Laura Amse
Laura Amse Hour ago
Why do they be bullying him like that 😞
D D Hour ago
Wait. So are the tall brown guys just the humans that have been eaten by 093-4?
Zoiky 21
Zoiky 21 Hour ago
I can tell you got a bunch of sound effects from terraria, like when the scp is producing the egg, thats the sound the final pre hardmode boss makes in the game, and the sound from the guards contact, is the sound made from your mana fully recharging
Flashbang Hour ago
This is what you get if you breed Golem with an Enderman
Heavenly Contracting
Heavenly Contracting Hour ago
Love the vids plz don't stop the channel
Ratan Kaushal
Ratan Kaushal Hour ago
Robo make a CP video
marc Marcos
marc Marcos Hour ago
Scp - 096 is a bit scary
Laura Amse
Laura Amse Hour ago
He doesn’t have any body hair because he hasn’t hit puberty yet 😦
maricel baron
maricel baron Hour ago
maricel baron
maricel baron Hour ago
Why wont you use your super power the rubber pls use
maricel baron
maricel baron Hour ago
Foundation i mean
maricel baron
maricel baron Hour ago
Thats why you were allowed to go to the scp location
William Butler
William Butler Hour ago
Love your animation art and information of the scp foundation
William Butler
William Butler Hour ago
What's the next color test?
Serena Goudeau
Serena Goudeau Hour ago
Do scp 999 because he is called the tickle monster
Finn Meister
Finn Meister Hour ago
could you do SCP-040-JP next please (there is a cat)
Jeremy_games_yt Gaming
Jeremy_games_yt Gaming Hour ago
PHaZe_llamalord Hour ago
Oh great! Just show Scp 682! even if 682 is indestructible it'll be stuck in the ocean.
TJ ANIMATION & TJ gaming Hour ago
All scp
Frenchy Hour ago
How does one get digested by that monster
Frenchy Hour ago
プラッグ Hour ago
Soo he has anxiety?
Acharya Tanawata
Acharya Tanawata Hour ago
What is scp?, what do they do ?,is they real?
springboi trap
springboi trap Hour ago
Are you sure thats not siren heads brother
Dark Side
Dark Side 2 hours ago
If im right this refers to the 7th seals on revelation..(bible) After the seventh seals horror will come upon this earth
Roblox Lego Man
Roblox Lego Man 2 hours ago
i saw the outline where they cut her out and moved her (green test) Edit: this was in the living room
ogsoh 1248
ogsoh 1248 2 hours ago
i wanna tell you something scp 231-7 is give a birth to scp999 also know as tickle monster is that true
GuineaPig Master
GuineaPig Master 2 hours ago
What would happen if 096 were to be submerged in a car of liquid tungsten then let the tungsten harden and solidify around it leave no room for movement?
Platinum Gamer
Platinum Gamer 2 hours ago
Basically abel and cain anime in a nutshell
Platinum Gamer
Platinum Gamer 2 hours ago
So basically Wammu in real life I guess?
Nathaniel Rex Paloma
Nathaniel Rex Paloma 2 hours ago
Me when i have a rash: 2:25 Every1 exept The Rubber Fans: Its just a Rash...
Platinum Gamer
Platinum Gamer 2 hours ago
MalO is just a big black dog who died without seeing his owner for the last time and became a spirit embodied in an app and became sentient trying to find his owner.
nexon 0p
nexon 0p 2 hours ago
Tom and Jerry but tom win 🤣
Max Polsky
Max Polsky 2 hours ago
Could you the sloth I think it’s 2207
Virtual Gamer
Virtual Gamer 2 hours ago
Kinda like mordeo
Marjorie Pluma
Marjorie Pluma 2 hours ago
who thinks the rubber deserves the scp play button if thats a thing
AnFran08 2 hours ago
You forgot something.... *WHERE IS 999!?*
Ethan Han
Ethan Han 2 hours ago
When I saw the title I thought that you wanted to pee but instead you just cut down a tree.
Victoria Rivera
Victoria Rivera 2 hours ago
its interesting but id not call it ugly acttualy i think its kinda cool
Ethan Han
Ethan Han 2 hours ago
Scp: 9393 or Pepe which is terminated overtime
diogo 122
diogo 122 2 hours ago
Let me think a great idea to do on that Coffe Machine hm... HA i got a good one "The first airplane fighter game that i played on PS 2"
Riley Banns
Riley Banns 2 hours ago
For some reason I always feel happier after watching your videos
Willy Vargas
Willy Vargas 2 hours ago
this man is called the rubber bc hes so fast explainding
diogo 122
diogo 122 2 hours ago
What if the foundation would do some duels with scp 076 He respect the elite fighters, so, just train very good the security with swords, and then, do some duels with scp 076
Dizzy cord
Dizzy cord 3 hours ago
D-did he spell story as storey?
tsukiie 3 hours ago
monokuma in real life..
Araceli Macedo
Araceli Macedo 3 hours ago
Imagin working at scp foundation
Suki Blyat
Suki Blyat 3 hours ago
Why not just destroy the doors ?
Ian Kolakowski
Ian Kolakowski 3 hours ago
You should do scp-2774 the slow burn sloth
Daniel Kahala
Daniel Kahala 3 hours ago
I saw him in the mall sleeping
Poe Dah
Poe Dah 3 hours ago
Is there a scp that can use magic?
diogo 122
diogo 122 3 hours ago
You get one more subscriber for those incredibles animated videos of SCP tales
Wowwy the Dog
Wowwy the Dog 3 hours ago
This is his first vid
Memes cat
Memes cat 3 hours ago
✟ Pis God
Shane Gebhardt
Shane Gebhardt 3 hours ago
this is great man or i mean THE RUBBER
M New
M New 3 hours ago
He’s like a enderman
enclave character from fallout 2
enclave character from fallout 2 3 hours ago
I want a malO because I would know I'd have something watching over me
Owynn C
Owynn C 4 hours ago
Is it just me or.... would I actually want to see Capone and talk and wave to him/her? XD
Jems the American
Jems the American 4 hours ago
SCP 096 is a homicidal embodiment of my introvertism
Theory 4 hours ago
the rubber sounds more sadder for some reason
Jems the American
Jems the American 4 hours ago
Dad: Happy 10th birthday son! Son: Guess I'll die
Uge Iwi
Uge Iwi 4 hours ago
“Until you can step in a puddle and fall in” Me who just watched old Zach king videos:wat
Ruben Mendoza
Ruben Mendoza 4 hours ago
Gunar Toler
Gunar Toler 4 hours ago
[REDACTED] 4 hours ago
Pew pew pew
yusefjacob6 yusefjacob6
yusefjacob6 yusefjacob6 4 hours ago
well the reason why Y909 is used to contain other SCPS is because it confuses the SCPS meaning that it can help contain
Max Gun
Max Gun 4 hours ago
Still waiting for part 2
Kit Kat
Kit Kat 4 hours ago
This is so good, I can rewatch this so many times.
Vincent Albers
Vincent Albers 4 hours ago
scp 2774 or 3700 or 2761 or 017 or 053
Purpleskull 7548
Purpleskull 7548 4 hours ago
Thanks Rubber, I'll be able to sleep well tonight knowing that there's a demon who wants to kill humans 315 meters below sea level... in my home country lol
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 4 hours ago
ok but the roblox version is really fun but scary 😪
Lone Red Wolf
Lone Red Wolf 4 hours ago
When i first saw the tittle I thought it said baby yoda-
Michael WEmbolenga
Michael WEmbolenga 4 hours ago
My favorite scp is scp173
Raymond Plays
Raymond Plays 4 hours ago
One of the red dots is my home
dork playz
dork playz 4 hours ago
Scp -50
NOE GARCIA 4 hours ago
long horse
Scp 053
Scp 053 4 hours ago
That's my freind
Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight 4 hours ago
"Hello Everybody! Im TheRubber" I love that
• Poley NG • [] [Cupcake Teari] []
• Poley NG • [] [Cupcake Teari] [] 5 hours ago
939: *Doesn’t need to eat* Me: **eats part of the the wall** HA HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT 939 THAT DOESN’T EAT
Jayden Hite
Jayden Hite 5 hours ago
them: exploring the backround: T H E R U B B E R