Diablol 2 Ep 0 'Prelude'
HeroStorm Ep 74 "MeiDay"
WowCraft Ep 42 Classic
StarCrafts S7 Ep5 "Defeat"
RearAdmiralTootToot 3 minutes ago
gotta love the corsair's epilepsy cannon
León 23 minutes ago
And warcraft
Sorin Mihailov
Sorin Mihailov 29 minutes ago
Fun fact: broodlords are my fauvorite units
Edge Lord McCringe MK-3000
Edge Lord McCringe MK-3000 Hour ago
I don't need no skin in my personal space
baba owl
baba owl Hour ago
R.I.P Blue Monster 1909-2020 (ಥ﹏ಥ)
강철룡 Hour ago
RearAdmiralTootToot Hour ago
Perpetually angry zealot man charging to his doom does it for me every time. 38:39 I really suspect I was once a zealot and reincarnated into a human.
Eduardo Bráulio
Eduardo Bráulio Hour ago
''perfection'' xD heuheuhe
Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang Hour ago
Brother, this is my favorite series yet. Incredible, please keep the content pumping!!!
Mikael 2 hours ago
Hello darkness my old friend....
ledeni mag
ledeni mag 2 hours ago
0:45 Salt Bae confirmed :D
Event 2 hours ago
I remember a rouge would sap me while mining and mine my mine back in vanilla. I think saps lasted like 30secs back then.
mrJustFine 3 hours ago
Absolute gold! :D
류우진 3 hours ago
Wei Yi Dua
Wei Yi Dua 4 hours ago
need more Stamina!
최성현 4 hours ago
카봇 애니메이션을 만들어준 제작자분들께 감사드립니다.
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname 4 hours ago
We need more Diablol 2 in our live!
SilentSword 4 hours ago
Its tiny TIM!!!!
Daniil Bubnov
Daniil Bubnov 4 hours ago
Scott Buster
Scott Buster 5 hours ago
I keep thinking Cains face is upside down or something.
Ask Plays
Ask Plays 5 hours ago
binged the entire series this week. Sure was a good series and finale. i cried for that ending. Really well made!
Captain Rexy
Captain Rexy 5 hours ago
I want more to many Open endings
It4int0v3r seriously
It4int0v3r seriously 5 hours ago
What’s the song while the undead dude is flying?
Malcav !
Malcav ! 5 hours ago
So the frustrated warrior went from chasing a succubus to duping...
P 5 hours ago
I didn´t laughed that much for years!!!
P 5 hours ago
Awesome work!
ZerglilngVet 6 hours ago
hahahaah we need more
P 6 hours ago
John Manreza
John Manreza 6 hours ago
3:47 PewDiePie: yolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Manreza
John Manreza 6 hours ago
Good ending: PewDiePie wins Bad ending: everyone dies True endng: t series wins
Bio Hazard
Bio Hazard 7 hours ago
This is beautiful in so many ways!
Purriah 101
Purriah 101 7 hours ago
Lol the stamina problems
Krixooks 7 hours ago
wanna bet Blizz do a re-make of DII... and its worse than the original DII
It4int0v3r seriously
It4int0v3r seriously 7 hours ago
Vanilla in a nutshell
contris1 8 hours ago
d2 best game ever. remember playing it in game centers cause we had only 56kb modem internet then.
DYT001 8 hours ago
Oh now . I hate him poisoining the well. Took me hours to get to that underground hell hole
Aenwyrm 8 hours ago
That moment when you realize Warriv is just a Walmart greeter
FighTanK 8 hours ago
it's not accurate, he should have gotten Realm down...
Lyrand 8 hours ago
I wish you guys the absolute best in the gaming industry. I mean it. We need your art, animations and take on humor. Now with this said, I'm still waiting for Blizzard to pay you a huge amount of money to make an update for HOTS to turn it into HeroStorm visuals and animations. I would seriously pay for it full game price I wouldn't mind.
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks 9 hours ago
Survives a meteorite angel, dies by butterfly lady. D3 logic folks!
Злобный Илюминатыч
Злобный Илюминатыч 9 hours ago
That's was a long way. I see all episodes of Starcrafts and that episode make my cry. From Russia with love. P.S. Ilia Vlasov.
Szymon Nieciecki
Szymon Nieciecki 9 hours ago
Love it
Andy NQ
Andy NQ 9 hours ago
Legendary 1 monster left :)
Colin Ubeh
Colin Ubeh 9 hours ago
I feel bad about cleaning the den of evil.
Kevin Cordoviz
Kevin Cordoviz 9 hours ago
I don't remember the barbarian having weak-ass cardio.
Preston Chandler
Preston Chandler 9 hours ago
i want this to be a skin to diablo 2 much like the one they did for star craft
Сэр Морковка
Сэр Морковка 9 hours ago
diablo 2 best)
Alexander UrbanNuke
Alexander UrbanNuke 10 hours ago
1 monster left xD
김하민 10 hours ago
ㅓㅜㅑ ㅋㅋㅋ
Darcy Boyd
Darcy Boyd 11 hours ago
Hey this link says Catbot. Before I use it, is that right? Are you going to get traffic credit? Thanks.
Roald94 11 hours ago
being totally honest, i think u were right to make some changes on the episode, it seemes a bit choped on the pace, and lacked a bit of tension like u said, and couldnt make climax well enough at the end, tough it wasnt bad, it seemed a bit off the normal way u would do things. its ok if u want to change things after all
Bruno Rodrigues
Bruno Rodrigues 12 hours ago
Just one thing to say: AYAYA
RoroMcFly OMG
RoroMcFly OMG 12 hours ago
Its true xD
Ubeogesh 12 hours ago
holy shit this is hilarious! keep doing
Joice Schaeffer
Joice Schaeffer 12 hours ago
Diablo 2 it's my favorite game EVER and i'm in love with this video, thanks
Terran Blanchard
Terran Blanchard 12 hours ago
hey my name
Ubeogesh 12 hours ago
Barbs don't have Berserk at level 1...
mph seti
mph seti 13 hours ago
Thank you, You Tube algorithm for directing me here. All those original D2 sounds are seriously nostalgia inducing, too.
DuckyGamz 123
DuckyGamz 123 13 hours ago
Next up: PewDiePie vs Cocomelon
Genie 14 hours ago
Blizzard, plz. Carbot Skin for Diablo 2 Remastered (if there is) :D
Wayne WW Brown
Wayne WW Brown 14 hours ago
Minion RUN Yeah I would love to play this type of Diablo 2 cant wait until Cain shows his old face Yeah do all the cut sinces too show Blizzard that love people THIS game
Roc Swift
Roc Swift 15 hours ago
So much nostalgia. I can't wait for all the memes. Like Duriel stomping on some noobs 🤣
Rayymond Morgan
Rayymond Morgan 16 hours ago
Its so damn accurate
불여우 시호
불여우 시호 16 hours ago
감동의 연속이다...진짜..
Rayhan Al-Fatih Robhani
Rayhan Al-Fatih Robhani 16 hours ago
ParaVirt88 16 hours ago
Bruh I felt what warrif did lol these animations are too good
B. Baham
B. Baham 17 hours ago
Freaking tears of laughter spot on
Diego Type
Diego Type 17 hours ago
LichLordOfFlames 17 hours ago
Asking for a friend @CarbotAnimations (and I hope they will see it, I don't usually comment or care about this but please in this case upvote so they do (yes I am genuinely serious)): Will there be another Blizzard-Carbot Cooperation where we get a D2 version / reskin with Carbots varieties, similar to SC Broodwar!? Please make this happen!
we are x KOREA
we are x KOREA 17 hours ago
엔딩노래가 뭐죠?넘좋네요
ExtremeTeddy 18 hours ago
Endurance potions are for the weak - god damnit. I have to reinstall D2 LoD ... after 8 years since D3 launch. :D
Alessandro Imperatore
Alessandro Imperatore 19 hours ago
name of the music?
Ryan Lin
Ryan Lin 19 hours ago
0:25 bouncing hydralisk on the right Edit: fixed weird colon
Rushdi Haddad
Rushdi Haddad 19 hours ago
Thriem 19 hours ago
This resonates so deeply with me... guess i have to buy a shirt now
George Safi
George Safi 20 hours ago
That was dope!
Viktor Hlazkov
Viktor Hlazkov 20 hours ago
CrackHead. F
WaRaN 20 hours ago
you have a date with death
LX 20 hours ago
Better animation than seven deadly sins. Better story than game of thrones. Better tragedy than twilight. What else do you need
Bill Jensen
Bill Jensen 21 hour ago
Spot on.
The Jugglernaut
The Jugglernaut 21 hour ago
I just love how the Paladin is chillin' and trying to get the leather armor into the inventory.
MR. P 21 hour ago
Javier Fito
Javier Fito 21 hour ago
the zero gravity scene has to be one of the best action scenes in history
Rakinjo2 21 hour ago
2:05 - single best gag in any of your otherwise brilliant animations.
Zack Harding
Zack Harding 22 hours ago
I'm honestly disappointed that non of the demons yelled "Rakanishu"
Omega Legion
Omega Legion 22 hours ago
Long live the death knight
Yuu Midoshima
Yuu Midoshima 22 hours ago
Mei: Winter is... Jaina: Comin.... Arthas; Uncle Arthas wants have a words....!!
BonafideTrolldier 22 hours ago
This has absolute 0 right to be as emotional as it was. This is supposed to make me laugh not be sad dammit.
Oleg Oleg
Oleg Oleg 23 hours ago
Wait what is that thing at the end? StarCraft 1?
Random Zergling
Random Zergling 23 hours ago
Ahhhhhh, carbot, the only man who can make Thomas seem scary.,
刘开元 23 hours ago
finally !!!! I ve met U!
Napoleon Complex
Napoleon Complex Day ago
I never thought I'd feel pity for the demons of Diablo. Watching this you'd think the protagonists were all future psychopaths on a path to dark- wait a second...
Nikita Avdeev
Nikita Avdeev Day ago
Didn't know that there were sims in SC2
Meat Bag
Meat Bag Day ago
Dancing Diablo is so dang charming
Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans Day ago
Lmfao that was great MDGA aka make diablo great again!!!
Defiance8o8 Day ago
That EL rune tho
Alex Hm
Alex Hm Day ago
It was a slaughter... really is.
Radim Štofár Šafránek
Radim Štofár Šafránek Day ago
soo true
Hans Gerber
Hans Gerber Day ago
the out of stamina part got me
Hans Gerber
Hans Gerber Day ago
you forgot the Realm Down part when joining like 10 times in quick succession