Back from brain surgery
I have a brain tumor.
I rate my own inventions
My Favorite Tools
3 years ago
My Robot Morning Routine
A tour of my HOUSE BOAT!
Applause Machine VLOG
I made a lipstick robot
My Spanish talkshow FAIL
Chopping Machine VLOG
The Wake-up Machine VLOG
Wake-up Machine FAIL
Breakfast Machine VLOG
The Breakfast Machine
The Toothbrush Machine
Hej från Amerika
6 years ago
The Disco Stu
The Disco Stu 28 minutes ago
Simone: They just told me that Truckla can't come (while driving Truckla to the event)
Lac Tat
Lac Tat Hour ago
Living Trash
Living Trash 2 hours ago
I'm not even half way through this video and she says she doesn't like Donald Trump...... I love this women, subscribing
Helen Carter
Helen Carter 3 hours ago
Hi Simone I’ve just found your Chanel on USshow and wanted to say I think you’re brilliant! I love your unique approach and beautiful designs! Are they available to purchase at all? I also wanted to say that as a childless woman in her 40’s I would be very proud to be your mom!
Justin Kringstad
Justin Kringstad 3 hours ago
who is Chad
Bronx Warrior 666
Bronx Warrior 666 3 hours ago
Alexy Cáceres Giraud
Alexy Cáceres Giraud 4 hours ago
I named my colon tumor Rosmary's baby 😬😬😬
LiaXo 5 hours ago
13:01 this is what you came for
justin B.
justin B. 6 hours ago
These were really poor questions not gonna lie.
Marinn Productions
Marinn Productions 6 hours ago
Wait how could you breath properly
Marinn Productions
Marinn Productions 6 hours ago
In the pool thing lol
Rocco Avola
Rocco Avola 6 hours ago
Legend still says she still making tooth pick glasses...and making poop paper heads...
combatcello 7 hours ago
"let's just do it!" Famous last words haha
Stan .Rarick
Stan .Rarick 7 hours ago
Scraps IS so cute. And what "they" say about dogs resembling their owners is true too. 😊
Mark Baillie
Mark Baillie 7 hours ago
your a hoot! I enjoy you videos !
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth 8 hours ago
I'm taking a copy of this video and preserving only the audio. I'm going to delete everything on the tape at the beginning, so that the first thing you hear (around 0:36) is "dispose of a dead body". Listen to the audio alone, from that point, without any visuals and without any context. Hear Simone talk about avoiding the risk of someone seeing "her", and then possibly leaving "her" behind, but then what if the new tenants find "her", or just "see a foot". Starting right AFTER "get rid of her, like, to a dump", there will be a "technical error" that results in some of the audio being erased. Then, after the few blank seconds, the audio will resume with "vagina, and also at some point I think I cut off her nipples because she wasn't wearing a bra and it was just like, through the fabric, yeah. I forgot how heavy you were" and then the sound of the body hitting the floor. Other stuff can be "mysteriously erased" but "don't make eye contact" and "Oh, I didn't cut off her nipples, I just taped them up!" will definitely NOT be erased. Then I'm sending that tape to the California State Police in an envelope labeled "Tape-recording of Simone Giertz speaking". I want to see the Robots she will make in her prison's Industrial Shop Training unit.
Stan .Rarick
Stan .Rarick 8 hours ago
Simone expresses Sadness for SimTwo in San Francisco
Shirley Roy
Shirley Roy 8 hours ago
Why didn’t you use spray gun?
꧁u l uwu :v 2꧂
꧁u l uwu :v 2꧂ 9 hours ago
Adults: haha we can go in there Kids:
Wezy MH
Wezy MH 9 hours ago
Tesla model 3.75
Thomas Plouffe
Thomas Plouffe 9 hours ago
Low key I’ve wanted to do that since I was extremely young, I will be saving to do this, I will be screaming “I’m Peter Pan mutter fuckas” since I’m a natural redhead and despite being 22 I look like a im 14
Michael Carlsson
Michael Carlsson 12 hours ago
just watching you BUY the car gives me giggles :) Jäkligt kul att du är SVENSK .
matalcacer 12 hours ago
You're still doing great but I was a little bit disappointed. I assumed from the beginning of the video that the lamp would turn on automatically when opening the scissors and would turn off when closed. This would be literally "cut off the lights". Maybe on a futere update of the lamp.... ;) ;) ;) THANKS !!!!!
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22 12 hours ago
When you say motherfucker do you mean dads Me: yes
Dustin Underscore
Dustin Underscore 12 hours ago
Can confirm: You can sunburn your eyeballs! My sister works in a lab and uses UV light a lot, and if you don't wear eye protection (which she didn't) then you can burn off the clear part of your eye (which she did) and it's an awful weeks long process of eye drops like 20 times a day. Protect your peepers!
D SC 13 hours ago
RSO just a little goes a long way.I read Rick Simpsons book and I believe him!
Liquid 13 hours ago
Original video :
Mirai's LAB
Mirai's LAB 13 hours ago
no no no....this is not a hair washer-bot. it's a head slapper bot
merri72 13 hours ago
My new cat just licked the screen
merri72 13 hours ago
I need one for my cat
Leaf Hoy
Leaf Hoy 13 hours ago
Hey, go look at Ethan. Grind hard plumbing company. It's not a plumbing company.
Leaf Hoy
Leaf Hoy 13 hours ago
Alex Knyaz
Alex Knyaz 14 hours ago
I think the Tesla team wants to make a really good product. Therefore, everything should appear in due time
Love her
Phoo Phoo aka Phoebe
Phoo Phoo aka Phoebe 16 hours ago
Others: flying in the air in space Me: don't fly in space
Chris Swart
Chris Swart 16 hours ago
Awesome job! Simone you also did well
Egg And Bread
Egg And Bread 17 hours ago
You should look in to cannabis to help you
duckap 18 hours ago
Tesla Model Y and X after this video: 👁👄👁
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 18 hours ago
Is that workshop on Potrero Hill? My dad and I used to have to go to a UPS within a few blocks of there every few months because the jerk who nominally "delivered" to our address never actually did his job, so we would have to go manually pick up every single UPS package we were ever sent. Very weird nostalgia vibes.
Andrea Oliver
Andrea Oliver 19 hours ago
I love the excitement when she first got it
americannovice americannovice
americannovice americannovice 19 hours ago
Hauling lumber? Morning wood?
ScarTi55ue 19 hours ago
Lel sucks to be you
americannovice americannovice
americannovice americannovice 19 hours ago
They should have consulted with the local bunch of thugs who chop cars for a living on how to retain the integrity of the car’s rigidity.
Jömö_Cïtÿ 44
Jömö_Cïtÿ 44 20 hours ago
I have always wanted to go to space lucky
Adventures of Amelia
Adventures of Amelia 22 hours ago
Lynie Brown
Lynie Brown 23 hours ago
You floating in different colours = ejected in among us
Cats and Cappuccinos
Cats and Cappuccinos 23 hours ago
I used to live in Ohio 🤣
hopeless sunshine
hopeless sunshine 23 hours ago
wow a surprise andrew!
R T Day ago
Good job scraps!!!💕💕
Citric Acid
Citric Acid Day ago
1:29 a yellow title on a black background
Catherine Crabb
Catherine Crabb Day ago
Simone, sweetie, I love you-- but that is NOT how you cut sheet metal. Jigsaws are fine, but ONLY if you have the correct blade. A bandsaw would probably work better, considering those really tight curves, but you would might have to cut the metal down to size with snips or an electric nibbler.
Rodrigo Ruiz
Rodrigo Ruiz Day ago
I love it!!!!
WingNuts2010 Day ago
wow, she sounds like Physics Girl Dianna Cowern.
matalcacer Day ago
My wife just asked me, "Would you like me to be like her? Obviously I told her no! But now I feel the remorse of not having told her the truth... Really sorry honey but she is so nice, so beautiful and ... she knows how to use an angle grinder and a welder !!!!!!!!!.... SHE LOOKS PERFECT !!!!!! :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) Great job Simone !!!!!
Greg R
Greg R Day ago
i'm confused - is this a re-upload or something? i remember these sciccor lights from a year ago or so
VoltageLP Day ago
We can't even cure hair loss lol
Cate Day ago
can u make a "tuck me in" robot that rolls the blankets off and on your bed? T-T<333
congratulations. We will miss you here in San Francisco! Love your show!
Pantho Pothik
Pantho Pothik Day ago
1:49 but you could be the first... lmao Simone
animal -
animal - Day ago
I laughed a bit at the irreliable, so goofy.
animal -
animal - Day ago
Wow is that what your dumps are like? Here in the 3rd world you drive in and just dump your stuff on the big pile. Then people descend on it and carry everything off.
Crypto Shark
Crypto Shark Day ago
I love you
Lillian Collins
Lillian Collins Day ago
The biggest downer on plant earth is gravity bu dum crash
donger007 Day ago
So I don't want to be that guy, but Peacock Mantis Shrimp have clubs, not spears.
Katrin Baumgarten
Katrin Baumgarten Day ago
William Osman a man
Josse P
Josse P Day ago
Eyyyyy haha har kollat på dig lite nu o visste inte att du va från Sverige. Fortsätt göra roliga videor!!
David Laulainen
David Laulainen Day ago
Looks like BlackRock liked your idea... at 0:17?
Andy McKnight
Andy McKnight Day ago
That is the Subaru Baja of Teslas. And I love it!
gtfo Day ago
Thank you USshow for recommending this wholesome content
Tommy Zwartjes
Tommy Zwartjes Day ago
Where's the dog's instagram?
Michelle Zemsky Dineen
Michelle Zemsky Dineen Day ago
OMG this video is my new happy place! Scraps you are awesome. Big props to your creative loving human too <3
Miktecrep Day ago
Simone, I want to know the status of your tumour ? What happened to it.
TheMrarrie18 Day ago
Scraps became the fattest dog in LA during this video
Miktecrep Day ago
You are a fighter fight it, don't worry you will beat it
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth Day ago
I never got an answer to my question about the guy she starts talking to at 12:05. Is she giggling like a school-girl at 12:28 because she's INTO him and he said "Yeah"? Is she flirting? Is HE flirting and she thinks it's funny that he's flirting? Or is she PLEASED that he's flirting and is giggling? Her giggling doesn't make a whole lotta sense. Nervous? Does she LIKE him? Everyone who subscribes to her wants her to be happy, either alone because being alone makes her happy or not alone because not being alone makes her happy, whatever the case may be, so I wonder about her giggling at this man.
david reiss
david reiss Day ago
i know what a button is, but i do not know what a budden is..
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth Day ago
Totally weird to have the license-plate "TRUCKLA" fuzzed out in some shots but not others. The pattern of when it is fuzzed out and when it is not is a secret message to some male, no doubt. It's Simone's way of letting him know, even though she's never met him, that she is in love with him. It's called "steganography". Yesterday in Central Park I found another one of Barbara Feldon's little signals to me -- a leaf that had been folded in an unusual manner. It can mean only one possible thing. She's so romantic!. After 50 years of both of us maintaining this bullet-proof pretense that she doesn't know I exist. We've never met or been near each other. That would be plebeian. Our flame burns on a much more spiritual level.
Mohit Tamta
Mohit Tamta Day ago
Your inventions are shit!!! And we LOVE the shit. <3 Simone
Mohit Tamta
Mohit Tamta Day ago
<3 Simone
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson Day ago
And it doesn’t look like It’s out of a ps1 game!
Khaja Mohamed Mohideen
Khaja Mohamed Mohideen Day ago
Looking at this makes me throw up
IRIeSeITI Day ago
Congratulations for moving to LA! The part where you started crying I first thought you were listening to an audiobook..