Month ago
Alexander Castillo
Alexander Castillo 10 hours ago
Araujo was the better
Imade. D
Imade. D 10 hours ago
Bardo 10 hours ago
The Motion of No Confidence has passed stage 1. Bartomeu, it's time to go
Colton QUINN
Colton QUINN 10 hours ago
Jesus Rojas
Jesus Rojas 10 hours ago
Ronaldhino con sus sandalias
Nikekyful 10 hours ago
Trincao is amazing :)
Hoplexx Pronob
Hoplexx Pronob 10 hours ago
ALEX IRPO 10 hours ago
Solo un Diamante ha brillato al San Paolo ed era Diego A.Maradona. Qualcuno ha pensato se brillo qui' Lo raggiungo. Stat a Cas Messi.
Ahmed 10 hours ago
Arabic commentary is the best
soufiane 10 hours ago
the young players ❤
brian salas
brian salas 10 hours ago
Trincao out
Yt Chnnl
Yt Chnnl 10 hours ago
The real swaggy p 😛😛😛
Simon Benzoate
Simon Benzoate 10 hours ago
Should have netted 6-7 goals more!
zoom game
zoom game 11 hours ago
woow good
Miguel Ferreras
Miguel Ferreras 11 hours ago
Vocalizaba mejor de adolescente Jajajajajaja
Kenas gyamar
Kenas gyamar 11 hours ago
Barca is in safe hands
Simon Benzoate
Simon Benzoate 11 hours ago
1:17 The deep chemistry between Barca 4 Grizzy-messi-trincao-Coutinho is very promising! It looked they know each other very well.
lee baller
lee baller 11 hours ago
Araujo definitely show that he deserves playing time..excellent game He would be in the starting 11 for me
Robert Eduardo Linares Pérez
Robert Eduardo Linares Pérez 11 hours ago
Regresa en el tiempo y dile a ese niño que va a ser el mejor del mundo, no te lo cree si se lo dices. Grande Messi.
Fabian Cuba Pacheco
Fabian Cuba Pacheco 11 hours ago
Memes Here
Memes Here 11 hours ago
This legit made me cry
Midnights 11 hours ago
I feel like we actually have a pretty good "B" Squad. With the players we have we can make a good competitive squad so the youngsters get the experience they deserve and the veterans will be well rested for the important games
Exotic Simplicity
Exotic Simplicity 11 hours ago
Ak Cule
Ak Cule 11 hours ago
Football Things
Football Things 11 hours ago
This is what I like about Koeman! he is keeping the players on their toes!
Bahagia Selalu
Bahagia Selalu 11 hours ago
Semoga keselamatan dan keberkahan selalu terlimpah untuk kita semua
Hedhili mohamed yassin
Hedhili mohamed yassin 11 hours ago
koman have to Strengthen the defense
Kabura Akbar
Kabura Akbar 11 hours ago
The king leo messi
Arham Ali
Arham Ali 11 hours ago
Had suarez been there instead in second half 3 more goals were for sure i think suarez finishing is still unmatched he can offer to the team not to forget he has good header lets combine suarez with pedri and puig and trincao m sure he will do wonders. Use him as a substitute he will play fine!
Denis Farkas
Denis Farkas 11 hours ago
Im happy for koeman he is at the moment impressive i like the agression;)
G P 11 hours ago
Barca looking (and playing) like BVB this season - only Eric Garcia is missing in CB! Visca Del Barca!
Kalacthe 11 hours ago
Habla muy bien espero que tenga buena carrera.
GT Games Player
GT Games Player 11 hours ago
Denis Farkas
Denis Farkas 11 hours ago
Araujo is something else 😄
Darnell 11 hours ago
Now he is 6 tym ballon 'dor winner .GREATEST OF ALL TYM👏👏❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥
shareef Sharee
shareef Sharee 11 hours ago
Nice voice 😍😍😍
Tony Cariello
Tony Cariello 11 hours ago
Someone tell me Araujo's number?
SilverZ Paz
SilverZ Paz 11 hours ago
SpermatoZoide 11 hours ago
Ya déjenlo irse , no se aferren a él, el ya no se siente cómodo allí, ya cumplió su ciclo y lo sabe.
Muhammad Mutasim
Muhammad Mutasim 11 hours ago
Barca's channel is trending theses days 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Can This Potato get 5k subs
Can This Potato get 5k subs 11 hours ago
4-0 Liverpool hahhahahahha
Raja Govindan
Raja Govindan 11 hours ago
Tamilan da
roujoula ana houwa wah
roujoula ana houwa wah 11 hours ago
roujoula ana houwa wah
roujoula ana houwa wah 11 hours ago
Messi 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍
Patricia Palmer
Patricia Palmer 11 hours ago
Like a practice. Nobody there...
Sebastiano Elysee
Sebastiano Elysee 11 hours ago
He really looks like the Eminem of football⚽️❤️
Pir Hassan Shah
Pir Hassan Shah 11 hours ago
This just makes me happy
Thegreatyt 101
Thegreatyt 101 11 hours ago
Dembele's only problem is finishing
daniel ben
daniel ben 11 hours ago
Our Lw position is gonna be lit this season konrad and fati are both lethal,fast,quick,smart and most important young
Notorious gb
Notorious gb 11 hours ago
An attempt to let messi stay next season
Abin Jojan
Abin Jojan 11 hours ago
Ppl who don't understand Spanish looking at their screen 👁👄👁
D supreme Kage
D supreme Kage 11 hours ago
One of the differences between last year and this one. Last year = No skills at all except Messi or some.
sebastian coronado
sebastian coronado 11 hours ago
Simplemente el mejor
Vans Kal
Vans Kal 11 hours ago
Barca just went from being the oldest team to the team with the most talented youngsters ❤️❤️
Gul Zada Khan
Gul Zada Khan 11 hours ago
I can absolutely feel his pain for the World Cup he was dreaming his whole life for .