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3 years ago
Master Ethan
Master Ethan 5 hours ago
Just like a phoenix, auntie Hersha rice up from the ashes. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
Master Ethan
Master Ethan 5 hours ago
Best chemistry ever
Rush Kun
Rush Kun 5 hours ago
Human shipping
james casswell
james casswell 5 hours ago
I hate how you got trolled, love the collaboration you two did
DI LIU 5 hours ago
Uncle Lao don't allow anyone hurt Hersha. Tell uncle Lao if anyone hurt, Uncle Lao will go for him. Good nephew. Keep cooking
HC M 5 hours ago
New fan after collab with Uncle Roger. You handled it very well!
Vengeance Warriors
Vengeance Warriors 5 hours ago
Pov: Your here from a Mrnigelng video
Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson 5 hours ago
Nice, but I would have liked: 1:15 "Nah, I'ma stay" , "No dont stay, LEAVE!"
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia 5 hours ago
Beautiful woman. Classy, unoffended by memes.
HeavyMetalCooking 5 hours ago
Greetings from Heavy Metal Cooking! Awesome recipe!
Rob 5 hours ago
They speak the true true
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog 5 hours ago
Just a thought. If you make a comedy video you don't need to title it as comedy. ;)
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog 5 hours ago
Good for you Hersha for being a good sport. Sadly there are no Chinese shops near me and that means no MSG. QQ
Daniel Barde
Daniel Barde 5 hours ago
Killed where she said wrong color! 🀣🀣🀣
food doof
food doof 5 hours ago
What wrong color hahaah
food doof
food doof 5 hours ago
What a baby lol
food doof
food doof 5 hours ago
Techno World
Techno World 5 hours ago
Ayyeeeeh we love you both β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»
J Rizzo
J Rizzo 5 hours ago
When did Jimmy Fallon become Asian?
J Rizzo
J Rizzo 5 hours ago
Add MSG. The baby color will improve
Alex Soto
Alex Soto 5 hours ago
I subscribed to you for being a good sport about the whole uncle Roger thing, God bless you ma'am!!
LuHHKeY 6 hours ago
Lmao stick with the sketches, you got a knack for humor
Hannah L
Hannah L 6 hours ago
I wasn't too happy with her before but she seems all right.
yuzu 6 hours ago
Such a cool humble person Ms. Hersha is. I am so glad things came back up for you and I'm sorry you had to go through so many trolls. Keep being strong and fun!
Doge 6 hours ago
I ship
My Tea Time
My Tea Time 6 hours ago
Aplles 6 hours ago
This is so accurate. I feel embarrassed, attacked, ashamed but epic and awesome all at the same time
Bill Stickers
Bill Stickers 6 hours ago
Edgy humour and can ride the waves of going viral... Hersha Patel is my hero now
Final Season REALITY
Final Season REALITY 6 hours ago
Love the channel!
oldcowbb 6 hours ago
this is actually hilarious
Muhammad Harun Rasyid Al Habsyi
Muhammad Harun Rasyid Al Habsyi 6 hours ago
I wish they both couple
unreal one
unreal one 7 hours ago
Lol i saw the next video. Uncle roger can't toss the rice cos it seems like he never held a wok before and he too scared to do his egg fried rice lol uncle roger secretly don't know how to cook
Kaiii Latayan
Kaiii Latayan 7 hours ago
I’m watching this to see how she cooked her rice
Energy Jedi
Energy Jedi 7 hours ago
You two look good together!
Wokanoga 7 hours ago
Ship it.
tom Timir
tom Timir 7 hours ago
I thought it was going to be a rice cooker.
Paddyooooooooo 7 hours ago
Poor Hersha, she seems really cool!
Mekhi101 7 hours ago
Subbed. What a great personality
Sampiro Locke
Sampiro Locke 7 hours ago
For a cough, we just use horehound candy. ETA: Neat video of a candy maker talking about the benefits of marshmallow & horehound drops. - But in general, if I can get away with it, I put turmeric & black pepper in every thing I can. ;) The turmeric exploded in the garden this year, so we'll be able to fight off round 2 of COVID this coming fall/winter. =)
Das Sir
Das Sir 7 hours ago
She is really beautiful
Alex Tsang
Alex Tsang 7 hours ago
Wtf πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ I was like what am I watching, then she said "it's the wrong colour" 🀣
Chelm9 7 hours ago
Another example of what happens when casting is outsourced to Hollywood.
Jack Jr
Jack Jr 7 hours ago
Man the way he speak is totally different when he make his videos
Artchie Vibar
Artchie Vibar 7 hours ago
Am i the only one reading comments the way uncle roger speaks? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Adam Millie
Adam Millie 8 hours ago
I just subscribed, because you were a good sport for Roger. Joke is on the BBC, not you.
Hiro Sagaru
Hiro Sagaru 8 hours ago
Love the videos keep up the good work
Rizwan Ul Karim
Rizwan Ul Karim 8 hours ago
tanjinpang 8 hours ago
"What... what you sent me? It's the wrong colour" What now? You want it black?? XD
AquaGerk 8 hours ago
And kids that's how I met your mother! Lol
kid prodigy
kid prodigy 8 hours ago
Wow. What happened to uncle Roger English lool
Trap-sol 8 hours ago
im a veganivore. I eat vegans to save animals
Gaming with KB
Gaming with KB 8 hours ago
So ace!!! Love the team up!!!!
Ryan Truong
Ryan Truong 8 hours ago
You 2 are too cute together. 😁
Alex Paul
Alex Paul 8 hours ago
Zechs Wind
Zechs Wind 9 hours ago
I gave you a sub for Uncle Roger
Vincent Van gogh
Vincent Van gogh 9 hours ago
BBC forced their wrong way to cooking rice to get wild reactions from people to get higher ratings. haha weve been fooled!
SRSB88 9 hours ago
Whoa! Haven’t seen one of those phones in ten years
myloflex 9 hours ago
awe i feel so bad ripping on that video...respect for being so graceful about it.
Philip Liu
Philip Liu 9 hours ago
You do know how to cook rice but here comes Asian Rice discrimination. People laugh at different people.
Rebecca W
Rebecca W 9 hours ago
This is wholesome
Enrique J. Nebril
Enrique J. Nebril 9 hours ago
wtffffffffffff you talk like that uncle Roger!?
LechugaTortuga 9 hours ago
That baby looks fed up, she probably ordered a colander too
Matty Lee
Matty Lee 9 hours ago
Oooo, love it!
Nicholas H
Nicholas H 9 hours ago
You are awesome Hersha! Way to be a good sport with this. The video of you two together was so funny! πŸ‘
victor ron
victor ron 9 hours ago
Uncle roger and egg fried rice made me subscribe. You're awesome by the way
TrollMan Gammer
TrollMan Gammer 9 hours ago
"Haha. That's a funny joke. I'm dying laughing. I'm dead now"
Sam Abrea Channel
Sam Abrea Channel 9 hours ago
This is good. this is what we need in the midst of pandemic a POSITIVITY <3 God Bless Everyone
【OverBored】 9 hours ago
this is so stupid........ might as well subscribe
spazn3905 10 hours ago
She is such an awesome sport!!! I subscribed to her channel and became her fan after seeing how awesome her personality is. With that kind of personality you could use whatever colander you want ! Just not in front of uncle roger~
Orient Prospect
Orient Prospect 10 hours ago
Back on the act.
E Johnson-Wootson
E Johnson-Wootson 10 hours ago
Very nice introduction, This is the first video of yours that I have seen I have liked and subscribed to your channel I have come over from uncle Rogers channel. Thank you for sharing
John Hason
John Hason 10 hours ago
Don't be afraid this is really simple
jaxkewl 10 hours ago
She’s gorgeous!
Liam Welford
Liam Welford 10 hours ago
Just cooked a variation of this with lemon and a few other ingredients swapped and it was amazing, definitely gonna do this again with full ingredient list next time.
FluffyShëëp250 10 hours ago
Wrong colour! πŸ™„..................
Gamer TimerINF
Gamer TimerINF 10 hours ago
Uncle Roger: I Uncle Roger Will Hunt You If You Post Something bad about her Me: :I Post bad about her Me: Wait For Weeks Me:Wait For Month Me:Dead *RIP* Uncle Roger neverd camed
Si Pitak
Si Pitak 10 hours ago
Funny vegan skit.....
Dipika Shrestha
Dipika Shrestha 10 hours ago
Aunty Hersha is a sweet person. I think you two should collaborate more often. You guys have great chemistry.
Brixtonne James Jumawid
Brixtonne James Jumawid 10 hours ago
Movie coming soon: The fried rice
Shay R.
Shay R. 10 hours ago
Such a great sport!
Hieu Dinh
Hieu Dinh 10 hours ago
She was just representing bbc recipes and that is all she is gonna say? Guess we got to troll bbc now. Maybe crucify them for throwing the poor lady under the bus because from what have seen, she does know how to cook rice.
Zahyra94 10 hours ago
I thought she was gonna receive a rice cooker I was so ready to spill my drink lmao
Likho Chokri
Likho Chokri 10 hours ago
Hersha, your personality and your whole take on uncle Roger's roast is hilarious and amazing! Keep it up! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Vanessativa 10 hours ago
This is amazing. You guys are great!
JIRO tv 10 hours ago
damn why i see some love chemistry between the two
Peter Sie
Peter Sie 10 hours ago
Lol! Such a hilarious punch in the end!
jerrick Gintorio
jerrick Gintorio 10 hours ago
She cooked it pretty good and now I understand that she just do the recipe of BBC and not her recipe
talvarado212 10 hours ago
Uncle Roger sent me.
PJ Jones
PJ Jones 11 hours ago
Great chemistry! Looking good together and both have great sense of humor!
Pishang Animation
Pishang Animation 11 hours ago
Me reading all the comment with uncle roger accent
Alex Md
Alex Md 11 hours ago
Girl you gotta keep making vids. Bring back your YT account to life :)
Hari Krishna Das
Hari Krishna Das 11 hours ago
subscribed after seen you with Uncle Roger..Love you Hersha!
themikevlad 11 hours ago
this is brave :)))))
Mostly Everything
Mostly Everything 11 hours ago
I approve both of you, you're both so cute together
Mostly Everything
Mostly Everything 11 hours ago
You're the preetiest woman I've ever seen, who wouldn't simp for u πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Axl Jan Santos
Axl Jan Santos 11 hours ago
Owwww,, so cute together
Ian Lawrence
Ian Lawrence 11 hours ago
Yes, wrong colour, it should be tanned with Asian eyes *pornhub music with uncle Roger*
Siegfried Morse
Siegfried Morse 11 hours ago
Made me chuckle. Nice one.
LockonKun 11 hours ago
No rice cooker?! Uncle roger sad
Elton 11 hours ago