10 months ago
Lerato Kgosietsile
Lerato Kgosietsile 15 hours ago
Absolutely love saweetie 😍❤️❤️
Pharell Murage
Pharell Murage 15 hours ago
Can't believe I'm here coz Wendy Williams put me on 😆😆
selam Sorie
selam Sorie 15 hours ago
Mannnnnn I think this is lit sick I even can watch it with ma mama and she ane gonne say nothing this is soooo halal 😄☺️😂🖤
Lerato Kgosietsile
Lerato Kgosietsile 15 hours ago
It's the "babyyy" from Quavo for meee 🥺
Amanda Payan
Amanda Payan 16 hours ago
Yass! Both hood/humble
Alexis 16 hours ago
I love it🔥🔥❤️👌🏾💜, Jack’s verse was fire🔥
IM THAT ADHD KID 16 hours ago
bruh the crowd legs 😭
killa bam5
killa bam5 16 hours ago
It would be hard only if it was with saweetie and dababy
Black Men17
Black Men17 16 hours ago
Shit 🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥
URBAN PASSION 16 hours ago
This video is everything ajaha pls keep doing these!!! ❄️😍
Biore Ubm
Biore Ubm 16 hours ago
She is so blessed to have such fun and supportive family members, I love that they're in every episode
hi y
hi y 16 hours ago
This is giving me doja cat vibes.
dumb absurd
dumb absurd 17 hours ago
This song is garbage make better music
Rohit Meshram
Rohit Meshram 17 hours ago
Next nicki minhaj🙂
Urkel 17 hours ago
Why did Harlow have the best verse doe?
M Smith
M Smith 17 hours ago
I love that she Rep being Filipino & Black much love from Cpt Cali
some 1
some 1 17 hours ago
These music video animations are so kool 😂 the live part ✨
Parmeshwaran Gounder
Parmeshwaran Gounder 17 hours ago
When the bass kicks in
F H 17 hours ago
this really be giving me "Say So" vibes tho... I LOVE IT
Parnell Robertson
Parnell Robertson 17 hours ago
This song is only teaching all young women and little girls how to disrespect themselves and become a whore. SMGDH these artists most all are Puppets & Salves to destroy the young before their even able to understand the quality of being a real woman or even knowing what one is.
Toe Daddy
Toe Daddy 17 hours ago
I thought this would be some trash mukbang but it turns out to be kinda funny
Tallia & mymy Jones
Tallia & mymy Jones 17 hours ago
Sweetie and da rest.yall killed dis fr
Jessica Alonso
Jessica Alonso 17 hours ago
Luv Jhene Aiko throwing up NEYBAHOOD when saying ‘on hood’ 🥳
Danny Perkins
Danny Perkins 17 hours ago
Doja cat needs to be in tha remix of this song for real!! It already sounds like something shed drop
Wat 17 hours ago
Jade A
Jade A 17 hours ago
This song is the worst song my ears has ever digested in my ear drums
Yj Jy
Yj Jy 17 hours ago
Blasian!!! 🔥
Darryl Burns
Darryl Burns 17 hours ago
Павел Прозоров
Павел Прозоров 17 hours ago
Compare with Petey Pablo - Freak a leak!
trickydance movez
trickydance movez 17 hours ago
yall this really go hard tho😭
Kstacks524 18 hours ago
Post malone made this his own song🤣🤣
-NEGATIVE- 18 hours ago
This video is ass
d -
d - 18 hours ago
00:30 no one gonna say anything about his belt being unbuckled the whole time? lol
костя 154
костя 154 18 hours ago
Where is the beat from ? Whats the name of the other song
Ricci Bautista
Ricci Bautista 18 hours ago
The new Lofi Girl Youtooz figurine is now available! 💤 youtooz.com/products/sleepy-l...
Halo Olah
Halo Olah 18 hours ago
i LOVE the song....BUT not the visuals ! ..............im sorry.
Dominique Mathews
Dominique Mathews 19 hours ago
She found her sound
Vanessa Noble
Vanessa Noble 19 hours ago
You are truly gold, saweetie
yumiko smiles
yumiko smiles 19 hours ago
This was fire 🔥🔥🔥 animation and all anyone who says otherwise is probably a hater
Megan Curtis
Megan Curtis 19 hours ago
Saweetie really cut her hair and looks like a GODDESS!
InjectsPlaysHD 19 hours ago
ass fat thoo
L L 19 hours ago
Saweetie: “GALING GALING” Filipino Fans: AAAAHHHHH!!!
Chicken Man
Chicken Man 19 hours ago
The video was made by the guy who does the Peepo Animations. HeydoubleU on youtube.
Thanos the Farmer
Thanos the Farmer 19 hours ago
Another bitter wall hitter who wants to lead young women astray from healthy relationships. Keep preaching, love. I can't wait to see how well it'll work out for these girls like it did for you. I'm just gonna sit back and cook my marshmallow on a stick over your dumpster fire, or even popcorn. You keep your attention on those beta millionaires and away from us.
crissy mc
crissy mc 19 hours ago
I'm not even a jhene fan but she dominated this song with beautiful hi notes
Andrea Mae Marcelo
Andrea Mae Marcelo 19 hours ago
everyone here bc of sinb me here bc meepcity roblox game I heard this song from a party
skyson b pei
skyson b pei 19 hours ago
Damn cuh she really did the et huh??!!
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz 19 hours ago
Sooo I’m love with there love I have it to hell ya love this song singin to me my girl is ayyyy
Wagamini Wanja Njama
Wagamini Wanja Njama 20 hours ago
They look like Sims but I love it 😂😂🔥
li bankz
li bankz 20 hours ago
Ninjaboy HD
Ninjaboy HD 20 hours ago
Here because of Fifa
J's Channel
J's Channel 20 hours ago
2:38 she 🤰?
NBG Nitro
NBG Nitro 20 hours ago
DaBaby’s verse was weak fr, Post Malone’s verse sounded like a mashup, Saweetie obviously made the song, Jack Harlow slapped
mccnbinnie 20 hours ago
Shonque Sanders
Shonque Sanders 20 hours ago
Grew up eating Lumpia love love love it.❤️
Maria Finklea
Maria Finklea 20 hours ago
I cannot..not like this..😊How can you not like this.
n1k 20 hours ago
quavo lucky asf
Joshy VLOGS 20 hours ago
Tou should've add an alto vibe, so it's more calming
Fred H
Fred H 20 hours ago
Alu <<< le yah kauguu ah le mea gae maga'o i ai le yah makaga kama Fred <<< go eat the fame <<< yup <<< and I'm not your slave <<< for any network
Fred H
Fred H 20 hours ago
That's how hard I go <<< you can have the fame UFA <<< and all the laughs you want in the parking lot with the rest of them
Simply Kia
Simply Kia 20 hours ago
The song is lit, whoever did her edges and shi should be fired
kamilah ann marie
kamilah ann marie 21 hour ago
bro WHEREEEEE did she get the von dutch sweatsuit i neeedd it i been looking for one for hella long
Roxas Sora
Roxas Sora 21 hour ago
Some of the comments y'all. Get a job.
Biore Ubm
Biore Ubm 21 hour ago
All the bitter men in the comments 😭this video ain't that serious lol
m4rYtS4 21 hour ago
Jack harlow and saweetie sounded the best
Madison Mitchell
Madison Mitchell 21 hour ago
Ok i might get hate for this but in my personal opinion i don't think this song needed to be remixed and my least favorite would be post malone my meh would be jack harlow and ok would be dababy so overall i really did not like this remix
Eggdropdroptop 21 hour ago
Why does post look like a pixar mom...
katazui 21 hour ago
It means a lot to us to have an Asian face on camera. 1:50
B F 21 hour ago
Post Malone ruin this shit
salina rodriguez
salina rodriguez 21 hour ago
When she said “ Ima get a tan overseas, while I’m out the country let sip some Hennessy while I’m chillin on the beach” wow !! That’s a fucking vibe lol
Nikita Lagda
Nikita Lagda 21 hour ago
THEY PUT AN ASIAN MAN sd;klfhasujklgfasou;fgasijk;gfasdiu 😍
{The Killer Girl} Alex}
{The Killer Girl} Alex} 21 hour ago
She needs more recognition
Lucas Fernandes
Lucas Fernandes 22 hours ago
Your editor deserves a raise asssaaappp ahauhahahhahahahhah
Ådmįrê žÿ
Ådmįrê žÿ 22 hours ago
ok so she cut her hair for real!??
Luv L33
Luv L33 22 hours ago
Valjermayne 23 hours ago
Beautiful mother & doughter