Why we are broke..
2 months ago
Goodbye Blue Lamborghini..
I'm Sorry Everyone..
CS_Zenobius Gaming
CS_Zenobius Gaming 26 minutes ago
Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Bilal Aslam
Bilal Aslam 28 minutes ago
6:20 you park in a handicapped spot and then you didn't even park in the lines
GhostSins 31 minute ago
Jurneai J
Jurneai J 37 minutes ago
So yall got moneyyyyy
Leslie Alaniz
Leslie Alaniz 46 minutes ago
you could pull up your car to the beach in pismo n drive your bikes too
Caro H
Caro H Hour ago
the classic nanny car
Vivian Gordon
Vivian Gordon Hour ago
mariah adding points was so funny and idk y
Carolyn Collee
Carolyn Collee Hour ago
Heath and Mariah are gonna be such good parents and Zane is gonna be the coolest uncle
Evie Lewis
Evie Lewis Hour ago
hey it would be a cool time to hold David and the entire vlog squad accountable for their blatantly racist content they've put out while simultaneously condoning and perpetuating stereotypes about black people. It would also be SUPER cool to address the multiple relationships with minors and grooming of young people that makes it seems okay to sexualize teens. Im sure that we have all learned by now that you cannot buy yourself out of these HARMFUL wrongdoings. Groups like the vlog squad use money to make it seem acceptable when they are never held accountable to the fcked up sht they have put on the internet for MILLIONS to see. JUSTICE FOR BREONNA TAYLOR. JUSTICE FOR VANESSA GUILLEN. JUSTICE FOR ALTHEA BERNSTEIN. JUSTICE FOR ELIJAH MCCLAIN.
Lili Bolintiam
Lili Bolintiam Hour ago
What does that K stand for in the Unfiltered studio? I've wondered since Mariah decorated for Christmas at the old house.
Alexis Dewey
Alexis Dewey Hour ago
Zane said "and that's on 90° angle" 😂😂😂
Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson 2 hours ago
i have no food allergies and i’m very strong and brave. that sent me omg mariahs the best hahahah
TheWeathermelon Creations
TheWeathermelon Creations 2 hours ago
WTF why are they so good?!
Smol Nick
Smol Nick 2 hours ago
is no one gonna talk about how at 7:55 heath was on sync with the music?
Victoria Clark
Victoria Clark 3 hours ago
I saw you on David Dobrik clogs and now I love your videos as much as I love his!
Victoria Clark
Victoria Clark 3 hours ago
Wow your so kind and amazing for doing this
Zoonie 24
Zoonie 24 3 hours ago
I love that they can host a party without having people go into the main house to relax. Like they have their stuff and the fun stuff separate
Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson 3 hours ago
“tryna feel how hot it is” “feel how hot my back is..... with your nails” mariah once again being a whole ass mood
EricaRosemary 4 hours ago
wy are there two beds in one room?
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 4 hours ago
“Tell them we’re vlogers and we won’t stand for this. Tell them how many subscribers you have” 😂
Wheeze_NL 4 hours ago
Wow, just WOW! Also, Mariah is so sweet gorgeous and I suspect a force to be reckoned with. This is amazing! Hard work pays off, but please tell me the your secret to getting the most gorgeous place I have ever seen!
Mia Fortiz
Mia Fortiz 4 hours ago
Aww i wish I met them when they went to Long Beach
Susset Flores
Susset Flores 4 hours ago
Oh I can hear church bells soon! (And the sound of little feet❤️) You decorated this house perfectly! I hope you all get to raise a family there 🥰 & congrats on everything you guys have accomplished Heath & Mariah!
janee welcome
janee welcome 6 hours ago
i love love yalls house
Lili Bolintiam
Lili Bolintiam 6 hours ago
I am going to have bad dreams about Scott's CatDog
Jagger Lindsey
Jagger Lindsey 6 hours ago
You act like no one else has that kind of truck
Anaya Arvizu
Anaya Arvizu 6 hours ago
when heath said Tucson Arizona I screamed because I’m from Tucson
The SAVAGE AF! 6 hours ago
When is David coming back with vlogs
haley carta
haley carta 6 hours ago
mariah is the female version of zane and that’s why heath is in love w her
Holly 8 hours ago
8:40 mariah its like a jungle jim had me peeing in my pants
Holly 8 hours ago
7:04 heath just laughs at the picture like no way in hell am i going to be able to do that
Mackenzie Byrne
Mackenzie Byrne 10 hours ago
my house was built in 1830 now that's on old and haunted
Jennifer Cahill
Jennifer Cahill 10 hours ago
i fr thought this was the demi house at first from the thumbnail
Erin Blakesley
Erin Blakesley 11 hours ago
Y’all should really come out with some more bubba hoodies.
A Spark
A Spark 11 hours ago
I hope you stay strong bro ❤️💯
noelia luna
noelia luna 12 hours ago
I love the house and decorations!!
Green Gang
Green Gang 13 hours ago
Everyone takes big bite: David takes a tiny bite
Harry.Ballard 13 hours ago
When they said fun room ... its not what i pictured lol
Makey Parker
Makey Parker 13 hours ago
“BUFF DADDY” joe vulpis 2019
Hector Torres
Hector Torres 13 hours ago
You can park your car in the beach in Texas
parsa gh
parsa gh 14 hours ago
som body see this for the first time
Shalom Csc
Shalom Csc 14 hours ago
This has to be a multi million dollar home 😍
Midnight stars
Midnight stars 14 hours ago
Who thinks Heath did a better job but for views Liza
julio fernandez
julio fernandez 14 hours ago
Thank David right...oh yes...
Srijoni Mukherjee
Srijoni Mukherjee 15 hours ago
That hug at 7:31!!
PoM 16 hours ago
How am I just finding out about this gem...
Rosie Escutia
Rosie Escutia 16 hours ago
I really love this new home for you guys
Cendy Cookie Zonum
Cendy Cookie Zonum 17 hours ago
I love it 💥💥💥💥💥
AyeRio 18 hours ago
I love and hate the way you can tell how much they are in love just by how they look at each other. I love it cause heath has and always will be my favorite member of the Vlog squad and just idk I vibe with his personality. I hate it cause love like that only come around once in blue moon. But nun the less I love both of y’all, wish you both the best in the future and can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for y’all.. bucket list: meat Heath... lol I wish
Brandi Lawson
Brandi Lawson 18 hours ago
Heath has been hot since the day he was born! Some people just got IT and he definitely does. 🔥
joes dad
joes dad 19 hours ago
For being built in 1931, that house is cool as fuck
Sub nub nub
Sub nub nub 20 hours ago
I love at 4:52 Mariah was eating candy and stops when Heath start talking to the camera
Lili Bolintiam
Lili Bolintiam 21 hour ago
Oh Matt!😂
MonGoose 254
MonGoose 254 21 hour ago
Heath has a Ratt CD and Jason sang Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpion
Sonii Lewis
Sonii Lewis 21 hour ago
I came here bc I saw liza
Thais Waters
Thais Waters 22 hours ago
You know Zanes excited when he starts to laugh like a psychopath
Caleb Bauer
Caleb Bauer 23 hours ago
I wonder if Heath likes crown? (whiskey)
jojo litt
jojo litt 23 hours ago
Dream house
Tripijaharda :p
Tripijaharda :p Day ago
I remember when heath could barely pay rent when they moved out to la holy fuck this is insane
Andrea M
Andrea M Day ago
I just want Heath & Mariah to adopt me
Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson Day ago
rewatching this and noticed that he had the picture mariah drew him of the place they had their first date framed and on his unit 🥺
Ian Sherwood
Ian Sherwood Day ago
Like how much do they pay a month 😭
Celeste Garcilazo
Celeste Garcilazo Day ago
my babies Zane and heath killed it
Antonio Wimler
Antonio Wimler Day ago
The "Fun House" reminds me of The Denny House
Antonio Wimler
Antonio Wimler Day ago
Literally living in my dream home.
Eric Jerman
Eric Jerman Day ago
Why does every shot look like it’s got the extra wide filter on
alyssah Day ago
you can drive your car on pismo beach!
safa Al-Azzawi
safa Al-Azzawi Day ago
Alana * Oleander and Fig
Alana * Oleander and Fig Day ago
At 06:44, can anyone tell me which star lamp they’re using? I’m trying to set up a living room camp out for my son and we’d LOVE to add this! Thank you! 🌟
Soviet woman
Soviet woman Day ago
Greatest video ever witnessed
Angelina Jean
Angelina Jean Day ago
i really hope they stay in this house its so nice
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez Day ago
So what do these people do for a living?
Emine Agdere
Emine Agdere Day ago
ok but their voices are so goooood
biancaaa garcia
biancaaa garcia Day ago
this is so cute I love it🥺
SamXcolby33 Day ago
When Mariah was fake going down the stairs I thought it was real😳
Amanda Montero
Amanda Montero Day ago
The house I live in was also built on 1931 🤭
Niah C
Niah C Day ago
7:29 Confirming he’s gonna have kids with Maria
Blake Colton
Blake Colton Day ago
best vlogger
Blake Colton
Blake Colton Day ago
great video
Blake Colton
Blake Colton Day ago
did you guys design your house?
Blake Colton
Blake Colton Day ago
you have the nicest house on youtube
Luzando Day ago
Wooooooow sooooo fkn beautiful!!!
Serena Zaragoza
Serena Zaragoza Day ago
Zane is hands down the funniest person in the world
Hannah Kanavel
Hannah Kanavel Day ago
what kind of pan is that?
Luana Armada
Luana Armada Day ago
love u guysss
hezi Day ago
9:21 that pose made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣
riley seward
riley seward Day ago
oh I forgot that in America 100 years is old,,,, my house was built in the 1600s lmao
elton perlaska
elton perlaska Day ago
Heath looks like what Tyler Joseph’s and Josh Dun’s son would look like
Megan Perkins
Megan Perkins Day ago
I luv ur house but I LUV Mariah more!
Jacob Fraser
Jacob Fraser Day ago
Gotta drive up to Pismo Beach. You can drive on the beach there
Mickey Valor
Mickey Valor Day ago
Click bait sugar sweet
Metro Viral
Metro Viral Day ago
you should use one of those long sticks that pics stuff from the floor just to protect yourself from any punctures and it saves your back too😂
safa Al-Azzawi
safa Al-Azzawi Day ago
If they don't get married I'm literally gonna cry
Emily Tracy
Emily Tracy Day ago
6:36 the guy in the back 💀
Abigail Funes
Abigail Funes Day ago
am i the only one that wants heath and mariah to adopt me so i can live at that house cus omgggg i would LOVE to stretch out every morning and practice my cheer stunts in the front yard on a big mat and have fun dancing with mariah
Belinda Villarente
Belinda Villarente Day ago
Heat, I missed you and Elton together. I've watched all the previous videos of tfil way back 2016.. you are so hilarious heat. U and elton are amazing together. The founder of tfil heat and elton.. hope u had reunion again with the rest of the guys.. stay safe♥...
Hannah Browne
Hannah Browne Day ago
Glad u guys are doing some good environmental influencing
Brooklyn Sage
Brooklyn Sage Day ago
OH MY GOD THEY ON X GAME MODE😂😂 I really hope no one said that
atalanbhakti Day ago
Great drone shots
Ivan Jorge
Ivan Jorge Day ago
2:40 It's funny how I'm Currently Reading, " How to Win Friends and Influence People. "