2 months ago
Q&A - Get to know me!
mythen khamhoo
mythen khamhoo 6 hours ago
OMG the dog was so cute
Stevie Valamis
Stevie Valamis 6 hours ago
When they say 13 year olds should be doing that how long it took for the earth to revolve around the sun and stuff I learnt that in 2nd grade
The Oof Gamerz
The Oof Gamerz 6 hours ago
Thats what where learning I 6th grade lol I was 11 then I’m 12 now in 7th grade
sienna Sinclair
sienna Sinclair 6 hours ago
Dude I know what the longest river is and I'm 9
Shobee Granada
Shobee Granada 6 hours ago
Where's coco?
Patricia Lewiz
Patricia Lewiz 6 hours ago
So this is gonna be a little awkward but.... Nicollet and Gavin are A COUPLE
Salwa Alibed
Salwa Alibed 6 hours ago
Good thing u was in a bubble because the Corona virus didn't pas yet
A little girl Artist
A little girl Artist 7 hours ago
I hate Gavin
Calaya’s life
Calaya’s life 7 hours ago
Miriam Tinoco
Miriam Tinoco 7 hours ago
Nurten Ozaktan
Nurten Ozaktan 7 hours ago
6:15 you scanned it 2times
Faye Coldham
Faye Coldham 7 hours ago
Benjamin Franklin actually invented the light bulb it’s just the person that you said helped improve the light bulb .
Haylz 7 hours ago
ok so i’m literally 13 and i learned- instead of aLreadY KnOwIng except for the american flag one XDD
Isabelle Tan
Isabelle Tan 7 hours ago
Beatle_ Fan
Beatle_ Fan 7 hours ago
Her eyes are RED!!!
Sifatharkawan Roblox
Sifatharkawan Roblox 7 hours ago
Where’s the prayer 🙏🏼 u said one☝️ like =u know and that means ahahahahhahahahaha aaaaaahhahahahahahhahahahahaa mohahahha
FROSTY FRED 7 hours ago
Wait a min. Nile is the longest river in the world 🤔
Yenamagandla Home
Yenamagandla Home 7 hours ago
Love you
The Clo Show !
The Clo Show ! 7 hours ago
I don’t like sushi either
Kate ellis
Kate ellis 7 hours ago
Wait wait wait in the gass stasion there was AIR PODSSSSS why didn't Mason get that 😱😱
Nñeka Jones
Nñeka Jones 7 hours ago
I had weird cravings when I was in pregnancy and yes that’s how it feels it’s hurts
sis vsr bro
sis vsr bro 7 hours ago
Lakshya V K
Lakshya V K 7 hours ago
I love the whole squad
Kate ellis
Kate ellis 7 hours ago
Poor masin 🤣🤣
Kate ellis
Kate ellis 7 hours ago
John Joel Calderon
John Joel Calderon 7 hours ago
Lexi Rivera
KingBro22 7 hours ago
Tessa Benton
Tessa Benton 7 hours ago
You got Bantu bred I love
Beverley Pillay
Beverley Pillay 7 hours ago
Lillie-mae Croot
Lillie-mae Croot 7 hours ago
Sienna Deschambeault
Sienna Deschambeault 7 hours ago
Who’s watching during quarantine!!
zlomeny Assault trooper
zlomeny Assault trooper 8 hours ago
I LOVE the fact that pierson called lexi and ben old people lol.
Samara Andraos
Samara Andraos 8 hours ago
Who is that guy filming??
Beatle_ Fan
Beatle_ Fan 7 hours ago
Her roomie
Paul Beatty
Paul Beatty 8 hours ago
1 out of 10
Thalia Amgad
Thalia Amgad 8 hours ago
Lexi Rivera wins
Kaiya Wallabh
Kaiya Wallabh 8 hours ago
OMG ben was so funny when you showed him
Crafting And Fortnite
Crafting And Fortnite 8 hours ago
I liked Lexi h pumpkin
Adiya banerjie
Adiya banerjie 8 hours ago
Ppl who think lexi is naturally beautiful 👇👇
unicorn gamer girl
unicorn gamer girl 8 hours ago
Why ben house has no door
Crazsy 1
Crazsy 1 8 hours ago
Ben getting a make over *Ben Charles has joined the chat*
Nathan Nikko Echon
Nathan Nikko Echon 8 hours ago
Charlie Martindale
Charlie Martindale 8 hours ago
Those moans at 9:27😂🤚🏽💀
Asrs 8 hours ago
Ishani Banerjee
Ishani Banerjee 8 hours ago
God how much can you eat ?
Noah Taylor
Noah Taylor 8 hours ago
hebeik 8 hours ago
Lexi H:I love Ben Lexi R: I love chick fu lay
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 8 hours ago
You all are dumb. Sorry
Sabina Ruluked
Sabina Ruluked 8 hours ago
actually... it takes the earth 365 and a half days to revolve around the sun, that is why every four years there is a leap year
ayngonam s
ayngonam s 8 hours ago
AZAH FATIMA 8 hours ago
Ben is going to win
Anna Unicorn girl
Anna Unicorn girl 8 hours ago
Why is your eye Red
Isabella Myers
Isabella Myers 8 hours ago
How much was he Can I buy him from you I will pay you as much as u want
Vaneet Dharma
Vaneet Dharma 9 hours ago
Aivis Leitlands
Aivis Leitlands 9 hours ago
Where is the pickle and nutella food?
malebo okonkwo
malebo okonkwo 9 hours ago
Kate Kim
Kate Kim 9 hours ago
your literally outside and none of you are wearing a mask ugh this Is annoying
Kyra Tudu
Kyra Tudu 9 hours ago
I think lexi Rivera won the challenge sorry lexi h but I love you ❤️😘😍
Keenah Pacheco
Keenah Pacheco 9 hours ago
Thai Emilie
Thai Emilie 9 hours ago
I like Lexi Hensler more
Sre Lakshmi Gopinathan
Sre Lakshmi Gopinathan 9 hours ago
wait even ben posted a testing tik tok's video when you are bored on the SAME day!!!!!!
isabella dizon
isabella dizon 9 hours ago
Tehani Fao
Tehani Fao 9 hours ago
Tehani Fao
Tehani Fao 9 hours ago
In. Bbbghgg
Dancing Queen
Dancing Queen 9 hours ago
I hate small spaces to Lexi
Courtney Chin
Courtney Chin 9 hours ago
CJ Ridley
CJ Ridley 9 hours ago
i swear the best of lexi's vids are the one s with ben
Jeremy Percival
Jeremy Percival 9 hours ago
I loved it NOT kidding NOT like if you liked it
Shivaar Harokowen
Shivaar Harokowen 9 hours ago
Daphnee Acosta
Daphnee Acosta 9 hours ago
im learning these things in 8th grade the heck
fun time with labiz
fun time with labiz 9 hours ago
Hii everyone 😃 I have a small asmr channel plz check it out and subscribeeeee ❤ I would really appreciate it very much thank you ❤😘😄💞😊😇🌼💐💮❤
Sakira Manappattu
Sakira Manappattu 9 hours ago
Gianna Riley
Gianna Riley 9 hours ago
First I’m not a idiot I saw the person open the gate
Beatle_ Fan
Beatle_ Fan 7 hours ago
Ok, but we all saw the guy open the gate.
Neo Mahase
Neo Mahase 9 hours ago
Katrina Dotsenko
Katrina Dotsenko 9 hours ago
He's so cute omg
Thai Emilie
Thai Emilie 9 hours ago
Maybe the family name can be Hensler
Munn Malle
Munn Malle 9 hours ago
OK lexi i Know i am 10 years old but u are actely really cute if you was ten years old I will love you 😍
Sky Blossom
Sky Blossom 9 hours ago
actually the nile river is the longest river and the amazon is the largest lol
Sunshine Squad
Sunshine Squad 9 hours ago
am I the only one who saw mason eating in the beginning?
Achilles Mrey
Achilles Mrey 9 hours ago
Nicolette Is gorgeous and I miss The old Gavin
Missan Oshaibi
Missan Oshaibi 9 hours ago
I’m in 5th grade and know all the answer
Eva Nazariyan
Eva Nazariyan 9 hours ago
NASA is National American Space Agency
Eva Nazariyan
Eva Nazariyan 9 hours ago
I’m 11 and I know all the answers
Melissa Gregory
Melissa Gregory 10 hours ago
I rate the makeover 0
Flavia Suimin
Flavia Suimin 10 hours ago
I am 11 year old I didn't know Gavin is 13
Akansha 10 hours ago
Lillah Morris
Lillah Morris 10 hours ago
dustin mabazza
dustin mabazza 10 hours ago
who else miss PAVIN
eli Ochoa
eli Ochoa 10 hours ago
Who else ship Nicollet and Gavin or is just me
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh 10 hours ago
lexi's eyes look so scary at 7:55
Alfie Welch
Alfie Welch 10 hours ago
10 months later...... lexi💕Ben 💑
Nour Nafeh
Nour Nafeh 10 hours ago
I have to say Lexi H
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 10 hours ago
Thomas Edison didn’t actually invent the lightbulb. He improved it... I’m sorry I’m nerd
Kamil 10 hours ago
Haha what is Ben doing in the beginning just me ok
Kohsheen Razdan
Kohsheen Razdan 10 hours ago
Lexi you really look like Elsa.... Love you
Bethany Lindsey
Bethany Lindsey 10 hours ago
I love this new one
HardLockVevo 10 hours ago
Wait, the question was stripes so 13 is correct.
Lucky Lemonade
Lucky Lemonade 10 hours ago
Bruh why did I learn this stuff in the 5th grade
Krystal Holmes
Krystal Holmes 10 hours ago
Is Lexi and Ben related or just friends??
Iris Loves Roblox
Iris Loves Roblox 10 hours ago
I'm legit 9 years old and my 13 year old sister doesn't know what a Megaledon is
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 10 hours ago
Gavin got hurt by dog 😶😶
H.D 10 hours ago
Lobster 🦞
Peterツ 10 hours ago
When there's an embarrassing question and the answer is yes or no, and you decide not to answer it, it means that the answer is yes