Adone Pancholi
Adone Pancholi Hour ago
I hope it is just a theory
Basslex 60fps
Basslex 60fps Hour ago
I just noticed this bill says axolotl an in the magic dude
Petar Blagojevic
Petar Blagojevic Hour ago
When you see Cthulu you become crazy or become his minion...
Mayra Mecca
Mayra Mecca Hour ago
The irony is watching this while I'm sleepy
snow fox_exe
snow fox_exe Hour ago
I actually enjoyed the movie ._.
TheGamingllama Hour ago
Avatar roku had trouble with water bending because he was a fire bender and opposites are completely different in the way that they were learned
Harry Besto11
Harry Besto11 Hour ago
I am a lion 🦁
Sachin Santhrubala
Sachin Santhrubala Hour ago
Ohhhhhh you now it
Yay I did it
Sachin Santhrubala
Sachin Santhrubala Hour ago
Bill cipher sayd in his last moments a backwards meesage
M3lon M4n
M3lon M4n Hour ago
General Theory: On the game theory logo there are four corners and in the game theory logo it highlights the top left corner, film theory has the top right corner and food theory on the bottom left corner, I predict the bottom right corner will be “general theory” that will cover literally any theories that just dont concern food, movies or games or possibly book theory covering books but I think that is unlikely considering books are long and not everybody would read them so I’d say general theory will be the fourth corner but hey tHaTs JuSt A tHeOrY, a GeNeRaL tHeOrY!
Christal Jeager
Christal Jeager Hour ago
Raid shadow legends did a different approach
JP Spilotro
JP Spilotro Hour ago
Oh how memes have come
Epic Sans
Epic Sans Hour ago
Hey Mat I know this isn’t related but when are the Avatar theories gonna be rounded it off so far I’ve only found 2 of the bending arts also I’m sure no one will really be affected by it being serialized if Rick and Morty does go that route as pretty much all the fans watch it almost religiously me included plus it’s available on many streaming services
¿The Green Cat Named Boba?
¿The Green Cat Named Boba? Hour ago
They forgot Trazan Trazan is their little brother, you know why? Remember when Elsa and Anna's Parent's ship broke by a storm. They survived, and they got a baby named Trazan, their parents died from an animal not in a ship storm thingy Btw read this one Iduna and Rapunzel's mom is sisters No, no, nooo Agnarr and Rapunzel's mom are siblings
Astral Z
Astral Z 2 hours ago
2020 lol
Funtime Stupid
Funtime Stupid 2 hours ago
i like how in every video there is a sbubby at the start
Colton Post
Colton Post 2 hours ago
How dare you make me see the Irish spud known as Jacksepticeye in a different way you theorizing mud pie of truthfulness.
cecilia peifer
cecilia peifer 2 hours ago
Wait I thought film theory was here before game theory 🙀
Jessie Birax
Jessie Birax 2 hours ago
Who watches Naruto in dub !?
Upgraded postman pat
Upgraded postman pat 2 hours ago
Yes he’s dead because when he lost his memory no one was talking about bill cipher and nothing about him was in mabels scrap book bit he’s dead for now but he will come back because we’ll we all know the “A different form a diffrent time” and “ A X O A O T L MY TIME HAS COME TO BURN I INVOKE THE ANCIENT POWER THAT I MAY RETURN”
Jacob Auricht
Jacob Auricht 2 hours ago
The candy man from wille wonker is the Sam candy man from the horror movie make it happen mat pat because me and me friends are die ing to see that on your Chanel
Bobby’s Girl
Bobby’s Girl 2 hours ago
-hollows- -stuff-
-hollows- -stuff- 2 hours ago
I Invite
cecilia peifer
cecilia peifer 2 hours ago
Can I get a second theory on poppy ever since I saw that video i wanted another theory
Nyxin Bowden
Nyxin Bowden 2 hours ago
Shaggy would be able to blow up the universe with 30% of his power
Te Atua
Te Atua 2 hours ago
"Give me 15 minutes" *and he never came back*
SkylerIsTrash Official
SkylerIsTrash Official 2 hours ago
I was thinking about the movie 31 earlier, it's a movie about rich people who kidnap randos on the street and locks them in a building, the they send serial killers into the building to try and murder them, and if they can survive 31 hours of this, they get set free, and I was wondering if you could do a theory on either what may happen after the movie ends, why the rich people do this in the first place, OR how they get the serial killers, because they don't just personality know serial killers....right?
Isaac Taylor
Isaac Taylor 2 hours ago
I kept thinking about fnaf #scott you did it wrong scott you did it wrong
sensibledog 09
sensibledog 09 2 hours ago
Soo what's next YoUtUbEr ThEoRy
I serve The Soviet Union
I serve The Soviet Union 2 hours ago
Would you do the Mr. Beast riddle he said it was the hardest riddle ever, he’s basically challenged you
Vector Py
Vector Py 2 hours ago
SAO is a good anime is u hate it dis like this comment and if u like it like this comment.
Aleah Allen
Aleah Allen 2 hours ago
james ambros
james ambros 2 hours ago
thank you film theory this is the video that got me into avatar
Damian Vargas
Damian Vargas 2 hours ago
Mat Pat you should make a theory on the seven deadly sins 😁😁😁🐍🐻🐉🐷 🦁🦊🐐
Ethan Bntz
Ethan Bntz 2 hours ago
I skipped the video bc i dont like seeing bugs zoomed in
Trick Master 47
Trick Master 47 2 hours ago
We need the final theory on Hiimmarymary. Maybe why Mary was able to defeat the monsters and why what she did worked?
QuesoCookies 2 hours ago
Joker is still an agent of chaos, it's just that the chaos that he's crating is breaking up evil that is being enacted in the name of order by institutions, organizations, and law.
Dylan Neumeyer
Dylan Neumeyer 2 hours ago
Real cars need oxygen. That’s how engines work.
Nicole Susanto
Nicole Susanto 2 hours ago
13:54 Srsly? XD
Jamz fam
Jamz fam 2 hours ago
Watching this after the Food Theory fry video. Just noticing he said medium fry, when the FT video told us large Abies fries. I'm wondering if it was an overlooked typo. Or was it deliberately misleading so that you wouldn't have that correct info unless you watched the actual video... petty, or just oversight?...
Samuel Cebriwsky
Samuel Cebriwsky 2 hours ago
If I had seen this movie more often, I would have realized the truth much sooner. Could this also be applied to the Tim Burton film?-I'd like to think so.
aurel bodac
aurel bodac 2 hours ago
Hey, i'm from the future, and I came back hire to tell you that is reavild in game of thrones at the end of season 7 that your theory is corect!🍷 Congratulations 😀
thechannelitrollwith 2 hours ago
lol he can't sing, that's why You're Welcome is one of the worst songs ever made, Disney or otherwise. I couldn't hear the melody until it was halfway through. edit: left side: the cars in the cars movie aren't cars. right side: scooby doo is an alien?!
Saul Cuthbertson
Saul Cuthbertson 2 hours ago
You could have done Grandma Yoda showing Yaddle.
Rainbow Wolf
Rainbow Wolf 2 hours ago
I've just now realized that the moon is HUGE.
Carl Justin
Carl Justin 2 hours ago
number 3 is hawks the best and coolest hero in my hero academia
Xneom the X
Xneom the X 2 hours ago
MatPat: WILY WONKA RIGGED THE CANDY!!!! Me: your just upset you didnt get a golden ticket!
Sarah Stokes
Sarah Stokes 2 hours ago
Green lanterns symbol is in the ground at timestamp 12:24
Dr. Pepper Gaming
Dr. Pepper Gaming 2 hours ago
Matpat : "fake news is everywhere these days" Me : "the only legitimate news source on the planet is Pew News"
Gacha Something
Gacha Something 2 hours ago
Donald Bagwell
Donald Bagwell 2 hours ago
Awesome intro, petition for this at the start of anime media
Marvelous Bali
Marvelous Bali 2 hours ago
Theory man, theory man, he remembers marios hight
Arsen 2 hours ago
**snap** democrats wiped out (its good for humanity indeed)
GabbleFabble 2 hours ago
Mickey Rat is eating gold
Googoo Gaagaa
Googoo Gaagaa 2 hours ago
I am a Lion
Kenichi Igiari Reiji
Kenichi Igiari Reiji 2 hours ago
Nobody be afraid, as long as Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger is still alive, we’re safe
Cretron Gaming 3000
Cretron Gaming 3000 2 hours ago
I wounded how many FBI agents are out side his house
I draw I guess
I draw I guess 2 hours ago
5:46 matpat is on the lions behind
XantuAxol Editing Vlogs
XantuAxol Editing Vlogs 2 hours ago
5:35 SPOILER google it it's cocaine
No Name
No Name 2 hours ago
Its easier to animate
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog 2 hours ago
Superman actually moved a tectonic plate in batman v superman , witch was missed by a lot of people. meaning Sups is way stronger than 406 people go watch this video for evidence ["Comic Books vs The World " how strong is the DCEU superman ?]
RedFox Yt
RedFox Yt 2 hours ago
Im sooo trapped in le maze of confusion
K Reaper 117 KR1
K Reaper 117 KR1 2 hours ago
Shaggy uses 0.000001% off his power and maybe fight against some that will make him use his 100%.... But who said 100% was his limit.... !!!HE HAS NO LIMIT!!! He might as well use 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% of his power
Amaterasu 2 hours ago
It feels like Cats was made purely for money-laundering
Riley Garcia
Riley Garcia 2 hours ago
I Play Games
I Play Games 2 hours ago
So we gonna ignore the fact that yt is only recommending this to me now
Allen Casim
Allen Casim 2 hours ago
Derbax YT
Derbax YT 3 hours ago
Real theory, how does Anna handle it? She survived longer than anyone else without warm clothes in the first movie
Hoi Yim Chau
Hoi Yim Chau 3 hours ago
it end game
Trey Bertram
Trey Bertram 3 hours ago
Yeah, but if one punch man would have to go faster than the speed of light to break it then that means it’s not possible, right?
Blue Fox - in a Box
Blue Fox - in a Box 3 hours ago
11'000th comment EXACTLY! Also every elementry school boy will say they can/will break your leg, but not even a TIGER can
Quinlin bisbee
Quinlin bisbee 3 hours ago
Jemerem Mazza
Jemerem Mazza 3 hours ago
Did Film Theory show a clip from SWGOH? Wow, that was unexpected.
Fatima De Orta
Fatima De Orta 3 hours ago
That’s not a m16
Noor Ahmad
Noor Ahmad 3 hours ago
MC Studios
MC Studios 3 hours ago
Guess there not living there anymore.
Cody Xander
Cody Xander 3 hours ago
Maybe Cthulhu and the others and the huli-jing had a orgie
Khalid Sa
Khalid Sa 3 hours ago
I did it but I paused the video
The Piston Palace
The Piston Palace 3 hours ago
idk how to feel about this theory like does this change everything i ever knew and thought sbout that stuff lomfaooooo
Ronniel Concepcion
Ronniel Concepcion 3 hours ago
Why does mat pat kinda looks like Steph curry
Captain Man
Captain Man 3 hours ago
MatPat’s gonna create Film Theory Live where he watches movies with Steph Btw The Theorizer already theorized on your second half of the theory
Tye Zdrojewski
Tye Zdrojewski 3 hours ago
Explain how Deadpool was stabbed straight through the head in the first movie and just had hallucinations
rambo odell
rambo odell 3 hours ago
Well he swings his lags forwards even when he is not going to land soo
Ghost rider 106
Ghost rider 106 3 hours ago
It came out on my birthday 🎂
Nicole Choong
Nicole Choong 3 hours ago
Edna is the most powerful incredible
angel Flower
angel Flower 3 hours ago
mike's adventures
mike's adventures 3 hours ago
Please do a theroy on eddsworld you did one on salad fingers so please
Gaytorade :D
Gaytorade :D 3 hours ago
Also the equation is infinite, because the video itself counts as a USshow video.. sooooooooooo
xStylesx GD
xStylesx GD 3 hours ago
Yeah! Grab a Snickers!
berry_ Milk
berry_ Milk 3 hours ago
Now its true- *lmao*
Rybread 212
Rybread 212 3 hours ago
It’s pronounced formuler -*mr krabs*
The Red Spider
The Red Spider 3 hours ago
Even ignoring Spider-Man's healing and durability this is still wrong. The bucket keeps it's water if you swing it in a circle, Spider-Man doesn't swing in a circle he swings in arcs. If anything it'd be more similar to riding a rollercoaster
haufanhazza Syazani Adi
haufanhazza Syazani Adi 3 hours ago
haufanhazza Syazani Adi
haufanhazza Syazani Adi 3 hours ago
haufanhazza Syazani Adi
haufanhazza Syazani Adi 3 hours ago
haufanhazza Syazani Adi
haufanhazza Syazani Adi 3 hours ago
Aleksandr Productions
Aleksandr Productions 3 hours ago
Animator J
Animator J 3 hours ago
(Final edit : AAAA YOU SAID HE WAS ADOPTED I PUT THIS COMMENT TO QUICK) Uh the official SpongeBob channel has a family tree and says they are his parents soooo I don't know about this (it has a million subs so I cant just say it's fake and it includes ALOT of krabby patty quizzes, 5 minute version of episodes, and most of the SpongeBob songs) edit - wait nevermind you included it XD