Ayaan Habib Games
Ayaan Habib Games 13 hours ago
1 day
Peter Burge
Peter Burge 13 hours ago
Drop the cube in to a full wine barrel.
fafouino !
fafouino ! 13 hours ago
Your a murder
fafouino !
fafouino ! 13 hours ago
คપรՇٱก รՇɼคՇՇѻก
คપรՇٱก รՇɼคՇՇѻก 13 hours ago
Wolfram was named after the mineral 'Wolframite' which the tungsten was discovered inside..
kiko Stojan
kiko Stojan 13 hours ago
l think his name should be tunge
mysticmonkey01 13 hours ago
Would love to know what everyone thinks of the coexistence of flys and Aussies.
flatstick.bread. 13 hours ago
Flogging the ads these days boys.
Christian Nixon
Christian Nixon 14 hours ago
At least 140lbs
Chayne Baltezore
Chayne Baltezore 14 hours ago
bretts daughter was so cute omg🥺
Scott Olesen
Scott Olesen 14 hours ago
The most ridiculous part of this video is that the park let you do this.
Hayden Crouse
Hayden Crouse 14 hours ago
You would definitly need way more water to stop that speed of that fall.
Alexander MESA GOMEZ NASTASE 14 hours ago
Giant firework
Yousif Alabassi
Yousif Alabassi 14 hours ago
You guys should get one of those human gel manikins and send big boy Bris down
Daneesh Rodrigo
Daneesh Rodrigo 14 hours ago
A Hameed
A Hameed 14 hours ago
Wondering which legend bring back to the top for next dropping 😂
Brett Soames
Brett Soames 14 hours ago
Mahavir Jain
Mahavir Jain 14 hours ago
Bro suitcase vs giant dart
DynamicSaturn36 Gaming
DynamicSaturn36 Gaming 14 hours ago
1:17 Pin 5:34 PIN IT
Cactus 14 hours ago
You need to fire an rpg at it
Brett Soames
Brett Soames 14 hours ago
Dude this is so cool
o_ dogg
o_ dogg 14 hours ago
Was a great channel once. This is the last video I will watch. Unsubscribe.
uneducated brain
uneducated brain 14 hours ago
Now throw ur friend it might recover
Devon Crook
Devon Crook 14 hours ago
Welp, time to start line-xing the atlas stones lol
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson 14 hours ago
How much water would it take to stop the cube?
Zero Life Bar
Zero Life Bar 15 hours ago
I saw these guys comment on demolition ranch
Scott Olesen
Scott Olesen 15 hours ago
The best Polish car from last century :D
J. Evans
J. Evans 15 hours ago
Idk about you guys, but I think it's just cosmetic 🤔
Michael Skywalker
Michael Skywalker 15 hours ago
A fitting, fitting tribute to Rexy who somehow survived lounging on the blade of the giant axe.
lisabrock2002 15 hours ago
I am lucky that I live in Australia.
Kelsee Allison
Kelsee Allison 15 hours ago
Keep the name Slick!
Rob 15 hours ago
Nigel is now Byegel, F.
Logan Duranto
Logan Duranto 15 hours ago
Rob 15 hours ago
444k likes and you guys get a tungsten dart made!!
Joshua Liejaya
Joshua Liejaya 15 hours ago
This is cool man
Taylor Horn
Taylor Horn 15 hours ago
Drop a wrecking ball on ball on it
Sage Ratcliff
Sage Ratcliff 15 hours ago
How do you guys clean the sand after a video like this? I’m assuming it has to get cleaned because glass all over the place is no good, but it must take ages!
Hurleys96 15 hours ago
You guys make really good videos, and i been here since the beginning, crazy what people can do once they reach their destination. Keep at it! Inspirational to the max!!
Wooten Basset
Wooten Basset 15 hours ago
YtTGeneral_GRaff 15 hours ago
Ricky Espinoza
Ricky Espinoza 15 hours ago
As a mexican American in the western untied states, most of the public workers and landscapers, even employed my the city government are Hispanic or Latinos. I myself have worked in this field. My question is, are the workers in Australia in a similar field mostly Indonesian or of south pacific origin? No race or agenda attached, genuinely curious. Thanks!
LegendA YT
LegendA YT 15 hours ago
30 hours
Deryl King
Deryl King 15 hours ago
#breaking Wiki sneaking
Peter theoneandonly
Peter theoneandonly 15 hours ago
First 12 minutes: TEETH. SPONSORSHIP. TEEEeEeETH. Next 30 seconds: something awesome/thumbnail. Next 12 minutes Teeeth Teeth TEETH sponsorship
Max C
Max C 15 hours ago
PAYMON360 Robo
PAYMON360 Robo 15 hours ago
Brett Soames
Brett Soames 16 hours ago
#rexy can stand!!🦖🦖
Brett Soames
Brett Soames 16 hours ago
And also a pancake
Lyro 16 hours ago
at 4:20 I love how he's just letting all the fly's just land on him
BlankNametag Studios
BlankNametag Studios 16 hours ago
Call the cube "Tung Stan"
Michael Kent
Michael Kent 16 hours ago
Should drop it on a fully pressured up fire extinguisher
Adidash Playz
Adidash Playz 16 hours ago
rip nigel we will remember you
mpas77 16 hours ago
Call it "ice"
Raddhiman Bindra
Raddhiman Bindra 16 hours ago
Hey guys can you do "kachin" metal cube next!! Its the strongest in the universe.
Runehorn 16 hours ago
249k of 250k!!!
Dyna TC88
Dyna TC88 16 hours ago
Tungsten Bruce..........?
nickcube4 16 hours ago
$2500 USD
Jeremy H
Jeremy H 16 hours ago
Name the cube Squarsie.
Allomelle 16 hours ago
Can you also do an episode with the slowmo guys?
Allomelle 16 hours ago
You should drop it on some crystal spheres.
Bill Williams
Bill Williams 16 hours ago
Why would you put a metal plate down
Bob Hutchinson
Bob Hutchinson 16 hours ago
Crazy that the aquarium broke from the pressure caused by the cube hitting the water and not the cube hitting the glass.
Joshua Neal
Joshua Neal 16 hours ago
What if you named it tom cruise so when you drop stuff it's a mission impossible to break
The Nantics
The Nantics 16 hours ago
What a waste of perfectly beautiful aquariums. The aquascaper in me cries
B_WELCH_ 16 hours ago
Use another 4 inch cube of tungsten if you want to shatter it because that's what's going to happen
Larry Keene
Larry Keene 16 hours ago
TITAN!! The titanium cube. 😁😁
Jared Harmer
Jared Harmer 16 hours ago
I’d name it cubey McCubeface
Tyler Chingliak
Tyler Chingliak 16 hours ago
breaky snaky wakes buttom
Andrew Soycheese
Andrew Soycheese 16 hours ago
Leo Gottesman
Leo Gottesman 16 hours ago
37 meters
D G 16 hours ago
The water tank broke from the impact on the water! So cool
Gigi Clark
Gigi Clark 16 hours ago
So close to the tooth!!!! Like this viddy!
B_WELCH_ 16 hours ago
Toasty Scoot
Toasty Scoot 17 hours ago
I thought y’all were scientific yet y’all believe there’s a man in the sky smh
Toasty Scoot
Toasty Scoot 17 hours ago
Rexys testimony was the same as all other religious people😂 milked for money and died an early grave
Matthew Scaife
Matthew Scaife 17 hours ago
Stuart Grant
Stuart Grant 17 hours ago
Yous should drop crash test dummies onto tramp
Karl Porter
Karl Porter 17 hours ago
I don't think it's melting. I think it is stretching the film out taut, and then when it springs back it wrinkles up on a micro-level & can't go smooth again.
purplechicken86 17 hours ago
Asmr to go to sleep, how ridiculous to wake up 😏
James Ramaker
James Ramaker 17 hours ago
Name the cube.. nano the cube
Jacob Montey
Jacob Montey 17 hours ago
pink purple
Gil Graue
Gil Graue 17 hours ago
Cube name: Bloxy