Poisonous Frog Taste Test!
Coyote R U OK?
6 months ago
Can Coyote Outfox a Fox?!
Sting King of the Deep!
World's Smallest Raptor!
Micro Animal Gives Birth!
Does the Mudpuppy Bark?
Swarmed by Giant Stingrays!
How to Track a Predator!
The Lord of the Stings
Hands vs. Hot Springs!
Ashley Plays Roblox
Ashley Plays Roblox 10 hours ago
Almost the whole comment section: coyote: *bleeds* Mark: did it get you? Me: -_- i think ill just watch a different video
Hehe Spaghetti
Hehe Spaghetti 10 hours ago
I don't think he should hurt himself and whenever he does I close my eyes.
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright 10 hours ago
Oh ok
Jennifer Perry
Jennifer Perry 10 hours ago
Fails at 0:03
Jennifer Perry
Jennifer Perry 10 hours ago
Falls at -6:13
daniel the gamer
daniel the gamer 10 hours ago
I wish he can be in my backyard
Luiza Ayvazyan
Luiza Ayvazyan 10 hours ago
Bro. Did he just call that spider sweetie? 😐
Laeeqah future hubby last name
Laeeqah future hubby last name 10 hours ago
When ur afraid of snakes but you watch anyway
Kapcer 2137
Kapcer 2137 10 hours ago
POKIMANE KILLER CAUGHT!... Return of the Simp?
Darian Robinson
Darian Robinson 10 hours ago
Coyete is so cool I would like to meet him !!!
Jerrica Leonard
Jerrica Leonard 10 hours ago
I was already pretty excited to see you go back to the sting zone, but I got even more hyped when the video told me you were gonna release it on the 19th because that's also the 13th anniversary of my favorite episode from this somewhat obscure Filipino-American cartoon that I'm a fan of called The Nutshack.
DivineClockworks 10 hours ago
Oh boy, it's back.
Gergo Papp
Gergo Papp 10 hours ago
Thats a Carnotaurus not Carnosaurus.
Luiza Ayvazyan
Luiza Ayvazyan 10 hours ago
Excuse me. If I saw a black widow near my house I would burn the house down and then burn myself just in case it touched me
TOMASZ KLIMAJ 10 hours ago
I’m junior the alligator, And I’m gonna have the opportunity to bite Coyote Peterson
Mika Tim Rehermann
Mika Tim Rehermann 10 hours ago
Kyera Richards
Kyera Richards 11 hours ago
Gavin Sherrill
Gavin Sherrill 11 hours ago
Yoffa_fan BFF
Yoffa_fan BFF 11 hours ago
I feel bad
RiverJune Hall
RiverJune Hall 11 hours ago
i wish sting kill was made when i was 4 cause when i was 4 a got stung my a hole nest of yellow jaket's RIP me when coyotey is about to get stung youtube:NOPE..TACO BELL ADD
Angel Ao
Angel Ao 11 hours ago
wow!!!!!!!!!!!! you'll do that for subscribers?😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
EG Geforce
EG Geforce 11 hours ago
he sounded like a cat when the needle was taken out
Waiana Kamo
Waiana Kamo 11 hours ago
Ughhh have to pay for the full episode
Xavier Gerling
Xavier Gerling 11 hours ago
Ken Yoshimura
Ken Yoshimura 11 hours ago
Winnipeg Jets20
Winnipeg Jets20 11 hours ago
This man has got some balls of steel to pull this off
We probably died at this point idk how he hasn’t
Patti Koglin
Patti Koglin 11 hours ago
LosTheSavage 123
LosTheSavage 123 11 hours ago
I’m Coyote Peterson I’m about to enter the cough zone with the corona virus
Abigail V
Abigail V 11 hours ago
Hi i am coyote Peterson..... His blood cells: HERE WE GO AGAIN
Liliana Collins
Liliana Collins 11 hours ago
Pao Her
Pao Her 11 hours ago
I love your video
Abigail V
Abigail V 11 hours ago
Hi i am coyote Peterson...... His blood cells: HERE WE GO AGAIN
Yaqub Miah
Yaqub Miah 11 hours ago
People seid you was ded
Maggie Garcia
Maggie Garcia 11 hours ago
For him no problem he can do it again
Shua 11 hours ago
after I saw 5inches centipede inside my room and capture it, put it inside a clear bottle just now, I did research if its bite is dangerous to human. so I came here ^ ^ My right arm is hurting now and has a small dot when I woke up afternoon and tonight before go to bed again, I look under my bed if there is a insect bit me, I expect that its just a cockroaches or ants or something but I'm shocked when I saw big centipede. this is the biggest centipede I ever saw in my life. the bitten spot is so painful and I'm quizzing it to release some watery thing inside the small spot of my skin. I feel something like goosebumps, and sweat (idk if its because of the bite or my room temperature why im sweating ). for now, its just a pain.
Got any grapes? waddle waddle
Got any grapes? waddle waddle 11 hours ago
Hi, is there any way that I could get some help? It’s totally okay if it is not possible, but I was in the live stream for the gear giveaway and I asked a question (the question about paleontology, probably halfway into the stream ), Mark answered, but I would have liked to record that section of the video to be able to go back to it except it isn’t accessible any longer, is there anything that could be done? I’m so sorry and thank you for your time.
Maggie Garcia
Maggie Garcia 11 hours ago
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee 11 hours ago
Hey coyote Peterson ummmm the history channel is basically discrediting everything u doing .... basically they doing everything u doing including the toe biter...ummm u may wanna check it out ...
april white
april white 11 hours ago
How is he not dead
Adrian Gurung
Adrian Gurung 11 hours ago
The cameraman has to just Watch him get in so much pain😭😭
Damascus B
Damascus B 11 hours ago
I destroyed ones home so I made him a new one. He’s my buddy now
Me Sоul
Me Sоul 11 hours ago
You are a smart guy but I think it's about time to get smarter and realize million of years don't exist.. GOD DOES!!!!
Ashley Peterson
Ashley Peterson 11 hours ago
I thought he was going it get stung in this episode
Gavin Loesche
Gavin Loesche 11 hours ago
all the pain, none in vain
Jake Corby
Jake Corby 11 hours ago
Who is Watching this in 2020.."
BN’s Railway Videos
BN’s Railway Videos 11 hours ago
Coyote meets his K9 counterpart!
Trickonomix 11 hours ago
Hey just wanted to let you know, your channel page with your insta link said subscribe to blue wilderness, might want to change that :)
Jake Corby
Jake Corby 11 hours ago
Who’s going to win who’s gonna win I don’t know
Angel Clark
Angel Clark 11 hours ago
This is so much worst than any sting!!!!
Chocolate uwu
Chocolate uwu 11 hours ago
*Coyote gets bite some minutes ago* A Few Moments Later *putting on sting kill* Oo~ look how cool that is Wow
Jake Corby
Jake Corby 11 hours ago
I want a petTarantula
Jake Corby
Jake Corby 11 hours ago
Jake Corby
Jake Corby 11 hours ago
Big big ball of slime ⬇️⬇️ like and reply
Angel Ao
Angel Ao 11 hours ago
Ishant Sharma
Ishant Sharma 11 hours ago
We can create synthetic milk to ice-cream all sorts of dairy products, and even meat within a lab. However for venom we need to harass these poor reptiles, debar from their own habitat. When one can create a complex food like a meat, that too identical in taste, smell and color. Why can't we do this either? No risking of human lives, catching these snakes and overall disturbing natural balance.
Angel Ao
Angel Ao 11 hours ago
it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 11 hours ago
How convenient I need a worm farm for my chickens😊😊
Ruby Pardee
Ruby Pardee 11 hours ago
Can you please visit black lake Louisiana p.s love your kids 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😊😊😊😊
Clarence Udoma
Clarence Udoma 11 hours ago
5:20 the lizard was like .NOPE🦎
Attack on Titan Fan
Attack on Titan Fan 11 hours ago
Why do I find the intro so funny
Ghlightningstrike 11 hours ago
I came from the stream!
Scarlett Winter
Scarlett Winter 11 hours ago
personly i think that the giant dessert centipede was the worst
Rzinh Pham
Rzinh Pham 11 hours ago
i'm so excited for the cicada episode it's day 17th 2 more days until
Buzzly Rock
Buzzly Rock 11 hours ago
Simon says, .....give me a like.
Jake Corby
Jake Corby 11 hours ago
I’m just like you I love animals and things I wanna work at a zoo to
Jake Corby
Jake Corby 11 hours ago
Xavier Gerling
Xavier Gerling 11 hours ago
Candy's Garden
Candy's Garden 11 hours ago
OMGosh😵 i had to cover my eyes when he BIT you!!😵😵 POOR YOU!!😧
Yee420 11 hours ago
me leaves for a couple of months , comes back , 4k epic music big beard new hat
Sam Snow
Sam Snow 11 hours ago
we have cicada killers in our backyard! my boys love watching them!