13 days ago
Red Dead Online
GTA Online: Arena War
GTA Online: After Hours
L.A. Noire 4K Trailer
GTA Online: Deadline
GTA Online: Power Play
Terry Horn
Terry Horn Minute ago
Put the daily challenges back they way they were.
Legend Games
Legend Games Minute ago
Hope next one better
Arturo Wiemer
Arturo Wiemer 2 minutes ago
Funny thing, lack of content. Good luck for all those naives who will have to wait at least 3 months for new recycled content if they're lucky enough.
The Polotruecrime
The Polotruecrime 3 minutes ago
Why rockstar... why
RLToughGuy 4 minutes ago
perrlock 4 minutes ago
Needs crossplay
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 5 minutes ago
Bounties are not giving role XP only gold can you fix this asap
ShellShock TheTruth
ShellShock TheTruth 6 minutes ago
am i able to transfer my progress from ps4 to pc?
Ulysses Rodriguez
Ulysses Rodriguez 8 minutes ago
This Outlaw Pass is by far the worst one and the only one I am going to intentionally not purchase.
Merca Stalker
Merca Stalker 9 minutes ago
Saint Cyberpunk is coming to save your souls (and money), dear people.
Agent Sanchez
Agent Sanchez 10 minutes ago
Strzał w pysk weteranom, i ta kurewska przepustka w której oprócz maski i ulepszenia toreb na amunicję jest samo gówno xD
Big Boss
Big Boss 10 minutes ago
Just give us some Godamn story content jesus R* No one is going to buy this game for the online
Teich Artefakt
Teich Artefakt 11 minutes ago
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
WOLFSENT1 11 minutes ago
I CANNOT SELL ANY COLLECTABLES! THE ANTIQUE ALCOHOL BOTTLES ARE STILL BROKEN! THE 10th Horse stall still puts whatever horse you buy in permanent red core. This game is as broken as an old man’s piss hard on after his morning urination
Ulysses Rodriguez
Ulysses Rodriguez 12 minutes ago
Ooooooooooooooooooh look at this cool piece of news!!! GoOd FOr yoU RoCkSTar!??!!??!?!
TheKnd13 14 minutes ago
It's not working well for me it's frozen on rank 2 of the club pass and rank 21 bounty hunter
tyweepitch 14 minutes ago
It’s completely broken like every update is nothing is giving out cash/xp and can’t level up the outlaw pass and the bounty tiers
Cain .Martin
Cain .Martin 14 minutes ago
This game on life support soon will dead in march 15 2021 after outlaw pass 4
VOLD GAMER 15 minutes ago
in the words of arthur morgan "NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
NEXUS[6̲̅6̲̅] 17 minutes ago
GTA VI come or no?
RangelGaming 19 minutes ago
Cant wait to unlock those photo filters and winter clothes!
TZG 20 minutes ago
I love paying for a role I already own, and especially love paying 40 gold for gun raps
TZG 18 minutes ago
I guess it's good at least that Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out this month
Snap!!! 20 minutes ago
I know who El Rubio is!!!! Check my chvnne1 for vid I got it ROCKSTAR! 👁😈
RangelGaming 21 minute ago
You guys killed red online and refuse to make a new game i lost alot of respect for guy as i am a long time fan so dissapointed
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer 21 minute ago
The big update is coming guys
Merca Stalker
Merca Stalker 21 minute ago
Be sure that next update will be worse.
Gloobus s
Gloobus s 22 minutes ago
North Yankton up next?
Blake Buell
Blake Buell 22 minutes ago
How is this game already 10 years old
دكتور دري
دكتور دري 22 minutes ago
Donny D Demarco
Donny D Demarco 22 minutes ago
ROCKSTAR Why did you guys nerf the gold/streaks so bad? That’s kinda sh***y actually wtf
Diego Planells
Diego Planells 23 minutes ago
Fix the update!! I can't believe that R* is now a Ubisoft/Bethesda level developer...
Merca Stalker
Merca Stalker 23 minutes ago
Making maximum money with minimum effort. Wow. I impressed. Rock$tar you're killing this game. Bounty hunting is bugged, no XP btw...
Squintus 23 minutes ago
Haha, the game still doesn't work for me
scott Sirling
scott Sirling 23 minutes ago
Spent 55 gold and now not getting any xp can't sell collections stuck at rank 2 # rockstar had their own HEIST (snakes)
hideNFN 24 minutes ago
Great, now instead of paying 15 gold to fully finish the Bounty Hunter Role, I have to pay 30!
Nessis 24 minutes ago
FFS Rockstar, there's no quality content here. Did you really think adding a few of the same bounty missions we've seen before and taking away any good way of making gold was gonna win people over?
StaffyCZE 25 minutes ago
Awesome, awesome... I dont getting XP..... Awesome, keep going, you doing your job well....
Nick 26 minutes ago
This is the way.
Micah bell
Micah bell 26 minutes ago
You're acting like we've never seen bounty hunting
Victor Murillo
Victor Murillo 26 minutes ago
Game unplayable total broken not getting paid for bounties and no XPs either so how rank up for the new stuff rockstars is becoming a garbage brand they keep focusing on gta that’s a 8 yr old game. What a joke of update
Sturmii_Kun 26 minutes ago
Today's the first of December not the first of April, Rockstar.
Benito Kamelas
Benito Kamelas 27 minutes ago
For a moment i thought it was a real update.
David Munoz
David Munoz 27 minutes ago
I bought both the pass and the role, and there is a bug were I don’t get any xp..
suspicious carl
suspicious carl 28 minutes ago
Fernando Neves
Fernando Neves 28 minutes ago
New games please
Drek 29 minutes ago
Is your entire diversity team working on RDR2 Online? Give us content not paid passes...
JEREMY EA7 29 minutes ago
Can someone plz say to me what standalone means in this game??? Or what is it??
Langi Foaga
Langi Foaga 29 minutes ago
Mrbossftw will somehow make this 10 second clip into a whole movie.
Hamdhany 30 minutes ago
Play this video on speed 0,25X
Monkeydog 30 minutes ago
Cant wait for this game to come out
Boxcow45 30 minutes ago
Is Arthur's winter coat seriously a rank unlock?
Kenny Yodune
Kenny Yodune 30 minutes ago
This is deceptive advertising. I can only unlock 2 ranks of rewards.
Yago 31 minute ago
Vai se fuder
Yago 31 minute ago
Pra comprar?
alejandro cabrera
alejandro cabrera 32 minutes ago
More photos filters for the cam that i cant use because i reached the 30 slots avaliable of your stupid social network 2 years ago
Roxhens Bici
Roxhens Bici 33 minutes ago
I am just going to wait for the next update, this was extremely disappointing and I expect the same thing for the next major update
Juan Rico
Juan Rico 33 minutes ago
Very disappointed in Rockstar smh
Steve Lopez
Steve Lopez 33 minutes ago
Rockstar really knows how to connect to its audience.
Brennen Rode
Brennen Rode 36 minutes ago
shut up and give us Mexico
Steve Lopez
Steve Lopez 36 minutes ago
When you realize a GTAO pre-Heist update had more diverse content than a RDO full update
Harry Heck
Harry Heck 37 minutes ago
The greatest joke of all time.
Malachai Prime
Malachai Prime 38 minutes ago
The music and syncing is pretty dope... That's all you're getting from me Rockstar 😐
Bella Pereira
Bella Pereira 39 minutes ago
damn yall gtao players best be grateful. rdo got a “prestigious” bounty hunting update, which includes buying the same thing we already bought just to get 10 more ranks :))
Thomas H.
Thomas H. 40 minutes ago
I hve a bad issue with the delivery trader, i m not paid!!! lol WTF RS! 2 delivery and lost 1000 rdo! Great!
dan berg
dan berg 40 minutes ago
Rockstar wtf are you doing with the daylies you really whant people to leave game the streak was what got us older player to come back atleats so numbers look good even if we only did one daylie most of us and hopping after all this time you make somting with the game. I did gave it a shot a fu new bh mission its oki new outlaw pass its oki but not geting gold for daylie streak any more and on top of that i dident get 500 dollar for cripps to day and one daylie is make a sale for 200 dollars. but i killd the ota legendary fox under the new legendary bh mission 6 times. Mabey try fix the game and get itr out from beta state before releasing new content you havent done one uppdate that havent had tons of new buggs and glitches
DJZephyr 40 minutes ago
"Free content." Yeah, after you nerfed dailies into the dirt so as to push people towards microtransactions when they get tired of grinding their balls off. RDR2 is so much better than GTAV, but RDO is just GTA:O with horses and less content... If you want money so badly, just port RDR1 and Revolver to PC already. I'd actually pay for THAT.
daven 40 minutes ago
xp bug
Konto GR
Konto GR 40 minutes ago
Literally pay to win
Daniel M
Daniel M 41 minute ago
Fix the XP error
J P 42 minutes ago
And much more! Good joke Rockstar! :)
TheLeahKaye 42 minutes ago
Why are missions not giving any xp, cash or gold?
Diego Piedmont
Diego Piedmont 43 minutes ago
time to pull the clown fit out again
XRIS650 43 minutes ago
Wow just wow
Cerberusmon 43 minutes ago
I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed.
Mr. House
Mr. House 43 minutes ago
Where's the law man and outlaw roles tho 😂.
thedarkchocolate4 45 minutes ago
multi any good?
TheLoneWanderer 111
TheLoneWanderer 111 45 minutes ago
The developers should be ashamed that this is the best they could do. They just resold the bounty hunter role and added literally nothing new.
Kqlse 45 minutes ago
Hold on wait I feel something brb Edit I got diagnosed with whowantedthis virus
Steve Lopez
Steve Lopez 45 minutes ago
According to Data miners, development started in January. For nearly a year, this was the outcome. This is by far the most underwhelming update. You really had us wait five months for broken promises of “extensions and augmentations to an existing role”, when there is only new bounties and cosmetics that no one really cares about.