Galaxyprime 2564
Galaxyprime 2564 43 minutes ago
Well this is how he started
k9love yeah
k9love yeah 53 minutes ago
I'm a girl and I love football so I'm not loving all of the times that you imply it should be a boy watching but I LOVE the video!
RussCR5187 56 minutes ago
Great. Just what we need. Teenagers finding success being [here comes the definition of savage] fierce, violent, uncontrolled, severe, brutal, or vicious.
k9love yeah
k9love yeah 57 minutes ago
Do you play wide receiver?
13e11even11 Hour ago
Terrible squat Dee
MoMo 300S
MoMo 300S Hour ago
Awesome 🔥😎✊🏽
Edelmiro Robles
Edelmiro Robles Hour ago
It was a 5.5 and the one at the end was 4.2
Sleazy45 Gang
Sleazy45 Gang Hour ago
Yooooo Dez is niceeee😂💯
Isaac Njoroge
Isaac Njoroge Hour ago
pony tails, I thought those were mushrooms
James Dwight
James Dwight Hour ago
Dez needs to be back in the NFL
RAWK ONE 2 hours ago
No respect for just running dig routes ONLY in 1on1's.
C.K 2 hours ago
“Hopspin exposes by NFL Legend”
M.M official Vlog
M.M official Vlog 2 hours ago
Bruh you straight trippin on saying Florida the best football state haha haha you must ain’t never been to Tx dawg
Jacobi Nichols
Jacobi Nichols 2 hours ago
I got my notes in for sure 🤝
Tony Wurst
Tony Wurst 3 hours ago
Throw the X up. Thanks for all the years of great ball, Dez.
Youtube_Envy1k 3 hours ago
Yo dee I thought you was coming to that 7v7 game yesterday what happened
Anthuan Juarez
Anthuan Juarez 3 hours ago
Deestroying! ⭐️
1k subs without a video
1k subs without a video 3 hours ago
What happened to troy
Flossy 3 hours ago
Cleaning another mans shoes on your knees don’t seem like a good move ...
Samuel Jinuna
Samuel Jinuna 4 hours ago
0:00 Ten Toes Were Put Down
Myles Hancock
Myles Hancock 4 hours ago
Why did he have his shirt off on the toilet
Soft and Wet
Soft and Wet 4 hours ago
Keefs Wet
Keefs Wet 4 hours ago
6:20 Long Beach Where We At?
Keefs Wet
Keefs Wet 4 hours ago
Mah•ter Day Dee MAH-Ter😂
NYC boxer
NYC boxer 5 hours ago
This how people record school fights
Alez Scioscia
Alez Scioscia 5 hours ago
i need an update
Prod. Zero
Prod. Zero 5 hours ago
Dez caught it
LoOt ElitePro
LoOt ElitePro 5 hours ago
Feel like they smell hella musty
Touchdown Time
Touchdown Time 5 hours ago
Dee slowly making his way up to the NFL!
eli. 6 hours ago
Was Antonio brown high in this video
Sean A
Sean A 6 hours ago
Flat out, this is better than watching the first 3 and half quarters of an NFL game...
The Great 1
The Great 1 6 hours ago
Come on Dez! Dunk that ball one time!
Wayland Lewis
Wayland Lewis 6 hours ago
Ignacio Medina
Ignacio Medina 6 hours ago
I need this man deestroying to teach me how to be a better punter irl man
Sean Ward
Sean Ward 6 hours ago
Some one tell destroying that dez Bryant is NOT a legend 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he won’t even make the hall of fame 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jay B
Jay B 6 hours ago
Dez really need another chance back in the league, he never stopped training even after no team wanted him I feel bad about what happened w him and New Orleans he would’ve been nasty w drew and had more targets with every team focusing on micheal thomas
ghanjahman 6 hours ago
🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️come home Dez 🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️
Kelvin Rondon
Kelvin Rondon 6 hours ago
Anyone know the name of that song at the end?
Tod Hold
Tod Hold 6 hours ago
For a man who wants to keep his family safe, Marquise Goodwin sure does spend a lot of time around a bunch of random people.... Without a mask.
YMG TWAN 7 hours ago
When are you coming to Nj I been waiting on that day
Mountain Edward
Mountain Edward 7 hours ago
That is the worst filming.....c'mon son
DARKAssassin8er 7 hours ago
Keep up the great content 👍
Scott Loumbou
Scott Loumbou 7 hours ago
Nobody: ... Me: nobody saw that!!! Destroying: I got to go for the game! Me: where’s the watch? I can’t see know watch 😂 1:33
Rozz Qureshi
Rozz Qureshi 7 hours ago
No cap yung dockery on the come up
Hollywood FN
Hollywood FN 7 hours ago
I met Dez in an airport and he might be the most down to earth dude I ever met
Brandon Ledesma
Brandon Ledesma 7 hours ago
Man thank you for the Dez video!! Its good to see him shine and kill it still!! I hope be gets a chance soon!! Appreciate the video and keep them coming!!
Al Brown
Al Brown 7 hours ago
Emmanuel Watkins
Emmanuel Watkins 7 hours ago
Bro I felt that deestroying was here in TX but I didn't know where and then I see that man was only a few minutes away 🤦😭
** 7 hours ago
Isn't dez washed up though?
caleb haney
caleb haney 7 hours ago
What's the names of the songs in this video
_TTG_ MurfBigPoppa
_TTG_ MurfBigPoppa 7 hours ago
Bru I’m in desoto rn as well
TrulyKhale 7 hours ago
Get Megatron
Stille Bitchesss
Stille Bitchesss 7 hours ago
Im sorry but that dog was entertaining tf out of me 😎 🍿
SheWantsTheDei 8 hours ago
COVID 19 👍🏾
Fern-did -it
Fern-did -it 8 hours ago
U can hear the pain in his voice bruh I feel bad even tho this vid is old I still feel bad
Danny DTG
Danny DTG 8 hours ago
Hey destroying u should come to my first game at Hackett Arkansas I am going against Waldron
kent2360 8 hours ago
Dez is only 31 he could do it...
Gabrielle Frink
Gabrielle Frink 8 hours ago
Take troy with u
Jamel Fitts
Jamel Fitts 8 hours ago
I can't wait for my boy to go to the NFL their messing out on him.
Michael Meza
Michael Meza 8 hours ago
Always respected Dez Bryant’s game. That boy was such a tough matchup
03 Bodied Stepside
03 Bodied Stepside 8 hours ago
Just a friendly reminder....Dez DIDN'T make the catch! Go Pack Go!
OptimumSwag 8 hours ago
Bro Dallas destroyed Dez' image because he looked like 🚮 after that Bs call he had(that alone can be debated for generations) but seeing this just shows how the NFL needs to scout talent that was once great more often...
BrilliantlyBnard_°○ 8 hours ago
Can Dez get another shot already. Bout dat time ✖
Julian No
Julian No 8 hours ago
I wish these kids were educated and would learn to read and speak fluently. They have the potential now but will they? Only a few will ever make money in the pros. Why not polish your mind and then raise children with the same thing in mind.
scottsei2113 9 hours ago
Dez Cowboys Nation misses you!
Karlton Williams
Karlton Williams 9 hours ago
You went to Sarasota
Premokidd13 Please
Premokidd13 Please 9 hours ago
Leondist Duvall
Leondist Duvall 9 hours ago
Monroe B
Monroe B 9 hours ago
“I’m about to run a uh huh uh uh huh, come back uh huh ah, post ah... just hit me” Love it🤣
Michael Mendez
Michael Mendez 9 hours ago
Shoutout to Coach Mccabe, Ty long, and rest of the one on one specialists. You learn alot from the pro’s until its time for conditioning then you hate it xD
Junior Valdez
Junior Valdez 9 hours ago
Dez sounds like mike Epps 😂😂
Eric Vevo Top 5
Eric Vevo Top 5 9 hours ago
Why you resemble Bronny James ?
Tymeen Johnson
Tymeen Johnson 9 hours ago
Khalil Yeezy
Khalil Yeezy 9 hours ago
Since when Dez Bryant became a Legend ?
naruto uzumaki
naruto uzumaki 9 hours ago
I’m a boy the person on my image is my ex
Noah Gullett
Noah Gullett 9 hours ago
I love how he says what's the freaking playyeyeyeyeye
Big Diff Eli
Big Diff Eli 9 hours ago
Bro get the braids back 💯
naruto uzumaki
naruto uzumaki 9 hours ago
I’m a wr
Inseul Mareus
Inseul Mareus 9 hours ago
5 likes huh wow guess we aren't getting a video
Bristian Alvarez
Bristian Alvarez 10 hours ago
Does don’t do much but still be catching lobs
Flossy 10 hours ago
Dude in red is nice .he got speed and hands
Yung T3NZ1N
Yung T3NZ1N 10 hours ago
camera man fuckin up my eyesight
melanie 10 hours ago
waitttt!! you were in Texas???
812 10 hours ago
Dez you were a top 5 wideout in the NFL at one time... But you're washed up! Once Jerry gave you that big contract AFTER that Green Bay playoff loss, you were never the same....
Noangeltosin 10 hours ago
One kid wore a mask while playing. Hope Deestroying handed out hand sanatizer and mask for the youngsters. to take home.
richard e rodriguez
richard e rodriguez 10 hours ago
King Troy got so fucked up🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bryce Williams
Bryce Williams 10 hours ago
“He is too strong for this game of football” 😅😅😂😂🤣🤣
Jimmy Nino
Jimmy Nino 10 hours ago
Your best video yet to me👍
Ezekiel King
Ezekiel King 10 hours ago
I wanna see Deestroying go against Julio Jones and Calvin Ridely
urpapito69 10 hours ago
Dez isnt a LEGEND
Oh I Spam
Oh I Spam 10 hours ago
Well it is dez Bryant
Postit Randomly
Postit Randomly 10 hours ago
NFL legend???? Yeah that’s why he working with you on YT at like 30 years old....he’s sooo legendary 🙄
Tyler Schurle
Tyler Schurle 10 hours ago
Lowkey as a cowboys fan I would love to see dez back in the lineup
CAMERON SCHOTT 10 hours ago
Too ez is pat
Dill pickle1234
Dill pickle1234 10 hours ago
Dez Bryant is not a freaking legend
Aervae Altonelty
Aervae Altonelty 10 hours ago
Track running kid had some steps on him.
Gojhi h
Gojhi h 10 hours ago
had a feeling you played soccer, i’m not the best at football but i can boot like no other bc of that soccer leg 😂
Kyle Beavan
Kyle Beavan 10 hours ago
It’s cool he apologised to that girl man, takes balls to say sorry
Anton 11 hours ago
Been out the league 2 years still saucing 👌
Ceedothuncho 3k
Ceedothuncho 3k 11 hours ago
that’s big isom out thea throwin dots