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Louie from ML
Louie from ML
Renz Diaz
Renz Diaz
God bless bro!
Get well soon Professor. Don't slack on the rehab. Don't look back and think you could've done more. Do all that you can and you'll never regret it.
Chaim Meir Zaner
Chaim Meir Zaner 59 seconds ago
He's so good, he broke is own ankle.
Donald Zuramp
Donald Zuramp Minute ago
damn it...hope its not the end
carlo regua
carlo regua Minute ago
Wish this legend a fast recovery
Chris N
Chris N Minute ago
Guess y'all don't believe in masks?
Manman Henares
Manman Henares 2 minutes ago
Get well soon!!! Us fans of yours will be waiting and praying for your fast recovery :)
PAUL TRISTAN PH 4 minutes ago
Here in the Philippines the sulution in that case is called HILOT
Roachfat The Nostalgist
Roachfat The Nostalgist 6 minutes ago
He will be aight. Its Covid19 season anyway so just heal up champ. U already a Legend. Cant wait to see u in action again 💪🏿
Jerry Robb
Jerry Robb 6 minutes ago
Hopefully this doesn’t stop you from posting videos man...we all are praying for the best....we love u man
Justin Ellis
Justin Ellis 6 minutes ago
Dam I'm gonna pray love you you gonna be fine
Rezkify. 7 minutes ago
Yyyyy 🤧
BillsCards 86
BillsCards 86 8 minutes ago
I wanted to to make the joke that "He Broke His Own Ankles" but I can't do it
STK Close
STK Close 8 minutes ago
You got this bro. Your dedication to getting back on the ball will be phenomenal. Rest up, get that PT on and return to what you love.
Mine Strap
Mine Strap 9 minutes ago
When this happened to Kobe I was sad . When it happened to the professor I was devastated
MopeyScorpion0_YT 10 minutes ago
I have suffered many injury’s from basketball but always get through them Bc that is my passion just like it’s yours. If you want to get back to your level then put your mind to it just the biggest thing is you have to let it heal fully
Irfan Sagri
Irfan Sagri 10 minutes ago
Once a legend always a legend basketball wouldn’t be the same without you professor u changed the game man
Bill AR
Bill AR 11 minutes ago
Get well my man...take your time so we can enjoy you more in the future
Jay Swaps
Jay Swaps 11 minutes ago
Keep your head up Professor!! You can still have a positive impact on millions of people!! 💪🙏
Linus Villadiego
Linus Villadiego 11 minutes ago
Get well soon professor! Don't rush the healing procedure. Take your time in the rehab process as well. You can do this. Much love from the Philippines bro! Will sens prayers your way.
turbo Flacko
turbo Flacko 11 minutes ago
Big love homie🙏🏻
Timothy Cacho
Timothy Cacho 16 minutes ago
🤗🥺 we will miss you Prof.
turbo Flacko
turbo Flacko 16 minutes ago
I know the move is to play ball again and you are a beast you can make it ! To be honest with the platform you have created you can start a league even !
OpzWtf 18 minutes ago
Lemons LRG
Lemons LRG 20 minutes ago
Do you read? Try the ‘mind body solution’
Jorrrgggeee 21 minute ago
Year 2020 sucks.
DB 12
DB 12 21 minute ago
get better bro but with his hair longer he kind of looks like jesse from breaking bad😂
Troy Dugger
Troy Dugger 21 minute ago
Get well soon. Take your time
JJ 22 minutes ago
No one is wearing a mask... this is during COVID?
Frankie J
Frankie J 23 minutes ago
God Bless bro!
Carlos Perdomo
Carlos Perdomo 24 minutes ago
Get well soon bro.
Philipp Clemens
Philipp Clemens 24 minutes ago
Never give up. Not even 2023!
Rho 24 minutes ago
damn...he did not want to hear he couldn't hoop again speedy recovery bro
Moses Street
Moses Street 25 minutes ago
oh man, i'm feeling so sorry for you. damn this sucks... keep ur head up and bounce back! adversity man, adversity :(
Jerry 25 minutes ago
Man hope you got a speedy recovery
PogBoom 25 minutes ago
Wishing you a speedy recovery from australia my man :( adapt and overcome
Александр Марченко
Александр Марченко 25 minutes ago
Who is second gye, is he Professors boyfriend? 😆
Jujo Ballo
Jujo Ballo 26 minutes ago
Hey bro I'm so sad to hear about your injury. I've been a fan since And 1 series. You have taught me so many moves on the court. You are a great player and a good human. Be Blessed bro and heal up bcuz u got more to do. This your next chapter.
aKa chAsEE
aKa chAsEE 27 minutes ago
Prayers up man get better
John Mark Glova
John Mark Glova 27 minutes ago
Get Well Soon Bro..I just want u to know that you're my inspiration of playing basketball.. i just want to know your handles man GET WELL SOON
brypete 1021
brypete 1021 28 minutes ago
Dang yoooooo...This sucks...Feel bad for the professor.
Antonio Lao
Antonio Lao 30 minutes ago
More power sir Grayson, let God lead you to a brighter that you'll be able to influence the goodness you have impart when and after playing ball
Anwar Ardian
Anwar Ardian 32 minutes ago
Get well soon
Gape Ontiretse
Gape Ontiretse 32 minutes ago
Speedy recovery bro✊❤🇧🇼
Rondo 2k
Rondo 2k 33 minutes ago
No way😥 wish you speedy recovery!❤
Logan Glover
Logan Glover 33 minutes ago
who tf is disliking man
SmallStepForMan 34 minutes ago
I had a full Achilles tendon tear a few years ago. There's life, fun, and lots more basketball on the other side. You got this! 💪🏿💪🏿
Paweł Kupis
Paweł Kupis 36 minutes ago
God Bless to Professor. Greetings from Poland!!!! I wish you a speedy recovery!!!!
Julio Pindanga
Julio Pindanga 36 minutes ago
Im brazilian and your videos made me like basketball!! 33 years, i teared my knee apart and tried a couple of times to be back playin soccer - but injuries like that we never 100% recover. I wish you lucky and dont skip phisioterapy. Peace!
Fil Mart
Fil Mart 36 minutes ago
If you think about it, these NBA guys couldn’t dunk as easy any longer but the professor can’t dunk so nothing lost there. So instead of exploding past your defender you will need to slow down a bit and use stutter steps. You’ll be back. 👍
Critical Gaming Channel
Critical Gaming Channel 38 minutes ago
I hope you get well, Grayson! Don't let this stop you from doing what you love. But for now, focus on healing.
Amberleighjanae Ganigan
Amberleighjanae Ganigan 38 minutes ago
How ironic that the one who gives ankle breakers, got his own ankle broken 😢 dude im praying for your quick recovery 🙏🙏 much love from the 🇵🇭.. Get well..
Timpson Rodrigues
Timpson Rodrigues 39 minutes ago
Get well soon
Rolandson Adam Atillo
Rolandson Adam Atillo 40 minutes ago
Prayers up man. Real sad, but heads up.
Dreaming Dust
Dreaming Dust 40 minutes ago
I dont know why his cousin has a smile in his eyes/mouth when he talks about the injury.
1 2
1 2 41 minute ago
STAY STRONG PROFESSOR, Pray for guidance too and you’ll make a full recovery in time! Regardless, we all will continue to watch your channel and support...
Fil Mart
Fil Mart 41 minute ago
All the haters are the people he crossed over and made to look silly trying to guard him.
Sandro Gambino
Sandro Gambino 41 minute ago
Get well soon bro👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Doug Ferris
Doug Ferris 42 minutes ago
Number one, cut them toenails
Kris G
Kris G 43 minutes ago
2020 can’t get any worse Professor live:
Vincent Jr.
Vincent Jr. 44 minutes ago
Damn for a small guy, Prof got some big feet 1:44 😂 wish my fav street baller of all time a speedy recovery ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tactical Albin
Tactical Albin 44 minutes ago
rip the professor...
Vanix 45 minutes ago
Damn.... 2020 just got even worst dude man.... you were my inspiration to practice my handles prayers to you sir!
Rjamjr Bller24
Rjamjr Bller24 46 minutes ago
Wishing you a speedy recovery bro. Prayers to you
Scott Robert Lim
Scott Robert Lim 46 minutes ago
please write a book of your journey, playing philosophy and go to techniques- it will be a huge hit. book signings, people want to meet you. you’ve inspired millions. i’ll be first in line bro. blessings
why you mad
why you mad 47 minutes ago
Get well soon God bless you professor
2000watts1972 48 minutes ago
When you fully recover (and you will) I’d give anything to be on the court for your first return. Feel like I know you personally since I’ve been following you so long. Recover quickly!
Scott Robert Lim
Scott Robert Lim 49 minutes ago
If you write a book of all your techniques and stories many people would buy it. time to put down your legacy.
ForMyENTERTAINMENT . 50 minutes ago
Professor a true legend man gettin goosebumps just typing this. Dude put on in my childhood, my favorite and 1 player next to hot sauce ❗️ all Love bro praying for you 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Dady 51 minute ago
Professor I wish u a quick recovery, from. Paris 🇫🇷. Je te souhaite un bon et rapide rétablissement, on a besoin de toi, force à toi💪🏾🏀
Scott Robert Lim
Scott Robert Lim 52 minutes ago
praying for you bro. i know the Lord has a plan for you. so be still and wait for his plan and new journey to unfold for you. the Lord will be faithful to you.
Genesis Regala
Genesis Regala 52 minutes ago
I think what happen to him was same as what happen to Kobe and Kevin Durant. Ruptured the Achilles tendon. (After I finish watching this video I was right)
V. Bailey
V. Bailey 54 minutes ago
DAMN BRUH pulling for you man. And you buttholes giving this guy a thumbs down hope nothing ever happens to you ... Other than you getting hit by a 🚗
Theprfesssor 56 minutes ago
Man 2020 has been nothing short of ridiculous the year of WTF Hopefully that means 2021 will be much less, pull all the nonsense now have nothing left for later............ hopefully Wish you a good recovery, best thing to do is to take it easy baby steps eat right relax use this as a vacation of sorts in the end stay positive ball will still be around when you get back
Fhilbert Rullan
Fhilbert Rullan 56 minutes ago
Judiel An
Judiel An 57 minutes ago
Pray for pofessor we know this isn't the end for ur career
Marko Mazyrko
Marko Mazyrko 58 minutes ago
Yo, bro, get better! I hope you’ll recover fast and play good, I believe in you.
Benjamin 008
Benjamin 008 Hour ago
Is it me or that Nurse hate hearing "Basketball" in her job.
Michael Blotkamp
Michael Blotkamp Hour ago
I love you professor, get better soon, so I can see you killin' it on the court
Hank W
Hank W Hour ago
Anyone reminded of Rudy Gay after seeing this? Be well Professor...I understand 'easier said than done'. I've literally been in your shoes. There is no sugar coating it...optimism is the best lookout to have, but honestly brother...just like anything else in get out of something whatever effort you put into it. REMAIN STRONG and become even stronger in your FAITH. You'll know your true calling soon enough. #BLESS
snes06 Hour ago
Brother, document your rehab and recovery, please! That would be inspiring to many! You're strong, keep grinding!
J Graft
J Graft Hour ago
Gws bro 😭❤️
CriminalMischief19 Hour ago
I wish you all the best in your recovery bro. I've followed your career as far back as I can remember. My favorite And1 player by far. Prayers for you during this process
007thematrix007 Hour ago
the professor just got schooled ..... (*by one of the unfortunate realities of basketball life ..... 🏀)
Will Hour ago
Feel for you bro. Keep your head up. Just pray and hope for the best. You'll be ok no matter what happens.
Malsawmkima Chawngthu
Malsawmkima Chawngthu Hour ago
stephenallynhardin Hour ago
I can feel you!!!! I had the same exact injury to my Achilles the week before Kobe did his. Don’t receive the negative opinions of people about your healing. I healed so quickly it was scary. The Lord has got you. YOU WILL HEAL QUICKLY!!! TRUST ME. I WAS AN OLDER GUY WHEN IT HAPPENED. (over 40) Today I feel stronger than ever. Oh yes and still play ball. Keep making videos on your recovery. You will heal very fast!!! See you on USshow soon. Godspeed!!!
Joshua Pantaleon
Joshua Pantaleon Hour ago
Get well soon sir❤
Sumesh Gaming
Sumesh Gaming Hour ago
Dam man what's going on this earth in 2020 all great and precious things are getting mess up... 2020 is worst man .. Love to see professor and his skills.. Hope to see him fit and fine and start playing again soon .. Take care professor stay safe Hope to see u soon in upcoming days . Lots of love from Nepal😍😍😍
YO JIREN Hour ago
He’ll be back
Aldrin Kyle
Aldrin Kyle Hour ago
you know your good when your the only person that can break your ankles
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin Hour ago
Here after he tore his Achilles tendon. Hoping he makes a perfect recovery 🙏
Swag nation Kaden
Swag nation Kaden Hour ago
I mean bro you are like thirty just sit down for a minute
Aqueel Kadri
Aqueel Kadri Hour ago
Dear Professor, your students wont be going anywhere. We will be right here wishing you a healthy recovery (doesn't have to be speedy) Take as much time as you need
daddyadam 1971
daddyadam 1971 Hour ago
Juan C
Juan C Hour ago
Hope you heal well you a goat
Get well soon idol Godbless watching from PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 stay strong man 💪💪💪
Monkey Monkey
Monkey Monkey Hour ago
Hey don’t worry about the injury Kobe came back and so can you. #mumbamentality
Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud Hour ago
You got this bro. We all grew up watching you hoop. And I'm sure we've all tried some crazy move you've done. I wish you nothing but the ultimate success in recovery and career.