Jeff Heck
Jeff Heck 30 minutes ago
Sorry but my 2016 GTI S 6spd manual checkered seats two door in silver is the perfect GTI hatchback. Sneaky fast, amazing cornering, good gas mileage, quiet interior, cannot be driven slow. I wanted red but they were out so got silver at less $. The more I see the red the more I’m glad I got silver. The cops love red cars. Such a fun car to drive, enjoy yours!
Rylee Burr
Rylee Burr 44 minutes ago
This minivan looks super good, but unfortunately the interior seat redesign isn't practical at all for people without kids
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez 59 minutes ago
The current generation Corolla is a major improvement inside and out over the last generation. I do like to see editions like the Apex because i think eventually we will see a version that we can all be happy with. I am not a hatchback fan and prefer the sedan. The only things I would like to see before I sign on the dotted line are more HP in the manual and please get rid of that god awful looking radio. It really brings down the interior. Other than these two issues Toyota has made many steps in the right direction.
And I still take the CTSV wagon over this
joe magwood
joe magwood Hour ago
I still driving my 2002 Maxima she still strong !
rav s
rav s Hour ago
ThatBenzGuy 17
ThatBenzGuy 17 Hour ago
This looks EXACTLY like my aunt and uncles car!
dsparke93 Hour ago
20:30 This dude over here eatin' yogurt like nothing is going on. Slap that spoon out of his hand. Get your yogurt eatin' ass outta here.
Frank Osso
Frank Osso Hour ago
You can’t use this as a daily driver though, it’s gets like 7 miles a gallon lol
Curious Airlines
Curious Airlines Hour ago
2:55 RIP headphone users
Richard Navrátil
Richard Navrátil Hour ago
That trim at 11:27 looks like the old school laminate counter tops, the ones that try so hard to look like granite...
Trav bohmer
Trav bohmer Hour ago
Got a 2018 srt... Can't wait for this!
dmoney668 2 hours ago
They copied the Volvo design. Still tight
Spencer Munson
Spencer Munson 2 hours ago
Spencer Munson
Spencer Munson 2 hours ago
I don’t care how expensive the Land Rover is I’m taking the Acura
PGPLogic 2 hours ago
Did I technically make it in the video since my apartment is right there in the corner? 😂😂
Kenji Inoue
Kenji Inoue 2 hours ago
The halogen turn signals would be a deal breaker if I could afford this
Requiem 2 hours ago
I prefer the Jeep styling to the Durango by a lot.
Jackpot Winner Ken
Jackpot Winner Ken 2 hours ago
A red Hellcat Durango was just stolen out of the driveway of FCA Employee 10 days ago here in Detroit, do you know if it’s been recovered?
Requiem 2 hours ago
When you have to get the kids to practice yesterday.
Noah Mascarin
Noah Mascarin 2 hours ago
Vehicle aside, the only reason FCA keeps putting this motor in everything is to just make a statement to stay relevant because they know their lineup is old as dirt.
africawai 2 hours ago
Mother-in-law: " honey, could u tell yr husband to slow down? I am not in hurry! ""
B D 3 hours ago
I switched from a 2019 TLX Aspec to a BMW M340i. The Acura came standard with a lot more options for 20k+ less. Was a great car just didn’t have the performance and wasn’t waiting for the Type-R
Cyril Thomas
Cyril Thomas 3 hours ago
Alex @Alex on Autos said that it's real carbon fiber
3stro 3 hours ago
Disappointed it's not the hatch... I was looking at getting the Elantra gt N line but was waiting to see if they'd release an actual Elantra gt N. Might have to pass on them entirely
Shamir Zahran
Shamir Zahran 3 hours ago
All show no least the new 3 2.5T has some balls under all that muscle
Matt Mroz
Matt Mroz 3 hours ago
Record amount of the use of term “bad boy,” but appropriate.
Cyril Thomas
Cyril Thomas 3 hours ago
I hope when the Jeep Grand wagoneer comes they stuff that motor in it to compete with the AMG GLS 63s and Alpina XB7 and Audi SQ7 and RSQ8
MrGrandure 3 hours ago
Why is this only available for 1 year?
el Negro Noche
el Negro Noche 3 hours ago
As a goof, Dodge should redesign the Caravan and slap a V8 in it also to really lock up the market! 🤣👍🏼🇺🇸
Mike R
Mike R 3 hours ago
I WANT ONE.....😁
James C
James C 4 hours ago
It's 4 piston at the front, not 2 piston.
G S 4 hours ago
I'm sorry but the Redeye just isn't worth it.
Neoospeed 4 hours ago
Well NOT the fastest. But ok.
Edward Garcia
Edward Garcia 4 hours ago
Are we also gonna get the SRT review?
Elijah Sawyer
Elijah Sawyer 4 hours ago
Mmmm a 10 year old platform has never looked so... Outdated
Omar123 4 hours ago
Dodge is puting the hellcat engine in all there plantforms guess the challenger is not that sweet spot sports car anymore
Dave Volz
Dave Volz 4 hours ago
For nutcases. Bet they were all bullied in high school.
smooth92 4 hours ago
I want a Pacifica with a hemi
austin G
austin G 4 hours ago
Hellcat 🔥🔥
Vadim Mel
Vadim Mel 4 hours ago
Just WOW! This beast is freaking incredible! I love you, America :)
AirShark95 4 hours ago
Hyundai/KIA Great cars, absolute dogshit dealerships.
TheBurger Meister
TheBurger Meister 4 hours ago
Those new headlights really make the vehicle look so much better and aggressive
Christian Canales
Christian Canales 5 hours ago
I love how he is talking about the wide seats, "These seats will support wide Americans" 🤣🤣.... We're not all wide.
MindlessAero 5 hours ago
Gt86 will prolly get that mad face
Glassprotist 5 hours ago
Nice job rolling through that stop sign at 11:39
moescolla aka Mobley
moescolla aka Mobley 5 hours ago
Same truck Ratti rides reviewed
Brian Stanaland
Brian Stanaland 5 hours ago
I'd get like 4 MPG because I'd keep it in 3rd going down the interstate to hear that glorious engine roar!
Winn3r 5 hours ago
Review the x4m competition
Hai Fisch
Hai Fisch 5 hours ago
perfect HP and Torque for a Family Crossover Car.
FloridaPlayzYT 5 hours ago
When you live in Charlotte NC 🤝
zed 5 hours ago
Lmao did you call it a "gas pedal"!? 😅
mrthree 5 hours ago
It would look so much better if they fix the ugly/dated 3rd window!
Bill Kabitz
Bill Kabitz 6 hours ago
What a ridiculous vehicle.
Ghostmofo 6 hours ago
To be found in trailer parks across the nation @ 10 years.
Piersandro Mannino
Piersandro Mannino 6 hours ago
When FCA will make a new Dodge and Chrysler product ? That’s ridiculous that they never present a new model
DawidAugust 6 hours ago
So sad that this is so VWish:( Will chase for Mazda 3 in this segment which really shines with its beatiful design and fresh interior:))
DeMarion Turner
DeMarion Turner 6 hours ago
Just came here to see if the glove box was lined with felt
When he popped the hood, DAAAAAANNNGGGG
MainManJC 6 hours ago
That moment he said “ it’s pretty tight back here” 😂😂😂 then gets in the third row and says “it’s pretty comfortable back here” 😂😂😂😂😂
Luthariii 6 hours ago
"From the rear, its hard to tell this is the Hellcat version". Thats perfect, since I am a big fan of ridiculous "sleepers" lol
Emcee Ash
Emcee Ash 6 hours ago
Where to charge lol!?
Kwadwo Amoako-Tuffour
Kwadwo Amoako-Tuffour 6 hours ago
Best review so far from this channel. Keep it up like how your subscribers are gradually increasing.
Carol98 6 hours ago
Charlotte is in North Carolina , NOT South Carolina!!
Scott A
Scott A 6 hours ago
The hood scoop is not so the engine can breathe. It is there to run cool/atmospheric air OVER the engine to help cool it. The intake air is through the fender and not the hood scoop. Please correct this in future videos.
Uz 33
Uz 33 7 hours ago
I liked the old front end better.
Uz 33
Uz 33 7 hours ago
This refresh is a step back.
Misha Sound
Misha Sound 7 hours ago
2 years later: did a test drive for both of them: Toyota has bad cabine noise, and crazy uncomfortable head rest that pushing your head down. Jetta is very roomy, less noisy and comfortable.
Gratia Octaviani
Gratia Octaviani 7 hours ago
This is fire!! The option for people with big family, since Trackhawk only fits 4-5 people.
Bubby90 7 hours ago
Just hope I don’t have to see any of these driving around Charlotte with the yellow shipping covers still on!
You Played Yourself
You Played Yourself 7 hours ago
Now we need a Dodge Dart Hellcat.
TW F 7 hours ago
This is not new.. the trackhawk has been out for years now... They are not that fast a jeep trackhawk has a hard time breaking a 12 second quarter mile, same for this I suspect.. its 5600 lbs which is actually heavier than the trackhawk.. I dont see 11's. When it ends the quarter mile at 110 mph thats not an 11 second run.
Maxim Goudz
Maxim Goudz 7 hours ago
This guy is a yelp reviewer in his free getting the q50 rs after the new year.
Allaan Snackbar
Allaan Snackbar 7 hours ago
If you can afford a 50k+ car why don’t you just have a custom built car to your liking?
thedragonofdalzell 7 hours ago
So y'all in SC. I live off Hwy 521. Just drop it off in my driveway, I'll take it from there😼
Anshuman Rathore
Anshuman Rathore 7 hours ago
This car is not available in my country. I clicked on the video without reading the caption thinking it's the 10th gen Accord. A couple of seconds later, I was like the new Civic looks good in blue. But then it struck me it's something between a Civic and Accord.
Neo Smith
Neo Smith 7 hours ago
Such a tiny dong pretentious vehicle.
SAVAGEoLIFE 53 minutes ago
@Neo Smith lol you sound like if you are upset you cant afford one for yourself. Buying one has nothing to do with your ego. By your logic people shouldnt be able to buy what they want because it makes other people feel bad. Like im sure you prob have more than one pair of clothes and shoes. How dare you be an asshole like that when people cant even afford clothes. You should be ashamed of yourself
Neo Smith
Neo Smith Hour ago
@SAVAGEoLIFE Free country . . . . you mean land of the fee and home of the slave? I get it though, everyone has the right to be a pretentious asshole and pump up their egos with pretentious toys.
SAVAGEoLIFE 3 hours ago
@Neo Smith you do understand this is a free country and people can do as they please. I get where you're coming from but im not going to feel any sort of way about somebody spending their own money they worked for to buy the things they want. I doubt you go hungry for a week just because there are people around the world who cant afford food.
Neo Smith
Neo Smith 4 hours ago
@SAVAGEoLIFE The cost, the power is overkill, and in todays current climate where a shite ton of people can hardly make ends meet some jackass needs to show off their 70 grand vehicle. Grocery getters that get 12 mpg is also silly in the 21st century, but you are correct, I don't have to buy it and I have absolute no need for an SUV and I have two kids. Just like we don't need 3,000 sqft house for 4 people. Being humble is a wonderful trait.
SAVAGEoLIFE 4 hours ago
How so? Its a happy medium for dudes who want a sports car but need the space for their kids. If you dont like it you dont buy it that simple.
Jay Bronin
Jay Bronin 7 hours ago
Why would anyone need this?! Nah just kidding, I am going to be buying one for sure.
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 7 hours ago
Hellcat will do 180 to the grocery store! Hellcat don’t care!
Ebearm3 8 hours ago
Your camera man needs to stop eating WHILE you are filming. Otherwise Love your stuff.