making a diy snickers bar
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i made cheeseburger sushi
baking pretzel bites
let's make bread together
i made tamales
5 months ago
trying to make diy oreos
i tried making cheez-its
next stop pies!
8 months ago
i competed in jiu jitsu
kermit's 9th birthday
peach's 5th birthday
my new animal friends
home improvement
crying for no reason
stress day
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a struggle at dinner
an excited boy
peach and a pelican
coming up for air
i got a new car
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Courtney Carver
Courtney Carver Hour ago
Enjoying my morning cup of tea really hits different with julien. Thanks for making the world feel normal for a while ❤️
Harpylady269 Hour ago
We love you Julien. Please tell Jenna we continue to send her love in her new life.
Emilie Cote
Emilie Cote Hour ago
Funny.. I just found out about Horchata the other day, and here you are coming out with a recipe! I'll have to try this one day. 😍
Maddie Seigars
Maddie Seigars Hour ago
Did anyone else read the description lmao
Cici Woods
Cici Woods Hour ago even looks like on the how does a vegetable look like the weirdest meat in the meat family?
Monya Meyer
Monya Meyer 2 hours ago
Thank you for this. T'was... (chef's kiss) beautiful!
Alexa Samuel
Alexa Samuel 2 hours ago
Yes julien, yes you are hot...
11pm 4 hours ago
Cermet hates shirt because he cannot pee on self as effectively
Diane Mars
Diane Mars 4 hours ago
Before watching I’m just shook by the title te quiero Julien 🍼
Queen Purr
Queen Purr 4 hours ago
julien taught me a thing. I just called it "carnival corn" .... elote. it's called elote.
maryann armanious
maryann armanious 4 hours ago
Idk why but I feel like he’d be a great professor at a college
Ines Quintanar
Ines Quintanar 4 hours ago
I love that you did a Mexican recipe! The elote and el agua de horchata, looked amazing. By the way, if by some reason you don't own a grill, or don't want to toast them in the stove, you can also boil the elotes in a big cooking pot. The only difference is that the elotes would be soft, instead of kind of crispy (:
Blake Skelton
Blake Skelton 4 hours ago
Please never stop creating. THIS IS AMAZING 🤩
Crista 5 hours ago
I want the three camera nerds of USshow (julien, Gavin Free, and Jun) to make a cinematic masterpiece together.
Blake Skelton
Blake Skelton 5 hours ago
I couldn't figure out why he wasn't posting... then I realized I was not subscribed for some unfathomable reason! WHY WASNT I SUBSCRIBED, USshow EXPLAIN! It's fixed now🙃 so now imma go catch up on what I've missed.
Bedford Sophie
Bedford Sophie 5 hours ago
I can't be productive and tidy unless I put Julien cooking something I can't pronounce on
dr3amera 5 hours ago
I want u to know i can never wait till the end of a video to hit the like button. 'Cuz you too funny. I'm at 10:18 now and I'm hoping I get to see Jenna too, at the end. And Peachy jumping around. <3
FLOYO 6 hours ago
When you asked Google it triggered my google in my room so i heard it same time as you crazy
Daisy Peraza
Daisy Peraza 6 hours ago
It’s eh-lo-te not w/ the eary E lol but with that outta the way. U sir made a true Mexicans mouth water
Aunt Jebadissa
Aunt Jebadissa 6 hours ago
...but instead of the corn bone, it's a hotdog.
old white dude
old white dude 6 hours ago
Me as a Mexican America says hor achata ;-; he says it better than me
Aya 6 hours ago
The way when you said that you trigged my google
Sirley Serrano
Sirley Serrano 7 hours ago
Next time you make horchata let the rice and cinamon sticks soak overnight in that same amount of water and then blend it the next day. It’ll be easier to blend and less clumpy! ❤️
karissa Flores
karissa Flores 7 hours ago
Lol I never had such a hard time making horchata
Alys Crandall
Alys Crandall 7 hours ago
I want horchata so bad now
Becka Arnold
Becka Arnold 7 hours ago
Luv u
karissa Flores
karissa Flores 7 hours ago
Julian give Jenna a big hug. Treat her good she's so special.
Lya Rodriguez
Lya Rodriguez 7 hours ago
Who else be starin at Julie's nails. Smh. Why do guys look so darn good with black nail polish on their nails 👁👄👁
Stacie Taylor
Stacie Taylor 7 hours ago
I usually just watch for Julien, but I think I'm actually going to try both of these! I wonder if you could pop the elote in the oven/broiler to crispy-fy the cheese? Or does that defeat the purpose of the mayo? (And omg Just Mayo!! Makes allergic-to-egg me very excited!)
Arlet Hernandez
Arlet Hernandez 8 hours ago
You should try it next time with butter and add a little bit of pepper, it will change ur laifff
예린Yerin 8 hours ago
make sikhye it's a korean rice drink
Major King
Major King 8 hours ago
0:15 me : *takes a bite of my burger*
Pizza Mane
Pizza Mane 8 hours ago
Lottie • 79 years ago
Lottie • 79 years ago 8 hours ago
Conan grey is subbed !
Ali Marotta
Ali Marotta 8 hours ago
as a mexican vegan, I’d say julien did the damn thing
Lottie • 79 years ago
Lottie • 79 years ago 8 hours ago
I would just like to say a huge thank you to the cars who were blowing hot air everywhere I go. I love summer.
J Minna
J Minna 8 hours ago
lmao why'd I deadass go to put it on the floor
GirlWhoKnowsNoBoundaries 8 hours ago
Okay but the sound effect the milk made at 5:34 is 👌🏾 💯
gaby juarez
gaby juarez 9 hours ago
Good for you latino king
Valerie Toscano
Valerie Toscano 9 hours ago
Also pro tip for y’all this is how you do it in Zacualco, use a lime w some salt and brush it on the corn w the Lime and THEN grill it( adds the nicest flavor! ) Also don’t use tajin if u want spicy, you can buy piquin or make your own at home, and lastly add a dash of Mexican vanilla and always use sticks of cinnamon not the powder when making horchata! Enjoy❤️🇲🇽
Joshua Texas
Joshua Texas 9 hours ago
You are such a nerd!!!!!! Great video.
Valerie Toscano
Valerie Toscano 9 hours ago
He didn’t ask to be born latina nomas tuvo suerte❤️😂😂
Autumn Lynn
Autumn Lynn 9 hours ago
I'm watching this on my 26th bday! It's my birth and I am giving Cermit the attention he deserves. ♌🦁🔥 Love and miss you Jenna!!!
Brotein 9 hours ago
I just started watching your videos and i just wanna say that i love your editing <33
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor 9 hours ago
next level. add cold brew to the horchata. changed my life
J.R.R 9 hours ago
We the Mexicans accept you as one of our own. I have spoken
Sabina Z
Sabina Z 10 hours ago
its Elote like Elephanttttt
Life As Larissa
Life As Larissa 10 hours ago
Damn I love this mans!!! Best youtuber ever.
Life As Larissa
Life As Larissa 10 hours ago
I’m so for horchata water fountains. Let’s make it happen!!!!!
Bradlee Saige
Bradlee Saige 10 hours ago
Missing Jenna , I am also a Virgo but I still love your Ariesness juliennnnnn
Anna B
Anna B 10 hours ago
STOP. the name of this video is perfect alone and now we're making homemade queso cotija?! literally my favorite cheese i love this
josh MD
josh MD 10 hours ago
It was a missile from China that blew up an American satellite. "I was there, I seen the whole thing"... I AIN'T LYIN!
Cesiah Gomez
Cesiah Gomez 10 hours ago
hello julen if you ever read this if you keep the husks on and then grill your corn it’ll add a lil smoky extra beautiful flavor i highly recommend. hope you enjoyed!
Kirstin Bainard
Kirstin Bainard 10 hours ago
Kind of want to steal both of these recipes because they look amazing!!!
Stephanie Schultz
Stephanie Schultz 10 hours ago
I live for the office references in real life
GamingxQueen -
GamingxQueen - 11 hours ago
I’m glad julien is still doing his thing but I miss jennas energetic videos
Quarantina Belcher
Quarantina Belcher 11 hours ago
The silk oat milk isn’t gluten free, anyone with a celiac situation should avoid it!!! That barley be upsetting
Kik Rothschild
Kik Rothschild 11 hours ago
This makes me miss AZ. 😭
Kady Fugere
Kady Fugere 11 hours ago
that horchata sure looks like it isn't allowed
anna Locklear
anna Locklear 11 hours ago
The first thing that popped in my head for the drawers is cans
Yajaira.Monster 11 hours ago
Is it just me that has never seen a street vendor sell an elote like that
Steph Guillemette
Steph Guillemette 11 hours ago
You know what wouldve been an extra throwback? For the corn use a “corn on the cob but instead of the corn bone its a hotdog”
Christine 12 hours ago
Who'S from Canada and never heard about that :o look good tho
Rebecca Spratling
Rebecca Spratling 12 hours ago
Reminds me of this fat pit bull who was sitting in our drive way when we got home. As soon as I opened the car door he jumped in the car all excited wanting to go for a ride. 😂
Summer Bratcher
Summer Bratcher 12 hours ago
me watching this video while my name is summer 👁👄👁
Michaela Butler
Michaela Butler 12 hours ago
"I'm not your dad." YOU TAKE THAT BACK NOW!
Sarah Gillie
Sarah Gillie 12 hours ago
God love the vegans but it just bothers me when he calls it cheese... bro it’s just almonds
Alyssa Pookie
Alyssa Pookie 12 hours ago
This is brilliant!! One of the best pieces of content I have ever seen 😍😍👌
Teagen Myb
Teagen Myb 12 hours ago
i never knew i could enjoy watching someone cook as much as I do watching julien. and since jenna is taking a break it's nice to see her in his old videos as well.
Afton Freed
Afton Freed 12 hours ago
Not gonna lie, creeped me out when my google home responded and told me how to pronounce cotija cheese. 😬😅 thanks julen.
lupita 12 hours ago
me, a mexican scrolling through my recommended: 😯
Alexis Poffenbarger
Alexis Poffenbarger 12 hours ago
We miss you Jenna!!
Finding BeMo
Finding BeMo 12 hours ago
Really missin the other J but julien still keeps my spirits up in these trying times
curlzgirl704 12 hours ago
Watching your videos makes me feel so good 😁
Anamaria Heredia
Anamaria Heredia 12 hours ago
next time you should try substituting the sugar for Condensed Milk and Lechera it will taste much creamier!!
Lizbeth Rodriguez
Lizbeth Rodriguez 13 hours ago
my mexican mom thinking the elote está crudo LMFAO
Masako 13 hours ago
Yes 😌✨ only recipe that matters
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton 13 hours ago
Best wishes to you, Jenna, and the doggies.
Alyssa G
Alyssa G 13 hours ago
Thanks for everything you do Julen ❤️
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton 13 hours ago
We literally have “corn in a cup” stands out here, like elotes but without the cob. Or the cornbone, as Jenna would say.
Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry 13 hours ago
Listening to this at work as a nurse is one of the only things that keeps me going.
emely ayala
emely ayala 13 hours ago
The way he said Horchata 😍 yes!
Pretty M
Pretty M 14 hours ago
Never had tajin on my elotes 😳 some I should try
Teagen Myb
Teagen Myb 14 hours ago
everytime you said "hey google" my google home went off 😂
Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry 14 hours ago
Holy shit that knife is saaassooooo sick! How much??
saloni saran
saloni saran 14 hours ago
I want to eat that so bad but the only thing here I own is chilli powder
Holly Gamble
Holly Gamble 14 hours ago
YAS it's so nice to see you whip up some Mexican goodies✨Much love from El Paso, Texas 🇲🇽🇺🇲🏜️🌽 and it's pronounced just like that :p Cotija : Co-tee-HA
Terezin Pyrope
Terezin Pyrope 14 hours ago
YESSSSSS aaaaaaaah yummy food. Aaah I love you did this!!! You truly did it to em Julien!!!
saloni saran
saloni saran 14 hours ago
alternative title i made corn porn
saloni saran
saloni saran 14 hours ago
I meant great montages
Estefania Sanchez
Estefania Sanchez 14 hours ago
I’m salivating omg 🤤 I’m Mexican I love elote 💙
Allison Small
Allison Small 14 hours ago
Next time you need a kabob stick but don’t have it, use a chopstick! We all know you have those lying around for your Pad Thai
saloni saran
saloni saran 14 hours ago
fabulous nails Julie but may I recommend a holo taco I think scattered would match your Aries
lovely_minds 14 hours ago
Corn tortillas, pozole, elote, Julien is slowly turning into a Latino cuisine channel
pickled buns
pickled buns 14 hours ago
Jacquelyn Gattis
Jacquelyn Gattis 14 hours ago
Halfway through this video I had to pause and see if I had stuff to make elote. Didn't have corn on the cob but in a pinch pan seared with a little butter works :)
saloni saran
saloni saran 14 hours ago
My ultimate dream life is having a big wonderful kitchen like this that pets are constantly trying to conquer and the money to get all these fancy ample wonderful ingredients and cool high powered tools to cook pantsless in the dark with god bless
Liz s
Liz s 14 hours ago
As a vegetarian who was born in Philly moved to Cali and then back near philly but became a vegetarian, this makes my LIFE, I’m so excited to try to make this!
Ameerah Muhammad
Ameerah Muhammad 14 hours ago
Horchata is traditionally plant-based and is made with rice milk. No dairy.
Melissa Reyes
Melissa Reyes 15 hours ago
Julien is more then welcome to the Mexican community because he makes amazing alternatives to Mexican cuisines AND he makes sure he pronounces them right. 😤 we love a Latine ally
Vic B
Vic B 15 hours ago
I'm learning about so much cool food through your videos! I can't cook for shit but this makes me hopeful that it's not so hard. :B