Roseanne Riggs
Roseanne Riggs 9 hours ago
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
alphaomega8876 9 hours ago
looks like 60 fps
Mbricot 9 hours ago
Le jeu est gratuit ?
Gorge Lopez
Gorge Lopez 9 hours ago
Is it going to be on Xbox too?
Lennert Van Dyck
Lennert Van Dyck 9 hours ago
This game looks incredible and I once it comez out I will just be playing it for weeks and weeks without coming out of my broomcloset.
Artur Keen
Artur Keen 9 hours ago
So we can finnaly play as student of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin? NICE!
Moi Moi
Moi Moi 9 hours ago
Thats what we been waiting for 🤪🤪🤪🤪
William Afton
William Afton 9 hours ago
Even I don't remember a Gregory
Jamie Weir
Jamie Weir 9 hours ago
mvhd luqmxn
mvhd luqmxn 9 hours ago
Give us gta 6!!!
Pixel Pete
Pixel Pete 9 hours ago
Cool but @1:46 the floor texture is so low lol, how did noone notice when making the trailer.
Another Camilo
Another Camilo 9 hours ago
Devil May Cry meets The Witcher... BRING IT ON!!!
ActDeco 9 hours ago
ff9 remake pls!
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton 9 hours ago
It seems like it's wandered quite far from the original concept of Spiderman. What's with all the electricity stuff and the invisibility etc? Still gonna get it though
Pisixty 9 hours ago
idk if you guys know but Epic Games purchase Rocket League.
American Hero
American Hero 9 hours ago
If my mom doesn’t buy it for me i am running away
SwordSaberDark SpankenheimerGloryGreatest
SwordSaberDark SpankenheimerGloryGreatest 9 hours ago
If it's called portkey games then does that mean they're making MORE hp games! 😀
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 9 hours ago
Imagine RP
Tu Sobrino YT
Tu Sobrino YT 9 hours ago
habra fortnite en la ps5 ?
Daniel Ribeiro
Daniel Ribeiro 9 hours ago
What game is this? 0:50
Mo Amin
Mo Amin 9 hours ago
So where’s the difference?
Donovan Garnica
Donovan Garnica 9 hours ago
Alright someone tell me when is the jump scare
PvP Måster
PvP Måster 9 hours ago
I almost forgot to watch this today
Deserve Not Desire
Deserve Not Desire 9 hours ago
So many gifts, 2020 ain't that bad after all :` )
Little Witchling
Little Witchling 9 hours ago
Poison bending. Awesome
Rim Nenakhov
Rim Nenakhov 9 hours ago
Spencer Thom
Spencer Thom 9 hours ago
THEORY INBOUND: in my opinion, it might be Vanny (probably confirmed) continuing aftons legacy in murdering children, and the animatronics might be our saving grace, as they don’t want us, the player, to end up like them. Of course, it’s all speculation, but doesn’t seem to far from the tree, don’t you think?
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan 9 hours ago
6:32 this would’ve been a homecoming reference if Peter came in like iron man and stopped everything in 3 seconds
Kare Bear
Kare Bear 9 hours ago
Can’t wait for the new theories🙃🙃
NKO10HD 9 hours ago
Yeeeees baby!
Leonardo Seles
Leonardo Seles 9 hours ago
pqp ja perdi as contas de quantas vezes vi esse trailer
mode critics
mode critics 9 hours ago
hello beri got
Ora Master
Ora Master 9 hours ago
Is free ?
AdventuresGaming 9 hours ago
What is this, Wizard 101?
No Face
No Face 9 hours ago
Taking influence from persona 5 but the gameplay looks a little shotty
Raina ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!!
Raina ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 9 hours ago
Z.E.U.S 9 hours ago
I don't think I'm going to leave my room when I get this
M. Ribeiro Marinho
M. Ribeiro Marinho 9 hours ago
RIP xbox game pass
Brianna Maher
Brianna Maher 9 hours ago
ekusaS 9 hours ago
Weeb 100%
said 9 hours ago
i just want to be able to link my ps4 account to my pc then I'll start buying stuff again
Jay Octopus
Jay Octopus 9 hours ago
Not gonna lie, I expected the jump scare. I was more spooked by what was being said.
Jair Mendez
Jair Mendez 9 hours ago
The crazy part is thinking about how much better ps5 games are gonna be a year or two from now
Alex Kister
Alex Kister 9 hours ago
Welp now time for the little kids to ruin it
Quốc Hoàn Nguyễn
Quốc Hoàn Nguyễn 9 hours ago
FF8 and FF9 remake when?
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 9 hours ago
Very interesting game
BiColorGuy 9 hours ago
really cool games and all... but where is knack 2?
Woopanoodle 6000
Woopanoodle 6000 9 hours ago
Jenna M
Jenna M 9 hours ago
i wish i could play this without giving money to JK 😪 (i don’t even got a ps4 so lol)
トゥパック・アマル・シャクール 9 hours ago
i read the notification as "polson control" and was like "wut" so i clicked aaaand it's weeb game xD
Amine Ghrib
Amine Ghrib 9 hours ago
Fanf 7?
CKBroski 9 hours ago
This looks awesome!!!
Craig Southgate
Craig Southgate 9 hours ago
I for one, cannot wait.
Lev 9 hours ago
Downgrades expected
Lcky 9 hours ago
as an ex console player, i am jealous but happy for the hours of fun your about to have! <3
Marwan Boudanga
Marwan Boudanga 9 hours ago
I am confused, why is it season 1? Feels like we are going backwards rather than forwards in season 😅
Federico Macias
Federico Macias 9 hours ago
Season 1 of Rocket league turning into a F2P game!
• FxdinqMoonlight •
• FxdinqMoonlight • 9 hours ago
The thing: *Gregory.* Me: **Hides under imaginary blanket** Ending: *Gregory.. be still..I think she found us* **You hear a distant door slam from inside my house**
ferretface music
ferretface music 9 hours ago
I'm so mad Im not getting a ps5 because I want this game so bad
Izzy Juneby
Izzy Juneby 9 hours ago
i fuckinf love you playstation
Łukasz Flis
Łukasz Flis 9 hours ago
"Abe: Why don't you want to help us? We are almost the same. Aarbron: *grunts* You have Your World, I have my World. I'm not going to jump in not my own mud, Mudokon."
oscy0 9 hours ago
Its weird how this is gameplay
Darky Dubs
Darky Dubs 9 hours ago
What's it's the name of The song? 😂 I need it
Zakana 3
Zakana 3 9 hours ago
Looks kinda like Persona
zz 1
zz 1 9 hours ago
For me this is on if the main reasons why I would want to get a ps5 sooner rather than wait. I would still be waiting for other games to come out but I've only played a handful of these games so being able to have access to all of these games with my current ps plus subscription on my ps5 sounds cool to me. Obviously many people have played these and want to wait for other games but for me I think its worth it.
Masked man
Masked man 9 hours ago
When u know the only people benefit from this is the ps4 players and not the switch players: ;-;
Boby D
Boby D 9 hours ago
also available on ps3 PS5 has not a single exlusive
Tolbertsooadept 9 hours ago
Just release jump force 2
el tio ron
el tio ron 9 hours ago
la ps5 100mi costara xd peso argentino
Th4 GovN4
Th4 GovN4 9 hours ago
Buying this for Xbox Series X!
MegaDollardog 9 hours ago
Who plays this garbage?
Fneffy 9 hours ago
Its honestly such a great sight to see how far FNAF has come as a game