Michal Przybylowicz
Michal Przybylowicz 19 hours ago
In trailer: smooth movement and trick shots In game: initiate smooth movement, then lags, stops and being killed
Tristan Magpantay
Tristan Magpantay 19 hours ago
I need to stay up all night right now
Im.Simplistic .1
Im.Simplistic .1 19 hours ago
All 3 legends that are getting buffed
Heppi Crimson
Heppi Crimson 19 hours ago
no gun.
Trinityi3 R
Trinityi3 R 19 hours ago
I dont say this often but I think Apex is goin to die. All bc of stupid campers in cars and anyone that says that's not goin to happen just look at any game that implemented cars or helicopters or anything it runs it bc it's a easy kill said my piece man that's goin to suck!!
Bart for life
Bart for life 19 hours ago
Wtf did I just watch turret on a car in apex
_schino 19 hours ago
CC mistakes: 0:35 yeah that sucked 1:38 spherical fighter (spherical as in her giant pair of...? damn mirage is a perv)
its_ SwAsTiKpLaYs
its_ SwAsTiKpLaYs 19 hours ago
zyl-drive, devi-drive, wow-i-can-only-drive, in apex legends
Muddysudz gaming
Muddysudz gaming 19 hours ago
So we have a warthog in apex great
Lieset /
Lieset / 19 hours ago
No New weapone again?
Alin AB
Alin AB 19 hours ago
This is so beatiful. You just RESPAWNED APEX!!!!
execution girl
execution girl 19 hours ago
wraith ily but u look leik da billy puppet frum dead silence gurl ...
kirill kalmazan
kirill kalmazan 19 hours ago
has any one made a "mario cart sure has changed joke" yet?
Sage Gamer210
Sage Gamer210 19 hours ago
The mobility squad combo Octane/Horizon/Pathfinder
Salty Desire
Salty Desire 19 hours ago
Someone made a video on how this game was dead a few months ago. I left a comment asking how many still played. Over 4K likes and hundreds of comments supporting the game. This game is amazing and I’ll continue to support it as long as I can
Nobody 19 hours ago
Link to the vid?
ツベトレ 19 hours ago
Liubo Belchev
Liubo Belchev 19 hours ago
Is that a wraith portal or horizon
学校から戻ったけどやっぱり気になる 19 hours ago
Behshad Zakeri
Behshad Zakeri 19 hours ago
Icant wait until apex legends come in steam and download it
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 19 hours ago
Dome on car I can see where this is gonna with Zylbrad and Max.
Barbara Bogonos
Barbara Bogonos 19 hours ago
Which level will be r99 for?
Dazai 19 hours ago
I'm not crying, you are.
OverEDM 19 hours ago
Car on jump pad???
Oleg Kovkov
Oleg Kovkov 19 hours ago
Не ничего пойдет
César López
César López 19 hours ago
I did not understand
Julia 19 hours ago
"Oooooh wraith skin" then I notice it looks like something Loba should be wearing......BRUH seriously
Sandra Childress
Sandra Childress 19 hours ago
As a ground weapon
Sandra Childress
Sandra Childress 19 hours ago
Krabor is coming back
AZZAMNO1 19 hours ago
Low frame rate ?
xerxes Greatvideos
xerxes Greatvideos 19 hours ago
Sorlag NotSoBad
Sorlag NotSoBad 19 hours ago
Homosexuality in the form of a video game
Makhi Richardson
Makhi Richardson 20 hours ago
There should be a selectable character called orion His main ability should be called Godly beam and when you use it you be shine down a beam that does fire damage and damage increased with more time of being in it and yall could do the rest
L桜 20 hours ago
waiting for Mario car exe in apex :))
ALLAMAXX 732 20 hours ago
A game that has 3 battle royal maps
RomusTaglius 20 hours ago
Their 100 as R-99 Sweats: AYYY LESS GOOOOOO
Elisha Doa-Lereigh
Elisha Doa-Lereigh 20 hours ago
Nothing wrong with it but this character seems boring .-.
Beam ___
Beam ___ 20 hours ago
This game is so dead lmao
Blue is sus
Blue is sus 20 hours ago
Another wahman
BranHub 20 hours ago
cred1t sc0re
cred1t sc0re 20 hours ago
Who else love getting kicked mid game cuz I do no cap
anti hero
anti hero 20 hours ago
Please do something about XIM APEX. It's getting on my nerves. The more high ranked the more XIM APEX. PS4 Japan servers. If you wanna use M&K, buy the PC ver. goddammit!!!
l1bretto 20 hours ago
cant wait for the wraith skin mmh macho!!!!!!!!!
tarshish thorat
tarshish thorat 20 hours ago
Dan Wolf
Dan Wolf 20 hours ago
Dam my girl Loba is getting shit on in this trailer. Finish her!: 0:43 Bitch slap: 0:47 Tripled Take: 1:37 Give my girl a break lol
Marshall's Battle Ground
Marshall's Battle Ground 20 hours ago
Hello this my 200th time watching this trailer.
Ms. Loving
Ms. Loving 20 hours ago
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Heloisa Gutierrez
Heloisa Gutierrez 20 hours ago
God, I miss season 1
Addsga is noob yes that me
Addsga is noob yes that me 20 hours ago
R99 back 70%apex player yahooooooooooo omgggggg I m happyyyyy
FinalBossGaming 20 hours ago
The amount of times Apex has got #1 trending is more then the amount of videos brought to you by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
YeriiSoloYerii 20 hours ago
ufff my favorite battle royale. me gusta!!! It's splendid
Link Mario
Link Mario 20 hours ago
I have a season 8 theory the season 7 legend’s son is going to be reverent
はるみ 20 hours ago
SaskunOmoshiroi 20 hours ago
Jesus chris wraith gets a legendary skin every day of the year
Bob Beast
Bob Beast 20 hours ago
I have to give it to Respawn they have made a great game here. They even got the crossplay right unlike the devs that make made the latest CallofDuty where you get teamed up and thrown in PC lobbies by default. I uninstalled that game pretty quick.
itttss Shagggy
itttss Shagggy 20 hours ago
Sorry but adding the cars was kinda dumb
Xross 20 hours ago
Apex put cross progression in please
Bora Siman
Bora Siman 20 hours ago
Great new map it looks big is it bigger than WE?
Moises Castillo
Moises Castillo 20 hours ago
At least I will have something new to play while in my panic room waiting for The Purge to end. Thank you RESPAWN!
Usernaming 20 hours ago
"Every choice you made, led to failure" bruh if someone said that to me I'd be devastated
Crissik83 20 hours ago
This map ain't it chief
Bob Beast
Bob Beast 20 hours ago
Have you tried it?
_ CatzAndCoffee _
_ CatzAndCoffee _ 20 hours ago
Even though I have most i the charecters I might still buy this just to pay red pawn more money so that Mirages VA can get the raise he deserves, without resplendent losin too much money
JIWON LEE 20 hours ago
It is like interstella
Christopher Perez
Christopher Perez 20 hours ago
What happened to this game
DIO 20 hours ago
Jboss 20 hours ago
bad poopoo delete your game rn
famous guy vol.22
famous guy vol.22 20 hours ago
EA:$50 for the rest of this teeser trailer
Gas Burner
Gas Burner 20 hours ago
I got this recomended today
Ayden Durrett
Ayden Durrett 20 hours ago
New map new season
my gaming logic
my gaming logic 20 hours ago
Apex is gonna be back on top charts
Great Gamer PH
Great Gamer PH 20 hours ago
Joshua Lainez
Joshua Lainez 20 hours ago
Ngl I deleted the game but now I’m gonna re download it it looks fire now
Avi Ghorecha
Avi Ghorecha 20 hours ago
PLEASE FIX ASIAN SERVERS(especially add Indian server)we love this game but server lags are too high.
Diego Grajeda
Diego Grajeda 20 hours ago
Wait, is it me, or is Horizon's bot form a love triangle between Crypto's and Lifeline's?
raikiri 20 hours ago
1:50 me play apex at 3:am😂
Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim 20 hours ago
2wei music ❤
Iron Disciple
Iron Disciple 20 hours ago
Why didn't loba get a stripper outfit skin? Man im sad now.
Eddie Heredia
Eddie Heredia 20 hours ago
Emitt Grimes
Emitt Grimes 20 hours ago
Got burntout and skipped S6, definitely jumping back in on this on my new Series X! LET'S GO!
Kovaski gg
Kovaski gg 20 hours ago
Season 7 here we goo!!
u c
u c 20 hours ago
Very fun