Halo | Girlfriend Reviews
Miguel Carneiro
Miguel Carneiro 7 minutes ago
I approve of this video as a long time Monster Hunter veteran, I been here since 3 Ultimate fam.
Super Frost
Super Frost 34 minutes ago
Best Review ❤️🙏
Ender Hour ago
That joker clip got me! Laught so i cried :)
Ender 2 hours ago
Bravo! Loved LOU1 and after playing LOU2 i must say that this is a true masterpiece. Emotionally difficult to play at times but the story, acting and graphics are just sensational.
Konrad Andres
Konrad Andres 2 hours ago
James Berglind
James Berglind 2 hours ago
Had to revisit this review, because I cannot escape the insatiable yearning for Automata Nostalgia. Plus GFRs is so slick.
Senryuu Houtaro
Senryuu Houtaro 2 hours ago
Dame dane Dame yo dame na no yo, Anta ga Sukite sukisugite~~
Riaz Abed
Riaz Abed 3 hours ago
i can hear knack 2 in the back ground
Two Tusk
Two Tusk 3 hours ago
I’m playing this game right now and all the emotions I’m feeling are beautifully captured in your video. Love the channel!
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar 3 hours ago
Man Shelby has a mouth on her. I thought she was all cute and innocent. It's like watching Disneys Miley grow up to be Liams Miley!
Athena Amiga
Athena Amiga 3 hours ago
Your review was very articulate and intelligently explained. HOWEVER this game was an utter disappointment. The reason most gamers are pissed is we waited 7 years to play as Joel and/or Ellie, only to play as some She hulk that nobody cares about. The problem wasn't Joel dying. It was how he died. He could have gone out in a badass way trying to save Ellie or something. Also, we should have played as Ellie the entire game since Joel died. Also the trailers made us to believe that Joel was part of the gameplay. So Naughty Dog deceived the fans, forced us to play as an unlikable character and added a cheap shot death. Yeah, that's why most fans LOATHE this piece of shit game.
The Rat
The Rat 3 hours ago
Can we get "should you beat the shit out of your boyfriend in street fighter 5?"
Shaun Casey
Shaun Casey 4 hours ago
Well done at 6:47 adding Three dog night when Zodiac was mentioned.
RumbleFish 4 hours ago
I’ve seen how the sausage gets made...
bugweasel 4 hours ago
Huh. I didn’t get that 2B revelation. Probably cos I found 9s to be super whiny and annoying ^_^”
Ryan Howe
Ryan Howe 4 hours ago
I can finally peacefullyy take a deep breath and confirm to myself "I'm not crazy"
Gregory Dark
Gregory Dark 4 hours ago
I'm one of your subscribers. That makes me one-in-a-million!
Prateek 5 hours ago
Wow things really worked out for the two of you, after looking quite bad when he quit his job. Really happy for you guys, your happiness is so infectious I can't stop smiling while watching this video. Keep doing great work. And wish you all the best.
Hansel Lau
Hansel Lau 5 hours ago
Since Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is out, if you haven't played the original before, you've got to try it on switch. The game's amazing, one of my favorite JRPGs.
Justin Tallman
Justin Tallman 5 hours ago
Damn it Matt. Going from the original Final Fantasy theme to Aerith's? Do you want me to fall in love with you? Because that's how you get me to fall in love with you.
vajabri 6 hours ago
Shelby should try to escape Jeffery Dalmler. She's cute. He's weird
Justin Tallman
Justin Tallman 6 hours ago
I hated tRoS, but I really liked that moment at the end with Kylo and Rey
Jeremiah Jensen
Jeremiah Jensen 6 hours ago
The ending really drove this in for me. There was a moment when navigating the last delivery that it seemed like I couldn't make it. I didn't have many supplies for the long trek initially, time fall rain was everywhere and BTs where flooding the entire area. Worse yet I couldn't fabricate anything new. So I was running as quickly as I could not to lose the package as I wasn't sure what would happen if I did (I thought maybe there was alternate endings and i'd get a bad one). And then i'd stumble onto a barely operational time fall shelter made by another player. There was something I experienced in these moments when complete strangers saved my ass and they had no idea. The hand full of likes given can't really convey how much I appreciated it. And then it dawned on me how there were probably countless players that experienced moments like these in all these structures I've seen dotting the landscape. Gone was the perspective that these were just meaningless fake internet points. I finally realized that countless players experienced moments like this. All those structures dotting the landscape looked completely different. Even the one off ladder with 20 points seemed like it was likely very helpful for another player. The game has it's problems but it's still one of my favorite games of the last decade.
Echost Studio
Echost Studio 6 hours ago
No ability to use the grapple or hook shot in a Zelda game 1 out of 10
Nomadic Vision
Nomadic Vision 7 hours ago
All throughout the game we were angry and exhausted, just like Ellie. It’s not until the very end where we stopped and reflect did we start to properly mourn Joel.
RodrigoCL 7 hours ago
That opening!!! xD xD xD
Gerstein03 7 hours ago
Kudos to you for recognizing that you were ignorant on a topic and acknowledging it. It takes a lot of humility to admit when you are wrong and I respect you for being able to do it
Doc_Hawk 7 hours ago
move out east fr, you can get a mcmansion in arkansas fo what you're paying is that shithole california
Marvelous Meh
Marvelous Meh 7 hours ago
Soon. "Wife Reviews."
Isaac Navedo
Isaac Navedo 7 hours ago
this is very wholesome
vayahoo 8 hours ago
these are the kind of ppl that im happy to support. Just nice ppl :)
Gaming Devil
Gaming Devil 8 hours ago
I didn't Even Know Half Life 🤣😂🤣
Sean Watson
Sean Watson 8 hours ago
I was disappointed in the ending in a way, but probably not in the way most were. Yes, I feared Ellie would kill Abby as the climax drew near, but I'd recognized quite early the self-destructive nature of revenge they were pushing, so I thought they were aiming for forgiveness and possibly even resolution. When Ellie got off of the drowning Abby and let her live, I'd hoped they might be allowed to see each other's story the way we were, particularly how their lives were so similar. But even though Ellie ultimately didn't kill Abby, an act that would have changed her entirely into a character that wasn't the one we'd all fallen in love with, she still didn't appear to move on from her hate. Her house when she returned to it was completely colorless, dilapidated, and without happiness, the same as her life. It seemed an ended more in line with their originally planned ending, the one where she completed her revenge. It was a hell of a place to leave us. Regardless, I recognize and appreciate the genius of their writing.
Rodolfo Garcia
Rodolfo Garcia 8 hours ago
learning that Matt's been gaming since a child and growing along with games and how they've evolved I can see why he disliked this game, AC:NH suffers so much from quality of life features that have been in games since the early 2000's
aola wili
aola wili 8 hours ago
10:06 All the video talking about his editing skills and I can't believe he let her hanging like this 😂😂😂
Christopher Bryant
Christopher Bryant 9 hours ago
its always funny to me when you see a dude who went to war dozens of times and drinks him stupid and has anger management issues, everyone assumes the baron is a shitty dude who beats his wife. Instead he's a guy with PTSD and finds out his wife cheated on him while he served.
Ian Andrews
Ian Andrews 9 hours ago
when the babies comin
Godzilla1282 9 hours ago
You need to do this again now that Halo 1 2 and 3 are out
Mojojojo jax
Mojojojo jax 9 hours ago
Why do you two have separate beds??
Gamer Supreme
Gamer Supreme 10 hours ago
Kirby really zooms in World of Light tho...
A Random Internet User
A Random Internet User 10 hours ago
When Shelby said putting up her Squarespace website was "Super easy," I automatically added "barely and inconvenience," without even thinking about it. Ryan George has damaged my mind forever, bless his soul.
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker 10 hours ago
Every time Matt complements Shelby, she looks like she is going to turn into a puddle!
aola wili
aola wili 8 hours ago
Petition for Shelby to sing Baka Mitai
Aisakow1 11 hours ago
I have literally watched every single one of your videos... some of them multiple times! I really enjoyed this peek behind the curtain. Thank you for sharing with us, and keep making these amazing videos! <3
Amanda Huddleston
Amanda Huddleston 11 hours ago
"..... and one Animorphs book." You guys are the best, you sound exactly like me, lol
Crunchy lemons
Crunchy lemons 11 hours ago
Matt honestly looked like he was gonna cry
مجرد عَبَث
مجرد عَبَث 11 hours ago
" I was so busy worrying about which one of my favorite characters the writers would kill of next that it never occurred to me that they would kill the show itself"
Nicholas Benton
Nicholas Benton 11 hours ago
Here's my take: The number of people who are experiencing a visceral reaction to The Last of Us 2 is somewhat telling, from a sociological standpoint. We live in a society that has VERY little capacity for empathy and the purpose it plays in a peaceful society. We want Ellie to be the cute, snarky little girl...but that ain't how life works. Always remember, you are the enemy in someone else's story. By the end of this one, Ellie is most certainly descended into a state where there is scarcely a hint of her soul left. Abby, on the other hand, had fought and clawed her way out. That's the moral of the story folks. Vengeance destroys...and if you put it above the chance to live a life...everyone you love pays for it.
Heather BananaFeathers
Heather BananaFeathers 12 hours ago
I fricken love this. And Aloyyyy.
Cosmin Posoiu
Cosmin Posoiu 13 hours ago
“The prewuels are bad!” Im disliking right now 😂
Tarsyo Freitas
Tarsyo Freitas 13 hours ago
It's normal cry with that video ?
Krlos_Official OG
Krlos_Official OG 14 hours ago
They like Akira! Nice.
Gergely Faragó
Gergely Faragó 14 hours ago
Wholesome content, keep it up.
turkoid 14 hours ago
Congrats to both of you. You both deserve it and hope you have many more years of success.
GLO-TUBE 14 hours ago
I wish I could like this video 500 times for the David Pumpkins bit! LOL
GLO-TUBE 14 hours ago
Excuse me, David S. Pumpkins.
Cory M
Cory M 14 hours ago
You two are both amazing and I'm happy you've managed to turn this channel into your full time gig. Now get me my Ghost of Tsushima girlfriend review!
L Doumo
L Doumo 15 hours ago
The voice of Shelby souned so shadie XD
ili xd
ili xd 15 hours ago
Been here since 59k
Jesse J. Van Voorst
Jesse J. Van Voorst 16 hours ago
I trip balls with a wizard every other weekend I don need this game
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods 16 hours ago
7:48 kratos sounded like thanos
pjohososanta 16 hours ago
this groundhog gag is hilarious, but for the love of satan please stop reusing it :*