Our baby is in the NICU.
5 months ago
LaBrant Family Vacation!
Habiba Ahmed
Habiba Ahmed 3 hours ago
But I like every one else
Alisha Fatima123
Alisha Fatima123 17 hours ago
I think Zealand is a cute name btw forgot too say ❤️ And I like The country New Zealand so I definitely like his name Hope Zealand gets better 🙏🤲🏼
Alisha Fatima123
Alisha Fatima123 17 hours ago
1:35 lol
Alisha Fatima123
Alisha Fatima123 18 hours ago
Aw cute memories Posie was so cubby but I think that’s cute chubby babies are cute 👶🏼✨👶🏼✨💎
Sam Love
Sam Love 21 hour ago
In my opinion, I do think Zealand is more better than the name Steel No hate to the ace family
Baby Bell
Baby Bell Day ago
OH my good Posie and Everleigh soo cute
IOZ lama Buznies
IOZ lama Buznies 2 days ago
They pick who the future husband her best friend what kind of parents are these guys labrant family I hat coles face frikn everlighs ugllyyyy don’t get me started tommy was way better
Habiba Ahmed
Habiba Ahmed 2 days ago
I hate posie rayne because she's ugly and her body is chunky so yeah
Symone Howell
Symone Howell Day ago
Habiba Ahmed rude
Lucia Debello
Lucia Debello 3 days ago
Tiffany garcia-james
Tiffany garcia-james 3 days ago
BIDHAN DHAR 3 days ago
Every said did you change her diaper 2 times and they didn't answer
McRae Mecham
McRae Mecham 3 days ago
Is her friend halston Just a guess from the beginning
Love you
Adriana Deschaine
Adriana Deschaine 3 days ago
I loove the labrant fam!
Abbi Games
Abbi Games 4 days ago
Who is watch this when baby z is born
Yaseen Ali
Yaseen Ali 3 days ago
It is so what happend to him but he is better now
Yaseen Ali
Yaseen Ali 3 days ago
Shauna odonnell
Shauna odonnell 4 days ago
ইসলামের সঠিক পথ
ইসলামের সঠিক পথ 4 days ago
my name is sajda and youre the cute family
Naledi Lamola
Naledi Lamola 4 days ago
Cute thing ever
Bridgette Hernandez
Bridgette Hernandez 4 days ago
Weirdest smart Channel
Weirdest smart Channel 4 days ago
I’m really wondering why she’s “you’re not looking at her hair right now are you taking her to the toy store I don’t know but I would
super_ shelly123
super_ shelly123 4 days ago
Who remembers this intro 😍
Juliana Ng
Juliana Ng 5 days ago
Hi mom
Yaseen Ali
Yaseen Ali 3 days ago
?????????? wãţ
Millie Ford
Millie Ford 5 days ago
Hi I love you pls subscribe I am just getting started on my Chanel
Jess Della speranza
Jess Della speranza 6 days ago
😘Love You
Arwen Byford
Arwen Byford 6 days ago
Omggg first vid I have watched they have the comments on
Gianna Siciliano
Gianna Siciliano 6 days ago
Secret crush granted
Gianna Siciliano
Gianna Siciliano 6 days ago
She got lots offf touys love you
Marie Jean
Marie Jean 6 days ago
Anyone watching in quarantine?
Alondra Rodriguez
Alondra Rodriguez 6 days ago
Who been watching the Labrant fam before 2020??? 👇
Yaseen Ali
Yaseen Ali 3 days ago
Andrea Perrin
Andrea Perrin 6 days ago
Ranah S
Ranah S 7 days ago
Halston: Posie I'm cuter Posie:.........
Romeo Asusta
Romeo Asusta 7 days ago
i checked when this vid was posted and it got me confused when cole said No going out the spring break" it is like he could tell the future like if confused
Lucy-jean Hammond
Lucy-jean Hammond 8 days ago
Who’s watching this when savannah has had her baby boy
Yaseen Ali
Yaseen Ali 3 days ago
Hollyn Reeves
Hollyn Reeves 9 days ago
omg that was a great video
Ella Ham
Ella Ham 9 days ago
Hey labrants I know that their is very little chance you will see this comment but if you do just know that you all are such an inspiration to me, Savannah is the best mum(sorry I’m British) to everleigh and posie and now baby Z. Cole is a wonderful dad and step-dad and I want my children to grow up and be as mature and well behaved and talented as ev and as cute as posie, I absolutely love your channel and your relationship with God is so amazing. I love the labrants family so stay safe and keep going 🥰
Christelle Jollit
Christelle Jollit 9 days ago
Sunshine Girl Girl
Sunshine Girl Girl 11 days ago
OH MY GOD THE COMMENTS ARE ON! YESSS and btw you guys are my Fav Fam 🤍🤍💝💝Can’t wait for Baby Z 💙💙
Joe Person
Joe Person 11 days ago
I'm your biggest biggest biggest biggest fan
CALLA FISH 13 days ago
How are the comments on?
Novalee Jones
Novalee Jones 13 days ago
Why do all of their thumbnails keep changing
Emilynn Barnhart
Emilynn Barnhart 14 days ago
Oh my gosh this is the only video I’ve seen comments on! I love you guys and your faith for Christ! Me and my family are moving over seas to serve Christ
bridget little
bridget little 14 days ago
Ashlyn Pham
Ashlyn Pham 14 days ago
TaMimi Squad
TaMimi Squad 14 days ago
Who’s here in 2020?
malissa jensen
malissa jensen 15 days ago
everleigh is a great dancer! when she is on stage she does no look like a7 year old she looks 10 or 12. :O and diesel and everleigh are so cute dancing together
daniel ramey
daniel ramey 15 days ago
Love you Everleigh savannah Cole and posie
Celeste Yap
Celeste Yap 16 days ago
I love how even though Cole is not Eves biological father she still call him DAD ❤️
Hanin Abuhijleh
Hanin Abuhijleh 17 days ago
im best freind is ev and posie
Trevor Channell
Trevor Channell 18 days ago
Biggest fan from America 🦄🦄🐰🐰🐷🐷🐨🐨🐼🐼🦄🦄🐴🐴🦊🦊
Katelynn 18 days ago
I know you guys will probably not read this but I love you guys and one of my biggest dreams is to meet to I follow you on TikTok and instagram.
Rhoda Ally
Rhoda Ally 19 days ago
Love it posie and Madison are cutesy
Sandra Martinez
Sandra Martinez 20 days ago
Who thinks Savannah should prank cole that her water broke with baby z
Patrick Brice
Patrick Brice 21 day ago
Temika Young
Temika Young 22 days ago
Do you live at
Zoe Whitworth
Zoe Whitworth 23 days ago
I’m a big fan of your video
Gamer girl Yeet
Gamer girl Yeet 23 days ago
Poise is cute everleigh your cute to Savannah your beautiful and cole your nice and I have a crush on somebody to everleigh
Sadia Isaac
Sadia Isaac 24 days ago
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Sadia Isaac
Sadia Isaac 24 days ago
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CosmicGirl311 24 days ago
OMG I miss this intro!
Christopher Pellino
Christopher Pellino 25 days ago
I love this channel posie was so cute as a newborn
Emily Pruden
Emily Pruden 25 days ago
I finally found a video I can comment on!!!I LOVE U SO MUCH UR MY FAV USshowRS EVER!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Savageninja XD
Savageninja XD 25 days ago
4:28 GTA irl XD
shannon denihan
shannon denihan 26 days ago
Sophie Falcone
Sophie Falcone 27 days ago
Comments, so surprised and pumped
Chloe Ng
Chloe Ng 27 days ago
Everyone watching this in 2020 and realizing there are comments. 😂😂
Alianna Fox
Alianna Fox 28 days ago
BEST USshowRS EVER!!!❤️❤️
Alianna Fox
Alianna Fox 28 days ago
THROUGH AMY’S EYE 28 days ago
Chubby Posie back then
Cayla Martinez
Cayla Martinez Month ago
I am happy we can write I like u vids
Chloe Good
Chloe Good Month ago
2020😂 Wow their video has comments!
Maya Layla
Maya Layla Month ago
Posie is so cute
Maggie Fluffy
Maggie Fluffy Month ago
Yay there’s comments! And before I watch the video I assume the best friend is Halston. Kyler and Madison’s child
Stella Dorf
Stella Dorf Month ago
I love LaBrant Fam!
rania kerim
rania kerim Month ago
Weronika W.
Weronika W. Month ago
Nazmun Nupur
Nazmun Nupur Month ago
Let's destroy the coronavirus
Luz Martinez
Luz Martinez Month ago
Am sorry what I said to eve and am really a kid 🧒 but I’m a girl 😇😇👩🏽👩🏽‍⚕️
Luz Martinez
Luz Martinez Month ago
Can you please text me please please please please please
Luz Martinez
Luz Martinez Month ago
Can you please put my tik tok on USshow because am really poor am in the poor country and you guys are rich and pro fam
Luz Martinez
Luz Martinez Month ago
Don’t listen to her I think she is really rood
zaza quinn
zaza quinn Month ago
who do you think is rude?
Luz Martinez
Luz Martinez Month ago
Ya right
Luz Martinez
Luz Martinez Month ago
Why does everleigh looks rood in real life
Luz Martinez
Luz Martinez Month ago
You know my country lives next to Africa
Luz Martinez
Luz Martinez Month ago
Why she having a friend when she grows up she not even going to remember her
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson Month ago
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww when she just pooped her pants 👖 and awwwwww Deasal saw posie he said she was chubby and haha when Cole said I hear Ev talk about him every singal day
Jeanette Pena
Jeanette Pena Month ago
I saw that chase car on the news
Glenroy Bacchus
Glenroy Bacchus Month ago
Can you come by me in Trinidad my name is,.Siyann
Diana 430
Diana 430 Month ago
Cole: 👱🏻‍♂️ Sav: 🤰🏼 Ev: 👱🏻‍♀️ Posie: 👧🏼 Baby z: ???
Diana 430
Diana 430 Month ago
Maggie Fluffy haha yeah
Maggie Fluffy
Maggie Fluffy Month ago
Baby Z:👶
Destiny Kistner
Destiny Kistner Month ago
I love four daughters they are so cute
Master of Monsters
Master of Monsters Month ago
Lulu Alfouzan
Lulu Alfouzan Month ago
Lulu 💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Cherribxrry Month ago
The comments are here😍
Sofia Baltazar
Sofia Baltazar Month ago
Chetana Chandra
Chetana Chandra Month ago
Loveeee u labrant family. ❤️❤️💕
Emily Canty
Emily Canty Month ago
Poise it so big
I love u labrant family and all your videos and some are sad
Jenna Rose
Jenna Rose Month ago
2020 squad 👇🏻
Meeyah Celestine
Meeyah Celestine Month ago
Callie Trice
Callie Trice Month ago
I did the telephone thing on on my dad
Callie Trice
Callie Trice Month ago
Awww so cute