lizbeth verduzco
lizbeth verduzco 21 hour ago
Watching this has made me so emotional finding out I'm expecting! Thank you for sharing this. I feel so blessed.
Grace Thompson
Grace Thompson 23 hours ago
That scrapbook just... 🥺😭❤️
Stacey Parker
Stacey Parker 23 hours ago
Worst tech ever! Yiesh
Brenda B
Brenda B Day ago
I’m super new to your channel. Came across your pregnancy journey and couldn’t stop watching. I have to tell you that you are such a hero and true super women to be willing to share such a very personal experience. I’ve cried and laughed along with you. I’m a mother of a 19 year old daughter. She was not planned and was 7 weeks premature. My true blessing and my curse. LOL. Well worth it. Congratulations on your journey!
jenna laviano
jenna laviano Day ago
Omg I felt some type of way when she was commenting on his lips. Like no lady
Valentina Ramirez
Valentina Ramirez Day ago
Mom advice: Desi you need baby onesies with a zipper!!! Trust me, onesies with buttons aren’t the biz 😂 zippers are life savers!
Nicole Zuniga
Nicole Zuniga Day ago
Come see Khalil Tabsh!! He’s the best perinatologist and does his own scans!!
angelina roman
angelina roman Day ago
So beautiful can’t wait to meet him ❤️❤️
Mrs. J
Mrs. J Day ago
It’s nice to see really genuine sweet people in these days. Congratulations God bless.
Kristina Nieves
Kristina Nieves Day ago
where are the books that you guys are using to learn spanish from?
jay g
jay g Day ago
How many weeks is she here?
Rachel S
Rachel S Day ago
I’m SO glad you chose to go to another appointment and get all the fluff from ppl you needed! I also had to switch my doctor after my very first appt. After very quickly telling us we had twins but we lost one, the doctor then proceeded to tell me I could only gain 20 lbs my whole pregnancy. I started at not huge but she sure made me feel obese. It was horrendous and I’m still scarred. I really hope your next apt goes better and you can leave that bad experience behind you. You deserve it and all the fluff!!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Day ago
It’s normal when the upper lip looks like that plus it’s still EARLY! The hell lol. Good for you for addressing it and making a appointment at a different place for a better experie
Destiny Ramos
Destiny Ramos Day ago
"Eggs not available for another bitch" I need that in my living will tbh 😂😂😂
Bettina Day ago
This series has been so valuable to me and my husband. Thank you so much, from the buttom of my heart! You don't know how much information, hope and inspiration you gave us! We wish you all the best for your future family! You two are one of the strongest couple we know! ❤❤❤
Thrif-Tea Annie
Thrif-Tea Annie Day ago
He was just sucking his bottom lip in they do that, I'm surprised the tech didn't say that.
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee Day ago
So with this pandemic and all how do you and Steven feel about Immunization shots? Do you guys plan on giving the baby ?
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Day ago
TO BE‼️💙CONGRATULATIONS‼️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
thenamesjkay Day ago
Ew I don’t like the ultrasound tech ladies comments.... I totally felt your vibe! And when the doctor came saying your baby’s lip is completely normal, I literally spit out my food. She was so much better than that other lady!
Krystel Markanson
Krystel Markanson Day ago
Your mom is so adorable .... I’ll take her home now ... thank you so much 💕 congratulations on your sweet baby 🎉🎉🎉
Brianna Agosto
Brianna Agosto 2 days ago
Grace Thompson
Grace Thompson 2 days ago
I’ve put off watching this series because I knew I’d be a mess...and yep, here I am cooking spaghetti crying my eyes out 😭🥺
Emily Boling
Emily Boling 2 days ago
I have been following you for a LONG time my friend and I have NEVER seen you smile the way you are now. Steven, too. Wow. Just WOW! Congratulations, sweetness. SO incredibly happy for you and yours. So much love to you!!!!!!
Emily Boling
Emily Boling 2 days ago
Also, amazing that you documented all of this during a PANDEMIC.!!!
Elle P. Studio
Elle P. Studio 2 days ago
I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this series- the amount of strength it took for you to post this... thank you desi and Steven ❤️🙏🏼❤️
Lisa Also
Lisa Also 2 days ago
Desi demanding to be sucked up to 24/7.
Lisa Also
Lisa Also 2 days ago
2:31 ..."would have BOUGHTEN"??? If only that were a word! It's --- would have bought.
Lusine Naljayan
Lusine Naljayan 2 days ago
Ahhhh so so sweet you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌸 I cant wait already 😌😉
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 2 days ago
It’s normal when the upper lip looks like that plus it’s still EARLY! The hell lol. Good for you for addressing it and making a appointment at a different place for a better experie
Katie Bexfield
Katie Bexfield 2 days ago
I literally started crying! So happy for you guys 💗
just melissa
just melissa 2 days ago
Also, Oregon Desi is a total mood. Girl you are so gorgeous!
just melissa
just melissa 2 days ago
Wow, that Ultrasound tech was very inappropriate. She even said “shit” in front of you..I am in the medical field and it’s just so inappropriate. Your baby is so beautiful I cannot believe she said that. Ps: Nice zucchini, damn!!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 2 days ago
Your mom her voice is so soothing ☺️ congrats Desi & Steven.... Your little family is so loved and cared for best of wishes
Miche Moffatt
Miche Moffatt 2 days ago
I just heard on Jamie’s channel that you are pregnant! Not watched USshow in forever and is such amazing news! Massive congrats to you both - that is so lovely xxxx totally delighted for you guys x x x
Christin Loya
Christin Loya 2 days ago
I think all anatomy appointments are that was. Mine was faster then yours and it was like click click click okay your done! It was definitely not as sentimental as they make it seem. Try not to take what nurses say to the heart I don’t think she meant it in a negative way at all
Your Beauty Routine
Your Beauty Routine 2 days ago
When the drone goes above them and they slowly reveal the was so unbelievably breathtaking that I said out loud to myself “ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS” 😭😭😭😭 soooooo stunning 😭
Cynthya Rivera
Cynthya Rivera 2 days ago
😭😭 Im not crying 💙💙💙
Sabria Jones
Sabria Jones 2 days ago
Love this !! When you do the nursery tour you should do it in all Spanish ☺️ Love seeing your all practice. Can’t wait for episode 9
Alex A
Alex A 2 days ago
my dreams 💕
A NJ 3 days ago
There was no need for the nurse to make those comments about an unborn baby’s lip lmao that was so so strange ....
just melissa
just melissa 3 days ago
Where the hell was i 2 months ago...
Drama Hater
Drama Hater 3 days ago
I don’t know if you have one, but a body pillow was a life saver for me when I was pregnant. I’m a side-sleeper. It really helped. I’m over-the-moon happy for you!
Christiana Tsateri
Christiana Tsateri 3 days ago
Aww so happy for you guys!!!! I have been watching your series and made me cry so many times, as me and my husband can’t have kids even with the ivf. I know there are women like me out there, so I am just sending love to these ladies! You are a perfect couple! Sending love to your family ! ❤️
Celina Gonzalez
Celina Gonzalez 3 days ago
Im not trying to sound mean what I said but I don’t think she meant to say anything bad about your baby. Also, I know you expect to have excitement and loving from the doctor and nurses but that’s how it is sometimes . You’re lucky some talk tl you about their concerns or feel your Joy. Personally , This is my first tol and I don’t get half of that kind visits like you do . So enjoy your baby visits. Even if it’s not what you expected
Ashley Rushing
Ashley Rushing 3 days ago
I don’t think the lady was being offensive. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and my baby has been difficult in all of my ultrasounds. They let you know the baby is in a bad position so you don’t get scared when they look concerned. She was just doing her job.
Meredith MOHLER
Meredith MOHLER 3 days ago
Icanhavethemall 3 days ago
your mom saying congratulations to me too haha a queen
ty 3 days ago
Watching these all over again tonight... Crying again! Lol. Desi has gained amazing weight in all the right places and she's stunning!! 😍
knmannie 3 days ago
I had already seen the reveal and I agree with everyone, definitely still cried seeing it again in the vid! Soo incredibly happy for you and excited to see the rest of your pregnancy and your journey into parenthood!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 3 days ago
Ma’am his upper lip is perfect just like the rest of him! 💁🏻‍♀️
Kim T
Kim T 3 days ago
Watched the whole series in one night.. currently 4am.. and it was beautiful❤😇
Kim T
Kim T 3 days ago
When your baby grows up you can show him that he bougie and an expensive baabey😂😂 Edit: I was laughing/smiling/crying with you guyss😢😳
Heaven Victoria
Heaven Victoria 3 days ago
AW don't be upset about her saying about the tucked lower lip, me and my family all have the same thing and we call it our little bird beaks and we all love it! it's unique and super cute!!! I'm so excited for baby perkins <3
Alma Alv
Alma Alv 3 days ago
I’m only growing your child 😂 so me!
Sabrina Yee
Sabrina Yee 3 days ago
I know you said you’re not buying much more newborn sizes, but for real you have to look up the brand LouLou&Company they have night gowns that make night time changes a breeze and literally is the SOFTEST material!!!!! I highly highly recommend them!!!
Jillian Piering
Jillian Piering 3 days ago
This made me cry!!! Makes me remember when my sister told me my Delaney was coming into this world!!!& congratulations guys!! You deserve this!!!! So happy for you!
kat mu
kat mu 3 days ago
I think calling the sonographer out in their vid was a bit much, but i get why they were so upset. The way the sonographer first described the baby as having a very tucked in bottom lip almost comes across as an insult. I think I wouldve gotten a little defensive too. And we have to remember this is Desi and Steven's first child that they have been waiting years to have so everything will be magnified for them. Maybe they shouldve just given the girl a break and not included their reaction in the video.
Shannon Lim
Shannon Lim 3 days ago
These videos be having me all choked up. So happy for you guys 🥺❤️
krissel daniel
krissel daniel 3 days ago
I absolutely loveee this series. As a person who struggles with infertility herself it's so nice to see someone be so open about it ❤
ericadennett30 3 days ago
Your mom her voice is so soothing ☺️ congrats Desi & Steven.... Your little family is so loved and cared for best of wishes
Blair Knezek
Blair Knezek 3 days ago
I was uuggggllllyyy crying when you got the call about your positive HCG test after your embryo transfer 😭😭😭😭😭 so happy for you & your husband 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 I cant even imagine the emotions y’all have gone through ♥️😭😍😭😍😭
Vanessa Orozco
Vanessa Orozco 4 days ago
Who r the 1.4K that dislike this video? Learn to be happy for other ppl even if u don't personally know them. I am here crying for them like if I am the one going thru it. Congrats to u both and your family. ❤
Michelle 4 days ago
Yesssss! Boy is cigar and girl is candy
Bobbie Richardson
Bobbie Richardson 4 days ago
Idk why I try and do my makeup while I watch these 😅😭🥰
Chelsey Rose Denny
Chelsey Rose Denny 4 days ago
I don’t think the technician meant anything with the lip comment. If anything a camera in the appointment should have been seen as privileged. I could not take any pics during any of mine🤷🏽‍♀️. Also the second doctor came in and reassured you that everything was good and that your baby was healthy.
Ap Jhuty
Ap Jhuty 4 days ago
He's a big boy 💙 much love
Sophia Bryce
Sophia Bryce 4 days ago
Anyone else crying or is that just me?
Jenna Frazier
Jenna Frazier 4 days ago
The lip thing wasn’t meant to be negative. Babies suck in their bottom lips all the time. The ultrasound tech didn’t need to say that meant one of you have that, because that’s not what that means. Yes, usually when the babies do that, it means they have puffier lips, which is a good thing. Also, ultrasound techs at the doctors offices are not usually very personable or make the visit special. You have to pay for that experience. I’ve been pregnant five times (have 3 boys) & never had an amazing ultrasound at my OBGYN’s office. Always had to schedule & pay for something personable & special. Which is unfortunate, because all techs (insurance covered or paid for privately) should make it great, because it is a miracle.
Kirsten Denny
Kirsten Denny 4 days ago
Man, if I didn’t know they were together, I could have sworn he was gay.
Jenna Frazier
Jenna Frazier 4 days ago
The reveal was amazing. It gave me chills & made me tear up immediately. I am a mom to 3 of the gender you’re having. Never imagined having only one sex, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Kristen Perez
Kristen Perez 4 days ago
The way Steven looks at you and is so in love and excited brings me to tears 😭
Alyssa 79
Alyssa 79 4 days ago
U have the best husband desi!!! U guys are perfect for each other 💙🥰
aola wili
aola wili 4 days ago
“The baby will hear and listen to what you say”...... Desi: “No get outta here you stink” 😂😂 love it!
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas 4 days ago
Dominique Cortes
Dominique Cortes 4 days ago
I got pajamas with buttons with my first as a newborn and giiiiirl I hated them during middle of the night changes and feedings. I abandoned ship and stopped buying them 😂 Also, my experience with my sonographer with my second child wasn’t pleasant either. They can definitely change your mood. Babies are born with an overbite so they can latch easier with breastfeeding. I don’t think the comment was necessary.
Sarah Collier
Sarah Collier 4 days ago
That lady was the worst. I wanted to jump in and tell her to stop talking, and switch the mood!!!! So glad you’re going to a better place 💖
aola wili
aola wili 4 days ago
Steven is such a kind and sweet soul. You guys are going to be great parents. This series brings me so much joy. Desi you’re glowing 😭❤️
Angelica Campos
Angelica Campos 4 days ago
Honestly Desi, you sounded entitled as hell. Now is NOT the time to be requesting fanfare and appointments just because you didn’t get your ego fluffed. The lady was not even mean. Unprofessional yes, but not mean spirited. Get off your high horse and get your priorities straight please. Everyone can tell hormones and fame are getting to your head and you’re starting to come across like an entitled pregzilla.
Khadija Begum
Khadija Begum 4 days ago
Who cant wait for desi's baby mama dance
BeachBaby75 4 days ago
Your baby looks like Mr Smithers from The Simpsons!! Haha. Why are you upset?? The lady was only saying the truth. Get over yourself.
Fateha 4 days ago
I just want to fast forward 3 months and meet him already or even 2 years and hear him talking away 💙
Meg B
Meg B 4 days ago
The lip thing wasn’t that deep... lol poor lady now getting blasted on the internet
Alayeh Panda
Alayeh Panda 4 days ago
Omgg the best gender reveal eveeeeerrr
Ana Christina Figueroa
Ana Christina Figueroa 4 days ago
Have fertility issues and ai have enjoyed so much watching your Journey even though every episode its an emotional roller coaster of crying and being so happy for you.
Svetlana 4 days ago
You look so super cute with tiny belly, very happy for you two it’s such a blessing 🙏🙏🙏
Mj Shols
Mj Shols 5 days ago
Big congratulations guys I am so happy for you ...God bless your entire family ...who thumbs down a video like this ...I just caaant understand
Lilybeth Flores
Lilybeth Flores 5 days ago
When Desi said “you guys will probably be watching this summer 2020” tell me why I’m literally watching this summer 2020 😅 I LOVE YOU GUYS! 🤍
S B 5 days ago
the pumpkin patch part made me tear up. I love y'all
Gigi 99
Gigi 99 5 days ago
Desi. I was three months preggers but looked like 5. Who cares? I loved every second of both my pregnancies. Loved it. Enjoy it to the max. 💋
Jasmine and Simone
Jasmine and Simone 5 days ago
the first lady doing the ultrasound was so unprofessional my goodness!
Vanessa S.
Vanessa S. 5 days ago
Omg I am so emotional
Danixa Semorile
Danixa Semorile 5 days ago
Desi and Steven I am keeping you in my prayers during your journey. Just know Desi that you are amazing, you are beautiful and so so brave and strong!! Wherever this journey leads you both, I am certain God will always protect you and he will always be with you. My prayers are with you both. I pray God gives you the courage, and blesses your womb for that baby you both desire so much!! I love you Desi!!♥️
Abril Pampliega
Abril Pampliega 5 days ago
I really didn't feel the nurse was weird. I think she was trying to be funny and nice, maybe you were just nervous so you felt that way? Idk
ASLBeautiful... 5 days ago
OK. What important piece of information am I missing out on here because it seems to me that it's absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary that the husband can't be in there when they both come from the same house and same car and are obviously together all the time 🙄🙄🙄Keeping them separate does nothing. This is not an airborne virus and they can make people wear gloves or sanitize before going in. Why leave the father out of these important appointments?! Idk.. I just feel like that really sucks and I'm sure these doctors offices can be a little more creative than that. Also, my husband works in a lab and tests for covid so don't come at me. I know what we are dealing with here.
Courtney5cents 5 days ago
I think i love Charles
crystal E
crystal E 5 days ago
Thank you for sharing your fertility journey. Now I don’t feel so alone.
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 5 days ago
I love how the doctor came in and was like " his lip is pretty normal" lmao
Rosbelys Grullon
Rosbelys Grullon 5 days ago
When she said the baby will match with Steven, all I thought was it wearing a white shirt 😂
Denise Millan
Denise Millan 5 days ago
Steven is such a kind and sweet soul. You guys are going to be great parents. This series brings me so much joy. Desi you’re glowing 😭❤️
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 5 days ago
Was that Katy’s face on her shirt ??? 🥰
Denise Millan
Denise Millan 5 days ago
Tracy N
Tracy N 5 days ago
The upper lip comments annoyed me
Daisy Bain
Daisy Bain 5 days ago
The end ❤️❤️
Aby Marquez
Aby Marquez 5 days ago
I cried sooooo much in this episode! ❤
Brittany Athena
Brittany Athena 5 days ago
Love you guys!