This Changes Nothing
When A Man Becomes A Legend
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 23 hours ago
Imagine how many people will see this video and still think he is traveling 🤦🏾
dave latumbo
dave latumbo 23 hours ago
I remember Darius miles starring in a movie with the black widow and captain america.
Jim Sangreal
Jim Sangreal 23 hours ago
Started in 2017? Uh, yeah, Andrew Bogut, David Lee, Festus Ezeli, Brandon Rush, and I'm sure others I've missed would like a word with you. Let's not forget Stephen Curry in 2012. The Thompson injury is heartbreaking; now, it's most important that he gets the care and support that he needs. Many teams have runs of injuries that seem improbable. I recall in the '90s, it seemed like the Cavs were always missing a starter for a year, and then there's Portland's run in the 2000s (and, yes, Bowie, Steve Johnson, and Walton before that). The Bullets had their share of major injuries in the '90s as well, but that wasn't the curse of Wes Unseld or anything like that. Injuries happen, they're terrible for all involved and heartbreaking for all who cheer for those teams, and there's often little rhyme or reason to it.
Cleo Oliver
Cleo Oliver 23 hours ago
If u were alive during this time seeing Jordan lose on his half-season comeback year wasn't at all a suprise...what was surprising was how Jordan utterly dominated the very next season.
Soloman Bin Mahamud
Soloman Bin Mahamud 23 hours ago
"Stephen Curry with a 40 inch vertical" should be in this
II Cørnseerup II
II Cørnseerup II 23 hours ago
Whos watching this after he got drafted to the hornets.
Mohammed kagalwala
Mohammed kagalwala 23 hours ago
I think shaq and wilt should be higher
Mike Hernandez
Mike Hernandez 23 hours ago
Michael jordans biological son of course .................Jimmy butler...................
Francisco Costa
Francisco Costa 23 hours ago
I would've replaced Garnett with Kawhi. More titles and still some good years ahead
Will Walsh
Will Walsh 23 hours ago
I'm sure these kids are great but I'll withhold judgment until one of them plays for a championship team at the college or NBA level and demonstrates the ability to win under pressure. The only one of them I've had a chance to watch much is Lonzo. He is a good NBA PG with potential to get better but very flawed. He has outstanding court vision in transition, but has problems with shooting form and consistency, turning the ball over and defending quicker or more powerful ball handlers (like everyone to be fair). I don't see him starting for a title winner unless he improves a lot. I'm puzzled by the claim that Chino Hills plays the best competition in the country, because from what I've seen defense seems to be a lower priority for the coaches than setting up alley oops. Every year young men turn up in the NCAA and NBA who were not part of the hypo-sphere and prove they are better than most of the kids who were.
Matthew Withroder
Matthew Withroder 23 hours ago
2:09 damn that sounds a solid height now though lets do this
Picasso Julien
Picasso Julien 23 hours ago
If klay went for a lay up he wouldn’t have gotten injured
Matthew Withroder
Matthew Withroder 23 hours ago
1:57 can we kick him off his own video?😭
J 23 hours ago
Why does this happen to my favorite player😭😭😖😖
All who disliked this video are bronsexuals
SA1upsb 23 hours ago
I agree, people don't give the warriors the credit they deserve for how good they were because they don't account for injuries
Ali Farhanian
Ali Farhanian Day ago
Until this day when im seen one of michael jordan games or airjordan logo or a photo of mj my heart starts pounding hard. I love mj and he is #1
Adam Goodale
Adam Goodale Day ago
Lebron is to burly to be mj
Balousek Brandon
Balousek Brandon Day ago
Worst decision the suns ever made was signing Bledsoe and Isaiah Thomas then trading Dragic first. He will always be one of my absolute favorite players. He was a fast break machine!
Michael Perrotta
Michael Perrotta Day ago
Bro JxmyHighroller is the GOAT youtuber! only posts fire!
Lucas Mahoney
Lucas Mahoney Day ago
12:33 where is jayson tatum
Wiegand Wiegand
Wiegand Wiegand Day ago
Didnt Igudala play for the heat this year?
Gerardo Lopez
Gerardo Lopez Day ago
who made this video??? Pippen's assignment was never Barkley. it was Horace Grants. showing 2 possessions and that idiotic graph @5:10 are deceiving. and so what if the Bulls went back to Phoenix for Game 6 where the Suns had the best home record. you left out the Bulls already took Games 1 and 2 in Phoenix. Sad part is people watching this will think this video is legit.
Great_XMan Day ago
I would personally put kobe in tier 3 and put Larry in tier 2, wilt chamberlain should be in tier 2, and LeBron on tier 3. Just saying :)
Sigmund Taylor
Sigmund Taylor Day ago
It is always so sad when he says those final words "Hope y'all enjoyed and as always until next time." ☻
Joaquin Meek
Joaquin Meek Day ago
Ginobili needs respect
Donte Foreman
Donte Foreman Day ago
Great video Barkley my favorite player. It changed my life when he lost that game.Glad he got to play the best
Matthew Handy
Matthew Handy Day ago
The curse started in 2015 when Warriors beat injury plagued Cavs and Steph Curry said “sorry for being healthy”
Netskie Mcgrace
Netskie Mcgrace Day ago
Hated him as a Spurs fan, but he is really good. Injuries ruined his career.
Where the crap is steph on the top 90
Figtime Figueroa
Figtime Figueroa Day ago
Micah Racine
Micah Racine Day ago
I despise curry so idc
Micah Racine
Micah Racine Day ago
Sadly i am
PrimeTime Day ago
okay let’s be real here, the nba pays there male players way more because .... get this! they make way more money, all their seats are filled, millions watch them.... the wnba barely fill a 500 person stadium, barely anyone watches them and they expect to b paid millions ? another thing is these people are doing what the love, they get paid lots of money to play a sport they like, granted hard work is involved but none the less i’d love to get payed even 50k a year to play red dead redemption 2 but i can’t even tho i work hard and love it see the example here? and the nba literally looses hundreds of millions of dollars on the wnba
Karl Ave
Karl Ave Day ago
This dude owns a copy of supermarket.. i regret watching this well made video
Mark Salerno
Mark Salerno Day ago
Man it was exciting to watch Goran back then. He would come out of no where putting up bucket after bucket. And like Jimmy said, he had absolutely no business doing that. He was a completely unpredictable time bomb for his opponents. At some point you have to think teams went out there against him wondering, "well are we going to get absolutely embarrassed by this kid tonight".
Prospecting Central
Prospecting Central Day ago
The fact that you had LeBron 6th on the demeanor list, especially below Ja makes this entire video invalid
Bryant LiPetri
Bryant LiPetri Day ago
Who’s here after Lamelo went to the Hornets and Onyeka to the Hawks
Cole the sgt frog and baby Tamama lover :3
Cole the sgt frog and baby Tamama lover :3 Day ago
He should just move to Arizona
Gregor Korošec
Gregor Korošec Day ago
ngl thought it was gonna be Wilt at the end, he always ruins these charts lol
João Paulo Castro
João Paulo Castro Day ago
Yao was a helluva player. So sad the injuries fucked him up. =(
Alen Djordjevič
Alen Djordjevič Day ago
this is legit!
Valerio Taddeucci
Valerio Taddeucci Day ago
We are fucking unlucky
Mahir Ahmed
Mahir Ahmed Day ago
Teh_Nickname Day ago
Wilt watching this while averaging 50 in a season and 74 in the playoffs
Nixie Day ago
Zach Lavine
Rodzilla Day ago
This passes the sniff test. The Lakers had to go through some phenomenal teams to win in 00-02. (And some will say some help from the officials, cough cough).
Jaden Alves
Jaden Alves Day ago
Jimmy put the clamp on him
Frano Day ago
I wouldn't say it's curse, I would say it is karma. A couple of years ago, they let Chelsea Lane, a highly praised medical staff member, to go to Hawks. And it was all because of money. Why would you chage something that is good?
TheSniperLord55 Day ago
Only thing I would change is switch wilt and magic
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz Day ago
“Wang zhu”😭
Vincent Salamatino
Vincent Salamatino Day ago
Ironic that Yao's career average is 19ppg.
Dallas_8719 Day ago
6:53 "After taking 6032 steps" 😆😆😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Bean Flicker
Bean Flicker Day ago
Curry needs to finish his career in Charlotte
Teresa Barbour
Teresa Barbour Day ago
2023 champs:Celtics in 6.
Zachary Mullins
Zachary Mullins Day ago
Us lower class whites have a voice and itll b heard....ya heard?
Kris Erdely
Kris Erdely Day ago
Lebron James = Second greatest basketball player of all time
Ethan Sanders
Ethan Sanders Day ago
Small correction. Stephen Jackson was drafted 6 seasons before Lebron James (not 3) but didn't play a game in the NBA until 2000 (which is considered his rookie season and was 3 before Lebron). Doesn't change your argument at all, just a clarification.
Sareena EB
Sareena EB Day ago
below average finals team
avo Ganggang
avo Ganggang Day ago
"ballin tf out for 1.3 seconds" 😂😭
Maja Mintoft
Maja Mintoft Day ago
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 for Klay Thompson's speedy recovery and a successful rehab. I'm so worried this Achillies injury might terribly impact his play on defense. I hope it doesn't. Dubs are dedicating this season for Klay. 💯💖💛💙 Injuries happen to all of us, but obviously more often to athletes. Yes, Klay is a young millionaire...he's also a human being who feels pain and anguish of a consecutive year of rehab not permitting him playing with his team and the the game he so loves to play. Outside of sports, true that many people need prayers/help for all sorts of their (and their families') challenging circumstances/conditions. Yet, most of these young millionaire athletes do help those who truly need it. Klay is one of these athletes who is willing and able to do so...and does.
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson Day ago
Assuming LeBron James is human is a bad prediction
No Name
No Name Day ago
The need to fix these rules asap
Rian Daci
Rian Daci Day ago
even if curry was 6'6 he would possibly be the greatest player of all time
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Day ago
First shot John Rodgers made MJ intentionally whiffed with his left had change my mind
Reflexx Day ago
I hate the warriors because they’ve been beating my cavs, but this is sad
AdrenalineUnlimited Day ago
I think you're wrong about almost all of this
Dredpool Day ago did his right end up getting injured but he landed on his left?
koda Day ago
that was a really neat vid; im actually not really into basketball myself, (or sports in general) this vid just popped up in my recommended. i was able to follow everything though, and was pretty invested overall. a testament to how good this video is.
luke whittaker
luke whittaker Day ago
Jimmy really is high rolling with her! GG man you punching.
hittman Day ago
And MJ retired twice missing out on a 9 peat..jk 😅
Garf2O Day ago
Literally every fucking clown in school kept telling me "man if i was your height id be a fucking sports god bro but i got nerfed by being 5'7"
BakchormeeMan Day ago
Is anyone surprised that it’s Jordan at number 1
Brian Pesina
Brian Pesina Day ago
Honestly just noticed that luka doesn’t get much fouls called imagine if he can do like James harden and draw fouls😳😳😳
ali tidda
ali tidda Day ago
relatively unkown ? Every person who love basket in europe use to know luca
Slowed With J
Slowed With J Day ago
For my golden state fans hold on y’all we will be back 💯🏆it’s just a progress.
JDA Day ago
Harden is OP
Chad Rubin Music
Chad Rubin Music Day ago
Good ol days comin back to PHX! 2021 baby! I remember these nash years like they were yesterday. Only way I've gotten through the last 10 years of suns basketball.. until now!!! CP3!!! DB1!! DA!!
Dancing dog
Dancing dog Day ago
Bam is the only all star
Daniel Lowery
Daniel Lowery Day ago
Yo, I called it!