New Dawn
New Dawn Hour ago
črÿpt!ć Hour ago
Why does this dude look like Mutahars twin?
Helen Vea
Helen Vea Hour ago
God bless your family. Your so pretty lady, and u know what? It's only weight. You can do it and get rid of it.
yeosang lines stan
yeosang lines stan Hour ago
Wow. Hes so bad :(. Imagine her wife cooks for him.. but he didnt even eat it
Andrei is making and putting so much pressure on Elizabeth.Hes putting her in hard spot with her dad and making her make bad decisions because of him where she not happy with alot of andreis decisioan .in a nutshell .Wedding should be done in USA since dad is paying for everythuing and Andrei need to shut the F up .End of Story .
Jood Alzafir
Jood Alzafir Hour ago
Who is watching now?!
GB Wife
GB Wife Hour ago
He looks like Neanderthal... leave him right where he is on his island.. Because that’s all he will ever be! Good riddance....
Rxndom Cursed Shxt
Rxndom Cursed Shxt Hour ago
Her: *looks at cat* You know the drill The cat: ah shit here we go again
Mal Buckets
Mal Buckets Hour ago
I feel sorry for the poor small horse it’s pulling a grown asss man lol
dr Albert sze wei Tan
dr Albert sze wei Tan Hour ago
Google topdoctor yola Hour ago
5:29 children: it's mash potato time!!
MasterOf4Elements Hour ago
those poor kitties
Julieta gonzalez
Julieta gonzalez Hour ago
Andrei has mulipulated Elizabeth into thinking his attitude is some sorta alfa male moldovan cultural personality when really hes a giant A HOLE. He uses her family for money and treats them all like crap. Hes feels so entitled. Why doesnt Elizabeth respect herself or her family. She looks like a total jackass letting him treat her family like that.
Petty Labelle
Petty Labelle Hour ago
She's such a bad actress
Andri dark
Andri dark Hour ago
90s hits
yeosang lines stan
yeosang lines stan 2 hours ago
She needs help...
Tommy Rowan
Tommy Rowan 2 hours ago
Her hospital house is bigger and nicer than mine 💀💀
Gamey Cat
Gamey Cat 2 hours ago
When they say an in an elevator only 1000 pounds this guy would be 50 of them before it wouldn’t break
gachalifestory45 !
gachalifestory45 ! 2 hours ago
Don't ever meet up big ed into a filipina they will gonna savage u and I hate big ed he hurts one of us
Suha Perera
Suha Perera 2 hours ago
So this is not over yet 🤷‍♀️
Mintygreennoms ΌωΌ
Mintygreennoms ΌωΌ 2 hours ago
The makeup may effect their skin ...
Angela 2 hours ago
I feel bad for her mom, she's being put in a stituation where it's really hard to protect your daughter. You can't really say to your child's face that they are getting used when they're madly in love.
Sarah Angel
Sarah Angel 2 hours ago
She was stupid to start with. She knew nothing about him or his character. And he's always acted like a child. He WAS NOT husband material. Now he feels stuck. He's never loved her. She & the kids will be better off without him.
Kat Perse
Kat Perse 2 hours ago
He gave me a throwback to when I was a kid. I would get upset about something ridiculous, pack my little bag and walk out like a little shit. And then by big brother would just catch me and carry home lmao
diane bilyeu
diane bilyeu 2 hours ago
ohhh not so good conversation
donniecatalano 2 hours ago
hulks? real life morons! hahaha losers
Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce 2 hours ago
You know if she would have gotten her hand amputated she wouldn't be suffering through with this right now
Goldchamber63 2 hours ago
ngl this is soooo satisfying
Yasser Osman
Yasser Osman 2 hours ago
This is very wrong to do this to children, then you actually complain they are getting to be single moms in age 15. They are toddlers for God sake. WTH is wrong with you people?! See that all fine for such age. You are doing it for your own fun. Such selfish parents! 😠😳😵
Yasser Osman
Yasser Osman Hour ago
@felicia aronsson I'm really glad to see you condemning this big wrong, and others as well. Cheers, humanity do exists after all. 👏👏❤
felicia aronsson
felicia aronsson 2 hours ago
I know right?! It's crazy that pagents still are allowed 😱😭🤔😡😣
•Delicate Bloom•
•Delicate Bloom• 2 hours ago
This guy looks like a gay dude.
Jj bunny
Jj bunny 2 hours ago
I swear this women was on the British tv show Supersized vs Superskinny
Sloth Gaming
Sloth Gaming 2 hours ago
The youngest is like I am the new adult
•Delicate Bloom•
•Delicate Bloom• 2 hours ago
I am wondering how is she not dead.
not Chiara
not Chiara 2 hours ago
The cameraman when they run away: guys? guys?
Milo Yossarian
Milo Yossarian 2 hours ago
Someone disappear this family.....please!!!
piggy pro
piggy pro 2 hours ago
She looks like dean from the show community College
ItzWillow 2 hours ago
Covid doesnt exist to them.
Mila Pen
Mila Pen 2 hours ago
this was filmed like years ago just so you know :)
Suyin Lin
Suyin Lin 2 hours ago
I think this was filmed before covid
Tomas Richards
Tomas Richards 2 hours ago
Americans do not belong in the bin
s clara
s clara 2 hours ago
Why did they think it would be fine
incredabill1 2 hours ago
Ban this trash people! Only sick fools promote/participate in such things! Viewed to click dislike & to remind the "fans" of such things that they are sick and need to wake up!
Shamoli Begum
Shamoli Begum 2 hours ago
I was here literally since they were learning to walk.
Ash Kage
Ash Kage 2 hours ago
Just another episode of child extortion for fame and money
Chloe Naylor
Chloe Naylor 2 hours ago
Chantel needs to bin that narcissistic man child & her controlling family.
Margret wangari
Margret wangari 2 hours ago
I wore a short dress and my Son was like no mom go change 🙄anyways it's her money why not
locked Down Gamer
locked Down Gamer 2 hours ago
It just sickens me I just wanna kill that hyena god bless him
Tomas Richards
Tomas Richards 2 hours ago
It’s quite funny how the manager thinks she’s a checkout hacking lord 😂
Sienna Anderson
Sienna Anderson 2 hours ago
this might be a stupid question but if she were to become pregnant and give birth wouldn't she has fat from the pregnancy on her belly?
Mirakuru Panda
Mirakuru Panda 2 hours ago
mama u look 94. leave the baby aloneeee
Aliya Alamada
Aliya Alamada 2 hours ago
Here goes the immature child, if I'm in her situation, I will definitely leave this guy, so immature and childish.
Tomas Richards
Tomas Richards 2 hours ago
I don’t appreciate that she thinks god will give her coupons 😂
Ember Corum
Ember Corum 2 hours ago
At least they all got a break from being on national tv
Mercy Apon
Mercy Apon 2 hours ago
No offence,but he looks too short infront of them💔 Edit:Them=her family
C dr
C dr 2 hours ago
These gurls need Jesus in their heart. I’ll pray real hard for these hoes.
Loretta Buccoliero
Loretta Buccoliero 2 hours ago
frosty sharky
frosty sharky 2 hours ago
He looks like he's dead inside in the thumbnail
G h o s t
G h o s t 2 hours ago
She’s ready for a zombie apocalypse
Orange Crate
Orange Crate 2 hours ago
Blackhead removal and a partial facelift. All in one
Rebecca Lane
Rebecca Lane 2 hours ago
Good on you guys, both of you!
Jiyeon park
Jiyeon park 2 hours ago
They have been talking to a year and a half and she's got a 8month old baby... Did she cheat on him🙄🙄🙄
Jackzuku 2 hours ago
I've followed this a while, and not seen much compassion from Casey. This may be the first time I've seen him show some thankfulness or compassion for his Dad, when his dad basically started crying. I'm at least a small bit reassured about that, as well as his acceptance of that fact that he has to stop.
Windi Oktavia
Windi Oktavia 2 hours ago
Jijik kali
BumBobBoi 2 hours ago
Sending good vibes to my homie
MaoriGurl Aotearoa
MaoriGurl Aotearoa 2 hours ago
Ffs, these Mothers are trash as fukk
Tgeezyx4 2 hours ago
This breaks my heart or it’s probably just my hormones
Sarah Colón
Sarah Colón 2 hours ago
No si tratuciera en español
Snow Xsu
Snow Xsu 2 hours ago
Where did they meet?
Carla Lopo
Carla Lopo 2 hours ago
Imagine if they argue then she’ll put his xbox in the roof
lily edwards
lily edwards 2 hours ago
4:34 i feel attacked
Uncle Darron
Uncle Darron 2 hours ago
I would hate being these kids.
felicia aronsson
felicia aronsson 2 hours ago
Yasser Osman well said!!
Yasser Osman
Yasser Osman 2 hours ago
Exactly. Toddlers in such outfit and mood and make up. Showing off in age 3. And parents seems to be so selfish. I'm so glad to find people still have reason to say NO for this outrageous stupidity against such little angels . Thank you sir
able to be happy
able to be happy 2 hours ago
i would hate having these parents
Jaylixer GamingYT
Jaylixer GamingYT 2 hours ago
I know what rose is doing, Rose wants to have 2 kids, and im guessing he will divorce him, and get some child support, child support os expensive especially if there is 2 kids, so Rose is probably a gold digger
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 2 hours ago
"will get in a diva mood" , "she'll start acting like ...poo" SHE'S A TODDLER FOR FCKS SAKE
amragan 2 Kurnaz
amragan 2 Kurnaz 2 hours ago
Oh my god that looks terrifying but I feel bad
Craig Burton
Craig Burton 2 hours ago
The kids are worse than the moms 😂
Yasser Osman
Yasser Osman Hour ago
@able to be happy totally not funny
able to be happy
able to be happy 2 hours ago
the moms are worse than the kids cuz they pressure tham btw not funny
Anshu Sreeranj
Anshu Sreeranj 2 hours ago
That's the reason why he looks handsome
Variant 2 hours ago
astar astar
astar astar 2 hours ago
Good for her
John 2 hours ago
Janan Al-bolooshi
Janan Al-bolooshi 2 hours ago
Do full episodes and moreee
felicia aronsson
felicia aronsson 2 hours ago
I totally agree!!!!
HEIZZE Deleon 2 hours ago
She's actually very pretty that title be lying
Mariana's Life
Mariana's Life 2 hours ago
Only 2 views what the heck that's so weird
Chichi Okwudi
Chichi Okwudi 2 hours ago
Mariana's Life what did u expect its 5 minuets they just posted this
Life as Imani Jones
Life as Imani Jones 2 hours ago
They so cute
Caron Reid
Caron Reid 2 hours ago
What wouldn't be good for you having a bath in bleach
Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me
Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me 2 hours ago
“Don’t lie who else is a TRUE FAN of tlc uk 🥞" “¡ᴍ ɢɪғ₮ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🐦
Aaliyah Gadon
Aaliyah Gadon 2 hours ago
Sharmaine xD
Sharmaine 2 hours ago
dont care
Crystal The Wolf
Crystal The Wolf 2 hours ago
She's not obsessed with anything, she's a normal person with a normal hobby doing normal things for fun.
judah t
judah t 2 hours ago
I he music makes it so dramatic 😂
Nikeetha Pinheiro
Nikeetha Pinheiro 2 hours ago
Jihoon’s parents are the best man ♥️
Will Bowen
Will Bowen 2 hours ago
For a man who likes saving money why don’t he drive a hybrid car 🤣😂
judah t
judah t 2 hours ago
I like this one
Slippery Sauce
Slippery Sauce 2 hours ago
Lana has C A K E
Amelia 2 hours ago
Person: What's your favourite food? Amber:
Chae Yuuu
Chae Yuuu 2 hours ago
Ash is really creepy
Pau Cadsawan
Pau Cadsawan 2 hours ago
Amazing doc Lee ❤️❤️❤️beautiful inside and out❤️ Godbless more
Mewo Mimi
Mewo Mimi 2 hours ago
She is unique and special
•HunBun• 2 hours ago
I'm proud of my body now.
Xx Wolfie World xX
Xx Wolfie World xX 2 hours ago
I feel so bad for her as she has had this since she was young but I am not wondering as to what she would do in the pandemic now as how would she wear a mask unless she has has it removed since
Chamy Chamel
Chamy Chamel 2 hours ago
I hate him with a passion.
Bluegore 9
Bluegore 9 2 hours ago
Bruh the blonde girl is so dramatic ugh
those rat girls
those rat girls 3 hours ago
Sweet home alabama