Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez 30 seconds ago
It was a tie
Jubal Prasad
Jubal Prasad 32 seconds ago
I won
yXafty [On - Break]
yXafty [On - Break] 35 seconds ago
Omg it Is Lmao
Joy Maclin
Joy Maclin Minute ago
I got scissor
BeautyBlissN BlueJeans
BeautyBlissN BlueJeans 3 minutes ago
I won dum dum
Ryangun 128
Ryangun 128 5 minutes ago
Well he probably bought a new house just to do that skit
Tony Gamezzz
Tony Gamezzz 5 minutes ago
I lost
ali ali
ali ali 6 minutes ago
it was a tie
Biggest I
Biggest I 7 minutes ago
I wish
Riyan Kadribegovic
Riyan Kadribegovic 7 minutes ago
**laughs in left handed**
JUAN RENA 8 minutes ago
I chose rock lamo
Viper 8 minutes ago
Marshall Whitaker
Marshall Whitaker 8 minutes ago
Mine was a tie
SANS_MUSIC 360 9 minutes ago
zertar Romales
zertar Romales 10 minutes ago
And put the nother on the other side
zertar Romales
zertar Romales 10 minutes ago
They put glue on he shirt and put the pole
Logan Lettieri
Logan Lettieri 10 minutes ago
I picked scissors too so you did not win or lose
zertar Romales
zertar Romales 11 minutes ago
Karl is unharmed lol
Ok_1394 11 minutes ago
Left handed people: heh, looks like its my time to shine.
TheRealXt8Gamer 11 minutes ago
I beat you I did rock...
Jio Angeles
Jio Angeles 12 minutes ago
Its easy for me because i am a lefty
Tami Martindale
Tami Martindale 12 minutes ago
Haha 😂
Isaiah Mora
Isaiah Mora 13 minutes ago
You won how
CrimsonTurtle Gaming
CrimsonTurtle Gaming 13 minutes ago
I chose rock.
Shreya Desai
Shreya Desai 14 minutes ago
I beat you -_-
Shreya Desai
Shreya Desai 13 minutes ago
i did rock
ij nh
ij nh 14 minutes ago
Picked rock.
My name OOF official
My name OOF official 15 minutes ago
Giving away money News: it seems the whole earth has now become 100% water
Foliton UwU
Foliton UwU 18 minutes ago
F i lost
hmilne2010 18 minutes ago
I did rock lol
andrea Olatunji
andrea Olatunji 19 minutes ago
I did rock lol
Michelle Dudley
Michelle Dudley 19 minutes ago
I won
AV - 05RS 931357 Tribune Drive PS
AV - 05RS 931357 Tribune Drive PS 20 minutes ago
Max Derby
Max Derby 21 minute ago
I win you lost gg
non-seriousness XD
non-seriousness XD 21 minute ago
I didn't blink lol
Beckett Hazelton
Beckett Hazelton 22 minutes ago
I got rock....
Gaming And Other Friends
Gaming And Other Friends 22 minutes ago
me:GIMMIE MONEY Mrbeast:no..
kevin morgan
kevin morgan 23 minutes ago
Her:this isn't really mine right? Him:shuts her in the car without knowing
TyRob Rect
TyRob Rect 23 minutes ago
Who else watched the video and lost and then rewatched the video to win 🤣 I did
Vernon Ng
Vernon Ng 24 minutes ago
It’s it funny
Christopher Hendropurnomo
Christopher Hendropurnomo 24 minutes ago
dude my frist pick was siccors then paper lol
flake and air vlogs
flake and air vlogs 24 minutes ago
You lost lol lol lol hahahahah
Nicole Kain
Nicole Kain 25 minutes ago
I won
SAD BOi 25 minutes ago
Bro I pick rock
Aryan Cabral
Aryan Cabral 26 minutes ago
I have broken a rock with ✌️ yet I lost
DavidNoI’mWaldo 26 minutes ago
Jimmy:✂️ Me:✂️ Well you didn’t lose close enough.
Isabel Gonzalez
Isabel Gonzalez 26 minutes ago
U lost I got rock sorry
Ronda Schilling
Ronda Schilling 26 minutes ago
I had scissors also lol
YaBoi Cesar
YaBoi Cesar 28 minutes ago
RODCHYN ARSENIY 28 minutes ago
How do they do this. I’m 10000 not high Iq
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan 28 minutes ago
I like cheese like if u like cheese
James Brown
James Brown 30 minutes ago
I mean rock
James Brown
James Brown 30 minutes ago
I pick rok
Maximum Effort
Maximum Effort 31 minute ago
I got rock you lost
Carter Utt
Carter Utt 31 minute ago
Your right?it was a tie lol
Daniel Teran
Daniel Teran 31 minute ago
Me: now dats a lot of damage Beast: don’t worry I’ll plant 2 million trees, everything will be just fine after this
Emma Kloak
Emma Kloak 32 minutes ago
It was a tie I did scissors and you did scissors 😂
Jing Li
Jing Li 33 minutes ago
he blinks when he claims he doesn't blink
Daniel Teran
Daniel Teran 33 minutes ago
Is this Scrooge Mcduck reincarnation
Cheesepig Playz
Cheesepig Playz 33 minutes ago
people who chose scissors
Aleigha Alcala
Aleigha Alcala 34 minutes ago
Same it’s was a tie
Zel pajarillo
Zel pajarillo 34 minutes ago
I got scissors to
Jacket League
Jacket League 34 minutes ago
It was a tie I picked sizzer
Kash Cuh
Kash Cuh 36 minutes ago
Woah it Worked i kept winning
OoF ツ
OoF ツ 36 minutes ago
Please Jimmy your hair is ugly and so is your moustache please do something about it I really hate it 😡
Sarah Wheelwright
Sarah Wheelwright 36 minutes ago
When is this like 3 week?
ballin 36 minutes ago
Lol I swear ai got rock
Jaci Cardwell
Jaci Cardwell 36 minutes ago
I picked rock.i won😜
Daniel Teran
Daniel Teran 37 minutes ago
Ahhh, Mr Beast, but u don’t understand how big my brain is, I just rewatch this clip and pick rock 🪨🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠
Maribel Gomez
Maribel Gomez 37 minutes ago
Point proven...WRONG I got scissor ;)
Charles Lancaster
Charles Lancaster 37 minutes ago
cp gaming
cp gaming 38 minutes ago
Me picks scissors
narwhal wolf
narwhal wolf 38 minutes ago
Classic Dannyboy
Classic Dannyboy 39 minutes ago
did know one that watched this video do rock, wth
Nathan Rideout
Nathan Rideout 39 minutes ago
It was a tie
narwhal wolf
narwhal wolf 39 minutes ago
Me: choose rook mr best see I win me: but I win
Dante Del Espiritu Santo Jr
Dante Del Espiritu Santo Jr 40 minutes ago
-_- u blinked T_T
UHT Vlogs
UHT Vlogs 40 minutes ago
UHT Vlogs
UHT Vlogs 40 minutes ago
Ya I’m ok thaka
Lelei Gadding
Lelei Gadding 41 minute ago
Classic Dannyboy
Classic Dannyboy 41 minute ago