naufalsaint 74
naufalsaint 74 13 hours ago
Nobody: Astronaut: "cuplaa"
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy 14 hours ago
2 Kings 20:15 The prophet asked, “What did they see in your palace?” "They saw everything in my palace,” Hezekiah said. “There is nothing among my treasures that I did not show them.”
Enhanced Potato
Enhanced Potato 14 hours ago
How much did you pay that ant?
Gavin Nichols
Gavin Nichols 14 hours ago
Use a pinball machine launcher with a softer spring! Constant and repeatable toppling of the dominos
The Apple fan
The Apple fan 14 hours ago
Holly fillip I almost peed myself my google home started talking
Commander_EAA 14 hours ago
That first track "Blocks" the title makes it sound like it's gonna be Minecraft music but sounds like Portal 2 or Half-Life:Alyx music
derpnerpwerp 14 hours ago
To be clear he wasn't doing a Fourier transform. You could think of it as a way to visualize a fourier transform, but thats not what he was doing. He had two waves one was descending while the other one was oscillating as a cosine function and then when it got to the bottom they switched and the first wave stated oscilating as sun while the other one started ascending. The whole time the waves were discrete signals, so you don't need to perform a fourier transform to split them out
coyotecom 14 hours ago
Donut Operator sent me
Jones Family
Jones Family 14 hours ago
Aww man Harry Potter is terrible!!!
IIᖇavenII 14 hours ago
I have a bad Fear of the sea this makes it worse
juju 14 hours ago
When you die doing something you love like steve irwin its hard to feel sad. God takes people that he loves and no doubt he is rewarding him for caring for his creations
Lucas Rousso
Lucas Rousso 15 hours ago
What about 12 27 proverbs
KA9 15 hours ago
They must’ve been at Y:11
Shade X
Shade X 15 hours ago
“Have you ever taken a look at nuts?” -Smarter everyday
palearagorn 15 hours ago
don pettit sounds like george mcfly
David Po
David Po 15 hours ago
You know how in sci-if entertainment like the Expanse or something, we get a scene on earth then cut to a scene on a space station or space ship. That just happened but for real.
Paxton Wojtowick
Paxton Wojtowick 15 hours ago
Humility is paramount and often gets lost in the flash and noise... But Destin, do you realize you're on pace to be the guy who has done the most "coolest junk ever"? Thanks for taking us all along with you, and always being positive!
Vodkacannon 15 hours ago
I've experienced this effect in a roller coaster, it feels very uncomfortable, it makes me want to throw up.
John C
John C 16 hours ago
I'm from San Diego and now live in Texas. I'm freezing just watching this.
Graham Lynn
Graham Lynn 16 hours ago
28:20 yooo LTJG Flynn, I know that guy!!
Davo 16 hours ago
Most Australians say whippa snippa
Marcus F-U
Marcus F-U 16 hours ago
I love space & flight things
Steve P
Steve P 16 hours ago
Tiles 16 hours ago
"The little kid IN ME"
Owen Howard
Owen Howard 16 hours ago
I got my first tattoo today trust me it dosen't really hurt if u dont get it anywhere with a lot of nerves neck ankle etc
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 16 hours ago
Travis Macie
Travis Macie 16 hours ago
Really cool video! I am impressed by Tory and his knowledge the same way many others are here.
Joshua Roughan
Joshua Roughan 16 hours ago
When I lift weights I do it, In-tensionally
Joshua Roughan
Joshua Roughan 16 hours ago
I still remember your video on the physiological change in a new born’s cardiovascular system at birth, I’m study my masters in Osteopathy now, your videos helped start a passion that has never left me, thanks Destin, also pulleys are dope!
7Firefly7 16 hours ago
Just got hired doing weed whacking for my city, this is wonderful. For the record, we use sharp sharp square
Turjoy Roy
Turjoy Roy 16 hours ago
FLFisher 17 hours ago
So, when do yo get your official badass card in the mail?
Christophe Marin-Beaudry
Christophe Marin-Beaudry 17 hours ago
Worked on a large dairy/cashgrain farm in high school before going in mech eng. It was the best experience I could ask for. From work to studies, experience from the farm always helps you out, especially working long, long hours haha
SammyTheBest 17 hours ago
guns r the answer
guns r the answer 17 hours ago
Did you learn how Obama is a communist? Or how he hates America? Or maybe how he and Clinton violate the LAW and commit TREASON? You're so in love with this fraud, maybe this channel should be called "Not so Smarter Every Day"? Just asking................
2K_YT 17 hours ago
I call it a weed wacker and a weed eater. Same thing it just kills weeds. Why cant it just be called a weed? Oh wait.....
David Simkha
David Simkha 17 hours ago
"Just continue" lol
David Kaufmann
David Kaufmann 17 hours ago
@9:14 worst infomertial ever. lol
S 18 hours ago
Awesome video 👍🏽
Donald Pump
Donald Pump 18 hours ago
Amazing Thank you
Steve Southam
Steve Southam 18 hours ago
‘Have just found your site. Brilliant.
Foop 18 hours ago
8:38 the drone Also this is requiem
AzPaintballerz 18 hours ago
I love that some of them don’t realize just how much Devon knows hahaha
GreenAirMan 18 hours ago
Thank you so much for making this video and getting this information out there, Destin! Much appreciated. Very well done.
MrKoubak 18 hours ago
first worl problems
Teeerexis09 Xbox 1
Teeerexis09 Xbox 1 18 hours ago
This was fascinating
Federico Uriarte
Federico Uriarte 19 hours ago
Engaging videos, as always~ I don't get it all, I guess, but one thing that boggles my mind is why does the force act at 90° of its point of contact in the plane of rotation, and not at a higher or lower angle? Do I make sense? Haha.
John Grider
John Grider 19 hours ago
If you're going after disinformation campaigns that have traction to move the public needle, the main one is Fox News. The rest are peanuts.
panda Wells
panda Wells 19 hours ago
Weed whacker is just so much more fun to say
KG7TUO 19 hours ago
Well it's 9 years ago and I didn't read all the comments but I also haven't found what i offered as the answer. I vote for the ICE for two reasons. One there are no losses due to the friction of the moving liquid and TWO.......water is unique in that it contracts like most materials when cooled but it begins to expand as it gets to the freezing point. This phenomenon accounts for a lot of the erosion of massive rock formations that are exposed to winter freezing. In this situation, even though contained by the plastic bottle, it will cause the bottle to expand slightly. The mass of the water volume will be further from the axle of the bottle with liquid and will this rotate faster and reach the end of the slope faster.
surferdjnj 19 hours ago
I think I see COVID in that blood,haha
Noah R
Noah R 19 hours ago
I’m actually not going to watch this 🤣 can someone whose watched it tell me if it’s actually that bad
Zack Avino
Zack Avino 19 hours ago
That macbook pro needs more cable adapters.
Colonel Overkill
Colonel Overkill 19 hours ago
Partner, the fact that you involved your younguns in this says quite a bit. It seems that more and more parents these days are so self absorbed that they often think they are too busy with whatever they are doing to spend time with their kids. You have my utmost respect for that alone.
Sean Carlson
Sean Carlson 20 hours ago
Please do an episode on sailing a Hobie Cat! you would have so much fun and this pully system is how to control almost everything on the boat.
Cole Brayden
Cole Brayden 20 hours ago
I am really wanting to grow up to be like him
Ivan4es1 20 hours ago
2:45 I took a pill in a Matrix.)
barat malli
barat malli 20 hours ago
wish @USshow has option to over-subsribe.... ( Like stocks , like twitch ); would have subscribed your channel more than 100 times...
imicca 20 hours ago
There is no proof that it was actually from Russia or people were Russians who posted from those “bot accounts”. US and Reddit just say “russian bots”. With no proof or even verification of any evidence. Just because you have IP from Russia that does not mean it’s actually from Russia. Bots easily can use VPN
Youric Hunt
Youric Hunt 20 hours ago
John seems like an amazing person. I hope he's not a secret serial killer that Jodi foster will hunt down.
Tatertot Warrior
Tatertot Warrior 20 hours ago
*people who listen with headphones* I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you
Echo 20 hours ago
Reading this after i saw alinity Throwing his cat
imicca 20 hours ago
Who controls reddit? Moderstors
nikiichan 21 hour ago
Aww man i was so intimidated by that whole getting into the submarine thing my hair is standing up. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone man.
Waqar Rehman
Waqar Rehman 21 hour ago
Majima be like
Elwakka 21 hour ago
This video was already debunked.
Bass Bistrian
Bass Bistrian 21 hour ago
Pro tip:dont use a helicopter
jneutra1 21 hour ago
I like how you create a positive video and then at the end spread fear into your viewers eyes, very hypocritical!
The EfX
The EfX 21 hour ago
Why not the grass cutter??
c31irq 21 hour ago
So How Close Would The Cylinders Need To Be To Find Water's Stability?
Ryan D
Ryan D 21 hour ago
My mind has been blown. I thought dominoes were so simple. Thanks for shedding light on the "simple" things to help us think deeper about our everyday world.
Jones Family
Jones Family 21 hour ago
I've subscribed before but apparently it got taken off, weird
ghhiuu L
ghhiuu L 21 hour ago
Could'nt you just ride the bike without hands?
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 21 hour ago
'One time we landed an apache attack helicopter at work' yeah sure dude, can you please say it a little more casual next time? lol
brian nyaoro
brian nyaoro 21 hour ago
i like what you do men keep the hard work. i live in kenya and the worst temperature ave ever experienced is about 10 degrees bellow the normal temp (25) .At this temp its too cold and we normally wear heavy clothes . AT -35 i just cant imagine how it feels.
Karthi. Keyan.
Karthi. Keyan. 21 hour ago
What's the Model name of this helicopter? It's looking compact.
Jack You
Jack You 21 hour ago
How amazing that you interviewed the worst president in our nations history! Kudos!
guns r the answer
guns r the answer 17 hours ago
Yeah man, this guy is in love with maybe, the Devil incarnate.
Clint Mullins
Clint Mullins 22 hours ago
WOW the watermelon impact was amazing!
MrGreenAKAguci00 22 hours ago
Robert is awesome!
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad 22 hours ago
*Careful* he is casting a *spell* !!!!!!
Abbas Ibrahim
Abbas Ibrahim 22 hours ago
it's weird to realise that you know things that nobody in your class room knew because you're dad's a nerd teachers who don't know who their dad is will probably think that they cheated of the internet but in reality they learned it off a USshow video that dady made
Myles Trumbore
Myles Trumbore 22 hours ago
Reddit is the worst platform on the internet. It's popularity.
Samuel Lawrence
Samuel Lawrence 22 hours ago
5:42 you can tell he lowkey emotional abt it
Jerry Blaisse
Jerry Blaisse 22 hours ago
What’s even the purpose of a stone fish going on to the beach in the first place? Just to stab some poor beach-goer?
Jordan Lane
Jordan Lane 22 hours ago
I love the video man, I went to visit family in Australia that lived in a remote area that loved birds, I thought at the time it's lame, I was 10, day by day I love birds even more, I'm trying to make my garden as attractive as possible for birds, unfortunately I live by the coast and there's a lot of predator seagulls showing domination, so I shoot them with a weak BB gun, really wouldn't hurt, I promise, wouldn't harm wildlife even if they are a nusaince.. if you think I'm horrible still, look up, seagull eats... Them you will know, seagull eating a rabbit is a good one
Kookee Penguins
Kookee Penguins 22 hours ago
Hypothesis: The ad in this video is NordVPN
Pete Smyth
Pete Smyth 22 hours ago
10:28 When he pushes the hatch out, it immediately floats up. Are aircraft doors designed to have positive buoyancy, to do that automatically?
KiwiPokerPlayer 22 hours ago
Destin, you're supposed to tuck end of your NATO strap back in on itself ya' noob ;)
Ken's Channel
Ken's Channel 22 hours ago
Waiting for Robert to show up to help Dustin at the next Rocket facility tour to describe friction welding fuel tanks or optimal shapes for nose cones.
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 23 hours ago
nanophreak 23 hours ago
I think the star shaped line getting cleaner cuts might just come down to the fact that it has more 'edges' so it has a higher chance of contacting the grass with a sharp shear angle.
digifiv5e 23 hours ago
You're about to get deplatformed from youtube... better keep that mouth shut to appease the overlord tech giants
morphmann 23 hours ago
Really love watching your channel, keep it up!
Dean Cunningham
Dean Cunningham 23 hours ago
I have a hard time concentrating when you talk to Renee DiResta becaseu of the adder to no where in the back ground....Where doe it go? Why is it there? So many questions....
TsukasaElkKite 23 hours ago
Everybody gangsta until a .50 cal bullet hits in slow motion.
fiveiron23 23 hours ago
I love the ideas you've put forward about introducing nuance and complexity and politeness back into a conversation but I'm afraid the effectiveness of the trolls is that they are able to make an emotional appeal of some sort that is attention grabbing in a way that causes the divergence in conversation. Since Reddit comments are a tree structure your intervention either has to be high up on the tree and very early in the fork to have much of an effect, or if time has passed you would be better suited replying further down the tree towards comments that have been more recently active but then you have severely reduced your potential audience. Timeliness is a huge factor on Reddit to get the initial upvotes needed to have a comment stand above others and be readily visible to the viewers, the interjection by Trolls is somewhat randomly targeted on posts that they expect will have a large following but they ultimately lose nothing for taking a small shot and missing. The response to this you suggest involves first identifying where these interjections have occurred and then trying to mitigate the effects but to recognize where the interjections have occurred they will necessarily have been heavily viewed and voted on already making your potential audience at that point much smaller than the Trolls. I think a very important aspect of what your'e suggesting is that its not enough to recognize bad actors/trolls/disinformation we all have to actively combat it and we have to do so in a way that reintroduces nuance and skepticism. But most importantly, we ALL have to be vigilant in doing so.
BigPapaGun 23 hours ago
the neg on this video are made my the people he expose
B 23 hours ago
An equally, if not more important question you should ask is, How do we beat the political bias on reddit? The throttling and removal of the largest conservative subreddit and the continual banning, shadow banning and walls that are put up to silent voices who don't support left-leaning ideals has a HUGE impact on culture and opinion.
Cristopher Pandan
Cristopher Pandan 23 hours ago
Great video
KiwiPokerPlayer 23 hours ago
New Zealand checking in, confirming "weed eater" is correct but they are called "line trimmers" in hardware stores.