My Boyfriend does my Makeup
Korean BBQ Mukbang
Eating with Cleo
Shookira Gave some Birth
2 years ago
Spicy Ramen Challenge
Night Skin Care Routine
Morning Skin Care Routine
PR Box Unboxing
3 years ago
Trip to the Phillipppines
Vlog#1 San Francisco Trip
idk 7 hours ago
So funny 😆
Mic mic bungee
Mic mic bungee 7 hours ago
Imagine buying ur mom a bag and wallet and putting money in it I wanna do this to my mum when I earn my money
Daisy Guatno
Daisy Guatno 7 hours ago
Done. Hugs time 1 kiss 1 approved Legit to Promise
Ronamie Pogoy
Ronamie Pogoy 7 hours ago
This is so funny
Kelly Van
Kelly Van 7 hours ago
When Bretman corrected the way Cleo was sitting 🥺🥺 Bretman is such a good uncle ❤️
LAU XING YU Moe 8 hours ago
I’m supirzwd that a one year old can talk already not even my 3 year old can talk so smooth
LAU XING YU Moe 7 hours ago
Surprised *
Trey Barbee
Trey Barbee 8 hours ago
Mine July 27
Jenniffer Licero Campbell
Jenniffer Licero Campbell 8 hours ago
Y'all the only problem is that I know Bretman wants to save turtles and cares but these disposable wipes and their plastic packaging are going to end up in ocean gurl!
Rice a Boni
Rice a Boni 8 hours ago
Mic mic bungee
Mic mic bungee 8 hours ago
I want bretman to give me a makeover 🥺
strip4laflame 8 hours ago
Does anybody know where the “because without turtles, we wouldn’t have any turtles” is from? I can’t remember the videooo😔😂
Bitch Boss
Bitch Boss 9 hours ago
Hyram watching this while they’re using makeup wipes:👁👄👁
Bitch Boss
Bitch Boss 9 hours ago
Hyram watching them using makeup wipes:👁👄👁
Marclyanjoy P.Lantiwen
Marclyanjoy P.Lantiwen 9 hours ago
Marclyanjoy P.Lantiwen
Marclyanjoy P.Lantiwen 9 hours ago
Bretman is actually asian
Peony Zhou
Peony Zhou 9 hours ago
I cannot with the iconic pansit scene HAHAHAHAHAHA
Aaliyah Harrell
Aaliyah Harrell 9 hours ago
Nikita so damn idek know anymore can someone tell that bitch the rock is from Hayward California and Hawaiian people don’t even act like that fr
cindy abes
cindy abes 9 hours ago
Me watching this video 🤤
IICrazyBunnyII 9 hours ago
did bret actually smoke???
Mich Mlfoy
Mich Mlfoy 9 hours ago
I bet that even If princess live next door to Brentman, she would still be late
Allan Mendoza
Allan Mendoza 9 hours ago
Periodd women of color
Alyssa 9 hours ago
bretman should have threw hands over this video lol princess did the most ugh 🤦🏽‍♀️ so annoying to watch
DeAnthony 10 hours ago
i don’t like people who put other people down because of their internal insecurities......that’s why i don’t like nikockroach
Laiana Clack
Laiana Clack 10 hours ago
Princess is really pretty
Rafi Barides
Rafi Barides 10 hours ago
Lara 10 hours ago
Jailenne Ramirez Urquiza
Jailenne Ramirez Urquiza 10 hours ago
Bret u look good in the wig☺️
Ella Via
Ella Via 10 hours ago
So annoyed with princess when she wouldn’t put her hands on the detector like holyyyy never been this mad😭😭 props to Bret for not flipping the table bc I would’ve
Olivia Morris
Olivia Morris 10 hours ago
😂😂😂😭 MIAAAA!!!! I loose it when Bretman gets there hahaha!
Aime Sanchez
Aime Sanchez 11 hours ago
Pffffffftttt,,,, bretm changing the conversation when nikita was talking about Cleo
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
Haha my sister and I bond is worser Bret. So don't worry
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
Bretman she's dying
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
Nakagargarampingat ka met gamin 🤣 #ilokanofeels
Yoyos World
Yoyos World 11 hours ago
“I can sing huh?” Lmfao I’m dead
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
Princess: wait Bretman: bitch I haven't said go 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
The fuck 🤣 So cute bret
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
Are you serious? 🤣 I am so enjoying this video.
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
Nagbayag ka aggargaraw 😳.. ilokano feels it. Aside being Filipino we are both ilokano .. wowwwwww Ukininam/kininam? 🤣 I'm dying Their curse is multi language.
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
Bretman being the baddest.
Nikkiニッキ 11 hours ago
Jusko tong dalawang magkapatid na to sksjsksjss 😂
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
You cannot be here because of my language 🤣 so savage
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
Damn princess so snatch.
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
I love their bond. So cute.
Manang Tisyang TV
Manang Tisyang TV 11 hours ago
I can't take spicy too 😭. Cleo is a biggy sissy now . So cute.
AnDria Rinicker-Bailey
AnDria Rinicker-Bailey 11 hours ago
We are birthday twins!
apparentlygen 12 hours ago
yes princess is beautiful and it hurt to hear her say she'd feel bad about herself, but yall need to stop bringing down nikita. like fr, she might've been mean but everyone is beautiful in their own right. she got surgeries, who cares? that doesnt make her any less gorgeous. it's her right to do so and it doesnt make her fake. I'm honestly just disappointed that I didnt have a comment to like with this type of mindset. they're BOTH beautiful and I've been in princesses situation, it doesnt mean for you to be aggressive towards anyone else. sorry for the long paragraph. love yall :)
Yoyos World
Yoyos World 12 hours ago
He’s such an asshole in this video! Like why would he tell Princess about her birthday. Is he jealous of princess?? Lolol I love Bretman except when he goes to hard on Princess. I get their siblings but he needs to work on himself tbh. Princess is young and he should be HYPING HER UP! 💚💚
tyler davis
tyler davis 12 hours ago
they both have good voices and thats on perioottttttt
《Roul 》
《Roul 》 12 hours ago
I kept gagging the whole video
Emily Del Grosso
Emily Del Grosso 12 hours ago
The poor man was on fire, sweating up a storm over there😭😭
lovianii 12 hours ago
I love Cleo ♥️
Esther Aguirre
Esther Aguirre 12 hours ago
oh god lol but I love you guys together.
Hsien Yu Shen
Hsien Yu Shen 12 hours ago
I hate shit guys; They are fucking useless.
Mich Mlfoy
Mich Mlfoy 12 hours ago
Princess needs to come out with merch that says “ I’m just here for the video”
Bianca Blake
Bianca Blake 12 hours ago
I love them 😭🤣🤣❤
Hasif Farhan YT
Hasif Farhan YT 13 hours ago
Yo i thought "coke" was cococola ... Then i watch 13rw ... 👁👄👁
Krystal Blackwell
Krystal Blackwell 13 hours ago
If y’all always nice with your siblings then u fake 😭only the real ones knows what it’s like to argue with ya siblings 24/7🤣every USshowr I see is always nice with their siblings and like Him and princess they argue and always giving sass to each other like they ain’t hide it they show it and that’s what I love about them they be keeping it real all the time 💯
Regan S
Regan S 13 hours ago
Decision....... “BOY YOU MAKE ME MAKE BAD DECISIONS” Miss Ariana Grande bitch
Harishai Thavakumar
Harishai Thavakumar 13 hours ago
Nigga are you gay or I'm trippin 🤔
C.M xxo
C.M xxo 13 hours ago
"Defining gravity" 😂😂😂
Alondra Hernandez
Alondra Hernandez 13 hours ago
‘And I’ll do it to your body’ 😂😂😂 I was on my assss lmaooo
yulisa's robloxlife
yulisa's robloxlife 13 hours ago
It was funny how princess stopped talking when Brent said "stop dont talk To me"
Hayden Stone-ish
Hayden Stone-ish 13 hours ago
Bret should pay for his braces 😬😆😘 like f you agree
Jasmine Vanessa Zepeda
Jasmine Vanessa Zepeda 13 hours ago
she’s gave birth two times... how will this hurt you?
Jadadads 13 hours ago
bretman kept cheating ngl😂🤦🏽‍♀️
keyra u.
keyra u. 13 hours ago
i love how they always match
Summer Nights
Summer Nights 14 hours ago
But still... why'd u buy so many😂😂
Niaa Lofton
Niaa Lofton 14 hours ago
Venus 14 hours ago
"Ariana hasn't done a song called boyfriend" So we gonna act like Boyfriend Material doesn't exist or...
story teller
story teller 14 hours ago
Bretman ass be like : 😮 HAHAHHAHA base on the hand it looks so big (the uhmm-- whatevee)
kaylene cayangyang
kaylene cayangyang 15 hours ago
Bretmen do be looking like momo 2:37
Bethxpercussionist xx
Bethxpercussionist xx 15 hours ago
I don't like her. She's too clingy with bret it's awkward.
F1y hii
F1y hii 15 hours ago 👀
Yolanda Garcia
Yolanda Garcia 15 hours ago
Why Nikita acting like she’s the baddie I mean Bretman and princess fight but that’s normal but why Nikita acting like that like girl shut unlike she try’s getting extra points and then princess tries and then she gets mad
Sammy and savvy playz Plays
Sammy and savvy playz Plays 15 hours ago
Oi this was on my birthday oml-
i'm dying when princess come in😊😂😂😂
Peachy Kitty
Peachy Kitty 15 hours ago
Wait am I the only one confused when his intro started saying without turtles we wouldn’t have any turtles I’m confused?
candy_00 00.
candy_00 00. 15 hours ago
this didn't show up in my recommendations , i searched it.
Korey Perez
Korey Perez 15 hours ago
I love their relationship 🤚🏼😭💗
Didi Payamps
Didi Payamps 15 hours ago
i love them but princess was getting me tight !! like girlll come onnnn
Korey Perez
Korey Perez 15 hours ago
I love their relationship 😭🤚🏼💖
Kelsey Meyer
Kelsey Meyer 15 hours ago
James went from 13 to 15?
jimmy jayden
jimmy jayden 16 hours ago
How u stay so SkInNiE BRETMEN is skinnie but FAT
Hayden Valeria
Hayden Valeria 16 hours ago
Me and my sister arguing 😂😂 She’s princess and I always end up just walking away cause I can’t no more lmao
Hoda Lashen
Hoda Lashen 16 hours ago
I didnt even notice you🤣🤣
Lavishgirlbeauty 16 hours ago
Yo intro so ghetto I love it🤣🤣🤣
Lavishgirlbeauty 16 hours ago
This too funny😭😭
dlovesyoutube 16 hours ago
Im princess, I don’t wanna do this shit!!
Frick it I’ll do it Myself
Frick it I’ll do it Myself 16 hours ago
The title should be: Princess annoying tf out of everyone
Jordan Rodriguez
Jordan Rodriguez 16 hours ago
Princess has a beautiful voice! I love Christmas music too Princess!😂
Ashley Adventures and more
Ashley Adventures and more 17 hours ago
Can you just comment that I’m pretty? Your pretty biutiful
Guadalupe Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez 17 hours ago
I want to see y’all 2 go to a haunted house together lolll
Rain Nelson
Rain Nelson 18 hours ago
princess was getting me tight in this 😭 .
Olivia Sabino
Olivia Sabino 18 hours ago
bruh why did i watch this now i’m craving taco bell
Jessie Jacob
Jessie Jacob 18 hours ago
The Island “CHEEEEHOOO” was everything ! Lessgo Bretmann !
Angelica Murro
Angelica Murro 18 hours ago
ok, but why is nobody talking abt the wet n wild intro edit?? it’s so fye, i keep replaying it haha
Angelica Murro
Angelica Murro 18 hours ago
wait hold on, the overall editing in this video is AMAZING. i love it
Zulaykah Begum
Zulaykah Begum 18 hours ago
I thought that was princess
Waffle Kun
Waffle Kun 18 hours ago
Pancit canton oh gawdd
Waffle Kun
Waffle Kun 19 hours ago
That water is sooo good thooo