Jeremy Polanco
Jeremy Polanco Hour ago
Mrbeast not as good as yo boi CORY
Mimibu 101
Mimibu 101 Hour ago
Ur wrong.
Joshua Jennings Sims
Joshua Jennings Sims Hour ago
Someone’s been playing ghosts of Tsushima
sk3llyguy Hour ago
Pls checkout my USshow channel only 5 subs
BlazingTank Hour ago
Mr. Moesby
Mr. Moesby Hour ago
Who are you
Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan Hour ago
Its not funny is sad ;-;
Angel v.
Angel v. Hour ago
More funny videos
Enoch Payumo
Enoch Payumo Hour ago
MrBeast can u lend me some money pls i need it :((
sk3llyguy Hour ago
Just got notification
KittyPunn Official
KittyPunn Official Hour ago
Total concentration, MrBeast 1st form breathing technique: Cut Chandlier's fake arm🙂
River Schmidt-Eder
River Schmidt-Eder Hour ago
For anyone that doesn't get it, when Mr. Beast pulls out his sword, he expects to cut the apple but instead cuts chandler's arm.
Angel v.
Angel v. Hour ago
UND mayamilo01
UND mayamilo01 Hour ago
one of the strongest anime characters out there
noel cowan
noel cowan Hour ago
You make amazing videos 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Hyena45 6
Hyena45 6 Hour ago
Lian Sang Zotal
Lian Sang Zotal Hour ago
Chandler be like : Nani
Boed Goed
Boed Goed Hour ago
No @coryxkenchin
Fire sevn
Fire sevn Hour ago
julio morales
julio morales Hour ago
Lmfao world's greatest
Lamya Najmi
Lamya Najmi Hour ago
Why are there so many mean replies on the comments? Why cant we all be an inviting group of people?
Nate Perez
Nate Perez Hour ago
GamingXD450 Hour ago
No one talking about the fake arm Chandler lost...
TheBeast Hour ago
gold RGS
gold RGS Hour ago
I actually got sicors when he did it
Galaxy Quest - Gaming
Galaxy Quest - Gaming Hour ago
Lol this was on one of his stories a long time ago
Sohel Choqdhury
Sohel Choqdhury Hour ago
he is the best samurai, chandler's arm got cut of from a litle touch
ScrapLake Hour ago
We all agree this is better than MrBeast
Senior Eggo
Senior Eggo Hour ago
Senior Eggo
Senior Eggo Hour ago
RandomlyLegend Hour ago
Haha g
21 Skullz
21 Skullz Hour ago
TheBeast Hour ago
Joshua XD
Joshua XD Hour ago
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde Hour ago
Actually, CoryxKenshin has been said to be the best.
julian noriega
julian noriega Hour ago
i am a lefty
Rudolph Claus
Rudolph Claus Hour ago
I remember watching this long ago. I'm totally sure, but it was uploaded today?!?!?!?
Yo Red Why
Yo Red Why Hour ago
Let’s get this channel to 10 mill so he can have 3 diamond play buttons yessir who’s with me👇👇👇
Where’s Coryxkenshin at? He needs to see this.
Retro Samson
Retro Samson Hour ago
Last to get their arm cut of by jimmy gets 1mill Chandler: oh......already
zechs21 Hour ago
What a cool movie
Karma Dapontsang
Karma Dapontsang Hour ago
anime 101
BlueSword Hour ago
“ I AM MOTIVATED ! “ - Vergil
Goxt x.
Goxt x. Hour ago
mr beast so fire his shorts channel is almost at 1mil
TOXIC-RAIDER 0o0 Hour ago
If he won he wouldnt have posted this they probably have talked about this
GamingBowler101 Hour ago
I tied
The Ghost
The Ghost Hour ago
This is a repost from the stories
NathanZPlayz NZP
NathanZPlayz NZP Hour ago
THE SLAMM Hour ago
Only coryxkenshin is the greatest samurai sorry mrbeast (lol)
Vatsal Saxena
Vatsal Saxena Hour ago
My friend was a leftie 🙄
Xeno Kaz
Xeno Kaz Hour ago
Matraxial Artemis
Matraxial Artemis Hour ago
Very clever there, I thought he's gonna do a "King move" there.
Roi Lan
Roi Lan Hour ago
André DeLaney
André DeLaney Hour ago
Pft, thats obviously a fake apple😑
Justin Daley
Justin Daley Hour ago
Mr beast: Subscribe to who commented this comment Me: You heard him now sub.
GK3 Weeb
GK3 Weeb Hour ago
_He is an OP anime character_
The Phenomenal Niodine 1234 *Sub4Sub*
The Phenomenal Niodine 1234 *Sub4Sub* Hour ago
I didn't know Mr beast had a shorts channel! I subbed instantly!
Duck Lord
Duck Lord Hour ago
For a moment, I thought that was the katana from that 100 dumpster video
TNN Hour ago
Is that a clip from the new Demon Slayer movie coming out? I didn't know it was that realistic
Beast Hour ago
Rip chandler
Stock Pip
Stock Pip Hour ago
hi big fan from india
Why I woke Up
Why I woke Up Hour ago
Nobody gender reveal parties
BadChenikyzlz nop
BadChenikyzlz nop Hour ago
i didnt blinked :)
Dahmir Carter
Dahmir Carter Hour ago
Correction Coryxkenshin is THE WORLD''S Greatest Samuria[]
Help me get 550 subscribers with 1 video
Help me get 550 subscribers with 1 video Hour ago
Mr Beast is a genius
Solas Hour ago
JIMMY - zizzors Me - not even played JIMMY - Point proven Me - oh now I can put rock n prove point proven wrong
2k Subscribers With No Video
2k Subscribers With No Video Hour ago
fun fact : everyone else who is scrolling thru the comments including my self haven't watched half the video yet.........
Alex 94
Alex 94 Hour ago
The Die Negative
The Die Negative Hour ago
where is the blood?
DWSportz087 Hour ago
Ninja fruit in real life be like
Nathan Chu
Nathan Chu Hour ago
Noone : Me : How to get corona fast. Google:
Xfrim Xfrim
Xfrim Xfrim Hour ago
Gamators comment 46 mins ago this vid 2 hours ago
FeltStuffing Hour ago
i didnt get the joke until the 3rd replay-
Francho Cornejo
Francho Cornejo Hour ago
Here before 1M subs
Nick Stone
Nick Stone Hour ago
That wasn’t very nice
Hat Kid
Hat Kid Hour ago
Chandler: well guess I’ll die.
Robert McQuattie
Robert McQuattie Hour ago
I beat u LOL
TD Pros
TD Pros Hour ago
Anime logic
Lam Legends
Lam Legends Hour ago
Tough he didn’t draw it the right way...
QuazyDonut Hour ago
Coryxkenshin: *You dare challenge the Ankle Breaker*