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Alexis Teran
Alexis Teran 11 hours ago
Wait look at 5:57, THAT'S THE INFAMOUS WARIO
Austen Hilton
Austen Hilton 11 hours ago
Those Hours of Mario kart ds on the bus everyone would be playing and we’d have like 2 full rooms at once
sqs 11 hours ago
Scott... my friend... did you spell your own last name wrong on the Wii Play Motion Reselling Studios building at 11:25? Nope, this is a joke I'm not in on, isn't it? Right? RIGHT?
Mandel _
Mandel _ 11 hours ago
Roger McGill
Roger McGill 11 hours ago
This is the first video I've watched from this channel and I gotta say I'm blown away. Thank you USshow for finally showing me some good recommended shit. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE! WE NEED MORE GOOD STUFF LIKE THIS!
FolkerHQ 11 hours ago
Saw your OUYA controller in the back :-)
Made In California
Made In California 11 hours ago
Man i used to get boners playing this game... Haha
poly cube
poly cube 11 hours ago
Howard Lincoln was half right, Night Trap was never on a Nintendo console while he worked at Nintendo.
The Glitchy Gamecube Kid
The Glitchy Gamecube Kid 11 hours ago
Does he ever play those games ???
Just a Person
Just a Person 11 hours ago
RIP the 3ds. 😔
Nevio Laranjo
Nevio Laranjo 11 hours ago
Look at the way he says 5 at 9:34
Mathew Swift
Mathew Swift 11 hours ago
R.I.P the 3DS
Duckie_Plays 11 hours ago
Grumble Volcano is what I call my dick
The Cartoon Blueberry
The Cartoon Blueberry 11 hours ago
I have little mac
Nolan TEPM
Nolan TEPM 11 hours ago
5:45 Oh my gosh. xD
Trevor Ganoe
Trevor Ganoe 11 hours ago
6:36 Like if you actually applauded
Logan 11 hours ago
why is the video a hour long
Fedora Gamer
Fedora Gamer 11 hours ago
What the *fuck* did I just watch?
Zack_Moneys 11 hours ago
time to play it all again on the switch :')
SquirrelGamer 11 hours ago
Plot twist: Nintendo still uses cartridges Who needs CDs for the switch?
daa 653
daa 653 11 hours ago
I have a zelda thing with tons of mints
Sarah Demel
Sarah Demel 11 hours ago
hey we finally got that sunshine remake:)
reva 11 hours ago
I thought he said "watching a penis go to town"
Ashley 18
Ashley 18 11 hours ago
They kinda foked up this game..
consolectter ree
consolectter ree 11 hours ago
Now send me 3ds gamess
Synchronized Elbow
Synchronized Elbow 11 hours ago
Just realized the Nintendo Switch curbed the game card concept from... The N-Gage. To put that into perspective, that's like Lisa Simpson getting her saxophone skills from Ralph Wiggum.
Ninja Boy Ethan
Ninja Boy Ethan 11 hours ago
I want Pokemon spin off sequels. the only Pokemon spin off games that come out nowadays is mobile and those games are only fun for a week. Imagine a Pokemon ranger 4 or a Pokemon conquest 2.
Raine 11 hours ago
2:19 when your pre-order of super mario 3d all stars got cancelled due to going out of stock
Slime Scholar
Slime Scholar 11 hours ago
La Séance Vidéoludique De Coco
La Séance Vidéoludique De Coco 12 hours ago
And then there was this fake trailer of Super Mario Galaxy DS...
Oscar Alfonso Díaz González
Oscar Alfonso Díaz González 12 hours ago
Scott Pilgrim VS The World is finally baaaaack ❤️
The Misan
The Misan 12 hours ago
Scott: After this logo appears, we're greeted to a hearty Ad: Lindsey Graham fought to get big corporations billions of dollars
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez 12 hours ago
Now its discounted:(
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez 12 hours ago
R.I.P. 3DS 2011-2020
Ene-Chan 12 hours ago
I pre ordered this...
Jerome Peterson
Jerome Peterson 12 hours ago
N64 is still 🔥... Their controller changed the game
Shaye Paluck
Shaye Paluck 12 hours ago
Like months before labo VR was announced I said to my friend how an open-world VR game would be amazing and said Breath of the Wild would be awesome in VR and my friend looked at me like I was crazy.
Voztenzuk Von Wiigunopyl
Voztenzuk Von Wiigunopyl 12 hours ago
This is a cinematic masterpiece
Ultar The Robot
Ultar The Robot 12 hours ago
Nigel who?
MediaBritishLogoEditor495 12 hours ago
Comment of the future. The 3DS is done. Almost hit a decade.
soulryuu 12 hours ago
Part of the reason PS3 came out on top is because it had a market in Asia while the Xbox 360 had almost no market share there.
Liggliluff 12 hours ago
(8:55) The controls aren't stiff in MK64. The issue is that, when you turn left, your model slides to the right, and when you turn right, the model slides to the left. I get that the camera should look more towards the left or right so you can see what's up ahead. But the camera doesn't move, your model does. So when you turn left to avoid the obstacle, your model slides to the right and counteract it. That's what ruins this game for me.
UltraMegaLink07 12 hours ago
1:22 this man speaks the truth
Liggliluff 12 hours ago
(4:30) Idea for unlockables in multiplayer games: - in multiplayer modes, have everything unlocked - in singleplayer and coop modes, have stuff locked This way, you still have to unlock stuff to use it in singleplayer, like progressing to new stages and having more characters to choose from. But if you're just playing multiplayer, you have everything ready. An issue is that you will get spoiled, so there's that.
Rebekah Antis
Rebekah Antis 12 hours ago
The only things I hate are the cartridges and having to blow in them every time to get it to work... oh. And the controller shape is just infuriating!
weenocks 12 hours ago
I remember crying because I lost my copy of Mario Kart 7.
Primal Fish
Primal Fish 12 hours ago
10:50 rip 2ds
LARAUJO 12 hours ago
Jeffrey Rouse
Jeffrey Rouse 12 hours ago
Fling smash is complete fun and you should total buy 14 copies.
ishi 12 hours ago
Easily the best epsiode in terms of pure comedy, every one of the 138 jokes in this vid is a fucking KNEESLAPPER
spencer jones
spencer jones 12 hours ago
Please, Tobacco Jones is my father I’m nothing like that man
Dip Space
Dip Space 12 hours ago
someone paused to use the harthstone code
faster 2X
faster 2X 12 hours ago
Scott: I want a remake of Mario Sunshine Nintendo: Did you said a LIMITED port?
Vanessa 12 hours ago
Videogame collecting. An activity that, if mentioned to people who don't play videogames, makes them assume you own, or want to own, every game in existence in immaculate condition without playing any of them. And ya, there are people like that, but most of use aren't. In fact, there are many different ways to collect. Personal, I am one of those collectors that want to own every game in a series I love. For example, I own... all English released Fire Emblem games all the English, and some Japanese, Tales of sires games all Nintendo released Zelda games all the Devil May Cry games You get the point. I of cores have other games, but I only actively collect ones I love. And I so agree with you Scott about having to have the plastic casing of games. So much so that when I bought a fan made English, cartridge version of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem on DS, I HAD TO buy a $40 replica case for the game.
Mantis Vessel
Mantis Vessel 12 hours ago
Tbh I never had an issue with misjudging jumps due to a lack of 3D; I never used the 3D for 3D land so I guess it didn’t really make a difference for me
Pizzano Pastano
Pizzano Pastano 12 hours ago
Who else is here in 2020 rewatching this to prepare themselves to play Super Mario Galaxy in Super Mario 3D All Stars?
Henrie Bryce
Henrie Bryce 12 hours ago
IMO, the only thing the N64 was good for was local multiplayer games. The graphics were awful, and the controller sucked. Edit* - Of course it had some of the best singleplayer games of all time too with Mario 64, and Ocarina of Time, but there just wasn't many games of that caliber.
ObsessivelyObsessed 12 hours ago
I always had a problem with nintendo consoles naming systems, like you always have to justify the console with the company name. It's not the 60, it's the NINTENDO 64, it's not the entertainment system, its the NINTENDO entertainment system. Most modern consoles don't need the qualifier beforehand, we don't call it the SONY playstation 2, we call it the playstation 2. and we don't call it the MICROSOFT Xbox one, we call it garbag- I mean the Xbox one... but even now it's not allowed to just be the switch, it's the NINTENDO switch... like come on Nintendo, let your console speak for itself, it doesn't need you looking over it's shoulder looking all disapointed when people don't mention you're it's father..... wow I might be projecting there a bit...
Liggliluff 13 hours ago
(13:10) How about Music Park being renamed to Melody Motorway? I do like that alliteration, and I do love it when names are changed between regions. It makes each localisation more special.
Nova Dante
Nova Dante 13 hours ago
"then I make a fool out of my self look I'm on milk"
anon nico
anon nico 13 hours ago
rest in peace 3DS amirite boys
Gudetama Katara
Gudetama Katara 13 hours ago
Botw, I cry when I hear the music, do I have to say more?
Gremlin Gaming
Gremlin Gaming 13 hours ago
The first party controller is always better except for the Logitech ps2 one. It’s perfect in every way.
Webb Andrew
Webb Andrew 13 hours ago
To sum up Scott's opinion, you have genuinely angered me.
YaseenLovesChibiRobo 13 hours ago
Sign to petetion to stop chibi robo Abuse
David Roudebush
David Roudebush 13 hours ago
The government should have kept their hands out of the video games industry
Woozy 13 hours ago
They should make a f zero remake
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez 13 hours ago
When is Nintendo gonna make the jump to Mario VR . Valve proved with half life that vr is the future of gaming . Nintendo doesn’t innovate they suck you gotta be 12 years old to want every Mario kart game
Yeet the geese
Yeet the geese 13 hours ago
Jagwire? Tf?
Isaiah 10
Isaiah 10 13 hours ago
You can change the color of the ball in wii sports nice Wait WHAT
CloudWalker 13 hours ago
My favorite are the Switch, 3DS and PS4 ones. I'm not a collector but they feel right how they sit on the shelve with how standardized they are except for the few little crazyness.
SEAN GRIGSBY 13 hours ago
The 3ds has finally been discontinued... I’m so bummed out right now. R.I.P. Nintendo 3ds *You will be missed. Best handheld console of all time.* 2011-2020
DataWell 13 hours ago
This channel deserves more love
Lo Renzo
Lo Renzo 13 hours ago
0:01 game collectors in quarantine
MrGamer 13 hours ago
I’m really sad that ign reviewed this garbage.
Remy Taylor
Remy Taylor 13 hours ago
The way you timed the ending with the Mario 64 credits theme is perfect.
TDC 13 hours ago
You can really tell who actually watched the video or who watched the first minute, saw his “I don’t really care about the 64” joke and didn’t even watch the rest thinking it’d be him bashing the 64
Carson W.
Carson W. 13 hours ago
That wiimote looks pretty sick.
CGJoe 13 hours ago
" I just dont care about it" hits dislike
CGJoe 13 hours ago
But later hits subscribe :D
Spaghettaboutit 13 hours ago
No Goemon games talked about, no Bomberman games talked about, no Snowboard Kids games talked about, no Chameleon Twist games talked about...Does Scott EVEN N64? No, Scott did not N64. 3rd Party support for the N64 was great for the life of the system. I know as someone who would weekly rent a game from the local mom and pop video store. There was no shortage of games for me to try out. That's why the N64 left such a good memory in a lot of people. Sure if you only bought games, you wouldn't have been exposed to all of the great 3rd party games, but renting them really opened up a whole world of different games. Scott knocks the N64, because he didn't live the N64 experience, pretty damn sure he's too young to have been around at the time. That's okay, but don't sell the system short because you aren't aware of the greatness that's there. It's not like it has a HUGE library. It's perfectly fine to admit you don't have a full understanding of the game library.