NotPeterParker 22 seconds ago
Me who doesn't eat at all: *Pshhhhhhh, amateurs*
Jander 38 seconds ago
Don’t lie, we all thought it, how did he pull her?
Msmk Jordan
Msmk Jordan Minute ago
And some people wondering how religions emerged...
Totalchaos1983 0
Totalchaos1983 0 Minute ago
Those winter dresses were fugly.
Gael Arroyo Roldan
Gael Arroyo Roldan Minute ago
Destroys this
Celeste D
Celeste D Minute ago
Same weight as my newborn son, 38 years ago. 😂 He was longer though!
Alejando Edwards
Alejando Edwards 2 minutes ago
I will put a sock in her mouth and make her shut up
Alejando Edwards
Alejando Edwards 2 minutes ago
I hope she get bet up
Gisele Stasiuk
Gisele Stasiuk 3 minutes ago
Children shouldn't b forced to marry n have kids these parents should be crucified
Rose Mary Ortega
Rose Mary Ortega 4 minutes ago
scienceguys 5 minutes ago
He is abusive and acts just like Florian eww Why do these sisters always attract such toxic guys like Tom, Florian, Jesse and Georgi (although he seems a bit different), they deserve much better
Gisele Stasiuk
Gisele Stasiuk 5 minutes ago
Babies pushn babies
Gisele Stasiuk
Gisele Stasiuk 6 minutes ago
Ur not suppose b around Ur ex-wife yet u have Ur children married off never mind them drinkn fightn incest in gypsy culture WHERE THE FUK IS CHILDREN'S AID IN THIS DISGUSTN CULTURE IT'S REDICULOUS HORRENDOUS
Margot De La Cruz
Margot De La Cruz 6 minutes ago
Una lastima en ingles no entiendo nada desde uruguay !
Galen Daugherty
Galen Daugherty 6 minutes ago
This is Lisa Marie, I couldn't do this I would throw up
Rose Mary Ortega
Rose Mary Ortega 7 minutes ago
Mamy, Many blessings to you and your loved ones! :-)
Gary Hamlin
Gary Hamlin 7 minutes ago
If it stinks real bad, put some Vicksburg vapo rub under nose and stink is gone. Its an old hunting trick
Kày Adorè
Kày Adorè 7 minutes ago
This show so fake
Sophia Ramazani
Sophia Ramazani 8 minutes ago
Kaylee looked better before than after.
SF FireBrand
SF FireBrand 10 minutes ago
If they were all in the pageant and I was a judge I would say I win because I didn't mess up on my job
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 10 minutes ago
litery sooo fake
Gisele Stasiuk
Gisele Stasiuk 10 minutes ago
No far lookn then any barbie
Galen Daugherty
Galen Daugherty 10 minutes ago
This is Lisa Marie, why isn't she wearing gloves ? Gross
allie ross
allie ross 10 minutes ago
This brides dress is the only dress I like
Simply Alex
Simply Alex 11 minutes ago
When he said: I'm gonna start dancing again! Me: *Tears*
Pistol Chimp
Pistol Chimp 11 minutes ago
I hate this guy
anastasia4twenty 13 minutes ago
why does his sideburns give me trixie mattel contour vibes BAAHQNSBH😭
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 14 minutes ago
If somebody was dating my sibling and u were my bestfriend I will make u leave the chat
Gravity Slave
Gravity Slave 15 minutes ago
It's not right but maybe it's what she needed to hear. She didnt get that way because shes addicted to broccoli and cardio. In any case, you know this guy has a fat fetish. No way it's because if her "personality"
Gisele Stasiuk
Gisele Stasiuk 15 minutes ago
Hari 15 minutes ago
Okay but why did the 2nd couple actually look in love? That was the first couple on this show that I felt had chemistry & were there for one another. He took his bride's side & left his family & then her mom quickly went to hug
Gisele Stasiuk
Gisele Stasiuk 16 minutes ago
All in the family. Share n b shared hilarious
sincerely Me
sincerely Me 16 minutes ago
I hope the baby's grandma takes care of them.
jamejira28 16 minutes ago
I watched this before when my partner sent me 6 months ago. I was so embarrassed that this kind of person make people out there look at Thai ladies are gold digger after this went viral. I’m Thai and my partner is German . He is not rich but he the is the best for me. I am not completely the same from her. I don’t say I’m better than her just think differently though. In general, If your partner is a rich guy you will be so lucky. But if he is a normal person you must help him to build your legacy not just want money this and that blah blah. Love is not only money but it is also looking after and caring each other. You should think about how much he caring and loving you. I hope all Thai ladies who are looking for western man to love ❤️ Good luck 😃
Jenny Rude Gyal
Jenny Rude Gyal 17 minutes ago
She did some nip and tucks in the face. She looks good
Gisele Stasiuk
Gisele Stasiuk 18 minutes ago
Is the horse her stud or her 2nd bak up
Gary Lamar
Gary Lamar 19 minutes ago
7:40 me and him had the same idea
Spencer Evans
Spencer Evans 19 minutes ago
I get both sides of the story. From her perspective, she hasn't seen her daughter in years, and she wants to be able to spend time with no interruptions. He feels used because of how she's coming off. Also, is she with him because of love, or is she using him?
June Pederson
June Pederson 19 minutes ago
I like how there trying to make this all eerie when shes just casual and chill
Cherry_Blossom_Plays 20 minutes ago
Tammy Ashley
Tammy Ashley 20 minutes ago
Why does she have to convert to his religion. That's wrong. Her mother and father have different religions.
{}}{ 21 minute ago
They get $20 per day lol
Maekar I Targaryen
Maekar I Targaryen 21 minute ago
Dr Lee: "My initial reaction with Ravon is 'Wow!'". Yep Dr Lee, I think that was the reaction of all of us.
Gisele Stasiuk
Gisele Stasiuk 22 minutes ago
Plant Planet Earth
Plant Planet Earth 22 minutes ago
Hoarders should not be allowed to purchase anything but necessities and cleaning products. They aren't allowed to eat until the cleaning is done.
Ana Toader
Ana Toader 24 minutes ago
Ugly! The dress and the whole thing, it's so fucking sick.
Jenny Rude Gyal
Jenny Rude Gyal 26 minutes ago
Maekar I Targaryen
Maekar I Targaryen 26 minutes ago
Damn, I feel so happy for this complete stranger! I can't imagine how life changing that could be. I'm sending all my best wishes to Delano!
Jaylynn Vallejo
Jaylynn Vallejo 26 minutes ago
Marília Neri Porto
Marília Neri Porto 26 minutes ago
Muito bom 🇧🇷
Fan 2 Fics
Fan 2 Fics 29 minutes ago
I understand her in the frozen meal part because you can still be healthy on frozen foods its what you eat, how you cook it and have a balanced diet. The difference is she doesn’t try
Brian DiVincenzo
Brian DiVincenzo 30 minutes ago
He is a reminder to not take the little things for granted... This is hands down one of the strongest men I've ever witnessed... God bless this man and his family.
Djin 9
Djin 9 31 minute ago
Wish I could find a woman that is loyal like this woman is to him she is always by his side and that's cool.
Ana Rios
Ana Rios 32 minutes ago
Veo los vidios todo los días
Cara M
Cara M 32 minutes ago
1.21 WHAT ahahaha I didn’t know that came from this
Ana Rios
Ana Rios 33 minutes ago
De Argentina todos los días la los vidios..
Ana Rios
Ana Rios 33 minutes ago
Muestre bien las cirugías me gusta ver..
Birb_Boii _memes
Birb_Boii _memes 34 minutes ago
“OOOooOoO i’m starting to feel ✨tender✨all of a sudden” 1:25
M A G N O L I A 37 minutes ago
No guy I’m with moms gonna talk to me like that or it over lol. 💀
Captain Cromwell
Captain Cromwell 38 minutes ago
Was anyone else just chanting sacrifice during her trial 😂🤣?
Ivs Pav
Ivs Pav 38 minutes ago
Dios te bendiga Armano!! Puedo ver en tus ojos que eres una buena persona, y yo se como se sientiste. Cuidate porfavor
Robert Grace
Robert Grace 39 minutes ago
Smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ double edge sword
clrosso 40 minutes ago
These parents on this f***ing show don’t deserve children and should be separated from their child, this is terrible who in the right mind would make such a show!? DONT DO THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN
Nothing Nobody
Nothing Nobody 40 minutes ago
Nobody... Me Y'all wondering how she tasted her own piss in the first place?
Totalchaos1983 0
Totalchaos1983 0 41 minute ago
These people dont even dress up for a wedding..tshirts and sneakers..smh..
Kelly Green
Kelly Green 41 minute ago
Seal the language? English???? They’re so dumb.
J Fro
J Fro 42 minutes ago
I’d love for TLC to do a , “ we’re are they now” episode.
Gisele Stasiuk
Gisele Stasiuk 44 minutes ago
All they do is argue n fight amongst themselves n with others. Very RAUNCHY RACE OF U CLASSY PPL YUCK
Jack Salonsky
Jack Salonsky 44 minutes ago
Larissa was so hot before
marlene gutierrez
marlene gutierrez 44 minutes ago
the baby while the mom was yelling : 👁👄👁
noufathnoufal 612
noufathnoufal 612 45 minutes ago
Courtney is a victim!!!and what mess her parents made she is arrested?
Noor Mahmood
Noor Mahmood 45 minutes ago
This is giving me a lot of the same vibes that Mohammed had. The Muslim culture is so hard for people to understand but it’s not difficult to respect. People shouldn’t try to change Muslim culture.
Rosa Flores
Rosa Flores 45 minutes ago
Rosa Flores
Rosa Flores 46 minutes ago
I wish i could meet her shes funny pretty and ki nd god bless ger
721deco 48 minutes ago
My neighbor's granddaughter told me she couldn't go to school because of the corona pirates