repa k
repa k 11 minutes ago
How about the little girl? In minecraft, when you hit it, she wil KILL everybody nearby. But she loves one scp, that i cannot remember
10K Subscribers With Some Videos
10K Subscribers With Some Videos 14 minutes ago
Congrats on 500K subscribers! Good job TheRubber. You’ll have 1M subs before you know it.
GHOST_Fade 15 minutes ago
That’s not big foot that’s King Kong
YellowCactusTv z
YellowCactusTv z 18 minutes ago
SCP-939 20 minutes ago
The day of flowers AKA SCP-1000 just *been gnomed*
Alonee Night
Alonee Night 22 minutes ago
The machine IS ROBBING XxDd
Alonee Night
Alonee Night 24 minutes ago
Guuuyyys he IS killing because he never got chocolate so he IS angry
SpaceGamer 32 minutes ago
Please do long hourse 🙏
Cmudman.Plummomq 39 minutes ago
Plasbez 43 minutes ago
What Is the background music??
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman 51 minute ago
Do scp 666
LeafyDash FPS*
LeafyDash FPS* 54 minutes ago
Hey can you Talk SCP-1499
Kooki Dan
Kooki Dan Hour ago
SCP 096
jojo fagboy
jojo fagboy Hour ago
Is like minecraft
TinyPikachu161 Hour ago
Kune kune :PAPER
Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller Hour ago
Rubber sucks
michael singer
michael singer Hour ago
I wanna shoot whoever decided to put 035 on a dog
Tai Pocong
Tai Pocong Hour ago
No wonder my weird uncle isnt allowed in the family meeting again :/
Curios. Cat
Curios. Cat Hour ago
The Rubber's art style is so adorable!!! I'm so glad that I found you today
Elvin N
Elvin N Hour ago
231-7 was allowed to be birthed and scp 999 came out. I researched it strictly with DR. Cimmerian writer. 231-7 was the 7th brides of the scarlet king. SCP 999 is the only solution against the scarlet king and 999 is only a decade old will become stronger and prevent the XK class. O5 has accepted the birth which we were so lucky didn’t result a XK but a 999 which will save the work. If you see this Rubber heart it and pin it. Anybody who reads this thank you, I did so much research.
Edwin Cano
Edwin Cano Hour ago
Do scp :98
The Robloxplayer
The Robloxplayer Hour ago
Easiest way to beat scp 096 : use a mirror
Ziead Mostafa
Ziead Mostafa 2 hours ago
Ph 4.5 isn't that much.....
dode adood
dode adood 2 hours ago
cartoon dog
Never Gonna
Never Gonna 2 hours ago
You can make a video about the SCP names nose crab
Heather Holley
Heather Holley 2 hours ago
scp 096
Hax Nox
Hax Nox 2 hours ago
SCP-096: I'm gonna do what's called a pro-ceed move
Mickillafire LIVE
Mickillafire LIVE 2 hours ago
Keep these videos a coming
Hans 2 hours ago
Can you show us about SCP-1176?
Aris Icecold
Aris Icecold 2 hours ago
Make a siren head
haidar Asad
haidar Asad 2 hours ago
In mot sure but it isnt real
French_toast_ 2 hours ago
IMmainOOF xx
IMmainOOF xx 2 hours ago
Imagine if SCP 3000 is Able to destroy his box :/
Jayden Swanson
Jayden Swanson 2 hours ago
Scp 9067 also known as the rubber
Outrajus playz
Outrajus playz 2 hours ago
The rubber makes a video thats long and entertaining and should last a week me who finished all his videos on SCPs:This isnt long enough.
SingleCentStudios. 2 hours ago
Yesterday, I saw a car that said SCP on the side.
Chell Wilson-Tolley
Chell Wilson-Tolley 2 hours ago
Jarl YAB
Jarl YAB 2 hours ago
He asked for a cup of joe and got a cup of joe-seph
CattanikIsHere 3 hours ago
Sooo Bigfoot is an SCP Now?
MiKaN 3 hours ago
Why not try to request to SCP-294 a vaccine for Coronavirus?
Fresh Avocado
Fresh Avocado 3 hours ago
Sounds like my ideal man
mcklent pacada
mcklent pacada 3 hours ago
can u add the whats under the red pool?
Dino12 Abides
Dino12 Abides 3 hours ago
Me if scps were real:Wait what!? There real??! Mega Scp fans:Always has been
Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia 3 hours ago
Well we got an asexual proto-semitic tattooed edgelord with a super rage boner for murdering humans but gets majorly turned off by weakness. When can we get cannon Aztec God's of fitness.
xWARLORDx 3 hours ago
Awesome video
Nathan the killer
Nathan the killer 3 hours ago
God please punish the people how killed bigfoot fam
Thanos 3 hours ago
Scp 999 please he is the kid of the skarlet kings son
Marcus Yap
Marcus Yap 3 hours ago
What happens when wink.
IntenselyDark ROBLOX
IntenselyDark ROBLOX 3 hours ago
What cruel people hurting young people just for 106's attention
Jules The Master Enginner
Jules The Master Enginner 3 hours ago
Where is scp 6789 aka Sirenhead
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
DJ DZA 3 hours ago
Please Do (When Day Breaks) and it's relationship with Unlondon .. i'm sure it will pull a lot of viewers.
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Luuk van Uden
Luuk van Uden 3 hours ago
You are so damn good at making these videos, keep up the good work! 🔥❤️
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 3 hours ago
SCP-008 next please
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 4 hours ago
Do SCP-008 next
Nobody Is here
Nobody Is here 4 hours ago
Can you do SCP-008 next?
XxDOOM spartanxX
XxDOOM spartanxX 4 hours ago
Oh!! He has my mind let me see him if he is hear
XxDOOM spartanxX
XxDOOM spartanxX 4 hours ago
....what!!! He mast be kild by a demon or jast take of the red demon names and art then he cant get his powers
Viz Roi
Viz Roi 4 hours ago
pls scp 4666
XxDOOM spartanxX
XxDOOM spartanxX 4 hours ago
Hm hm hm he is the old enemie of the demons
cool gunzzz
cool gunzzz 4 hours ago
Flex tape can fix anything 😂 lol
Caroline Tecson
Caroline Tecson 4 hours ago
Do scp 527 and how it kills please
Shahzad Ashraf
Shahzad Ashraf 4 hours ago
Make a video of SCP 6417
Ruth Munoz
Ruth Munoz 4 hours ago
I like sirenhead
NoJam Hyung
NoJam Hyung 4 hours ago
Thought that SCP 3000 was a big snake
Victor Damázio
Victor Damázio 4 hours ago
For the people who are feeling sad for the Bigfoot species, claiming that humans are the real monsters, that's not the case, there are many stories on how they mistreated humans and are not really peaceful, the article claims that they ate human bones thinking they work like viagra, just like people in real life still do to animals, they are no better than us. Also, there are stories on how the same thing we did to them, they did to the fairies, and Bigfoot had their own equivalent of the SCP Foundation.
Nina Obrenovic
Nina Obrenovic 4 hours ago
I have a story that is creepy so when I was 5 years old I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a monkey with human features I walked closer thinking it was my amgeneshon bu it did not move it had a large school bag it was hard to see because it was dark but it had wide ayes I think it had bloody thet but it lookt like the monkey from Dora de Explora I cried and ran to my mum and dads room but they did not believe me
Vincent 4 hours ago
but can he adapt to scp-001 tho ?
loven ocot
loven ocot 5 hours ago
In game you touch you lose in scp you touch you die
Anikategaming YT
Anikategaming YT 5 hours ago
It clearly use liquid version of amarterasu
Cheesy Vibes
Cheesy Vibes 5 hours ago
Faces: **exist** SCP 035: *f r e e r e a l e s t a t e* TheRubber: haha me rubber go brrrr
a_little_Sketch 5 hours ago
1048-B attempted to WHAT??!!
Md.Ibrahim Fathmi
Md.Ibrahim Fathmi 5 hours ago
imagine if he was real
a_little_Sketch 5 hours ago
Last chain: *close to breaking* 2020: :)
Jarjis Islam
Jarjis Islam 5 hours ago
pls make a vid about scp 073 and 076s storry
Abdelrahman Elhag
Abdelrahman Elhag 5 hours ago
Scp 1048
The scp Crew
The scp Crew 5 hours ago
Scp 1733: I’m a tv I’m the worst scp scp 999: I’m dumb your way better then me
tech king
tech king 5 hours ago
What if we place this mask on Shy guy . We can kill shy guy easily 😎😎
Shanbo26 5 hours ago
Um, couldn't they feed it a cow or something instead?
Kevin Pagkatipunan
Kevin Pagkatipunan 5 hours ago
Shafee Redzwan
Shafee Redzwan 5 hours ago
SCP 662
ender hogo the savore
ender hogo the savore 6 hours ago
菱角 6 hours ago
菱角 6 hours ago
Probably something created by that Meat Cult?
DEATH X 6 hours ago
Pls SCP-001 I want to know why SCP-001 is the first to be called 001
Tina Muchahari
Tina Muchahari 6 hours ago
If no one lives then how do we know their body parts 😰.
Hailey Victors
Hailey Victors 6 hours ago
My favorite SCP is SCP 3000
Franz Giannotta
Franz Giannotta 6 hours ago
Is SCP 682