GL 12 hours ago
Nice Galatasaray! Greetings Galatasaray fans from Peru and Alianza Lima 🇵🇪
John Pereira
John Pereira 12 hours ago
Lol if people think Bartomeu will be voted out by 2/3 of socis, you have no idea how corruption works and how deep it runs.
Doku Zeinto
Doku Zeinto 12 hours ago
No da seguridad el arquero de la mecha :/ al menos eso ví en este partido
Gabriel Barruffe
Gabriel Barruffe 12 hours ago
Sempre bom ver o Flamengo ser humilhado!
Juan David Ramos
Juan David Ramos 12 hours ago
“mario viera”
Ro Qisney
Ro Qisney 12 hours ago
The petition for a vote of no confidence against Josep Maria Bartomeu got more than 20,000 signings against the Barcelona president and his board. According to 'Catalunya Radio', the Barca head is reportedly considering resigning if it is confirmed the majority of those signings are true.
flyboyelvis 13 hours ago
The announcer sucks and is so boring
Trujoys 13 hours ago
Third goal was Gaby Torres not Murillo
Kalangas Sports
Kalangas Sports 14 hours ago
I am Argentinian and like river plate. I am speaking english for people who don’t understand spanish. Group d in the group of death, not group a because group a only good team they have is idv and flamengo not all. In other words in group d binacional play in altitude, ldu quito have an x copa libertadores finalist, sao paulo never lost to river plate, and river plate the best team in america. If you don’t believe me look at each groups. Group a Idv 9 pts Flamengo 6 pts Junior 3 pts Bdq 0 pts Group d Ldu quito 6 River plate 4 Sao paulo 4 Binacional 3 For these reasons group d is group of the death
Angel Andrade
Angel Andrade 14 hours ago
El equipo de ecuador
Samuel zumba
Samuel zumba 14 hours ago
desde tiempos inmemorables bsc vergüenza del fútbol
Juan of a kind
Juan of a kind 14 hours ago
Fabian Alvarado
Fabian Alvarado 14 hours ago
Barcelona.. socks
ViteriAndrew 14 hours ago
daniel bravo
daniel bravo 14 hours ago
Felipe Pedro
Felipe Pedro 14 hours ago
Bro Ronaldo got an injury bc of payet
Gonzalo Gonzalez
Gonzalo Gonzalez 15 hours ago
Hace rato Barcelona estaba eliminado y deja en el banco a Diaz su actor...hojala tengan proyectos serios como indepen del valle
dany padilla
dany padilla 15 hours ago
When you have 92 min with no a single goal then lainez had 10 seconds and the team scores that proves someting it’s wrong
Gonzalo Gonzalez
Gonzalo Gonzalez 15 hours ago
Independiente ha hecho lo q Barcelona ni Emelec han podido hacer en 80 años..proyectarse en sus canteras aqui los resultados este ind...vino para quedarse de a poco va creando inchada propia.....pilas Barce y Emelec un huracan los esta pasando solo les deja el polvo
José Luis Trinquete Gómez
José Luis Trinquete Gómez 15 hours ago
Hay que vercahora cuantas son validas y despues si se valudad las 16500 necesitan despues el 66% de apoyos
Sernando 16 hours ago
i would love to see all top managers one day analysing a game pep,jose,sir alex,wenger,klopp and more
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega 17 hours ago
Y q paso el ídolo estos equipos ya no deben ir a la Libertadores
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega 13 hours ago
@daniel bravo xq solo va a dar lástima en los torneos internacionales
daniel bravo
daniel bravo 14 hours ago
Por que?
Carlos Calderon
Carlos Calderon 17 hours ago
Just the best team the best players,the copy of the Barcelona the Guayaquil it’s just full off shit
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega 17 hours ago
Volvio el mata gigantes el mejor equipo del Ecuador junto con el rey de copas x supuesto
Ephraim Mwenda
Ephraim Mwenda 17 hours ago
Two legends!
Bryan Bello
Bryan Bello 18 hours ago
*Pink Panther theme song intensifies*
Gabriel Taborda
Gabriel Taborda 18 hours ago
Así como lo ves llego a ser el mejor de la historia.
Cali Diaz
Cali Diaz 18 hours ago
😎🖐🏽 Greatings from New York I like theway this team plays football Congratulations Indenpendiente del Valle .
Guillermo Green
Guillermo Green 18 hours ago
Is my is my mother goose club out
Tyler Solvestri
Tyler Solvestri 18 hours ago
Why is the commentator speaking two languages? It is pretty annoying.
Cali Diaz
Cali Diaz 18 hours ago
😂 Learn spanish amigo
BlackRot 19 hours ago
If sexy was depend upon the mind, Jose would be mr.universe❤️❤️❤️
Lucky Kabeja
Lucky Kabeja 19 hours ago
I sink Britons should start using sink as think and find another word for think to honour this G.O.A.T 🙏😂😂
rene cruz
rene cruz 19 hours ago
Y de repente, un salvaje comentario en español.
Tragic Doraemon
Tragic Doraemon 19 hours ago
Beats PSG and loses to Saint Etienne, what a disappointing result...
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 19 hours ago
Marseille was doing the Neymar challenge at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joe Seida
Joe Seida 20 hours ago
Gareth Bale will always be one of my favorite footballer 🐐. Been watching him ever since the Spurs day!
ooocc104 20 hours ago
Tigre sos de la B
Jorge Romero
Jorge Romero 20 hours ago
Buena esa Junior 👍👍🍺🍺
Samuel Zavala
Samuel Zavala 20 hours ago
Come on Flamengo! You are the defending Champs.
ZynXc 20 hours ago
I guess I’m the only one who likes the kit...
YjR football news hindi
YjR football news hindi 21 hour ago
Nice video
Nareth Jacome
Nareth Jacome 21 hour ago
Y barcelona cambiando a beder por ese tal rivera
GOAT 21 hour ago
They need to either make the shorts pink, or make the socks pink. The full green bottoms look hideous and ruin the kit.
GOAT 21 hour ago
The keeper takes the freekicks? I wish I saw that more in Europe.
Michael de la parra
Michael de la parra 13 hours ago
GOAT reminds me of Rene higuita
KRQ11 21 hour ago
Independiente Del Valle el base de la selección.
Yorby David
Yorby David 21 hour ago
YouAh Mark
YouAh Mark 21 hour ago
Tontos los Brazilians porque venden a sus mejores defensas como rafinha mari .
JPonce Vlogs
JPonce Vlogs 22 hours ago
Porque le sacaron roja a preciado? Que hizo
Cali Diaz
Cali Diaz 18 hours ago
Deja de ser sapo 😂😂
Reiner 22 hours ago
aguante paraguay
Jajatee das
Jajatee das 22 hours ago
No body Literally nobody.. Then comes jose.... I sink
Jose Urgiles
Jose Urgiles 22 hours ago
Ese es mi Independiente arriba mi Ecuador 💪 💛💙❤
Jason Jasper
Jason Jasper 22 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥 Can't wait to see him leave. We want our club back!!!
Luis Adrian Alcivar Cordero
Luis Adrian Alcivar Cordero 22 hours ago
Es increíble como el tener un proyecto desde las bases con un estilo definido e identidad puede hacer que jugadores como Beder Caicedo. CHIQUI GERRERO Y Jacob Murillo.. parezcan que siempre han jugado a gran nivel cuando la realidad es q en Barcelona Caicedo minimo se la daba al arquero en el pase gol y en el gol la mandaba a las nubes guerrero no desbordaba ni a los conos y Jacob murillo en estudiante y liga fracaso .rotundamente... bien por ellos e Independiente, ese entrenador tiene un estilo e ideología bien a lo barza a lo holandés a lo johann Cruyff 500 y pico de pases increíble
Hubster 22 hours ago
God there's nothing funnier than a bunch of floppers getting into a fight! They couldn't wait to be the first players on the ground writhing in pain!! Hahahaha
João Félix GOAT
João Félix GOAT 22 hours ago
Thats what they get for beating River 😂
William Palta
William Palta 22 hours ago
PowerEcuaMans 🇪🇨Independiente del Valle es el Bayer Munich de America crazy
Giovanni Ordonez
Giovanni Ordonez 23 hours ago
Soy de la liga pero también yo apoyó a independiente del Valle 🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨💪vamos independiente
Diego Pons
Diego Pons 12 hours ago
¡Es un equipazo! Esta muy fuerte Independiente del Valle. Soy de Nacional 🇺🇾 y no queremos jugar octavos contra ellos. ✌
Nick Zimmerman
Nick Zimmerman 23 hours ago
Don’t tell me Messi’s right foot is as good as his left now oh my😩
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club 23 hours ago
Masterclass performance
ebinlal louiz
ebinlal louiz 23 hours ago
he is next
Shiva Srinivasan
Shiva Srinivasan 23 hours ago
If Wenger was available, I wish AC Milan would consider him as Manager and hope that he would accept.
Lucas Mostazo
Lucas Mostazo 23 hours ago
💙 💛 💙
Marloncito Moodie
Marloncito Moodie 23 hours ago
Say his name GABRIEL TORRES 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦 (third goal) de Panamá pal mundo.
Raul Aguirre
Raul Aguirre 23 hours ago
Flamengo has the better players, but I'm glad they lost.
Sanmartin 593
Sanmartin 593 20 hours ago
El Mijardin he is referring to the value of teams. 💰
Raul Aguirre
Raul Aguirre 22 hours ago
@Juan Guzman talking bout old farts, Rafinha was there too but he's at Olympiakos now. The majority of the players on their team are in their prime and have European market interest. (Check out their values, it's stupid) Gabigol, Bruno Henrique, Gerson, Arrascaeta just examples and they have an expensive ass bench too. It's embarrassing for them to lose to a team with a quarter of their payroll lol. Full disclaimer: I don't like Flamengo.
Juan Guzman
Juan Guzman 23 hours ago
Y’all he meant they had world class players that they are old now & shit like Felipe Luiz & Juanfran
Raul Aguirre
Raul Aguirre 23 hours ago
@Marlon Bohorquez they recently became relevant, esp last year in the sudamericana. I'll defer to the recopa tho, did u watch that? I'm assuming u didn't.
Raul Aguirre
Raul Aguirre 23 hours ago
@El Mijardin it's what happens when u bring in a coach with a drastically different style. Domenec Torrent was brought in to Replace Jorge Jesus, who left back to Benfica after they won the carioca championship. Ppl got excited that They would bring tiki taka to Brazil cuz Torrent was Guardiolas assistant coach, it hasn't panned out for them, they've also suffered in the serie a this year against the smaller teams. Plus, they already played independiente in the recopa (since IDV won the sudamericana and Flamengo the Libertadores) earlier this year n flamengo beat them 5-2 on aggregate, and that was an actual cup final, with the same players, but again, different coach, u can see the contrast in styles. Edit: I would love to have Miguel Angel Ramirez as a coach.
nissan0046 23 hours ago
Independente del Bayern 😆😆😆😆😆
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 23 hours ago
The thing is that this team isn’t just counter attack or smash and grab. They play the game how it should be played👏🏽. El único equipo que da gusto mirar.
Ship 23 hours ago
Ganó boquita, el más grande
Leonardo Carcamo
Leonardo Carcamo 23 hours ago
Marlon Bohorquez
Marlon Bohorquez 23 hours ago
Independiente del valle what a amazing team.este es un equipazo
Chief 23 hours ago
C L 23 hours ago
Rohith Celsius
Rohith Celsius 23 hours ago
Real virus is in barcelona for last 6 years and now only we are noticing it
Luca Viladrich
Luca Viladrich 23 hours ago
No podemos jugar tan bien💙💛💙
Football world
Football world Day ago
Andres Bedoya
Andres Bedoya Day ago
Please stay BARTOMEU!!! We all love that sinking ship story! Barcelona goes from Pathetic to ridiculous.
Random World etc
Random World etc 21 hour ago
Andres Patheticdoya
Jason Jasper
Jason Jasper 22 hours ago
What's ridiculous is your face.