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Katy Kennedy
Katy Kennedy 10 minutes ago
this is one of the funniest videos ive watched in a long time
Luca 53 minutes ago
He seems like a really genuine guy
Jaime N
Jaime N Hour ago
It’s so good I was not expecting this sksksks
David Christian Sorensen
David Christian Sorensen Hour ago
Why is he bald
Sisir Howlader khan
Sisir Howlader khan Hour ago
'oh you're squirting all over your pretty feet' even noel couldn't help laughing
Crunchy B Roll
Crunchy B Roll Hour ago
Who is this guy was he on love island or something?
Maren Stone
Maren Stone Hour ago
disliked because cody's apron was on backwards the whole time
Eliana Koshiba
Eliana Koshiba Hour ago
lmfaoooooo he said "yall ever heard of reddit? i know some people that use that shit... couldn't be me tho, yall be easy"
julian Hour ago
1:43 oui oui
Living With Liv
Living With Liv 2 hours ago
Do drag queen makeup next
Owen as mr. M
Owen as mr. M 2 hours ago
I love zumba
Bella Sala
Bella Sala 3 hours ago
yall need to get shane and ryan on one of your eoisodes
Olivia Mikolajski
Olivia Mikolajski 3 hours ago
i stg if ya'll don't stop sniffing ya mics
Sophia Griffiths
Sophia Griffiths 3 hours ago
when saw the honey ad in the description I thought this was gonna be about sofia from call her daddy
Jacque Garcia
Jacque Garcia 3 hours ago
I only know what reddit is because of you guys lol
It’sGigiBitch 4 hours ago
Okay, this man is FOINEEEEE
matt 4 hours ago
elon musk was 17 when grimes was born thats kinda fuckin weird
River Turnbull
River Turnbull 5 hours ago
I got intoxicated just watching this
Simona Eaton
Simona Eaton 5 hours ago
Oh my💀
carissas lame
carissas lame 5 hours ago
An 8th for 20???? Whheerreee?
eiscrememe 5 hours ago
Why is Noels Whisk so damn huge! 😳
Elaine Gray
Elaine Gray 6 hours ago
Me watching this on my lunch 👁👄👁
Remi Matos
Remi Matos 6 hours ago
u guys should do this again but with upside down goggles, I love this
Jonathan Davies
Jonathan Davies 7 hours ago
I can’t wait for Cody and Noel do: drunk driving
zeina _sui9
zeina _sui9 8 hours ago
cody lookin like my desi uncle in this one
Dani M
Dani M 9 hours ago
Bearded dragons are the best. Literally dogs with a skin condition. Congrats!
Koush Potato
Koush Potato 9 hours ago
Koush Potato
Koush Potato 9 hours ago
ya like jas
ya like jas 9 hours ago
almond milk is SO good what :(
FrankieTheTankie 9 hours ago
Hot Ones.
Happy Person
Happy Person 10 hours ago
Why did I just find them a month ago??? I’m so late! ❤️
Red Death
Red Death 10 hours ago
Surprised some people don't know that much about UFC considering how big it is
Riley Thacker
Riley Thacker 10 hours ago
A woman found dead on the side of a Houston road has been identified as a social media influencer:
sekar Wangi
sekar Wangi 11 hours ago
the videography style or what ever the fuck it called looks like some kind of professional baking show but when u click...
quoshtard 11 hours ago
him talking about sinister saying it's not scary and me thinking about how i had two panic attacks watching it :]
Samoa Noah
Samoa Noah 12 hours ago
Madeline David
Madeline David 13 hours ago
Who's still full from Thanksgiving??? And how was yours?!
Brandon Radu
Brandon Radu 13 hours ago
Cody and Noel look like they belong on the gay skater dad poster at VANS.
d ans
d ans 14 hours ago
God you can really see the improvement in Cody's rapping
Insan3TV 14 hours ago
Absolutely No one: Both of them: 👁👁 👄
Caro L
Caro L 14 hours ago
This made me cry laughing holy shit 😂😂
Yaz P
Yaz P 15 hours ago
I imagine being famous and figuring out there’s something other than Instagram (at 23) isn’t new. Shit my mom sits on black Twitter all day and asked me about Reddit like “is it safe???” 😂😂😂😂😂
K S 16 hours ago
Just Bleep All Of It Out - The Story of Noel Miller (a biography)
Cici Frocc
Cici Frocc 17 hours ago
I want them to try dancing.
Dante Anaya
Dante Anaya 18 hours ago
Just want to give feed back. Around 50min codys audio dosent match his mouth.
A. Elizabeth
A. Elizabeth 19 hours ago
I really HATED all the wet sounding effects, could 100% do without
TheClammantha 19 hours ago
2016 vlogger vibes w the click bait
Keanu Reeves Is Breathtaking
Keanu Reeves Is Breathtaking 19 hours ago
This is how Cody and Noel should've approached Grimes and Elon when they were making out in the kitchen
Meg Robinson
Meg Robinson 20 hours ago
Noel putting his goggles up is everyone in public pulling their masks down lmao
CTCarLover 20 hours ago
yall defiantly need to 24 hours of lemons that would be hilarous
Kayla Paulk
Kayla Paulk 20 hours ago
gtA player
gtA player 20 hours ago
low quality audio HIGH QUALITY BOYS
Max Ivanenko
Max Ivanenko 21 hour ago
I just realized that none of the free episodes are actually ad free as well lol
Dani M
Dani M 21 hour ago
Oh this is good
alexa smith
alexa smith 21 hour ago
noel is so fine w that shaved head😩😩
Moe Gann
Moe Gann 21 hour ago
This was so good. Omg
Moe Gann
Moe Gann 21 hour ago
I slept on this and I really needed it. Thank you a week late. I was maybe also to drunk when I watched it but this was necessary.
Caleb Crouch
Caleb Crouch 21 hour ago
I Would panic. Haha props to you guys
R M 21 hour ago
spice this up plz im about to hibernate
It's Lachie!
It's Lachie! 22 hours ago
Wait, they dont know what winge means?
Stormo 23 hours ago
I'd watch a full series of just Drunk Baking
Xvladin 23 hours ago
That teleprompter idea still sounds really funny. Y’all should do it
Aubrie Nader
Aubrie Nader Day ago
nothing hurts a man more than mistaking his height.
Paige Redlin
Paige Redlin Day ago
they did HOT ONES????
blair doss
blair doss Day ago
i love zumba
maylen espinoza
maylen espinoza Day ago
9:50 Me: There’s no way noel is winning lmao Noel: “fucking bitchass talking shit on your stupid ass phone, where you watching this? during your lunch? shut up.” Me watching this on my phone at work during my lunch: I...
t. Day ago
ayo Cody kinda lagging
Jade F.
Jade F. Day ago
23:08 "whatever" big dick energy.
Aiden Caswell
Aiden Caswell Day ago
I legit thought that Noel was saying “Buddha first” for so long and I was like “oh I didn’t know he was Buddhist
Bacon Eater
Bacon Eater Day ago
Please stop touching your hair while baking 😩
zalys p
zalys p Day ago
I will always talk about how great Denzel Curry is. He is more versatile than people realize. From his cover of Bulls On Parade to his collaborations with Kenny Beats and The Avalanches, I am always impressed.
Victoria Scott
Victoria Scott Day ago
they represent the two opposite extremes of the quarantine hair spectrum.
Nicolas Hendriks
Nicolas Hendriks Day ago
Dude Noel could straight up just be a famous ass actor. Unlike my friend Cody here who can't put a serious face even if his life depended on it.
ykthefuckingvibes •
ykthefuckingvibes • Day ago
did y’all snort a line of coke at the end wtf??
Yolanda Perez
Yolanda Perez Day ago
bella reyes
bella reyes Day ago
"Half a teaspoon of vanilla, Alright Cody spit in this" 😆😂🤣
Nissy Day ago
carrington just speaks facts and he really does seem like a genuine person. watching him on the show was annoying and frustrating bc he seemed like a total ass but he really was there to do his thing and he was 100% honest about it. that’s why kierstan had no hard feelings for him and still cared about him even though he “did her dirty”. US viewers just want that “genuine love” and forget that all the love island contestant are still humans that make mistakes
Xriqq Day ago
You 2 on a team vs josh making a candybar
Mia Modafferi
Mia Modafferi Day ago
why is this so funny
Mia Modafferi
Mia Modafferi Day ago
the fucking tasting part im dead