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Tejas Nichat
Tejas Nichat 7 hours ago
Just lower your speed of explanation... So that everyone can understand it better
Joe Ndirangu
Joe Ndirangu 7 hours ago
Damn.. Hit the nail on the head...
Muhammad Ridho
Muhammad Ridho 8 hours ago
Step 1: *GTA MODE*
Sand 55
Sand 55 8 hours ago
Alternate title for this video: “The Prestige” explained
BrokenMortal 9 hours ago
But what crosses all boundaries.......coffee!
Thomas Zukowski
Thomas Zukowski 10 hours ago
I live on staten island so... yeah
Jgouken 10 hours ago
The 3.9K who disliked obviously are jealous they don't have a Tesla.
RainAngel111 10 hours ago
Even sped up, it's THREE HOURS
Raphael Uy
Raphael Uy 10 hours ago
All I have are cross cousins
AncaXBre 10 hours ago
So...Jack Sparrow wasn't actually a captain, cause his crew gave him the boot.
Robert Burdett
Robert Burdett 10 hours ago
Then the humans came killed off the kingdom turned every one into either coats or trophy’s the end
A White
A White 10 hours ago
Mason G
Mason G 10 hours ago
Instructions unclear, I am now with the Russian mafia
A White
A White 10 hours ago
A White
A White 11 hours ago
Sophie Lu-Fabela
Sophie Lu-Fabela 11 hours ago
2:56 aunt in law is missing
A White
A White 11 hours ago
Sophie Lu-Fabela
Sophie Lu-Fabela 11 hours ago
I have parallel cousins and cross cousins
Robert Burdett
Robert Burdett 11 hours ago
6:38 He’s were glasses on glasses
Robert Burdett
Robert Burdett 11 hours ago
Here’s a little clip with you need to pause just right at after 4:99 not at 4:99 after the clip says France* The F Stand for ‘Forever’,you idiot.* USA*you pretentious bitch I hate you. Forever.*
New Heights
New Heights 11 hours ago
Airline worker here: back to front does not work for some aircraft as airplane with engines in rear can tip if too many people go to the back 😂😂😂 During our training we were only allowed to go to the rear of the plane in groups of four to train...
Benoit-Pierre DEMAINE
Benoit-Pierre DEMAINE 12 hours ago
So, my bed is like a téléporter ...
The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger
The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger 12 hours ago
For those who didn't get it, it's an allegory for death.
Scott Battison
Scott Battison 12 hours ago
Lolz I recognized the chicken he bought I used to make those at that grocery store brand lolz
Samuel Buck
Samuel Buck 13 hours ago
Half The Comments Are Talking About The Dragon being metaphorical death or aging or war, the other half are just what ifs and pointing out plain gaps in reasoning. Also: Dragon: Ima ignore the big bright light Heading For The Weak Point In My Skull.
john lau
john lau 13 hours ago
dont be too emotional
The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger
The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger 13 hours ago
"See we want free booty. When we ask for booty, booty to be granted, and bounce." -The Fuckboy manifesto Vol 1 Chapter 23
Exploding toast
Exploding toast 13 hours ago
This gives me infra vibes
Keenan Horrigan
Keenan Horrigan 13 hours ago
uh oh spaghettio
Graham Swanson
Graham Swanson 13 hours ago
The house of reps is 430 something seats no matter how many or few states there are, so as long as the president is elected with a majority in Congress, state power has prevailed. If we went by popular vote, or by majority of states, then there's a risk that the president will be elected, but somehow still loses Congress. That will cause civil unrest.
Raphael alexandre yensen
Raphael alexandre yensen 13 hours ago
How to count pennies fast, Put them in stacks of ten then count stacks and multiply in your head, if you have an odd amout like say 0.107 cents then put the odd stack to one side multiply then add the stack. Penny counting made easy.
quad3350 14 hours ago
Gray sounds like a nerd trying to talk like a pirate XD
Twenk 521
Twenk 521 14 hours ago
When they mentioned jersey and Guernsey YOOOO HARRY CHRIS
DxBlack 15 hours ago
Hahahaha! There is not a single Self-Checkout in any store on the planet that is 30 machines foe the 1 attendee...it's usually 1 to 5, and they still have to help the 5 morons that scan slower than the 2-4 humans nearby... So they didn't _gain_ anything.
DxBlack 14 hours ago
And god damn this video did not age well: Self-driving cars? Crash too much. Self-checkout? Still slower than going to a person because people are fucking stupid....won't even use their phones, and those that do are still too slow. And those walking robots? Still barely walk... We're in 2020 and robots are in the 1200's in terms of evolution....
Cheesehead 15 hours ago
We need to make Guy Fieri the “Commissaris van de Koning” of the province of Flevoland. He deserves a major promotion from mayor if Flavortown.
Peri Peri Hustle
Peri Peri Hustle 15 hours ago
This guy is a genius
Zarg 15 hours ago
Light a Match LIGHT A MATCH
Am just Sying
Am just Sying 16 hours ago
Mercury belongs to the streets
Tasha Richardson
Tasha Richardson 16 hours ago
My mind is like 0_0 ,☄ 🔥
Confederate Freedom
Confederate Freedom 16 hours ago
The civil war was not fought over slavery, it was fought over the aggressive implementation of a centralized government that would seek to rule over sovereign state's. Slavery was going to end in America no matter the outcome of the civil war. The Union built slave ships and Lincoln wanted to send all brown folks back to Africa. The union did not give equal civil rights for around 70 years after the civil war. Slavery was commonplace across the world up to that point in history including Africa where they owned and sold their own people. The Confederate States of America(CSA) wanted to remain sovereign and continue a REPUBLIC style (Jeffersonian) of governance. Lincolnian America is croney capitalism that only seeks to create wealth for government and naturally leads to tyrrany, just like we have in 2020. I have my bachelor's in sociology\Anthropology and slavery was a social norm just like murdering baby's is a social norm today. 100 years from now people will be asking "why were people voting in favor to murder innocent baby's before they ever had a chance"? You see how social norms backed by a tyrranical government can make people do atrocious acts! The Union is the real traitor to America, they have built up croney capitalism, put America through endless propaganda filled wars throughout the 20th century, and destroyed future generations through taxation without representation because of a massive 25 trillion dollar debt crisis. The CSA new that a centralized government would lead to tyrrany, and it blatantly has in 2020. The St.Andrews flag is a flag that represents freedom from tyrrany and has been used in many different cultures. Do research before blindly following the mainstream media!!
NeelyFanForever 16 hours ago
Anyone know which Kevin McLoud tune this is?
Talkative Turtles
Talkative Turtles 16 hours ago
This Aged like milk in death valley.
APG19912009 16 hours ago
3:16 *boop* 🤣
Toad ball z
Toad ball z 16 hours ago
0:44 nobody: Brazil:
Robert Watrous
Robert Watrous 16 hours ago
Now we have mystery seeds coming by mail from China. Great. How else do we starve?
Pup Jãda
Pup Jãda 16 hours ago
I so want to be the pope! I have asked god to help me and I pray to him asking for help
Matthías Atlason 6. DM
Matthías Atlason 6. DM 17 hours ago
Now to ask the real question... *WHAT PLANET IS THE MOSTEST CLOSEST TO MERCURY?!*
Noah Canada
Noah Canada 17 hours ago
Thank you, Grey. I felt this one a lot.
Cassio Banquo
Cassio Banquo 17 hours ago
But that wasn't real socialism...
Hotaru 17 hours ago
Australia isn't a continent, it's a country from Oceania.
Duck Mcmad
Duck Mcmad 17 hours ago
I think your sibling in laws spouses should be called outlaws
Youssef Ahmed
Youssef Ahmed 18 hours ago
TheBoredChicken 18 hours ago
Fiji isn’t part of the commonwealth, yet it still has the British flag in the canton... how?
Oatey88 18 hours ago
The land the Crown gave to Parliament, belongs to the people in the first place! So to say that it earns £160m and we give them back £40m is completely academic because everything they own and have ever owned was taken by them by force
WichtigerNoSkin 18 hours ago
I dont get it malle status would still have seats in Kongress so they cant beeing ignored
Peter Babic
Peter Babic 18 hours ago
Do more of this.
GamingElke 18 hours ago
This is highly oversimplified. Look at sudan, while yes the military using the people overthrew the dictator. They put the military on watch, and have a hope for democracy
Anjan Goddu
Anjan Goddu 18 hours ago
ChangingYoutubeUsernameIsNeedlesslyComplex 18 hours ago
You can also strip the copper, oxidize it, and make thermite, in case you have too much free time and not enough meth.
Chxnge 18 hours ago
"and snow falls" *laughs in Floridian*