS 2 hours ago
Who come here after Lebanon explodes
Fexred 2 hours ago
2:08 to Brazil!
Ian Duke
Ian Duke 2 hours ago
Hunter 2 hours ago
I usually thought that the dancing dust was snow so I ate it and now I'm puking for the fact that it was dead human skin.
Melody 2 hours ago
What if you had the whole straw in space then blocked off the end then put it under the ocean and unblocked it? It should be able to lift it 15 psi upward right
Yash Pratap Singh
Yash Pratap Singh 2 hours ago
How do you sleep with so much knowledge?
KING Adoom
KING Adoom 3 hours ago
y e
glidercoach 3 hours ago
Reaching travel speeds beyond light years, is difficult enough... ...then you're going to need to slow down, before you reach your destination. Good luck with that.
Farid Bazoeki
Farid Bazoeki 3 hours ago
Very nice
rotary hill
rotary hill 3 hours ago
Yes that's the most scary thang on earth 12:38